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Just a Hint of Black by ilovefood20
Chapter 3 : Dark Hearts
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Lee slept like a log throughout the next week, and dreamt only of completely stupid things like Sirius dancing around the Christmas tree with Professor Mcgonagall, which had given Lily such an acute attack of the giggles in Transfiguration that she'd got her first ever detention. Sirius and Jem had tickled Lee mercilessly until she'd told them what Lily had been laughing about, where upon Sirius took the Invisibility Cloak for such a long walk that it was after midnight when he got back. On the whole the week was dull, and the weekend was looking to be even more dull because there wasn't even a chance of Quidditch, the skies were bucketing down and Lee refused, point blank, to go out for a fly which made Sirius sulk and look for solace in some of his better looking fans. Friday finally arrived, which caused a stir about the party in Gryffindor tower that was being planned for Saturday night, Lily and Jem (Lily reluctantly) were organizing it and it really did sound as though a great party was in the making. Sirius was even sneaking in the booze from Aberforth in the Hog's Head, this was making his admirers, who were hoping to be asked to the dance, behave worse than ever.

"I was with her right, then she pulls me into this broom cupboard and we start-" Sirius broke off and grinned somewhat sheepishly as he saw Lee watching him and Jem talking on the way to Potions. Jem winked mischievously from behind Sirius' head as he continued to watch Lee interestedly until she mimed hexing him, where upon he hurriedly struck up another conversation with Jem. Lee sighed, the more she thought about what was awaiting her in the dungeon, the more she wanted to pretend to be sick, but all thoughts of doom and gloom were wiped clear from her mind by a hand's touch, lightly, on her shoulder. She turned to see a boy, almost as good looking as Sirius (wait what? She thought to herself as she looked at him), his hair was a very pale blonde color, similar to a Malfoy, but his eyes were not cold and grey, but a washed out green-blue, like the sea after a storm. His voice, when he spoke, was relaxed and interested, and his teeth, she noticed were straight and almost dazzlingly white.

"Hi, is this the right way to get to Potions?" he asked, taking his hand off her shoulder at once, "Professor Mcgonagall said I should ask someone," he smiled, showing his pearly whites again.

"Yep, it is," said Lee, she hoped she wasn't blushing, "are you new?"

"Durmstrang transfer," he smiled again, this time a little ruefully, "I got the dates confused, thought I was meant to be here today not last week."

Lee giggled, "easy mistake to make." She'd never have giggled like that if she knew Sirius was right behind her, unfortunately for her, he was, and he was glaring at the new boy with unjust dislike, for someone who he hadn't even talked to.

"Who're you?" said Sirius, with a tone that suggested he didn't want to know.

"I'm Morgan," said the boy, smiling uneasily, "I transferred from Durmstrang."

"Durmstrang," said Sirius, contemptuously, "really?"

"What's your problem Sirius?" said Lee angrily, frowning at him, completely non plussed by his reaction.

"Nothing," he said, lightly, turning back to Jem and walking away slowly, shaking his head slightly.

"Who's that?" said Morgan.

"My best friend," said Lee, looking over at Sirius, who was now talking to Jem decidedly not looking at her, "he's not usually like that."

"Right," said Morgan slowly, "he's...nice."

Lee smiled, "a real charmer," they entered the Potions class and Lee immediately looked for Lily, but she was already sitting with Mary MacDonald, a fellow Gryffindor, the only spare seat was next to Sirius, "how good are you at Potions?"

"Fairly good," he smiled, "are you?"

"Ask Slughorn," said Lee, smiling as the large Professor walked into the dungeon humming what sounded suspiciously like 'I am the walrus' by the Beatles. Morgan laughed and opened his bag pulling out jars of ingredients, some that Lee hadn't ever heard of, like magnesium coated eel scales.

"You know, I don't actually know your name," said Morgan, as he pulled out a vial of what looked like liquified silver.

"I'm Lee," said Lee, aware that Sirius was watching her.

"Is that short for something?" said Morgan, grinning and again she noticed his very white teeth.

"You'll have to wait and see," she flirted, smiling and resisting the urge to twirl a strand of her hair around her finger.

He smiled, "I'll find out. I have amazing powers of persuasion."

"That's what you think, I am very resistant," said Lee, who was now trying very hard not to giggle, "so what are we brewing up today Professor?" she asked cheekily as Professor Slughorn bustled past on his way to the store cupboard.

"Ah, Miss Oakley, how are you doing today? And this must the transfer that Professor McGonagall told me about," he glanced at Morgan, "are you related to Dimitrov Morgan, of the Norwegian Institute of Ridgeback Science?"

