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Blossoming by ohmymerlin
Chapter 5 : five
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I groaned. Ellie really had to learn how to properly sing. “Go away,” I grumbled.

“That’s not very nice! Get up!”

“Why?” I made no effort to move.

“Because you have a date in approximately in eight hours! That’s hardly any time left!”


“Yes, you do! Get up or I hex you!”

I grunted and quickly disarmed her.

“Have to get up earlier to beat a trainee Auror,” I smirked.

“Fine. I didn’t want it to come to this, but if you insist…” she sighed.

“I don’t insist. Now go away, before I hex you with two wands.”

I could almost hear her eyes roll. I heard her leave the room and I grinned to myself. I won.

“YOU GET UP RIGHT NOW PHOEBE SANDHURST!” she yelled and my eyes opened to see her running towards me.

I swore and rolled off the bed. Ellie was very enthusiastic when she wanted someone to get out of bed. I thought it was over when we left Hogwarts but no.

“Alright, alright! I’m up!” I yawned. “Here’s your stupid wand.”

“My wand isn’t stupid!” she protested.

“Yes it is; stupid wands go with stupid owners.”

She huffed indignantly. “Get up, get dressed, brush your teeth and put some deodorant on, you smell.”


She smirked. “Just the truth, sweetheart.”

I rolled my eyes and started to get dressed. When I had brushed my teeth and put deodorant on – yes I’m looking at you, Ellie – I walked out to see Ellie sniffing around my kitchen with an ugly expression.

“You need to get better food. Come on, I’m starving.”

“Didn’t you eat?” I asked.

“Nope, I came straight over here. We have no time to waste!” I rolled my eyes and followed her out the door.

“So are we going to get food first?” I asked once we had both appeared in Diagon Alley.

“We have to get on-the-go food, we’ve already wasted thirty two minutes!” she shrieked, tapping her watch.

Why I’m even friends with her, I’ll never know.


“No, Ellie. I am not wearing this!” I told her through the door.

“Why not? Just show me first and then I’ll be the decider.”

“Nope. Not coming out, I’m just going to take it off.”

“Bee, if you take it off without showing me, I may have to open this door by force.”

I sighed and opened the door to show her the hideous dress. It just covered my bum and was ridiculously low cut. Not to mention it was red so it clashed horribly with my hair.

As soon as Ellie saw it, she snorted and said, “Holy kneazles that’s ugly. I’m sorry for making you try it on.”

“Ellie? Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes I’m fine. Why?”

“Because you just apologised! I may have to write this date down!” I laughed.

“Oh shush,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Just get that awful thing off.”

I grinned and closed the door in her face. She sent me another seven dresses over the top of the door so I could try on. I sighed and pulled on each one.

They were just getting uglier and uglier.

After I’d tried eighteen dresses, I said to Ellie, “Look, I don’t even know where I’m going. And based on the past two dates, I don’t think it will be suitable for me to be in a dress.”

“You’re right! Should we just go and buy some jeans or something! New shop!” she announced, marching out the door like a raving lunatic.

Oh wait, she is a raving lunatic.

I said a quick thank you to the store clerk and followed Ellie. “Ellie, hold up!” I called out.

“Bee, I don’t think you get it. We only have seven hours for this date! You have to hurry up!”

I rolled my eyes and said, “I already have jeans. Why do I need to buy more?”

“Because it’s shopping. Need I say more?”

I sighed and said, “Ells. I have enough clothes. I don’t need more!”

“Yes you do!” she then shoved me into the next store and started rifling through the racks of clothes. She found a couple of pairs of jeans and tights with some strange tribal pattern on them.

“I’ll skip the tribe pants,” I said. Ellie huffed but put them back down anyway. She then handed me the jeans and pushed me into a change room.

“You’re very violent,” I grumbled.

“Tough love, sweetie. Get used to it,” she grinned and headed to the section with tops and t-shirts. I grumbled a bit more and pulled the curtain shut.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love shopping, but sometimes you’re just not in the mood for it and this was one of those days for me.

I pulled on some dark jeans and admired them. They weren’t too short and fitted me quite well. Ellie then flung the curtain open to see what I looked like.

