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Still Fighting by ForeverProngs
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1.
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 A/n: Hello all! This was originally going to be a one shot but I just really want to extend it. I really am a rather huge fan of James and Lily and have wanted to write one of these for ages. Keep a look out for the next chapters and let me know what you think. Much love!

Disclaimer: James and Lily are not mine. Nothing to do with Harry Potter is mine. It’s tragic. I know.

Lily Evans was strolling down the corridors of Hogwarts lost deep in her own thoughts. Spinning her wand in her fingers absently, she was paying less attention to her job than she probably should have. As head girl, it was her responsibility to ensure that there were no students out of bed; instead she was humming to herself as she contemplated the events of the past few months. It had been tragic when she received a letter from her estranged sister declaring that their parents were dead. Lily had been heartbroken. Her friends Emmeline Vance and Marlene McKinnon had been there for her but were struggling with the tragedies of losing their own family members. Emmeline’s mother had recently died of spattergroit and Marlene’s younger brother had been murdered by Death Eaters.

She by no means blamed them for being distant, it wasn’t uncommon for a student to burst into tears during breakfast because of a letter they received confirming the death of a loved one. These were dark days they were living in. Dark days indeed. More and more attacks were occurring and the list of casualties was rising rapidly. It seemed that Hogwarts was the only place that was safe left, not only in the wizarding world, but the muggle world too. Lily stopped humming for a moment. She was sure she could hear a giggle coming from the broom cupboard up ahead. Raising her wand, the door flew open and a pair of Slytherin fifth years fell out. Lily sighed. ‘Really, Mathews? Again? Twenty points from Slytherin, each,’ Lily turned her glare on the girl, whose name she did not know. ‘The two of you will also be joining Professor Slughorn tomorrow evening for detention. Back to your common room, now. If I find you out of bed again, I assure, I’ll be taking away much more than forty points.’

Mathews rose with a sour look on his face. ‘Don’t tell us what to do, mudblood,’ he sneered. Not in the mood to deal with the idiot fifth years in front of her, she sighed. ‘That’s very mature. Let’s take another ten points then. I assure you, Mathews, this can go on all night.’
‘You can’t do that,’ he snapped.
‘That’s funny. Because I think I just did,’ she glared back at him. ‘To your common room. Now!’

With one last glare, the pair scurried away from the head girl’s venomous gaze. Straightening her robes, Lily continued on down the corridor as if nothing had happened. It had only been two weeks into term when she got her sister’s owl. Three weeks after her sister had married that fat oaf, Vernon Dursley. It had been unfortunate that she received the letter right before walking into transfiguration. Eager to see what could have been so urgent that the owl came at such an inconvenient time, Lily had hastily opened it before she even set her books down. Rather than sit herself down in shock, Lily had run. Her books had gone flying as she legged it to the door, desperate to escape the classroom.

Sitting down by the lake, she had cried herself out. All because of a stupid car crash, they were gone. Lily wasn’t much of a crier so needless to say, to see the head girl burst into tears had shocked the entire transfiguration class. Professor McGonagall had sent the head boy after her when she fled. In all truthfulness, he’d have gone with or without her consent. He’d found her under a tree by the like, head against her knees, shoulders shaking with grief. He’d said nothing. Not one word. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her and let her cry herself out. When Lily had stopped crying, she hadn’t said a word. Nor did she move away from his arms. It was much later, after they had been sitting there for who knows how long when she spoke. ‘I’m alone. They’re gone. I’ve got nothing.’ Her voice had been empty. Dead.
‘You’re not alone, Lily. We’re all here. You’ve got Emmaline and Marlene. You’ve got us all. We’re still here. Don’t ever think you’re alone,’ he’d replied fiercely. Much later, Lily had realised that it was his strong arms around her that had stopped her from falling to pieces.
It had seemed strange for both to find Lily Evans wrapped in James Potter’s arms of all people. While they were not on particularly good terms, Lily had been desperate for someone or something to hold her together and if that support came from James Potter, so be it.

He had neither teased her nor been rude. He’d simply been there. After a while, James had led her zombie like state up to the common room where he managed to find Emmeline and Marlene who had taken her to bed. The next day had been spent cooped up in the common room until Lily had been ready to face the reality that her parents were gone. And all the while, James had been there. They rarely spoke or touched again during that time, but he was there. Watching, waiting and protecting. It was James who diverted the unwanted prying questions of other students away and made sure that there was food for her to eat. It had been James who had stayed by her, falling asleep on the couch while she stared at the flames in the fireplace. And not once did they speak. She would be forever grateful to James Potter. Who’d have thought.