"He was my grandfather's second cousin," said Morgan shortly, "he was murdered by Grindelwald." Lee felt her stomach drop through her knees and hit the floor

"I know, I know, my dear boy," said Slughorn, managing to pull an expression of sympathy onto his pudgy face, "I was so sorry when I heard it. Perhaps you'll join me and some other students for a spot of tea this Saturday? Miss Oakley, I think you promised to attend," he smiled in a fatherly way at the two of them.

"Thank you, Sir," said Morgan, looking faintly annoyed, "I'd love to attend."

"Fantastic," Slughorn rubbed his hands together, "and, between you two and me, we're going to make an Affection Draft tomorrow so mind you sit with the boy or girl you like," he winked and walked away, bouncing on the balls of his feet, and humming, unmistakably, 'Hey Jude.'

Potions became a lot more enjoyable without Lily breathing down your neck or insisting you cut lengths of hair to 'enhance' the potion, especially as Morgan was refusing to give Lee his first name. She flirted and tried to get him to tell her but he proved just as stubborn as she was being about her full name.

"See you in Defense Against the Dark Arts," said Morgan as they climbed back into the entrance hall and he made off towards Ancient Runes, seconds later Sirius was by her side and they were walking up the marble staircase towards North Tower, where wheezy old Fairwynne would be undoubtedly be waiting for them. Sirius acted no different to how he always did, although perhaps he was looking at her more than usual. Fairwynne insisted that they read a long documentation in Advanced Divination before they even began trying to decipher useless meanings off each other's palms.

"It says there that my if my fate line is at an angle of more than 90 degrees to my heart line then I'm going to die very early, but then it says down here," he pointed to the offending paragraph, "that a wide angle is a sign of long life. I hope," he hissed, glaring at the book, "that I never get old and have to start deciphering my wizened old palms then."

Lee laughed, not quite loud enough to let deaf old Fairwynne hear them, "paradoxes, don't you hate them."

Sirius grumbled inaudibly, flicking through Advanced Divination, and finally seeming to give up concentrating completely turned to face Lee properly and said very seriously.

"What do you know about Durmstrang?" he looked calm but the muscles in his biceps were twitching.

"Not so much," Lee said lightly, she knew enough about Durmstrang to be getting along with. It's obsession with the Dark Arts not to mention it's association with her dear grandfather, hoping he'd drop the subject Lee tried to focus on the book, but her vision clouded as her eyes watered from the effort to not burst into tears. For the second time in two days Lee flicked her hair between them, and waited for her eyes to dry themselves. Sirius , seemingly oblivious to her abrupt change of mood, was rambling on how horrible Durmstrang was, until with a jolt, she heard him say Grindelwald's name. She looked up quickly and saw that he was watching her carefully. She looked away quickly, and shook his hand off her arm.

"So what? Are you going there or something?" she snapped, but quietly enough that Fairwynne wouldn't hear them, "what's it matter?"

"That Morgan," said Sirius, scowling, "he's from Durmstrang. Bet you he knows some tricks that don't get taught here."

"I can take care of myself," said Lee, curtly, "you aren't my brother, Padfoot." Sirius looked astonished and gaped for a few seconds.

"What did you just call me?" he managed.

"Wha-" Lee gasped and mentally kicked herself, "oh nothing, I don't know..." She wilted beneath Sirius' glare.

"You know," he said accusatorially, "you do." Lee just looked at him. He frowned, "say something, how much do you know?"

"I know that you and Jem and Peter are all animagi, I know you turn into a black dog, that Jem turns into a stag, and that Peter turns into a rat. I know that you go for adventures with Moony," said Lee without blinking, "what I don't know is why you didn't tell me."

Now it was Sirius' turn to look guilty, "we all thought, that, well, Lily would disapprove or something," I glared, and he continued, "it's true, and we knew you'd tell her, so we kept it secret. How did you find out? Does Lily know?"

"Of course not, credit me with some intelligence," said Lee irritably, closing her book and facing him, "I worked it out by myself. You lot always disappearing the night of the full moon, and having cuts and grazes all over you the next day, not to mention you all letting slip your nicknames once in a while." Sirius frowned again, his eyebrows almost knitting together.

"But that's impossible, you can't have worked it out from just that." Lee smiled, and she looked beautiful, thought Sirius, tanned to the point of no return from a summer of sunbathing according to Lily, her teeth gleaming in the dim firelight and a very mischievous look in her eye. Then she blushed, which was surprisingly unnoticeable.