“Ellie! What if I had been just in my underwear?” I said outraged.

“You weren’t though, you forget that I’m a seer,” she winked at me and I shook my head amusedly. “But wow, Bee! They look awesome! You should definitely get those!”

“You think?”

“Definitely! Try these on as well!” she thrust a few tops at me and I begrudgingly put them on. A blue singlet went surprising well with it so I decided I’d buy those two.

I mean, if you go shopping, you have to buy something right?

I showed Ellie who whooped when she saw me. She took all the other things she threw at me before and let me get changed again.

As soon as I walked out the change room, Ellie literally attacked me and grabbed the clothes. She ran to the counter, paid and ran off again.

I sighed and said thank you to the shocked lady and walked out to see Ellie grinning mischievously.

“Why are you my best friend again?”

“Because no one else will be.”

“You’re a lousy Hufflepuff!” I pretended to be offended.

She grinned and linked her arm with mine. “Now can we go get pedicures?”

Oh good grief.


When Ellie finally allowed me to go home, it was five o’clock. She said she was going to come but then I convinced her to give me a couple of hours alone.

I quickly had a shower and then sat on my bed in my underwear, thinking about the upcoming date.

What if it was a fancy restaurant and I’ll just be wearing jeans?

What if it’s another water theme park?

What if we’re just going to McDonalds?

I’m really over-thinking this. I just have to get changed and if Louis says it’s unpractical, I’ll get changed.

But then what will I wear?!

I glanced at the time and in horror, I realised it was quarter past six. I quickly changed and put some accessories on. I then started my make-up and tried to go for a ‘natural’ look but it was obvious I was wearing make-up because all my freckles disappeared.

Why call it natural when you look fake?

Now, the hair. It was all fuzzy from my shower so I put a few spells on it and let it drop to its natural dead straight-ness.

I stared at my reflection for a while and decided I didn’t like my hair so I changed it to a side braid.

There we go. It can be counted as casual if we go somewhere casual, yet it can be classy if we go somewhere classy.

If we go to a theme park I was definitely over-dressed but I think I’ll be okay.

There were ten minutes until the date and I found myself getting nervous. This was the first date I’d actually cared about since Cameron. Sure, I went on a few dates with guys, but it never really worked out.

I sat on the couch jiggling my legs up and down and at five past seven, there was a knock at the door. I opened it up and grinned.

“You’re two minutes late. This is unacceptable.”

“Well, hello to you too! Anyway, look! It clearly says 7:03!” He showed me his watch and it did indeed say 7:03.

“Well, it’s wrong on my clock. But let’s go?” He nodded and dragged me out. I locked the door and asked, “So where are we going?”

He grinned mischievously, “Not telling you.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s more fun for me!” he grinned even wider.

I bit my lip and shrugged. “Okay, just one thing. Am I appropriately dressed for this date?”

His eyes quickly roamed my body. “Absolutely perfect. You look amazing by the way,” he gave me a goofy grin and I’m sure I gave him a smile just as silly in return.

“Thank you, you don’t look too bad yourself.” It was true, he had dark jeans on (we matched!) and a navy, almost black, button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

You know the drool-worthy image of a model you often see airbrushed in clothing catalogues?

Well, Louis’ right eyebrow looked better than all of them put together.

“Do you have a blindfold this time?” I teased.

He shook his head. “No, I don’t. I apologise profusely.”

I laughed and he slipped his hand into mine. I felt like a school-girl again. “Er… what are you doing tomorrow?” I asked tentatively, suddenly remembering what Matt told me.

“Nothing, why?”

I sighed. “My parents want me to come over tomorrow, my brother’s coming around as well, but he wants you to come because Ellie – remember her?”

“The one who apparated directly into the room whilst we were snogging?” he asked, grinning.

“Yup, her. Well, they’re engaged and she told him about you so he wants to meet you and he told my parents and now they want to meet you, but I’m more than happy if you say you’re busy because you really don’t know my mother, she’s a lunatic at the best of times and if she sees I’m with a-”

“Pheebs! Calm down!” Louis cut off my spiel. “I’ll come, just to make you extra happy.” He shot me a gorgeous smile and I couldn’t refuse to someone as delicious as him.

