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Finding Out About A Little Thing Called Love by JamesSiriusPotterII
Chapter 12 : Gryffindor v. Slytherin, Dementors and Truth or Dare with HER
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12) Gryffindor v. Slytherin, Dementors and Truth or Dare with HER




“GO GO GRYFFINDOR!” were the chants that were resounding around the pitch as we flew on, covering all the hideous boos. Haters gonna hate. Or Slytherins gonna slither. Though that doesn’t work as well. Or make sense.




Concentrate on flying before you kill yourself.








Correct, voices. Focus. You cannot muck this up. Prongs will castrate you in your sleep. Or just burn you alive.




“So,” erupted Moony’s voice from the speakers. “We have a spectacular team lined up for us Gryffindors this year! Captain and Chaser Potter leads followed by beaters Black and Mayfield, Keeper Opal, Chasers Applington and Headlington and Seeker Pocatelli! On the opposing side, we have Slytherin’s team that also looks better in shape than ever. Captain and Seeker Regulas Black is followed by beaters, Flint and Gordon, Keeper Sareem and Chasers Sellato, Sylvester and Avery!” Slytherin and majority of Ravenclaw cheered, but I could hear hints of boos.




Go, my little haters.




No, I am not a hypocrite. Psssh.




“The team takes their positions, and Madame Inga brings out the case. She opens it letting the snitch free and grabs the Quaffle in her hand.”




“Alright teams, I want a clean match,” she declared, eyeing us all evilly. Pssh. Clean match and Slytherin? Don’t work together, my friend.




“And the Quaffle is thrown!” The match began but the beaters stayed put waiting for the bludgers to be realeased. “And the bludgers have been let out as Potter scores through the middle hoop for Gryffindor! That must be a record time for first score!” Go Prongsie! But there was no time to waste.




I received the first Bludger and passed it back to Mayfield, as she passed me the other one. We kept on whacking it back and forth, quick enough so Gordon and Flint could not intercept them, and we kept them away from the game while Gryffindor was on its peak. Prongs and Headlington were scoring goal upon goal, and Applington had scored a fair few himself. Opal was doing a great job as Keeper, only a few having slipped through from Avery.




I winked at Mayfield to signify our next game plan. I listened in to Moony’s commentary, and heard that the score was 140-70. It was perfect time to let my babies in to the game and do some damage, as Slytherin had just scored 3 goals in a row, and Opal was getting tired. He had blocked about 17 attempts, poor guy. The game was going surprisingly quick, though it seemed the snitch had not been spotted yet as Pocatelli and Regulas were still circling the pitch above.








My morale suddenly took a boost. Slytherin was not going to leave now.




I showed the cancel sign to Mayfield- that ploy was too nice. They deserved worse. I shouted, “2109 Red Gold Fire,” to her. She gaped, and looked at me as if saying ‘you have got to be joking’. I saw Prongs look at me shocked for a second, before nodding as if he would trust me to do my job and got back to Chasing.




We got closer, so we were literally just batting the Bludgers to each other half a metre. This was incredibly dangerous, but we had had enough practice.




Then it was chaos.




Mayfield shot to the middle of the pitch where no one was and part of the Slytherin team and all of the audience looked confusedly at her. I balanced the trajectory of my broom quickly, and tilted it to the correct angle, before hitting the first bludger using the lower end of the bat, and then the second one using the tip of my bat. One sped towards an unsuspecting Gordon (the brains of the pair of beaters)’s broom that knocked off course and went into the sand. See- I was at least nice, he won’t get hurt.




The other Bludger sped towards Mayfield (I was speeding after the Bludger that had hit Gordon), who hit it to Avery, right on target so his right throwing arm broke. Yes, a bit more gruesome, but we knew that was the only way we could put down their best player without killing him- he was a determined bloke. Regulas watched in horror as his beater vanished and his best chaser’s throwing arm was gone.




Haha. Suck on that.




No, I’m not immature, Mayfield-Voice.




There was no time to argue with myself, though, as I whacked the Bludger I had finally caught up towards the Keeper, but it was intercepted by Flint.




Oh, look who’s decided to get some brains now.




He hit it firmly towards Headlington, and I couldn’t do anything once it had left at the speed it had, and Mayfield was in a completely other area of the pitch controlling the other Bludger. Headlington doubled over, and I watched in horror as he fell off his broom and fell to the ground. Thankfully, Dumbledore cast a levitation charm and he went down gently.




We had lost a chaser.




Applington gulped and nodded to Prongs, who gave him a thumbs up and a motivating smile. They could do this.