"I was meeting, er, someone," she blushed even more, "and I saw three animals and a werewolf cavorting across the grounds."

"Who were you meeting?" said Sirius, momentarily diverted.

"Fenwick," said Lee, blushing even more, "last yeah."

"That seventh year Hufflepuff idiot? What were you doing with him?" said Sirius.

"Uh, he was tutoring me," said Lee implausibly, because it was common knowledge that she and Benji Fenwick were getting very intimate the previous year until she'd dumped him knowing that she didn't really like him.

"Yeah, right," said Sirius, who was still frowning, "but how-"

"Silencio," said Professor Fairwynne, looking very affronted, silencing Sirius and me, "Miss Oakley, Mr Black, since you are no doubt discussing so avidly the art of palmistry perhaps you could tell me what the theory of right angled life and fate lines?" He waved his long, thin wand at us and Sirius cleared his throat.

"I think you'll find sir," said Sirius, after a moment, "that there are conflicting theories on that particular. One for a lengthy life the other a sudden, painful death." he smiled toothily at Fairwynne who glared.

"Very well," said Fairwynne, through gritted teeth, "class, continue reading your books." a moment later the bell later and there was a scrum to get to the door, which Lee and Sirius were at the head of. They joked about Sirius' lucky escape as they took the stairs three at a time, racing each other down the stairs until Lee missed her step and fell all the way from the fourth floor to the second floor, three flights of stairs. It just happened that the stair cases had aligned themselves at that moment. Fortunately she didn't appear to be seriously injured as she wiggled her toes and moved her neck, her spine was fine but her ring and index finger were bent the wrong way. She flexed them, experimentally, and a searing pain shot up her arm, making her groan in pain.

"Oi, Padfoot," yelled Lee, cradling her bad hand in her uninjured one, "get here and fix this!" Sirius was carefully making his way down the stairs, obviously trying not to laugh, "hurry up!"

"Okay, okay," said Sirius as he jumped the last five stairs and landed nimbly by her legs, which she realized were now on display from ankle to upper thigh, and Sirius was looking at them with mild interest.

"Sirius, my face is here abouts," said Lee, briskly, holding out her hand and using her other to pull down her skirt so it was a few inches above her knee as usual. Sirius raised his wand, and Lee felt a sudden sense of misgiving, "wait," she said, pulling her hand away, "what spell are you going to use?"

He lowered his wand, "I thought I might use Resarciossis," he grinned, "worried are you, that I'd mess it up?"

"No," said Lee, "it's just...oh it doesn't matter, just fix it," she held out her hand again, Sirius waved his wand and her fingers were returned to normal size and the pain stopped. Lee sighed in relief, "thanks," she said, smiling, "now let's go grab some lunch."

The Great Hall was packed by the time Lee and Sirius got there and Lee found Lily sitting with Alice, Remus and, unexpectedly, Morgan who was talking to Remus and looked so good that Lee wouldn't have been surprised if Rita had started Morgan fan club between classes. Lee glanced at Sirius who was glaring at Morgan like he was an unpleasant piece of gum on his shoe.

"I need to talk to Lily," Lee murmured and sat down between Lily and Morgan, who was still talking to Remus about the Potions assignment, but smiled at her as she sat down. As usual Lee hadn't bothered to put on the robes over her her skirt and jumper, and she thought she saw Morgan's eyes flick down to where her skirt had ridden up slightly, showing slightly more-than-was-usual of thigh.

"Hey Lils, how was Muggle Studies?" asked Lee, grinning.

"Professor made me sit with Potter," said Lily, looking as if she'd been to hell and back, "and now we have a month long project to do together!" Lee tried not to smile as Lily put her head in her hands and slumped down on the table beside the her plate of mashed potatoes. Lee patted her back uncertainly, and cast around for something to say, she watched Jem and Sirius talking to each other with their heads close together, the straight messy hair contrasting oddly with the close cropped curls that we're just beginning to brush the forehead of the boy who had just healed her fingers. They were laughing and Lee heard the words Hogs Head and Firewhiskey, and knew they were talking about the party later that night.

"Lils?" said Lee tentatively, "hows about we skip Defense against the Dark Arts and get ready for the party?" She expected Lily to berate her on how wicked it was to skip class and take advantage of doddery old Merrythought, but when she looked up she was smiling.

"Yes, and by the way, I am curling your hair tonight."

After they had both showered and dryer ourselves magically Lee sat down in front of Lily and she began to work on Lee's hair with her wand, curling and setting pieces of it into near ringlets. Then Lee in turn was allowed to straighten her hair that she tossed into a messy ponytail that actually took half an hour to get perfectly messy.

