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I'm a What? He's My What? Well Hell by clumsydolphin
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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AN: Here is your next chapter! My readers make me so happy with reviews it makes me update faster to please you back! I hope you enjoy. Also, just a quick reminder this is a Dramione story although for just a moment at the beginning of this chapter it may look like it’s going to be a Harry/Hermione, it’s not. He’s just her most important and best friend and she leans on him because of it. Now I will quit yacking at ya and let you read. Clumsy!



Hermione was lost in thought trying to figure out what her parents wanted to talk to her about. She didn’t know why she was suddenly so nervous about it but she was and it was really freaking her out. She didn’t hear Harry come up behind her because she was so distracted.

“You ready to go? We need to be there in 5 minutes Hermione.” Harry asked gently.

“Yeah I guess so, thanks for coming with me Harry.” Hermione sighed. “I just am not sure I could do this alone. You know that funny feeling you get when everything is about to change.”

Harry wrapped her in a hug and rubbed her back. “I’ll be with you no matter what happens.”

Hermione smiled into his shoulder and then leaned up on her tippy toes and kissed his cheek. “Ginny is a very lucky girl!” Then she grabbed his hand and led the way outside the barriers and they apparated to the alley down the street from her home. Harry just held her hand supportively as they walked and Hermione was glad he didn’t try to get her mind off of what was about to happen by talking because she didn’t have the energy to spend keeping up with a conversation. When they finally were in front of the door Harry reached up and patted her shoulder.

“Here goes nothing.” Hermione said and she raised her hand and knocked on her childhood home’s front door. It was her dad who opened the door and pulled her into a hug before shaking Harry’s hand and leading them into the living room where her mom was waiting with hugs for both the young friends.

“Well have a seat and we’ll get right to the point of our request and that way we can eat together without it hanging over our heads like an elephant in the room.” Hermione’s mother said. While her dad sat down on the loveseat with her and Harry sat with Hermione on the sofa.

“Hermione before we tell you what we need to say I want you to know that we love you so much and have always wanted the best for you. This isn’t going to be easy for us to say or for you to hear which is why we agreed with Harry coming to support you.” Richard Granger told his daughter while reaching for his wife Jane’s hand.

“Okay daddy, I’m listening.” Hermione answered him.

“First I will say that this secret is really between your dad and yourself, it wasn’t my secret to tell and I supported my husband and his reasons for keeping silent. So when you hear this secret please know that I love you as much as he does and prayed for your safety this whole time.” Jane said as her eyes watered.

“Hermione, Jane adopted you when you were a little one year old baby girl. I am your natural father but I lied to you about your birth mother. You aren’t a Muggleborn, you’re a half-blood but not in the normal definition. Your mother was a witch but she was also a half Veela.” Richard said looking into eyes as brown as his but full of betrayal and hurt.

Hermione ran for the bathroom and barely got there in time to vomit as she cried. She felt cool and comforting hands reach for and pull her hair back from her face and rub her back at the same time. When she was done she sat back against the wall and cried into Harry’s chest as he held her close to him. He didn’t know what to say in this situation so he did the best he could by supporting her and holding her as she released the hurt.

“I can’t believe this! Did I hear all of that or is this just a nightmare Harry?” she cried.

“’Mione I know this has to hurt very badly and I’m here however you need me, but I think you need to finish this. There are questions you need answered and there are many things that your dad can tell you about your mom that you need to know. With that said, if you want to leave I will get us out of here, it’s your call.” Harry advised.

“Oh God Harry, this will be the reason I have been feeling so off lately, it’s the change! I will be a part Veela!” She cried.

“Well, then we really need to get information from him now. Come on and let’s get this over with.” He said pulling her to her feet and leading her back to her parents.


“Hermione dear, I know how this must feel but I want you to know that you’ve been my daughter for most of your life and in my heart you always will be. I loved you then and I love you now.” Her mom said as she handed over a box of tissues.

“Why? I want to know why this was kept from me! I had a right to know and when I got my Hogwarts letter should have been the perfect time to tell me!” Hermione said in a confused and angry voice.

“You’re absolutely right ‘Mione that would have been a good time. I was keeping a promise to a woman I loved with all of my heart. She asked me not to tell you until you were about to turn 21, she said you would be feeling a change if you were going to be a Veela. So when you said you were feeling sluggish and like you had flu I knew it was time.” Richard told her. “If you weren’t going to change then she didn’t want you to know at all; she wanted you to have a mother and told me to make sure I picked a good one for you and that I do it quickly.”

“What! That’s crazy, I didn’t need to know that my mother lived and died! Now there is all this Veela stuff happening and I have nobody to talk to that knows how it feels!” Hermione yelled.