Did I say delicious? I meant yummy.


I meant sweet!

I grumbled, “Fine, you can come. But believe me when I say you will get your ears chewed off. My mum is a bit insane when it comes to me dating.”

He laughed, “Trust me, Pheebs. Your family is probably normal. My family is a bunch of wackos.”

“They weren’t that bad,” I said, remembering Tuesday.

“That’s them trying to act normal and fit in with society. Except Lucy,” he tacked on as an afterthought.

“Is that the one that fist bumped me?”

He nodded. “Yeah, she’s very casual about everything. She loves Herbology so I think she may have had a weird plant that day… week… month… Okay ever since she was fifteen she’s been interested in certain types of plants! Don’t tell Aunt Audrey!” he said hurriedly.

I laughed. “I won’t tell her, I promise.”

“Anyway,” he shook his head. “I got a bit off topic. My point was my family probably wins the award for being the strangest.”

I scoffed. “No, no! They do!” he insisted. “Every time one of us brings a girlfriend – or boyfriend – over, the family makes the victim do ‘tests’! They grill them on their knowledge about Quidditch, then how many boyfriends – or girlfriends – they’ve had before, and then what their ‘motives’ are, and it keeps going on. One Christmas they started a food fight to see if, I think it was Molly’s, boyfriend would participate. It was mayhem.”

“Okay, maybe your family is a bit more insane than mine,” I admitted. He looked smug. “But you have to admit all families are weird.”

He shrugged. “Family is like fudge. It’s mostly sweet but there’s a few nuts in there.”

“Where on Earth do you get all these quotes from?” I asked bewilderedly.

He tapped his nose. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

I giggled and he beamed. “We’re here!” I looked up and saw a dilapidated warehouse with the sign falling off. Well, what was left of the sign. There were three letters; ‘A’, ‘X’ and ‘F’.

I looked incredulously at Louis who was looking straight at me. As soon as I met his eyes, he burst out laughing.

“I’m only joking! We still have a fair way to go,” he got out through his laughter. “You should have seen your face!”

“Very funny,” I said dryly.

Louis looked at me and I couldn’t keep a straight face. I laughed. “Okay, that was pretty funny. But should we keep going?”

He shrugged “Sure, why not?”

It was still quite warm for September, so I was glad I didn’t bring a cardigan. If it was any hotter though, my hand would have been sweating in Louis’ and that’s just gross.

Have you ever tried holding hands with someone who has a sweaty palm? It’s horrible, it makes your palm sweat and itch, and then you have to try and get out of holding their hand without offending them.

It’s rather hard.

“What are you thinking so hard about?” Louis asked me.

“Sweaty hands,” I responded without thinking. I clapped my free hand to my mouth as Louis burst out in another round of laughter. “Oh gosh, I can’t believe I just said that out loud!”

“What led you to this train of thought, Pheebs?”

“I was thinking how warm the weather is and how I’m thankful it’s not too hot, otherwise I’d probably be sweating and holding hands with someone who sweats is just gross,” I crinkled my nose.

Louis didn’t say anything but kept chortling.

I think I seriously have issues. Who on Earth says that to a guy?!

“What’s your favourite colour?” I asked randomly.

“Gold. You?”

I thought about it. “I don’t actually know. I change my preference every day but mostly I lean to blues and greens… Maybe turquoise is my favourite.”

“What’s your favourite animal?” he asked, smiling down at me.

“Niffler, definitely,” I grinned. “What about you?”

“Ugh, I hate nifflers. They cause so much bloody trouble when I’m at work. I think my favourite would have to be a dog though. When I was a kid I always wanted one but Mum never liked them.”

“Aw, I had a dog when I was little. But then we had to give him away because my dad was allergic to him.”

He grinned. “I think I should ask this before we get to the date to see if you’re a good candidate. I really should have asked this the first night we met but I didn’t.” I started getting a bit nervous, what if I answered wrong?! “Do you prefer…” he paused dramatically.

“Waffles or pancakes?”

I breathed a sigh of relief. “Waffles definitely.”

“You are correct!” he grinned and picked me up to twirl me in a circle. “I can date you.”

