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Summer in the Fall by jamessiriusgryff
Chapter 1 : Hogwarts Express
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Thanks for the amazing chapter image of James by Zephyra @ TDA!




I’m woken up from one small stream of sunlight peeking through my bedroom window straight into my left eye. Not one other stream anywhere else, but one straight to my eye, I know this isn’t the most of my worries but its damn bloody annoying you have to agree with me. I glance at the muggle clock hovering over my door and read 5:30am. James Sirius Potter is never woken this early, unless something serious has happened. I swear under my breath and hop out of bed, throwing the covers off me angrily.

 I quietly open my bedroom door to see if anyone else is awake. Al’s bedroom is right next to mine, he sleeps with his door open and still has a small nightlight, but that’s Al he always has and probably always will. Don’t get me wrong he’s a bloody tough kid; he’s just always been like that. I see his glasses sitting on the nightstand beside his bed, every time I see them I wonder why he never got new and improved glasses, he has always stuck to the same round ones as dad. Like, he would hardly look like dad if he wore different glasses, I really don’t understand. Sometimes I think he really likes the attention from people and magazines, but then sometimes I don’t, he’s difficult to understand, my little brother.

I walk down the stairs and straight into the living room where I see Fred and Logan, my best mates fast asleep on the floor. They have no mattress or blankets with them, and they could have had the choice to sleep on the lounge, but they are on the floor, sometimes I don’t understand them either. They must have wandered in last night sometime after I went to bed. My mother would have been flaring, thank Merlin I wasn’t awake to hear what she had to say to them.

Fred Weasley is also my cousin but we have been best friends from the moment we could crawl, creating mischief around the Burrow together. My mother once said we nearly caused our 145 year old Great, Great Aunt Muriel to fall into a lake. Thankfully Teddy was watching over us. We were born only days apart and since then were inseparable. Fred has dark hair and skin and looks more like his mother than a Weasley, he spikes his hair up in all different directions kind of like mine but my hair is rather curly. He has dark eyes that are a total mystery; however Fred is easier to read than a book. He is the most predictable person out and forgives anyone, no matter what they did.

Logan Zabini is the son of Blaise, he and my father didn’t get on too well when they went to school. You would have thought Logan would be the same, but he wasn’t sorted into Slytherin. No, he was sorted into Gryffindor with Fred and I and we became an instant Trio. The three of us rule Hogwarts together and every girl in the castle would faint if we were to stop and talk to them. They call Logan the dreamy one. He is mysterious and not one you should cross, he has dark hair like Fred’s but doesn’t spike it up, he has a lighter skin tone with a long scar on the bottom of his jaw. They call that scar dream, which is why he is the dreamy one. Fred is the cute one, since well he isn’t that smart and can sometimes look helpless. And I’m the charming one. I can charm my way out of trouble and could charm my way into a girls pants better than even my grandfather James Potter.

There is a loud knock on the door that makes me jump out of my skin a little. Who in Merlin’s beard would visit the Potter Household at this time of the morning? I open the door with a puzzled look on my face and am nearly pushed aside as Teddy Lupin walks in. He stops in his tracks where he was walking, it looked like he was going upstairs but then he turns around and looks at me.

Teddy proposed to my oldest cousin Victoire about four weeks ago and well of course she said yes, they had been together for six years. Everyone was so happy and my grandmother couldn’t stop crying.

“What are you doing up at this hour of the morning?” He asks, not even wishing me a good morning or greeting me. What a lovely person.

“Ray of sunlight” I reply, Teddy raises his eyebrows, clearly thinking I was some weird physcopath that should live with Professor Trelawney. “Anyway I could ask you the same… and why are you at my house?” I ask, faking a snobbish tone.

“Actually I came to ask you a question” He replies rather sheepishly. I stand there, he stands there, and nobody says anything. Well what the fuck is he waiting for? That must have been why he was heading upstairs, to wake me up.

“Why did you come this early to ask me?” I ask in suspicion, he and everyone else in the Wizarding World knows, thanks to Witch Weekly, that James Sirius Potter never wakes up before eight in the morning, unless he is at Hogwarts.

“Oh, never mind about that, a slight misunderstanding with Vic” He pushes the topic aside; I look at him with a confused expression. “But I came here to ask if you could be my best man for the wedding?” He asks,

“Yeah sure, thanks man, but this is the reason you had a fight with Victoire, right?” I smirk; he nods his head, looking a little confused at how I would know that. “I know that simply because I know Victoire. She thinks I’m just one big joke and would stuff the whole ceremony up, which is completely true and you are defending me, don’t worry about it mate, she’ll come round, I usually win against her anyway” I wink at him, Teddy chuckles at me. “So anyway, you know where the guest bedroom is, go get some sleep. Make sure you close those bloody curtains of yours” I mutter in confusion, still not believing that ray of sunlight beaming into my eye.

“Would you two shut the bloody hell up? Some of us are trying to sleep” Fred suddenly snaps at me and Teddy. Teddy shrugs and makes his way up the stairs to probably sleep.


