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Second Chances by Drunaforever
Chapter 3 : First Day Back
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Luna's PoV

"...and last but not least, Miss Cho Chang, a former student of Hogwarts, will be teaching Charms class this year."

Cho stood up, beaming, and made her way to sit in her seat at the staff table.

"And that's all the announcements! Now, it's good to be refreshed for the first day of term, so goodnight!" McGongall said.

Everyone made their way to their dorms slowly and lazily, with full stomachs and contentment. I, however, skipped ahead of everyone, full of energy as usual, waving at Cho as I went.

I saw Draco heading to the Slytherin common room by himself. He was looking at the ground and seemed to be in deep thought.

I made my way over to him.

"Hello!" I said.

He mumbled a greeting.

"Well I just wanted to say goodnight, Draco!"

He gave me a glance and I took that as a good-bye.

I turned and skipped to Ravenclaw tower, feeling slightly tired from the long day.

The common room was mostly the same, but the girls' dormitories were definitely different.

At the top of the stairs were three doors. One said "1&2 YEARS". The next one said "3&4 YEARS" and the last read "5-7 YEARS".

I entered the last one and gazed around in awe. Everything was so beautiful and silky. I smiled and chose a bed with bronze and blue sheets and blankets by the window. My trunk was in the middle of the room so I dragged it over and started unpacking. As I was hanging my robes up in the large wardrobe we all shared, Audrey entered.

"Isn't this great? We get to share a dormitory!" Audrey giggled.

She too picked her bed and unloaded her trunks. We talked and laughed for a while and were later joined by Padma Patil, Calliope Pearson, Allison Torbin, Katie Klyter, Miranda Day and a few others.

Eventually talking and giggling and storytelling wore us all out, so we changed into our nightgowns and climbed into bed, saying goodnight and yawning.

I looked at the stars through the window. I made a wish on the moon that I would be a good friend to Draco before my eyelids drooped down and sleep overcame me.

Draco's PoV

That was one odd girl.

First she sat by me on the train. And she talked to me. She consoled me and yes, I admit, maybe even shone a ray of hope on my life.

Yes, she was crazy, but she was nice, and she would be the closest thing I would get to a friend this year. Maybe she could help repair my injured mind and heart, teach me to trust again, to forgive myself, forgive who I am and what I've done.

I turned over on my bed and sighed. If she could do that, she'd be a miracle worker.

I stared at the top of my four poster bed. Since when had I become so desperate? When had I become so lonely? When had I stooped so low as talking to Lovegood?

Especially what happened when-

No! I vowed never to think of that again. It was just too painful. My deepest, darkest secret.

Stop it, I told myself. She's just being nice. She does that. Or maybe she's just doing it out of pity.

I mentally slapped myself. Don't think that way, moron! Why can't you accept the face that someone wants to be your friend?

Because I've never had a real friend.

Luna's PoV

"Wake up!"

I was taken aback by the abrupt wake-up call. I opened my eyes to see that Audrey was hitting me in the face with her pillow.

I stood up and stretched. "What time is it?"

"8:00. We have an hour before classes start." Allison said. She was making sure she looked okay through the mirror inside the back wall of the wardrobe.

I stood up and walked over to her. I leaned inside the wardrobe and looked around and behind the large mirror.

"Er, Luna? What are you doing?" Miranda asked slowly from her bed where she was stretching.

"I read a muggle book about a magical land inside a wardrobe." I replied simply. Then I picked out my robes and started to change.

When I was done I turned around to see the other girls and Audrey trying hard not to laugh.

I burst into a fit of giggles and they joined in.

"Oh, the things muggles come up with!" I laughed.

I grabbed my bag full of my school books and parchment and quills. I quickly brushed my teeth.

"Ready?" I asked Audrey as I was finishing brushing my hair.

"Ready!" She said.

We marched out of the dorm. It was hard to believe that I hadn't had this much fun or this much feeling of friendship for a long time.

We marched all the way to the Great Hall. I smiled and said good morning as a tired looking Draco passed us on his way out. He gave me a nod. I guess he already ate breakfast because he was heading towards the dungeon.

The two of us got seats at the Ravenclaw table. Ginny, alone at the Gryffindor table, grabbed her bowl and sat across from us.

"I had a dream that my first class was disastrous and I dumped my potion on my head." Audrey said calmly.

"I had a dream that I won the first quidditch match of the year!" Ginny announced.

I grabbed a piece of toast and spread jelly and butter on it at the same time. "I had a dream that there was a magic school on Mars called Pigfarts and the headmaster was a talking lion named Rumbleroar."

The three of us exchanged looks, then we burst into laughter at the same time.

"I have weird dreams like that a lot." I said when we had all calmed down.

Audrey was still giggling as she took a bite of oatmeal.

She began talking to Ginny, both of them having a lot in common and becoming friends quickly. I beamed, we would be a great trio. Eventually McGonagall gave us two Ravenclaws our schedules.

"What classes do you have first?" I asked Ginny, who had already gotten her schedule.

"Charms and then Transfiguration." She replied.

Audrey scanned her schedule and then mine. "Yes! We all have those together!"

"Awesome!" I said. I finished eating and waited for them to be done.

"Ready Luna?" Audrey asked.

"Yep!" We walked towards Professor Chang's classroom.

The room had definitely been changed. Cho had rearranged the desks and moved some stuff around, giving the room a nice look.

"You three better be good or I'll give you detention!" She teased as we picked a table together.

Ginny gave her a mock salute. "Yes Professor!"

Audrey and I followed suit, lasting only a few seconds before bursting out into giggles.


A/N I hope you liked this! Thank you for reading! I decided to change something, Audrey is now a sixth year so she has some classes with seventh years and Cho is completely over Cedric. Just a small adjustment, nothing big.

Please Review! :D

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