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Not Slytherin by Cassie Whitmann
Chapter 1 : Scarlet Desires
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Albus Severus Potter sat, staring out the window as his father disappeared into the thick fog the scarlet steam engine left behind. Suddenly he felt anxious, the thought of being sorted into Slytherin nearly made him sick. He pictured it in his head, the whole school waiting in anticipation to see where the youngest son of the famous Harry Potter would be sorted, surely it would be Gryffindor- but no. He could practically hear the gasps already, as the sorting hat yelled out his house- Slytherin.


"Al! Al! Albus!" Rose nudged him in the ribcage and Albus jumped as he noticed all the commotion surrounding their compartment. He watched as students passed by, peeking in only to quickly avert their eyes when they realized he was watching them. "You'd think they'd have some sense of decency, this isn't a zoo!" She got up, her auburn hair whipping around her shoulders as she opened the compartment door and tried to shoo them away with no avail.


"S'cuse me! Out of my way! Oi! That's my brother your gawking at, leave him alone or you'll be eating slugs!" Albus watched as James pushed through the crowd, shoving people away before entering the compartment himself. "Just thought I'd better warn you brother, a boy by the name of Scorpius is looking for you, rumour has it he wants a duel. I suggest you listen to dad and keep your wand away until you learn how. You wouldn't want to be expelled before you even get there- mind you, something tells me mum an' dad would prefer that over, Slytherin." The name rolled off of James' tongue as if it was a foul poison.


"Oh for heaven's sake! Leave it alone already!" Rose shouted, already fed up with the argument that had been brewing between the two brothers since early that morning.


"Slytherin, I wouldn't be surprised you know-"


"I will not be in Slytherin!" Albus yelled. The students that had been gathering outside their compartment were now silent, watching the scene unfold as James stood in shock. The objects that the compartment had held were now floating around the ceiling, his younger brother stood with his wand gripped tightly in his right hand, his black hair a stubborn mess that shot untidily across his forehead and into his bright green eyes which stared angrily at his older brother. "I will not be in Slytherin." he repeated, nearly a whisper, wiping away the angry tears that fell from his eyes, shoving past his brother and the people outside.


Albus heard a loud clattering and could only assume it had been all the objects that had been sucked into the air now clattering to the floor. If people hadn't been looking before they were now, watching as he moved quickly, the jostle of the train, rocking him slightly. Near the back of the train Albus found a compartment that appeared to be empty and stepped inside, closing the compartment door behind him. "You know, Slytherin's not that bad." Albus jumped, a young boy with white-blonde hair, grey eyes and slightly pointed features sat in the compartment, Albus hadn't noticed him there before. He stood staring at the boy, debating whether or not he should turn and leave him alone, after all, he did walk in without asking, it was rather rude. Before Albus could turn and walk away the boy spoke again. "The name's Malfoy, Scorpius Malfoy, and you, black hair, green eyes, you look like Harry Potter." Albus immediately recognized the boy from the platform, he was the one that was with the man that his uncle Ron had pointed out.


"Albus, Albus Potter."


"So it is true then, you are Harry Potter's son! My dad's told me a few stories about him, he has!" Albus realized now that James had been trying to get him mad, as this was Scorpius and he hadn't made any move to suggest that he wanted to duel. Albus took the seat across from the Malfoy boy, surely he couldn't be expected to hang about with his family the whole time he was at Hogwarts, that would be absurd!


"Oh yeah? Like what?" Scorpius chatted on cooly telling various stories about his father; Draco, and Harry and their days at Hogwarts.


It wasn't very long after, or so it seemed that there was a great clamour outside in the corridor and their door slid open. A plump, smiling woman stood there. "Anything from the trolley dears?" She asked, motioning to the abundance of sweets she had with her. Albus' stomach grumbled and he immediately dug into his pocket and pulled out some coins. He quickly discarded the small amount of muggle change he had left in his pocket to the seat beside him and grabbed his sweets off of the trolley, handing the lady the proper amount of coin. Scorpius was right behind him, buying a bunch of Cauldron Cakes, Pumpkin Pasties and a couple of Liquorice wands. Albus felt a smile spread across his features as he bit into Chocoball, the taste of strawberry mousse, chocolate and clotted cream spreading across his tongue.


As the boys ate their sweets, Albus put the sorting ceremony out of his thoughts, focusing on the time at hand. Which, he realized as he looked at his watch, was about time to be changing into his new robes. With a quick good-bye, Albus left Scorpius and made his way, slowly back to the compartment his luggage was in. "There you are!" Rose exclaimed, as he slid the door back and entered the compartment that he saw was now occupied by a couple of other students, and by the look of them, he decided, they were probably James' friends. "James has been looking all over for you!"


"Obviously not looking too hard, I was sitting in a compartment near the back of the train." Albus responded, reaching for his things overhead. She ignored his cold tone and responded happily.


"We're almost there!" He had only been there for the start of the journey, but he was willing to bet that she had been looking out the window every five minutes for the last hour at least. Albus smiled slightly, a renewed excitement starting within him, he was going to Hogwarts.


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Not Slytherin: Scarlet Desires


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