I was actually certain this was the time I was going to die. I was nearly sweating a pool in these jeans and it felt as if I were inside one of those muggle heaters my grandpa rambles on about all the time, especially closed in a tight space on the Hogwarts Express. You could just see the humidity in Dom’s hair, it was puffed up like she had been stricken by lightning, and I was definitely not the first to notice this…

“Hey Dom” I hear Logan say. Logan and Dom are always having little bickers with eachother, it’s like they are a married couple. He is grinning.

“Hey Logan” Dom replies not looking up from her nails. She didn’t have as much of an enthusiastic tone as Logan, she doesn’t really care about people in general Dom.

“I think I can tell what temperature it is, just by looking at your hair” He bursts out laughing at himself and finds this absolutely hilarious. I join him and this just makes him laugh harder. Soon Fred and his on and off girlfriend Alice Longbottom join in. I never know what is going on between them and Fred is always heartbroken, I don’t really like her but who am I to judge. I don’t see my love life getting anywhere apart from sex in broom closets.

Dom has the biggest temper in the whole world. She gets heated up even if someone is joking so I advise you not to get on her bad side, the side that Logan just landed himself on. She storms out of the compartment which makes Logan laugh even harder. He gets up and follows her anyway, probably to try and apologise if he even gets a word in. I feel sorry for the poor bloke. Fred and Bella are snogging their faces off eachother and it is just disturbing really, she will just break the poor bloke’s heart once again and he will mope around complaining about her, but all of a sudden the next day they will be together again, just fuck the hell off Alice Longbottom.

“I’m going for a walk” Is all I say to them. They don’t even look up or mumble anything to me as I leave them in the compartment. Dom and Logan have disappeared somewhere and the narrow corridor is deserted. You would think at least someone would be out here but no.

Just as I am about to turn around and head down the corridor to find someone I might know, I run smack bam into some girl I have never seen before. She falls right to the ground and hits her head against the wall. She is the most beautiful girl I have seen in my life, not even kidding. She has long blonde wavy hair with bright blue eyes. Those eyes are just the sweetest I have ever seen. She isn’t in her Hogwarts robes so I can’t tell what house she is in, or what year.

“Well are you going to just stand there or help me up?” I hear her beautiful voice for the first time. Snap out of it James she is going to think you’re a creep. She is looking up at me and as our eyes meet I nearly become paralysed by her overwhelming beauty.

“Oh, of course here” I extend my hand out and bend down to help her up but she rejects my hand and stands up herself, that’s odd. Why would she ask for help and when I give it to her, reject my offering?

“No thank you” She replies in a bitchy voice. What is her problem? She tries to push past me to continue wherever she was heading to and I block her by extending my arm across to the other wall, so she is just staring above my arm into the distance.

“I’ve never seen you around here before” I continue the conversation just so I can admire her frustrated look as she impatiently waits for me to move. She has all her weight slumped down on one leg with a small crease line of frustration above her left eyebrow.

“Maybe that’s because I’m new” She replies and for the second time she looks straight into my eyes, but then looks away quicker than when she looked into them. I have my grandfather James’ hazel coloured eyes so they’re nothing special really. I extend my arm out again for her to shake it and this time she does,

“I’m James, and you are?” I ask. I try not to say my last name as often as possible because people usually just try to get information about what my father is up to, which to be honest I am not interested in.

“Summer” She says, I wait for her to say more but she doesn’t. “Summer Cohen if you must know my whole name James” She repeats impatiently. She is still waiting to go past me,

“Beautiful name” I flash her my charming smile “Did you transfer here?” I ask trying to get her to stay for longer than she should; she was obviously in a hurry if she went over flat on her back when she ran into me.

“Yeah. From Beauxbatons” She replies, still in that same bitchy tone and for some reason I don’t believe her, I give her my charming smile again and let her past. At first she doesn’t go, but then she realises I’ve let her past and hurriedly walks past.

“Remember me, I’m James” I call after her, I hear her softly laugh as she disappears into the far compartment and slams it shut, running at lightning speed. I wonder why she would sit in a compartment alone on her first train ride here.

I walk the opposite direction as Summer walked in and Zane Carrow comes running up the corridor. Zane Carrow is the biggest dick head in the world. He is from Slytherin and is the captain of their Quidditch Team and is the dirtiest player you could come across. We are enemies and everyone knows we loathe eachother. It’s odd not to see his two massive friends that make his posse. Actually they look more like his bodyguards sometimes.

“Out of the way Potter I’m trying to find someone” He hisses at me, he shoves me back a little but that still doesn’t clear the road for him. What does he think I’m a small first year that would tremble at the sight of him?

“Let me guess she has long blonde hair and is immensely beautiful?” I ask, no wonder she was running. I would be sprinting for my life if I were a girl away from this git. He takes his wand out and points it at my neck. I start laughing at him, even though the situation isn’t funny.

“Tell me where she went, or I’ll curse you into oblivion” He threatens, I laugh out loud at him again as other students start to peek their heads out of their compartments.

