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Starcrossed Lovers by emelyelouise
Chapter 1 : The break up.
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 Hermione opened her hazel eyes to the sight of her current boyfriend Dean. Her eyes filled with fire burning passion, however his eyes did not return this emotion.

"Mornin' sweetie" Dean whispered.

"Good morning" she replied in a sleepy tone.

She gave him a quick kiss before rolling onto her back. He rose wearing nothing but his navy blue boxers. She would never admit it to him but she loved seeing him stroll around semi naked with his chizelled body on show. Once he came back into the room he handed Hermione a cup of coffee and began to redress himself. He always had to leave early to return home refreshen up, change clothes and get to work. He left that morning without even kissing her good bye, he left with hardly a word. She thought he was distant lately he never really seemed to have much time for her anymore. Maybe she was just being silly he had a lot on hhis mind at the moment due to work being more stressfull. 

After drinking her coffee she set off for a shower. Only moments after she emerged with dripping wet hair and a damp towel around herself she heard a tapping at her window. She flung it open to find Dean's owl flying into her room landing on her bed and waiting patiently for her to remove the letter from its ankle. The letter read:

'Mione the ministry called and i have to go on another trip for a few days. If i had known i was leaving for a few days i would have given you a proper goodbye. see you soon  Dean.

This worried her slightly the ministry had been sending him on lots of little trips recently, maybe that was why he seemed so distant and stressed he wasn't getting a proper break.

Hermione continued to get dressed for work and was mulling over this idea of him being over worked. She wanted to treat him a little but didnt know how. Her whole work day it was runnning through he mind. She had finally decided to go and clean up his appartment and water his plants you know little things like that. So that when he came home he would have less work to do and she would be there waiting for him with a bottle of wine and a  romantic dinner. 

So she finished work early wanting to make sure his apartment was spotless for when he came home. She opened the door with the key he gave so she could just pop in for what ever she wanted. She started cleaning the kitchen first seen as that was always the worst. She had almost finished when she thought she heard something upstairs, she instinctively grabbed her wand and crept up the stairs, she heard some more sounds but they were muffled by a closed so she didnt know what to expect when she flung the door open, wand raised. She had let out a small scream when she had realised what she had walked in on. It was her boyfriend sleeping with the young, perky receptionist and the ministry. They leapt away from eachother hearing her scream.

Hermiones eyes began to swell as Dean began running up to her apoligising, she hexed him so he fell to the floor, body binding curse. She ran from the room tears streaming down her face, she kept running down the stairs out of the house she kept running she had no idea where she was heading she just wanted to get as far away from that cheating scum bag as possible! When she finally stopped running due to lack of energy and a raging stitch she found herself outside the Leaky Cauldron. Seen as she was there she went inside deciding to sink a few drinks to try and numb the pain.

Thats exacatly what she did. She drank an enourmous amount of fire whisky. She had a few men buy her rather strong drinks at a week attempt to try and make her sleep with them. She sank the drinks but wasnt the type for a rebound. She carried on drinking until a yound handsome blonde man told the bartender she'd had enough and was better off no serving her.

" Who are youuu thinkinggg youuu cann tell me when iiive had enou- enou -enough to drink" she slurred to blonde man, she felt she recognised but couldn't be sure, as her eyes were barely functional.

" I am some who can tell you aren't a regular drinker, and have sunk more firewhiskies in one night than most alcoholics in a week," he stated with a slight smirk.

Hermione was to intoxicated to fully understand what the young man had said to her. She mearly glared at him and stood up an attempt to storm away. However her legs felt like jelly and gave way. The handome man caught her, and placed her back in her seat. His smirk grew wider scross his face. 

She looked to him and most other people like she was on the verge of passing out. 

" Where do you live?" he asked polietly

" Arrrre youu tryyyingg to follow  me ho-ho-home or someeething" hermione stuttered with a giggle in her tone.

" No i just wanted to make sure you got home safe" Finding her in the state was struely hilarious to him, but he did well at hiding this fact to her. He went to ask her again where she lived, but turned to find her head resting against the bar fast asleep. He then paid for his last drink and picked her upin the bridal hold. He was going to apparate them back to his appartment but knew she was too drunk and would probably throw up. So he just took a long walk home with her in his arms. All cuddled against him with his jacket covering her to keep her warm.

Once they arrived back at the handsome mans appartment he placed her onto the sofa and went to move off to his own bedroom. But she had a tight hold of his shirt collar and he grabbed the blanket at the end of the sofa, wrapped it around them both, kissed her head and nodded off beside her.


The next morning Hermione woke up and imediately squinted her eyes as it was far to bright for her, she soon realised how big of a headache she had. When she could finally open her eyes it dawned on her, 'Where the hell was she?' She had no recolection of most of that night and most certainly not leaving the bar. She turned and felt a person lying next to her, she didnt want to finish turning she was dreading who was going to be next to her. She plucked up the courage and carried on turning, to her complete surprise she saw "Draco Malfoy!" she bellowed as she jumped up and pointed her wand at him. 

He had fallen to the floor with her jumping up and had been awoken by the thud of his head crashing to the floor. He looked up at her with that signature smirk on his face.

" Good morning Granger" he said with a wink. 

She stared at him utterly bewildered by the person infront of her. He slowly got to his feet raising his hands in surrender. Only then did she realise she still had her wand pointed directly at his chest, she lowered it slowly and reluctantly. 

" What an earth am I doing here Malfoy?!" She spat at him in an accusatory tone.

" You are in my apparentment because you were too drunk to tell me where you lived and you passed out at the bar. I'm a decent guy i wasnt going to leave you there." he explain " I had no other choice but to bring you here."

" I was fine. I could have taken care of myself!" 

" Well i'm sorry i didn't leave you there unconscious with a group of drunk perverted men wanting to fondle you without your consent!"

Draco seemed genuinely hurt that she had bellowed at him for just helping her. Hermione saw this and sat down on the sofa and apoligised. 

" I didn't mean to seem ungrateful, i, i just was surprised to see you. And i didn't like the fact you had seen me in that state" she avoided his gaze whilst saying this, she didn't like apoligising or showing herself in a weak spot.

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