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Upside Down by aelover867
Chapter 8 : EIGHT
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Author's Note: THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE WRITTEN A REVIEW: AriesGirl40, Shindig, Rae Ella, ms4aisa, Harry Potter 345 and Pinkpoodle!! I LOVE YOU ALL :D And I would love it if more people reviewed of course :) THE REVIEW BOX IS HUNGRY ;P


Everybody’s eyes are on me as I walk down the main aisle of the Auror’s Headquarters, as I head down to Potter’s office since he wanted to see me as soon as I came back to work after my two-day stay at St. Mungo’s. Once I woke up this morning, I was itching to get out of that hospital bed. But, since there seemed to be an overwhelming wave of patients that came in overnight, I couldn’t leave until almost two in the afternoon. I Apparated straight over to the Ministry once I was discharged.

I meet Carolyn’s eyes and she smiles widely as she glances up from the familiar pile of cold cases that still remain on our desks. I glance over at Griffin, who is staring at me with his jaw agape. Apparently, the news of my attack spread pretty quickly throughout the Headquarters. But, Griffin’s looking at me like he just saw a bloody ghost. I guess nobody told him the small, unimportant detail that I’m alive and well. Actually, a lot of people are looking at me that way. Maybe Potter didn’t tell anybody that miniscule detail.

My cloak billows away from me as I march down the aisle and slide into Potter’s office quietly, as he’s working on paperwork at his large desk. Potter glances up at me, his glasses about to fall off his nose, and motions for me to sit down. I sit down silently as I wait for Potter to address me.

“So, Auror Malfoy,” Potter says as he looks up at me. “I’m assuming you’re well now.”

I nod. “Yes I am.”

“I think you should probably take another day off before you return,” Potter tells me, leaning back in his chair and folding his hands over his stomach. “As you probably noticed, nobody really knew of your condition. Only that you were in the hospital after an attack and the lot of them just assumed you were dead since that’s what happens to Aurors.”

“No offense, Head Auror, but I think I should get back to work on those cold cases,” I tell Potter, running my hand through my messy hair. I haven’t had the time to go back to my flat for my gel, so it probably looks like hell right now.

Potter shakes his head. “Go see your parents, Scorpius.”

I raise an eyebrow at the use of my first name in his office. He never does that.

“I’m sure they’re worried about you,” Potter tells me. “They wanted to visit you at Mungo’s, but since nobody exactly knew what we were dealing with, the doctors couldn’t let them visit.”

I nod and sigh deeply. “This is gonna be super fun.”

Potter chuckles. “I’ve seen worried parents and I’ve been one plenty of times. You should see them once you leave here.”

I nod in agreement. “Okay, Head Auror.”

“Also, I’d like to talk to you about what happened,” Potter adds just as I move to stand up.

I settle back in my chair. “Okay?”

“We’ve come upon developments as to what was used to wound you and almost kill you,” Potter tells me and looks me in the eye. He then reaches into a desk drawer and pulls out an ungodly evil looking thing. “It’s called a gun.”

I raise an eyebrow. “A gun? I’ve never heard of a bloody gun.”

“Because it’s a Muggle weapon.”

I raise my eyebrow higher. “A Muggle weapon?”

Potter nods slowly. “We’re suspecting a half-blood or Muggle-born may be the one’s behind this attack and Zabini’s murder. A pure-blood, as yourself, wouldn’t know what a gun is. But guns can kill very easily, so you should consider yourself lucky to be alive right now, Auror Malfoy.”

“How did you figure this out?” I ask curiously, furrowing my eyebrows together.

“We’re consulting a Muggle doctor who happens to be your partner’s father,” Potter replies. “My niece had talked to him the day after your attack and she reported this all back to me. Auror Cave had given me this gun from her father so I could see what it is we’re dealing with.”

His niece?

Oh please no.

“Niece? Which niece?” I ask hesitantly, but I don’t let that leak into my voice.

Potter smirks. “I believe you know her well, Scorpius. It’s Rose.”

My eyes widen. “Rose Weasley?”

Merlin, help me.

Potter nods. “She’s a Healer at St. Mungo’s. She also happened to be the Healer that saved your life.”

I gulp. “What?”

“I’m assuming your partner didn’t tell you that,” Potter states and relaxes back in his chair.

“You assume correctly,” I reply.

“She used a quite forgotten spell that was used on mentally ill patients a very long time ago that had been mentioned vaguely by a Healer  that she works with,” Potter says with satisfaction. “She really does have her mother’s brains. She actually electrocuted your heart back into a steady rhythm after you died.”

I snort. “Pardon my language, Head Auror, but are you shitting me?”

Potter laughs. “No I’m not. I hope that you aren’t…disgusted by being brought back by a Weasley. I know your father would’ve.”

I snort again. “I’m not at all disgusted. My father’s actually quite changed a bit since your school days. He seems to think quite highly of the three of you, really.”

Potter raises an eyebrow. “That’s quite shocking.”

“Everything’s a bit shocking right now,” I say to Potter. “Now, if you can excuse me, I need to talk to my partner very quickly about how she hid that simple little fact from me.”

Potter laughs again and gently puts the gun back into his desk. “Knowing Rose, it’s because she probably told Carolyn not to tell you.”