The Bludgers were flying around the pitch madly, Flint trying to defend his players, same as Mayfield and I.




It seemed everyone was shocked by the intensity of the Bludgers in the match- usually they were not as significant. What did you expect? With Mayfield as a new beater and all that’s happened with my brother you thought the Bludgers would be little play toys in the back?




Mayfield did a 360 degree turn to avoid a Bludger, and I had to perform a Sloth Grip Roll to avoid a player crushing me while he sped towards the goal.




Suddenly, I heard five crucial words.




Black has seen the snitch!




I looked towards the action to see Regulas streaming after a snitch, Pocatelli having bad luck on having been at the other side of the pitch in that moment in time. But Pocatelli was an excellent seeker and was catching up on him, taking shortcuts through players. He wouldn’t make it though. He needed just a few seconds…




I snatched a Bludger from the air while everyone was too immersed in the seeking to notice me. I examined Regulas’ speed. I had to be careful- this could hit Pocatelli if I wasn’t. I aimed around a metre ahead of the snitch and swung, desperately hoping it was at the right time. It had to be.




“And Seeker Black has been hit by a Bludger! POCATELLI CATCHES THE SNITCH! GRYFFINDOR WINS 350-110!” Prongs, Opal and Headlington (who was out of the Hospital Wing now after a few quick spells from Pomfrey) heaved me onto their shoulders chanting ‘Go Go Gryffindor’ as we made our way inside.




I am the shit.




I ignored the cold creeping up on me- maybe it was a fever? But, it kept getting colder. Colder and darker, as if something was sucking the heat and light out. Sucking the happiness out of me.








How did they get into Hogwarts? Weren’t these boundaries meant to be the most protective in the wizarding world? I had no time to ponder on this, before memories came flooding to the front of my mind.




My mother.




“You are a disappoint, you slimy little piece of filth!” Crack.




My brother.




His dark mark. It was there.




The Marauders.




Moony biting himself as a werewolf, who was bleeding as we failed to keep him busy.








Punching in me in the face. “You are a twat!”








How could you forget me?




I looked around to see a cloak floating towards Prongs- remarkably close. I knocked myself out of my stupor and thought of living with Prongs after escaping from my house and how kindly they took me in. “Expecto Patronum!”




A silver dog scampered out my wand and nudged the Dementor, knocking him backwards but it was weak.




I then thought of something even better. Mayfield, Prongs and I after winning the game. Mayfield’s smiling face, me on the shoulders of five people, Prongs’ proud look, Moony’s cheers, the whole of Gryffindor’s cheers, beater’s bat in hand…




“EXPECTO PATRONUM!” A bigger, brighter, almost blinding dog escaped from my wand blasting around 10 Dementors in the near vicinity back.




Prongs came back to his senses, and sent a grateful look my way. I grinned back at him, but the grin soon fell off my face as I heard shrieks. The Dementors were getting close to the stands. Prongs took his duty as Head Boy and found Lily, who looked terrified in reality, but was keeping up a strong, calm front.




“Everyone! Back in to the castle as quick as you can! Run, don’t stop for anything- everything can be collected later! Help your friends who are in a too difficult state! Feed chocolate to yourself and others!” guided Prongs at the top of his lungs so everyone could hear, as Lily, Moony, Mayfield and I, along with staff such as McGonagall, repelling the high numbers of Dementors with powerful Patronus Charms. Prongs joined in once he was assured that people were leaving.




Dumbledore was getting people out of the stands who were horror struck or in a daze and had been left by friends. He seemed to have finished this job, and he swiftly moved over to the pitch. His eyes were ablaze, as he stepped in front of all the students and staff. I had never seen him so angry.




He swiped his wand across the pitch and a gigantic silver phoenix, half the height of the Quidditch pitch, closed its wings around all the Dementors. For a moment, there was silence. Then the phoenix opened its gargantuan wings letting out a literally blinding silver light. Once I adjusted my eyes again, it had all gone and Dumbledore was on his knees. I had never seen him that weak, yet before the power that came out could’ve drained Merlin.




“Minevra… Water please,” he panted. McGonagall hurriedly conjured up a goblet and muttered an ‘Aguamenti’. It filled almost too slowly with water, and she applied the goblet to his lips. He sighed deeply after drinking it and got up.




“I’m sorry, I had a moment of weakness just then. But then again, every man has his moments of weakness.”




“If you’d allow me to say, Professor, that was not weak at all. It was probably one of the most powerful things I will ever see in my life,” muttered Lily, and he smiled at her.