So there we were, Lily in her oversized Rolling Stones tee and Lee, for some reason in her white, lacy underwear, not to mention her strapless, matching bra. They were both looking at the the outfits they'd selected from their collective wardrobes. Lily was deciding between a flute skirt and blouse or a wet leather look dress. Lee was trying to decide between a plain figure hugging dress or a ripped denim and lacy top ensemble, and as her mind battled its way through a completely first world inner turmoil, the door banged in an unmistakably male way. Sirius looked hilarious as he stood in the door way, gaping at Lee who was looking back in almost as much amazement. It took a full five seconds for them both to realize what they were actually looking at.

"SIRIUS BLACK!!" screamed Lily, running in front of Lee with her arms out in front of her, and pulled out her wand from ponytail where it had been residing, "GET OUT NOW!" Sirius seemed to snap out of his trance and dived out of the way as a Bat Bogey Hex came flying his way. Lee finally coming to her senses leapt for the bathroom door and bolted the door, sliding down against the wall in a full scale laughing fit. She heard to sets of feet coming towards the door and a tentative knock.

"Hey, Lee, I'm so sorry," said Sirius, sounding like he wasn't in the slightest bit sorry, "I just wondered why you two weren't in Defense Against the Dart Arts."

"Lily?" yelled Lee, "get me my Beatles tee." She heard her drawers being opened and then Lily poked her head round the door.

"Here, are you okay," she said, looking slightly worried as she saw the slightly maniacal stare in Lee's eye.

"Never better!" said Lee, pulling the tee shirt over her perfect curls, and Lily cringed seeing her beautiful work get mussed up.

Lee walked out of the bathroom to find Sirius sitting on her bed, without a trace of embarrassment as he looked through her albums of photos from their previous years at college. She closed the draw that Lily had left open to play for time and caught sight of her hair in the huge mirror between Lily's and her beds. It was still curly, but not the uniform ringlets that it had been, she turned to see Lily come out of the bathroom, who shrugged.

"I didn't mean to Lils!" squeaked Lee theatrically clasping her hands in front of her, "but you know they never stay in anyway," she held her breath as Lily opened her mouth to speak, looking livid and almost ready to pull out another Bat Bogey hex on the person who had dared to mess up their hair.

"Perhaps it looks more natural a bit messy," said Lily, relenting and coming forward to run her fingers through Lee's 'natural' looking hair, "what do you think, Sirius?"

"Yeah, it looks nice," said Sirius, not taking his eyes off the picture of Lee at age nine in her muggle hockey team, "what? Oh I don't know," he said impatiently, "it looks fine."

"Boys are hopeless," huffed Lily, walking back over to her bed and resuming her outfit debate with herself. Lee sat down beside Sirius and saw herself staining back in a stationary muggle picture.

"Nice pigtails," snorted Sirius as he flicked back a few more pages to where a six year old Lee was glaring at the camera from the top of her wardrobe, "how did you go up there?"

"Dunno," said Lee, trying to remember the time. Before she'd come to Hogwarts she'd been somewhat of a mystery, arriving in a basket, with a note saying "Leah-Eve Oakley, age two years, eight months" hadn't provided much to go on really. She was still a mystery but one they could put to the back of their minds comfortably as they only saw Lee once a year at the most, "they all thought I was a bit funny."

"I can imagine. You're pretty strange now," said Sirius, continuing to leaf backwards until he got to where the pictures stopped but the blank pages kept going, "what? Where are the fat baby photos, I was looking forward to them."

"I wasn't at the orphanage before that," said Lee, suddenly feeling a huge immovable lump in her throat, "I was with parents." Her breath caught in her throat and she got up to look out the window, she still wasn't planning on telling anyone about Grindelwald.

"Lee I'm sorry," said Sirius, coming up behind her and putting his arm around her shoulders, they looked out the window together for a while, Lee was standing straight, like a soldier, but she shook very, very slightly. Sirius was cursing himself into oblivion, he knew Lee never ever talked about her family, but he had to go and make that stupid comment about it, "Lee? Did they- I mean- have you got any relatives?"

He watched as she turned slowly to face him, her eyes completely dry, Lily had gone into the bathroom to try on something and they were alone but for Alice's cat, Ascia, who was purring in a corner. Again he cursed himself for his stupidity and as she spoke he marveled at the amount of sadness that one face could communicate with one short sentence.

"None that I ever want to talk to."


"Hey Jude"  does not belong to me, it is the work of the greatest band of all time the Beatles.

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Just a Hint of Black: Dark Hearts


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