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Ain't nobody gonna steal this heart away by Emiilee92
Chapter 2 : Tears and comfort
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Hey guys its here is chapter 2:tears and comfort hope u like it please please review xxxxx
emiilee xxx

The burrow had a very solemn atmosphere, all the curtains were drawn and all the mirrors were covered as a sign of respect for Ronald and fred.

Molly weasley sat at the kitchen table absent mindedly bouncing teddy on her knee. " I'll stay there with you molly, we all need someone to hold our hand at the moment."
Molly looked up from her tea teary eyed " thank you andromeda"
Andromeda squeezed the top of Molly's hand
" you know I'm here for you all dear"
Molly gave her a weak smile.

Upstairs in the attic room hermione lay on Ron's bed cuddling his pillow. She has soaked it with her tears so many times since the end of the war.

Molly had insisted that Harry and hermione comeand stay at he burrow at least until the funeral. Her thought was that having people around who were as good as family would help ease the suffering for Harry and hermione, as well as help her children grieve because they would have someone their own ages outside the family to talk to. In theroy this was a good idea but for hermione, being in the house that her first true love grew up and lived in was too much pain to bare.

"Hermione, are you in here ?"
George pushed the bedroom door open and stepped inside the room
"yeah George I'm here" muttered hermione as she sat up on he bed and wiped her eyes
"you know you can't hide in here all day long right?" George sat down next to her and took her hand
"I know but it's just too hard to do anything else" George squeezed her hand and looked at Ron's pillow
"what would he say if he saw that?" he gestured to the pillow. Hermione hung her head in shame, she had thought she had hidden her frequent crying sessions in Ron's room quite well.
"what do you mean?" she said trying to force innocence into her voice.
"well you have covered his pillow in eye gunk" George said, a small smile playing around his lips. Hermione gave hm a small embarrassed smile as she too looked at the pillow it was in fact covered in mascara and eyeliner smudges.
"he would say something along the lines of 'stop your ruddy crying hermione! The chudley canons are NOT gothics They don't need to be attacked by the black goop from your face!'" hermione let out a small giggle "thank you Georgie" she whispered and she hugged him, he hugged her back tightly.
It's ok hermione I'm here for you, I'll always be here for you, always."After a while they broke apart.
"come now, get dressed and come into the kitchen, tonks's mum is here already and if you don't have something to eat before we leave you will feel sick all day"
"Ok Georgie I'll see you down there"
George closed the door slowly so he could make sure hermione wasn't going to go back to crying. She had just opened she trunk as the door closed with a click.

One floor down and a world away the 'chosen one' and his lady love lay in her cramped, but comfortable bed. Ginny rolled onto her stomach and looked over at Harry.
"I'm scared Harry, I've never had to say goodbye to someone I love before" Harry sat up, he thought this was coming, Ginny had not said anything for hours. They both had just stayed in her bedroom, leaving it only for meals.
"I know what you mean gin, but it will be ok, I know you want to stay Strong, but it's ok to cry, sometimes it even helps you know"
Ginny sat up and cuddled into Harry " you always know just what to say thank you Harry"
He smiled, ever since the death of voldemort his mind had felt clearer than it had ever felt. He finally had a grasp on the whole 'being a good boyfriend thing'.
"It's ok Ginny I'm here for you forever and always" he kissed her softly on the cheek.
Ginny and Harry jumped at the sudden noise, up until that point they both hadn't realised that there conversation had been a whispered one.
"oi love birds" george opened the door with a hand firmly over his eyes.
"not interrupting anything I hope" he said, Harry laughed and Ginny threw a pillow at him.
" not that it's any of your business, but no Harry and I were just talking"George removed his hand and lent against the door frame.
"good, I just thought I'd let you know tonks's mum is here so it's time to get dressed" he left the room dodging another pillow and snickering.

Soon they had all assembled in the kitchen and after finishing a platter of sandwiches that andromeda had brought, they all headed for the front garden. Mrs Weasley took her husbands hand as well as andromedas and with a twist and a pop they were gone. Not 2 seconds later Harry and Ginny twisted away leaving ringing silence in their wake.

Hermione was on the verge of tears again, she looked up at George with shining eyes.
"hey none of that" he whispered as he pulled her close against his chest. She snuggled into him and muttered into his chest "I just, he... I" she started to cry, George held her tighter still "shh shh, it will be ok" he kissed the top of her head and they twisted away into nothingness.

Well that was chapter2: tears and comfort let me know what u think I'm sorry its taking so long to post the validation queue is rather long lol xxxx unroll next time ;)

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Ain't nobody gonna steal this heart away: Tears and comfort


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