“It was bloody brilliant!” I exclaimed, and put my hand over my mouth. Everyone looked at me incredulously, before bursting out laughing or gently chuckling (Dumbledore and McGonagall).




Maybe it was the fact that we had just overcome Dementors in their hundreds. Or maybe it was because we had just realised how powerful Dumbledore truly was.




But we were trying to be happy- and that was what made me smile.








“You know what will cheer everyone up?” I began. The Common Room was solemn. Most had not bothered to go up to their dorms, preferring to stay downstairs with everyone else. Dementors brought back horrid memories that many would never usually even think of. For example, the Prongs punching me one. It was in 4th year. It was the worst argument we had ever had. And guess who it was over? Lily. I know- are you shocked?




Well, I kissed her as a dare. Prongs didn’t know of this dare and thought I was somehow in love with Lily or just hated him as he had just told the true depth of his feelings about her to me the last night. We didn’t talk for days. Prongs because he was stubborn and thought that his version was 100% correct, and I, because I was annoyed with him for not hearing me out and wasn’t going to succumb to him.




Ah, Gryffindor Pride.




We got over it as soon as Moony forced us to listen to each other. He honestly is a peacekeeper for us.




But, I hadn’t thought about for ages. It still stung. Him punching me, saying he hated me. I got over it though, and will get over it soon enough again.




“What?” muttered Moony, gloomily. Poor guy had a lot of tough memories.




“We’ve already got plentiful of chocolate,” stated Prongs, indicated the huge amount of chocolate splayed out in front of us (we were on the couches in front of the fire).




“Honeydukes finest,” chuckled Mayfield, but I could tell her laugh wasn’t really there.




“Yeah, what in the world could cheer us up apart from that?” grumbled Wormtail. I noticed he was affected quite a bit because of this attack, considering he didn’t even stay up front for hardly any time- I didn’t know Wormtail had ever had a particularly tough life. Not knowing this made me feel like a terrible friend.




“Truth or Dare: Marauder and Co. Version!” I remarked, grinning at the thought. Prongs’ face lit up an incredible amount, Wormtail’s eyes widened and Moony chuckled lightly while Mayfield just looked confused.




“I’ve just realised I’ve got to do a Transfiguration essay for tomorrow. Bye,” squeaked Wormtail. Weird.




“You can copy mine!” I replied, but he had already vanished. “What’s up with Wormy?”




Moony shrugged. “He’s been a bit off lately.”




“Well, we can ask him about that later. We live with the fella! Let’s explain Truth or Dare: Marauder and Co. Version to Mayfield first!” cheered Prongs. I turned to Mayfield, and had my grin as wide as a Cheshire cat from this Muggle book called Alice in Wonderland.








So I began explaining, Moony and Prongs adding in points where necessary. Truth or Dare: Marauder and Co. Version was not very different to the original, yet the small additions we made would make the game all the more exciting.








We simply brought some Veritaserum into the mixture and added a few charms that meant if you didn’t do the dare something incredibly humiliating would happen to you at a time you’d least expect it.




“So, you up for it?” I asked, smirking.




“When have I never been up for something?” she shot back, raising an eyebrow. Touché my good friend.




“Let’s spin the wand, then!” cheered Prongs. We all watched carefully as the spark at the tip of Prongs’ wand spun round, leaving light trails behind it. It began slowing down, and eventually halted in front of me. Identical manic smirks came on my three friends faces.




Well, that wasn’t very comforting.




“Truth,” said James.




“Or,” continued Mayfield.




“Dare?” finished Moony.




Now, I was really scared. I should file a report to Dumbledore for this harassment and mental scarring. Maybe he’d whoop their arse with his awesome ninja skills. I’m still in belief that Dumbledore is a secret ninja. You have to admit, he’s pretty damn awesome and ninja’s are too.




“Truth,” I answered, sounding more confident than I felt.




Mayfield snorted. “Wuss.” I scowled back at her.




“Sometimes a truth takes more courage than a dare,” I replied, wisely, feeling quite proud of myself. Mayfield looked quite stunned while James just chuckled, used to my random spurts of wise words.




“Fine- drink the serum. Mind if I take this one, James?”




“Not at all, Alex.” Git. He could at least try to save me. I found all my Gryffindor courage and picked up the small bottle of serum, taking a sip of it. That was all that would be required for one minute of truth.




“Who was your first shag?” Oh no. She did not ask that question. I have done a good job of keeping my virginity an absolute secret from everybody. What were people going to say?




Can you believe it? Sirius Black hasn’t lost his V-Card!




Thanks for that Mayfield-Voice.