“That’s not true Hermione! Remember, Fleur will know exactly and can give you all kinds of information and help you through the change!” Harry reminded her excitedly, he was glad he had an answer to help her.

“I have a letter from your mother ‘Mione. It’s still sealed just as she left it because she said it was only for your eyes and only once you knew the truth.” Her dad said as he pulled out an envelope and handed it to his daughter.

Hermione took the letter but did not open it instead she got to her feet. “I have to leave I can’t deal with any more tonight. Thanks for the dinner and all but I just can’t stay, I’m sorry. I will call you soon.” With that she walked out the door and made her way slowly down the street so Harry could catch up with her.


Once they reached the alley they apparated back to The Burrow but when they arrived Hermione told Harry she needed some time alone and walked through some trees to a creek and sat at the banks and turned the letter from her mother over and over trying to gather the courage to open it. Finally deciding to just do it she took a big breath and turned it over and opened it.


Dearest Hermione,

I have so many things I must tell you but the two most important are that I’m sorry and I love you so much. I know you are probably not very happy with me right now because if you have this letter it means Richard had to tell you the truth.

I wanted so much for you to have a normal life with a mom and a dad. I wanted you to go through your schooling without everyone knowing you might be a Veela and having that weight on your shoulders. You had a fifty, fifty shot at not inheriting the gene and I hoped with my whole heart that it would have skipped you because it isn’t always an easy life. I will tell you why shortly but I just wanted to explain first the reasons for my decision.

First when the gene kicks in your going to start to get sick almost not even noticeable at first but it gets worse and worse. The best blessing is when it is time for the change you can take dreamless sleep potion until it’s over and I advise you to do so because it’s a painful process. Make sure someone is there with the potion ready when it wears off so you can take it again and again until finished. The person will know it’s over when you wake up and aren’t screaming. Then it will be safe to stop taking the potion. When the pain moves beyond your hands and feet that’s when you begin the change.

Once you are done with the change you will notice men being overly flirtatious with you. It’s all very flattering at first, but use your mind and understand that you are going to want someone who wants all of you, not just your beauty.

You will also have a mate and he could be anybody Muggle, Half-blood, or Pureblood. He may also be another Veela but they are very rare. Some “experts” say that you will know your mate by their smell, that’s rubbish. You will know your mate by all your senses. Smell, sight, taste but also you will feel your mate inside your heart. As long as you know yourself you will know when you’ve found your mate.

I must stress to you that you must find your mate and mark him by your 22nd birthday and this is critical because you will die if you don’t find him or he won’t accept you. Once you’ve found him and he lets you mark him then the mating is for life and neither can stray.

There’s so much to tell you and a letter just won’t suffice and give you everything you need to be prepared. I have done my best to tell you the essentials but if you need more information your dad has my family contacts for you to get to.

I hope I’ve given you enough to go on, but once more I want to tell my daughter how much she’s loved. You are the best, most important thing I have ever done and I am watching over you as you grow and become a woman and a mother and a Veela. Be proud of this part of your heritage because there are many more positive than negative things about it. I also am sorry that you grew up without me and I asked your father to keep it a secret. As stated above I felt it was for the best. I love you my beautiful baby and I hope your life is a good one.

Love you always,



Hermione wasn’t aware she was crying as she read her letter until Molly Weasley was suddenly there holding her and wiping the tears off her cheeks. Hermione leaned in and cried herself out into her second mothers shoulder until she was completely wrung out and pulled gently away.

“Harry told me what happened at home and I thought maybe you could use a more motherly support than one of the others. You should know it was a fight to see who was coming. The twins, Charlie, Bill, Harry, Ron and Ginny all argued over it. You are much loved child.” Molly told her while reaching out a hand and rubbing the side of Hermione’s face.

“I’ve made a decision after reading the letter. I want you to read it because I’ve decided that if you don’t mind I would like you to help me when it’s time, you and Fleur if she’s willing as well. I don’t want anyone else to see me until it’s over.” Hermione said to Molly. When Molly nodded Hermione slowly handed her the letter and waiting nervously for her answer.

“Of course dear, we’ll be honored to help you as you change. I’ve already sent an owl to Fleur for this reason. You have a home here ‘Mione, it’s full of brothers and sisters and Arthur and I love you like our own. You have that forever my girl, never be afraid to ask for anything.” Molly said hugging her. “Now, you need to come back inside and let the others show you how supportive they are before they kill each other fighting over it!” Molly said causing the both of them to start laughing.

Hermione felt better and she and Molly walked back in a comfortable silence which was shattered as the front door opened and chaos was revealed. What greeted them had Hermione crying again but this time they were tears of laughter.

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