Lily had thought it mad for Dumbledore to appoint him head boy but over the past few weeks, he’d proved himself time and time again. Not once had he been late to meetings and the majority of the pranks he and the other Marauders had pulled had all been hilarious rather than dangerous. Were they friends? Perhaps not, but they were close. Lily was a trusting girl so she had readily believed that James had grown up and deflated that overlarge ego. It had been clear to her when he helped her cope with the news about her parents. The next day, she had gone to find him. Unsure of what to say to him she’d only managed to whisper a quick, ‘thanks for your help, Potter. I really appreciate it.’ To her surprise, rather than gloat about touching her, he’d only given her a small, slightly solemn smile before replying, ‘don’t mention it Evans. I hope you’re alright,’ before scampering off with Sirius Black.

Lily had been observing their behaviour over the past few weeks and found herself enjoying their company more and more. She supposed that currently, they were in a position of acquaintances with the possibility of friendship. Would it really be so bad to be the friend of James Potter? She’d spent the past six years frustrated by that boy and his friends. But now, he wasn’t the same boy she’d grown up with, she mused. He was different. And she liked it. By no means was he as studious as she or as serious as the Slytherins, a new prank would be pulled on at least a weekly basis, but they didn’t harm anyone. She’d also noticed that he no longer hexed people for the sake of it. Though he’d retaliate in kind if anyone dared to attack him or his friends. This, she didn’t mind. How many times had she herself sent a stinging hex after a Slytherin who dared to cover Marlene in boils or turned Emmaline’s skin blue?

No, she liked the new James Potter a great deal. Perhaps he really wasn’t so bad. Perhaps it was almost a shame really, that he had stopped asking her out. She pushed these thoughts out of her head though when she heard a noise coming out from behind a tapestry. Wand at the ready, she pushed the tapestry away to find, to her surprise, a corridor on the floor of which sat none other than James Potter.

James didn’t react when the tapestry was pulled away. Honestly, Lily wasn’t even sure if he realised she was there. Tentatively, she knelt down and reached out her hand to grasp his shoulder. ‘Potter? Are you alright?’
He didn’t react for a moment before he handed her a short piece of parchment.

Dear Mr J. Potter, she read.
It brings me great grief to inform you that a Death Eater attack was reported on the Potter Mansion last night. Thirty five bodies were discovered within the house. Thirty three of these belonged to Death Eaters. Sadly, the other two were Mr Charlus M. Potter and Mrs Dorea C. Potter. The entirety of the Potter assets including Potter Mansion and the contents of the Potter vault at Gringotts now belong to you. If we can provide you with any more assistance, please send us and owl and we will do the best we can.

Your parents were valuable aurors to the Ministry and we are greatly saddened by your loss. It is believed that the cause of the attack was due to their affiliation with the Order of the Phoenix, an organisation created with the sole purpose of defeating Lord Voldemort. We are unaware of your involvement with any such group however it was decreed that being of age; you are given the right to know the cause of their death.

It is likely that they were approached by Voldemort firstly to join his cause and leave the Order before being tortured for information upon refusal. Failure to gain intel was likely the cause of their murder. It pains us to be forced to provide you this information through this letter however it is necessary for reasons that cannot at this moment be disclosed. It is of the utmost importance that this letter is destroyed as soon as possible.

A.      Moody.
Head of the Magical Law Enforcement.

Lily sat back in shock. The Order of the Phoenix? She’d never heard of such a thing. But that wasn’t what was important. James had just lost his parents through murder. Not just that but they had been tortured. ‘Oh, James,’ she whispered. James did not cry, instead he sat with his shoulder hunched in with his head in his hands. ‘They’re gone. He had them killed,’ he said, anger filling his voice. There was no hint of grief. His eyes looked almost deranged. It didn’t fool Lily. His eyes were red rimmed and it was clear that he had cried away his grief before she found him. Now instead of the emptiness she had felt, he felt anger at Voldemort. ‘The bastard had them murdered,’ he hissed. Lily did not remove her hand from his shoulder.

‘They were fighting him,’ James whispered, a hint of pride filling his voice, ‘but now they’re gone. Gone. No more fighting. Nothing left,’ he whispered, almost broken. Lily was furious. Wrapping her arms around him, Lily refused to let go. ‘We’re still here, James Potter. We’re still here. We’re still fighting. We’ll finish what they started, James. Voldemort will curse the day he dared to mess with the Potter’s. It’s not over, James. It will never be over. We’ll make him pay for what he’s done,’ she said in determination. Voldemort needed to be stopped and Lily Evans had had enough. The elder Potters may have gone, but their son was still breathing and as Lily spoke, a fiery determination overcame him, burning in the hazel eyes he lifted to meet the emerald ones staring down at him with a fire in them to match his own. ‘Don’t give up, James. Your parents died fighting for the good of both the wizarding and muggle worlds. Maybe it’s time for us to make a stand. We can fight in this war, James. We can make Voldemort pay for what he’s done.’

A/N: So that’s the first chapter. The war of it will come into the story a little later but this is just setting it up. First, it’s gonna be focusing on the school and of course, the relationship between James and Lily. I’d love for you all to drop me a review and/or follow this story. I’m really hoping to update soon.


Much love,


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