I rub my forehead as I stand out of my chair and head out of the Head Auror’s office. I walk quickly down the aisle over towards Carolyn’s desk and I see that Griffin is waiting over there with Carolyn. I groan since I don’t want to deal with Griffin’s overwhelming antics since I’m still tired and have to still deal with my parents. That is gonna be so much fun.

Before I even realize what’s going on, Griffin wraps me in a bear hug and picks me up off the ground with my arms pinned behind my back.

“Dude, don’t do that again,” Griffin tells me while I’m up in the air.


Griffin immediately puts me back down and pats my arm. “We all thought that you died. Potter and Carolyn wouldn’t say a word.”

I look over at Carolyn, who smiles at me until she sees my look. “Why didn’t you tell me that the Healer who saved my life was Rose Weasley?”

Griffin widens his eyes. “The blood-traitor Weasley saved your life?”

Carolyn full-out slaps Griffin across the face. “Excuse me, but she is my roommate and Potter’s niece!”

Since Griffin is a pure-blood (actually, only three-quarters since his dad is a half-blood but his mom is a pure-blood) and was sorted into Slytherin the year before me, he has quite a disdain for the Weasley’s. It’s a shocker that he can even stand Potter because he’s seen as a blood traitor too since he married into the Weasley’s and the Weasley’s didn’t stand along with the other pure-bloods, who mostly supported Lord Voldemort, at the Battle of Hogwarts. It’s shocking that those names still stand, even when the Battle was so long ago.

Griffin rubs his cheek, then huffs back to his desk. Carolyn rolls her eyes at him.

“What an idiot,” Carolyn mumbles, then turns back to me. “I didn’t tell you because she didn’t want me to.”

“Why?” I ask.

Carolyn shrugs exaggeratedly. “I don’t know! I’ll ask her when I can. But I can bet you that she’ll bloody well be angry about you knowing.”

“Don’t tell her that I know,” I tell Carolyn. “Just ask why she wants it hidden.”

“I’ll try,” Carolyn replies. “Now, go see your parents. I know they’re worrying sick about you.”

I chuckle. “This is gonna be interesting.”


I Apparate directly into my mother’s drawing room, where I interrupt her quiet painting session with the loud crack of Apparition. Mother jumps and places her hand on her chest.

“Merlin’s beard, Scorpius! You scared me half to death,” Mother says at first, then widens her eyes. “Draco, Scorpius is here!”

Mother runs to me and wraps me in a tight hug. I hug her back, smelling in her perfume that she has worn every day for as long as I can remember. I hear Father come up the steps and enter into the room. I feel him pull me from Mother and hug me tightly. Father’s never hugged me except for when I went to Hogwarts for my first year and when I graduated Hogwarts. And when I managed to get through Auror’s training without dying.

“How are you doing?” Mother asks me urgently. “Are you still hurt, Scorpie?”

Father lets go of me and I stand facing my parents. “I’m fine now, Mum. The Healers did their job.”

“They wouldn’t let us see you while you were in Mungo’s,” Mother tells me and grips my hand tightly. “Don’t ever do that to us again, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.”

Father wraps an arm around Mother’s shoulder when she chokes up with tears. Father looks over at me. “Your mother’s been a nervous wreck about you. This is why we didn’t want you to become an Auror.”

“I wasn’t even on assignment,” I tell Father. “I was just walking back from getting pissed at the Leaky Cauldron. I’ve just been looking over cold cases since I’m not on any assignment right now.”

Father sighs. “It’s still dangerous work, Scorpius.”

I sigh. “I know. But, I’m fine. You won’t believe who was my first Healer when I came in unconscious.”

I don’t dare bring up me being dead for several minutes. That would send Mother into a hissy fit and wouldn’t let me out of her sight. Father would make me quit immediately if I told them. I can’t quit being an Auror; it’s what I feel that I should be.

“Who was it?” Mother asks me once she regains her sanity.

“Rose Weasley.”

Mother and Father both widen their eyes. Father speaks up first. “Rose Weasley? She obviously got her mother’s brains. As much as I disliked those three at school, Hermione Granger really is the brightest witch of our age.”

“How do you feel about knowing that she was the one who helped you?” Mother asks me slowly.

Both of my parents know how I felt about Rose during my last years of Hogwarts. I confessed it to both of them Christmas break of my sixth year, before I even told Sienna. They were both shockingly okay with it. Well, it was more shocking that Father was okay with it than Mother  was. Even though Mother came from a pure-blood family, she’s never had an issue with Muggle-borns or anything associated with the usual.

I shrug. “I don’t know. I guess I’m fine with it. I’m just shocked. You should’ve seen my face when Potter told me.”

“Well,” Mother says as she begins smiling, “I did take a look at the stars last night and according to my chart, romance may be in the air.”

Father and I groan at the same time.

“Not your Divination crap, Mum,” I whine. “That never works.”

“It did when I predicted you’d become partners with Rose’s roommate,” Mother reminds me with bigger smile on her face.

I roll my eyes. “Whatever. I’m going back to my flat. I’m exhausted.”

Mother kisses my cheek. “Don’t be a stranger, Scorpius.”

“I won’t,” I tell her. “I’ll owl you sometime for lunch.”

I shake hands with Father and I Apparate back to my flat, falling into my bed and falling into a deep sleep.

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