I grinned and gave him a kiss. “Maybe we should go to the date?” He nodded and put me down.

“Hey! We didn’t get interrupted this time! Point for us!”

I laughed and agreed. I was about to say more but he said, “Oh look, we’re here.”

We were out the front of a building what seemed to be full of apartments. I frowned but let Louis lead me inside.

Louis led me up the elevator and I asked, “Is this your apartment building?”

He nodded. “Yup. But we won’t be eating at my place.”

“Where will we be eating then?” I asked.

He grinned mischievously. “Wait and find out.”

As soon as the doors opened, I started getting excited. Where was he taking me?

He took me to a door that read 5684. “Is this your apartment?” I looked at him and he nodded.

“But I thought you said we weren’t eating at your place?” I asked, confused.

“We aren’t,” was his simple response. He saw my look of confusion and laughed. “Just wait and see.”

He jiggled his keys in the lock and opened the door. “Very nice,” I said appreciatively.

“Thank you,” he held the door open for me and I giggled. He was such a Gryffindor.

I looked around his flat and realised it wasn’t that much bigger than mine. He had another bedroom and a bigger kitchen, but other than that, they were relatively the same size.

Everything was in place but he didn’t me linger. “Come on, then.”

I nodded and Louis opened the window and told me to climb it.

“What?” I asked warily.

“Climb that ladder, you have to jump a bit but it’s fine. I promise,” he gave me a charming smile.

I hesitated. “Um… No. I don’t think I’ll climb it thanks. Can I just apparate there?”

“Nope, I want you to climb the ladder, Pheebs.” I sighed and dangled my legs over the edge of the windowsill.

“Okay, that’s good. Now you just have to turn and grab on the end of the ladder,” Louis instructed me. I swallowed noisily and nodded. If I fell, I would die or break all the bones in my body.

That’s a pleasant thought.

I reached my arms up and felt the rusty ladder. “Ugh, it’s rusty,” I crinkled my nose and Louis rolled his eyes.

“It’s alright, princess. It won’t hurt you,” he winked and if I hadn’t been sitting on a very high-up windowsill, I would have rolled my eyes back at him.

I pushed myself off the windowsill and literally dangled off the ladder. Louis’ voice came out, sounding worried, “Okay now. Turn yourself around so you’re facing me. One hand at a time.”

I nodded and slowly turned myself around. When I was only holding on with one hand, I was nearly having a heart attack.

I turned to see Louis smiling at me. “Okay now, use your feet to push against the windowsill and start climbing the ladder.” I obliged and started climbing. When I reached the top, it was really dark and I couldn’t see anything at all.

Suddenly a pair of hands wrapped themselves around my waist and I squawked.

Real ladylike.

Louis’ laugh rumbled through my body. “Relax, it’s only me. Are you ready?”

“Ready for what?” I asked tentatively.

“This,” and suddenly the whole area lit up. It seemed to be the roof of the block and it was filled with so many flowers.

I gasped and Louis chuckled. “You like it?”

You did this?” I turned and saw him beaming at me.

“Nah, some old couple did it a few years back. But it’s neat isn’t it?”

I nodded. “It’s gorgeous.”

“I’m glad you think so, come on follow me,” he grabbed my hand and led me to a picnic table. “Their grandson put this in so they could sit and eat lunch together.”

“That’s really sweet.” He nodded and gestured for me to sit down. I sat down and then he sat next to me.

“Okay, I promise you that I didn’t cook after the spaghetti disaster.” I laughed and he grinned. “But there is food, so never fear.”

I laughed again and he pulled out some food. “It’s just simple stuff… My cousin Molly likes to cook so she offered.”

“That was nice of her,” I said peering at the food. There were some sandwiches, apples and some chocolate.

“Bit of a variety,” he said. “She only did the sandwiches. She kept thinking it was weird that I wanted sandwiches for dinner.”

“Don’t worry, I always eat things at the wrong time. For breakfast sometimes I’ll have leftover Chinese, dinner I prefer having a breakfast-y meal and lunch I just eat whatever’s there. Now that I think about it, I don’t have a very good diet,” I laughed.

Louis shrugged, “Pfft… who needs proper nutrition?”

