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I love you, Mum by erinn1197
Chapter 11 : Chapter 10
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Credit to Lucky.stars@TDA 

Winter break finally arrived. I was so excited to go home to see my baby. James was very determined to get to know his son. So I had made an agreement with him. James would spend the first week of break at my house and I would spend the second week with him at the Potter Manor. I was unsure with how that would work with Alexia being at Potter Manor too. I let those thoughts escape my mind as I got off the train. I was in search for my parents. Once I found them, I dropped my bags and ran over to them.

“Tyler! Oh, you don’t know how much Mummy has missed you. Mummy missed you so so much.” I cooed, taking him from Dad and showering him kisses.

James walked up to me, pushing both of our bags.

“You must be James.” Mum smiled. “It’s so nice to meet you.”

“And you.” James added, shaking her hand.

Dad looked James up and down before giving me a look. It read ‘This is Tyler’s dad?’ I shrugged my shoulders. We could talk about this later.

“Well, we best be going. James would you like to say goodbye to your parents?” Mum asked.

“I’ll be fine Mrs. Ferguson. I’ll be seeing them in a week anyways.” James answered.

“Oh darling, call me Maria. And this is Walter.”

Dad took my luggage out of James’s hand and we made our way out to the main part of King Cross train station.


“This is Tyler’s room.” I said. “He normally ends up crawling into bed with me though. Really bad habit of his that I hope he broke while I was gone. Dad had put connecting door between the rooms for me. Then this is my room. Your room is right across from mine. There’s a bathroom in your room. I’ll give you some time to settle in. Dinner will be at six.”

I went back downstairs to the family room where Tyler was, giving James settling time. I wonder what kind of dad he’ll be.

“So Tyler, what do you think of your daddy?”

Tyler didn’t even acknowledge me. He just kept on playing with his toys.

“I guess we just have to wait and see, won’t we Tyler?” I asked, lying on the floor next to him.

I felt vibrations in the floor and noticed that James was lying on the other side of Tyler.

“Nikkole, James, supper is ready.” Mum called.

“You hungry Tyler?” I asked

“Food!” Tyler laughed.

“Yes, yummy yummy food for such a sweet little boy.” I smiled.

I picked Tyler up and we walked into the kitchen. I showed James how to strap Tyler into his highchair. After strapping Tyler in, I got up and made some PB and J finger food and poured some milk into a bottle.

“Tyler, Mummy made your favorite. Finger foods!” I gasped, putting the play and bottle on his tray.

After making sure he was eating, I went to get my supper. Mum made a nice supper for me returning home. It had ham, corn, potatoes, and an apple pie desert.

“Mum, this looks amazing.” I said. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome sweetie.” Mum smiled. “Tyler looks happy that your home.”

I looked over at Tyler. He was reaching out, trying to get some of my mashed potatoes.

“He is.” I laughed. “You want some of Mummy’s food sweetie?”

I gave Tyler a little scoop of my potatoes before slicing my ham into bite size pieces. He’ll probably want some of my ham too.

“So James.” Dad started.

Ah, this is where the fun begins.

“Why did you choose now to care for your son?”

“I didn’t know about him sir.” James answered honestly. “Not until last week.”

That’s when Dad turned to me. Thanks a lot James.

“Nikkole, why didn’t you tell him?” Dad asked.

“I didn’t want to ruin his life.” I answered. “We were fifteen Dad. I was sure he didn’t want to give up his partying ways to have a baby.”

I gave Tyler a bit of Ham and looked over at Mum, what has been oh so silent for a bit too long.

“Walter, we can talk to them after supper.” Mum said.

After we all finished, I rinsed off everyone’s plates while James took Tyler into the family room. He did not like that. That was normal though. Tyler knew James as a stranger and not his dad. He’ll get use to him soon.

“Oh Tyler baby.” I crooned, taking him from James. “It’s alright. Mummy’s here. James won’t hurt you. He’s a really nice person. He’s your Daddy so he’ll be around a lot. So I hope you start to get use to him.”

“James.” Mum said. “Are you going to be there for Tyler?”

“Of course?”

“You’ll support him in every way?”


“You won’t let Nikkole do this on her own no matter how much she complains?”

“No ma’am:

“Well Walter, I believe he’ll be fine with Tyler.” Mum said, standing up. “I’m heading in for the night. Goodnight you kids.”

Mum walked out of the room and Dad followed, James, Tyler and me.

“I’ll just pop a movie in and he’ll pass out soon.” I said, putting Cars 2 into the DVD player. “Tyler, come cuddle with Mummy.”

Tyler walked over a few steps before crawling the rest of the way. I pulled him onto my lap and he propped up, cuddling but still able to see the TV.

“Look at you Tyler, such a big boy.”

I hit play and asked James to go make some popcorn. Sadly, he didn’t know how. Stupid wizard. Who doesn’t know how to make microwave popcorn? I told Tyler I would be right back and went to the kitchen, putting a bag of popcorn in the microwave. After it was finished, it was separated into three bowls and I levitated them back to the family room.

“Here.” I said to James, giving him his bowl.

I handed Tyler his popcorn bowl and curled up next to him.

“Did I miss anything good sweetie?” I asked.

Tyler shook his head no, not taking his eyes off the movie


About halfway through the movie Tyler fell asleep. Carefully getting off the couch, I turned the movie off. I went back over to Tyler and carried him up to his room. He was wearing comfortable clothes so I didn’t bother to change him. I laid him in his crib and tucked him in.

“Goodnight my sweet angel.” I murmured, kissing his forehead gently.

Tyler, Mummy did the right thing.


Author’s note –I’ve had these chapters written for like forever. The trouble is trying to find time to upload. My last band contest is on Friday so I’ll be uploading chapter 11 around then : ) thank you to everyone who reads this story. I love you all and how popular you made this story.


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I love you, Mum: Chapter 10


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