Fair point you have there. But Prongs will be pretty annoyed I lied to him…




Should’ve thought of that before, shouldn’t have you?




Shut up, Mayfield-Voice.








“Sirius!” yelled Prongs, pulling me out of my internal debate. “Answer the question!”




I mumbled something incomprehensible.




“Clearer please,” requested Mayfield.




“Nobody,” I whispered. Prongs, Moony and Mayfield all looked shocked and were unsure whether they were hearing me correctly.




Yup. You really are.




“So… what about all those girls who came out saying they had shagged you?” muttered Prongs, confusedly.




“I put a charm on them to make it seem as if I had done them, but I hadn’t,” I replied, sheepishly.




“Why didn’t you tell us?” said Prongs, looking a little hurt.




“I guess I was… ashamed,” I replied, quietly. Then all three burst out laughing.




“You… were… ashamed? To… tell… us? You didn’t… think we’d… care… did you?” asked Moony, in between gales of laughter. I scowled, but it was made ineffective by the corners of my mouth turning up.




“Oh, shut up,” I replied, stifling my laughter. Once it had all died down, we had received quite a few funny glances from others in the common room, but more people seemed to be smiling now than before.




One person laughs, and the world will laugh with them in the Gryffindor Common Room.












Stop being so pessimistic voices! Go and fuck yourselves or do whatever voices inside head’s do!




See, I should be worried I’m going mad at this point, but I stay optimistic. My mind is simply extremely imaginative. For example, I currently have the unhealthy desire to break into Peliza Moolittle.




You gotta pack up your troubles in your extendable bag, and banish them to the sea.


I don’t care what the people may say, what the people may say about me!




Yup, I’m just very imaginative…. Very imaginative, indeed…




Wait! I have an idea!








Since when did you become sarcastic Capsy?








Shut up. Now. Before I silence you.








We don’t have mouths.








I’m realistic.








I’ll leave you to flirt then, Capsy.




“Oi! Evans!” I yelled to the silent girl beside the window. She took one look at me, scowled, and turned away. “Come and play Truth or Dare with us! As Head Girl you’re meant to be helping cheer everybody up, not sitting in a corner alone!”




She reluctantly pulled herself over (I’m still in shock it worked) and joined the circle, sitting in between Moony and Prongs, the latter looking incredibly pleased with the arrangement.




We spun the bottle, and oh irony, it landed on Miss. Evans.




“I’ll take this,” chipped in Prongs, before we could say anything. He passed the small bottle of Veritaserum to Lily, who after examining it (probably to check for poison) took a small sip. “Do you hate me?” Honestly, Prongs, you little sap. You could’ve asked the most cruel of questions, but he goes for ‘do you hate me’.




I feel ashamed.




“Y-“, began Evans, but the word got stuck in her throat. “Of c-“, Again, she wouldn’t let herself finish.




“Remember, Lily, Veritaserum doesn’t let you lie,” said Mayfield, giving an honest smile to Lily. Looking at her shoes, Evans finally said the words Prongs had wanted to hear his whole life. Well, the last seven years.




“No. I don’t hate you, James.”




The smile on Prongs’ face could’ve blinded the whole room. His face lit up, his skin was shining like a baby’s bum and his hazel eyes were glowing and bright. You’d think she’d declared her undying love for him. But as Prongs says, one step at a time.








We had got bored of deep and sentimental truths, so decided to move onto dares. Oh, and weren’t they amusing.




We got Lily to yell her bra size to the whole of the Common Room. Yes, I am talking about Lily Evans. She’s a 34C- not too bad. Plus, the smaller ones tend to be more popular as skinnier in general. I don’t believe so, but whatever suits everybody’s bill.




We got Moony to declare his undying love to a very shocked Professor McGonagall, which would’ve landed Prongs and I in a week of detention, but Moony only got a warning. I think she suspected it was a dare.




I had to go to Madame Pomfrey and ask her to check if I had a bruise on my bum. I think she knew I didn’t actually and kicked me out of the Hospital Wing faster than you could say Bubotuber Pus.




We got Prongs to go into the most commonly used girls’ bathroom. He came out looking dumbstruck and disheveled with lipstick marks all over his face and shirt ripped. Who knows what went on in there- I’m guessing it wasn’t the usual reaction to a boy in the girls bathroom.




Best of all, we got Mayfield to have the sex talk with a third year guy. The look on his face was priceless as Mayfield explained it all.




I love my friends.




A/N: Any ideas are welcome in a review! What do you think? Dementors too sudden or good in showing the horrific times? Credits to the great author of Alice in Wonderland.

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