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Love, War, and the Lies. by HermioneEverdeen
Chapter 1 : The Love, and the Lies.
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Chapter One - The Love, and the Lies.

CI By Me

Hermiones POV

I was finished packing my suitcase, so I dragged it outside and started running. As fast as I could, to get away from my ex-Fiancé. I didn't care where I was running. I just wanted to get away from him. So I ran, and ran, and ran away, as far as my 3 inch heels could take me. The rain was pounding on my skin. Trickling down my face, was my tears. The tears that were caused by him. My tears resembled the rain, the way they poured down without stopping, and when they stopped, nothing was nice. Everything was gloomy and horrible. Feelings were soggy and hopeless, and the soil and plants was drenched and had no power.

I was sick of living with that bastard. He ruined my life, and ripped my heart in bits and pieces. He broke me apart, and now I have to start again, somehow. But I will get over him.

I will.

 A few months ago, I said the one word that destroyed my life.


"Hermione!" I turned, as Ron yelled in the distance. "Be strong! And never forget that I loved you!" He smirked, and he added in a whisper, "Not..." And went back inside his house. I turned back around.

I was about 3 miles into my run, when I tripped over my three-inch heels, and landed in a ginormous puddle. I cried out what was left as I went deeper into the puddle, and thought one last thought.

I don't know what to do with my life... So why keep going?

And that, was when I passed out.

Draco's POV:

I was taking my daily hike in Hogsmeade, while the rain was pouring down on me. I love running in the rain, it makes all of my worries go away, and I get to get away from my wife, Astoria. I stopped inside The Three Broomsticks to get lunch, and after that, started running again. I was almost to the end of the street, when I tripped over a figure. 

She was wearing a tattered dress, and she had lots of scars everywhere. she was wearing three inch heels, there was a suitcase beside her, and her hair was like a birds nest. The woman was deep inside a puddle, as well, and to add to that, she had really pale skin and her head was under the water, so she couldn't breathe. I picked her up and examined her to see if I knew her.

This is the body of the one and only, Hermione Granger.

I have moved on since the second Wizarding War, and I stopped being a prejudice. So, I reluctantly picked up her limp body bridal style, and apparated to St. Mungos with a twisting jump.

* * * *

*Holds up a book*

Sorry this chapter was short... The others will be longer... We all hate it when chapters are short.

Review please! It makes me Happy!!! Good or bad!!! I don't care!! Suggestions to make for other story's!! Stuff to improve!!  FEED THE BOX BELOW. YOU ARE STARVING IT. FEED IT SOME COOKIES! Poor Box....


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Love, War, and the Lies.: The Love, and the Lies.


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