I laughed again and picked up a sandwich. I started munching on it and smiled appreciatively. “They taste really good.”

He grinned and took one for himself. “They are,” he said after a bite. “Molly loves cooking, as soon as there’s a chance, she’ll cook.”

I nodded and grabbed another one. Louis then started asking me about my job and I replied easily and started a conversation on coworkers.

Neither of us had very good bosses.

After we finished all the food, Louis sent everything away with a wave of his wand.

“That was really good,” I grinned at him. Louis grinned back at me and stood up.

“Do you want to go back to my apartment or…?”

“Maybe we can go back to your apartment? It’s getting a bit chilly,” I shivered.

He nodded and said, “Okay you’re going to have to go back down that ladder. It’s a lot easier on the way done, trust me.”

“I thought we already established that I’ll never trust you,” I replied cheekily.

“Well then, I won’t let you in my apartment and you’ll either be stuck on this roof forever or you’ll have to jump off. Neither of them sound very pleasant,” he grinned.

I rolled my eyes and went to go down the ladder but Louis stopped me. “Let me go first so I can pull you through the window. It’s quite tricky.”

I nodded and let him quickly rush down. After a few seconds I heard a faint, “Pheebs? You can come down now!”

I took a deep breath and slowly descended down the ladder. I got to the last few rungs and Louis said, “Okay you’ll need to dangle like you did before.”

I let myself dangle and squeezed my eyes shut to ignore all the cars going past. Louis’ hands grabbed my waist and he said, “Open your eyes, you muppet.”

I opened one eye and saw him grinning like the cat that got the milk. “I’ve got you, don’t worry. Just put your arms around my neck and I’ll pull you in.”

I nodded and made my legs a vice around his waist. “Now your arms,” Louis encouraged.

I let one arm go and wrapped it around his neck. After a few seconds, I quickly let go with the other hand and it joined the other hand. I squealed as Louis quickly ducked me back in.

I made no attempt to move and snuggled my head in his neck. One of his hands was on my back and the other was near my thigh, keeping me in place.

“Er… Pheebs? You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just don’t want to move. You’re comfy,” I grinned into his collarbone, pressing a gentle kiss there.

He didn’t make a sound but I felt him laugh. I lifted my head up and saw him grinning at me with his eyes twinkling.

Before I could say anything, he pressed his lips to mine and tumbled down onto the couch.

I could definitely get used to this.

I let out a shriek and then a laugh. Louis laughed with me and pulled me down for another kiss. I could still taste some of the apple on his lips and as corny as this may sound, it was so sweet.

He was gentle, and he took his time.

I didn’t appreciate that.

I slammed my lips on his and unbuttoned his shirt. He grinned mischievously and helped me take it off. He pressed a few kisses on my neck as I felt his lean stomach. Strong muscle under soft skin.

I love Veela genes.

His hands pushed my shirt up a bit and he was massaging small circles into my hips. I gave him a few chaste kisses before pulling my necklaces and singlet off.

We were in the most awkward position, him lying down diagonally so he was half raised and me straddling him but with one leg falling off the couch.

He then started fidgeting and rolled us over expertly so he was hovering above me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer.

We snogged for a little bit but then I asked, “Should we go to your room?” I was breathing heavily and sounded like a chronic smoker but Louis grinned and picked me up, bridal style.

I giggled and he walked towards a door which I was presuming his bedroom. As soon as he opened the door he dropped us onto the bed.

The bed wobbled around me and I froze. Louis stared at me and I bounced slightly.

“You have a waterbed?!” I asked excitedly.

He laughed. “Yeah I do. My dad bought it for me because I love the beach and water, so he thought it seemed appropriate.”

I bounced a bit more and Louis crashed his lips against mine.

I grinned and pulled him on top of me, giggling when the bed jiggled around. Louis laughed with me and I knew that I was going to have one of the best nights of my life.

I seemed to say that a lot around Louis.

disclaimer: I own nothing you recognise, and what Ellie is singing is from the song Good Morning Baltimore by the Hairspray cast and I in no way own it (no matter how much I wish I do)

so... tell me how you all like it, nearly every review that I've gotten so far is positive, so thank you all so much! I seriously love you all

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