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Lady Raven by InkAndParchment
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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2nd December 2020

The castle was silent. Not a sound could be heard save for the gentle patter of footsteps on the cold stone floors. She was alone. Or so she thought. In the shadows cast by the grand staircase, someone was watching her. As she began to descend, he noticed how her hair swayed, how her hips swung ever so slightly, how light she was on her feet. He noticed the way she smiled discreetly to herself. How she absentmindedly twirled a strand of her long blonde hair around her finger.

Everyone was asleep at this time. The moon still clung to her place in the sky but the dim light of the sun was starting to creep over the horizon. It was not yet the yellow glow that most people found breath-taking; it was the pale and cold looking blue that preceded it. The girl gathered the folds of the long robe that covered her equally long white nightdress and lifted it to prevent the hem from trailing on the ground. Her feet were bare despite the chill of the stone that surrounded her.

It was her favourite time of day, dawn. It was when the world had not yet woken up and all was still peaceful. She would often wander down to the lake to watch the mist melt from the water as the sun greeted the world once more. In the summer months, she would brave the biting cold that others shied away from and swim with the rising sun. For now though, she was content to just trail her toes in the water and watch as the ripples chased one another over the glassy surface.

The boy that had been hidden in the shadows of the staircase had moved to the shadows of the grand doorway and was once again gazing over at the girl by the water’s edge. A part of him always wanted to call her back, to tell her not to be so foolish and that she might catch a cold in this weather, but he never did. She was too beautiful for him to break her solitude. Besides, she would no doubt question why he was here, at this early hour, and he would have no excuse.

The snow was late to fall this year. The ground was frozen and waiting for its winter blanket as she lay back and gazed up at the sky. It would fall today, she thought to herself. She ran her hands out from her sides, her fingers scrapped against the frozen droplets of dew that clung to the sparse blades of grass still fighting against the elements. December was her favourite month. In December, the world was at peace. To her, it was the most beautiful month in the year.

Behind her the castle began to stir. Students and teachers alike were waking up to start the new day and the challenges they might face. To the girl at the edge of the lake, the joy of a new day was subdued by the feeling of loss that tugged at her heart each time she had to say goodbye to the dawn and turn her back on the lake. As she headed back towards the castle, the boy continued to watch her, making sure the shadows hid him well.

The look that graced her face each time she walked back through the castle doors always gave him the oddest sensation that someone was tugging at his heartstrings. To her, the dawn was the most beautiful thing in the world. To him, she was the most beautiful thing to ever have existed.

Someone once said that gravity could not be held responsible for people falling in love.

As the girl moved towards the staircase to head up to her tower and the still warm bed that was surrounded by the deep blue colours of her house, gravity decided it was time to prove that someone wrong. As she let go of her robes, her foot caught the hem and she began to tumble to the ground, just as gravity intended. But before she collided with the hard stone slabs, a set of arms wrapped around her waist to stop her from falling any further. What they did not realise, was that in the moment they stopped her falling to the ground, they caused her to begin her fall into something far more dangerous than the stone floor that had previously awaited her.

Gravity had made her fall. The arms that had caught her stopped her fall. The serene blue eyes that had met her own pale blue ones caused her to fall in love. So really, gravity was to blame.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and any thoughts or feelings can be left in the lonely little review box beneath. Also, if you would like to ask the characters questions or just want to see photos ect. from either this or any of my other stories then you can go to my blog, there is a link on my Author's Page.


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Lady Raven: Prologue


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