“Well that’s made me frightened. Let me give you a little advice Carrow” I reply with a dull tone in my voice, I can see the compartment Summer went inside and could just tell she would be listening. “If a girl runs away from you, she probably doesn’t want you or like you, so I suggest you wander back over to the Slytherin compartment and complain to your dickhead friends about your sad life” I smirk at him, some of the students that have gathered around laugh at Carrow’s face.

Carrow blasts a spell out of the end of his wand and it shoots right past me, I quickly draw my wand and block the next three spells he shoots at me.

“What, Potter’s to scared to attack back?” He laughs, with that same maniac look in his eyes he gets when I shoot a quaffle past his hoop in Quidditch, he is the Keeper.

“I’m not scared you idiot. I’m simply using self-defence because you’re not worth my effort. Your pathetic excuse to try and hook up with this girl, like she would even want to look at you. I don’t blame her for running.”

He fires another spell at me, I wasn’t expecting this and it hit me right in the stomach, I am blasted off my feet and feel myself fire back at him while in the air. I see the stunning spell hit him on the side of the leg; he is then knocked off his feet and smashed into the side of the wall. The loudness of his landing causes everyone to gather around him and even causes Summer to retreat from her compartment to see what happened. She sees me on the floor and scans the students surrounding Carrow before I interrupt her,

“Well are you going to just stand there or help me up?” I mock her and she lets out another soft chuckle. She leans down to me and helps me up, for a second there I thought she wasn’t going to. I feel blood trickling from my forehead from being smashed into a wall and she studies it, flicks her wand, and it disappears.

“I want to be a Healer” She explains as I give her a puzzled look. Most seventh years wouldn’t know one healing spell since they aren’t really that important, well to me anyway. I couldn’t care less.

“I don’t get you” I blurt out without even getting the chance to control my tongue. It looks like she had been expecting me to say it; she might even have that said to her often. She is incredibly hard to read after years of reading Fred Weasley.

“Most people don’t” Is all she replies, I give her another puzzled look but this time she didn’t explain deeper with what she meant.

“I don’t believe you” I reply, I can see she is getting annoyed with me playing her so easily, an advantage of being related to a Peverall. “You block people out. You are just like my cousin Dominique” I smile at her, which makes the crease in her forehead appear again.

“I don’t block people out you git. You don’t even know me so why would I invite you in to begin with” She snaps back at me in that same bitchy tone. She is about as moody as Dominique too. They are seriously like two peas in a pod.

“I find you to be outstandingly beautiful. Your eyes lure young teenagers like myself towards you. You have a fired up attitude which is like a challenge to me. I’m fascinated by you. Plus you rejected me, which frustrates and puzzles me at the same time” I confess, maybe this way she won’t block me out of the rest of her personality.

She looks shocked, as if no one has ever said such a thing to her. And then she does something I would have never expected her to do. She frowns at me. Kisses me lightly on the lips and walks away. Maybe even stomps away. What the actual fuck just happened? This time I don’t follow her, I feel that I may have pissed her off and flattered her at the same time, and I pulled it off perfectly.


“Now, Mr Potter” Professor McGonagall looks at me sitting in the chair opposite her office desk “Mr Carrow” She then looks at Carrow who is in the seat next to me, “You will both be placed on Monitoring and I will be owling your parents about your incident on the Hogwarts Express. I am very disappointed in you both” She eyes us both with a worried expression on her face but turns to Carrow “Mr Carrow, you may now leave”

I feel as if she has ignored me as Carrow gets up and leaves McGonagall’s office without another word, not even a wave to some of the portraits. The portraits in here love me, we have some great chats when I’m in here waiting for McGonagall, especially with Dumbledore, he is real fond on me and finds my misbehaving quite amusing. And by the way Monitoring is this new detention system where a notepad and quill follow you around all day and record your every movement, every conversation and if you don’t pass the Monitor’s expectations you have an interview with Headmistress McGonagall and your parents, which means either suspension or expulsion.

“Potter I have kept you behind to warn you. See you are only in this school right now because of the outstanding OWLs your received in fifth year, if you were any average student you would have been expelled by now” She states. Well mother of Merlin I didn’t know that, I mean yeah my grades are quite exceptional, something I do take pride in yet hardly ever study. I think of it as a gift. “If you don’t pull your act together soon I will have no choice, regardless of your being Harry Potter’s son” She threatens. I see the stern look on Dumbledore’s face, even he is seems to be disappointed in me.

“I’m sorry Headmistress, but what happened on the train really wasn’t my fault. I was actually saving an innocent student, doesn’t that deserve some credit?” I asked, not even meaning to aggravate her.

“This is exactly what I’m talking about Potter! Stop blaming it on everyone else when you know exactly what you did. Don’t try and make excuses or back-chat me” She snaps at me,

“I’m sorry” I reply, a little taken aback. Usually McGonagall warms up to my charming, she just denied my charm I must have certainly disturbed her.

“You are exactly like your grandfather in nearly all departments” She mutters, partly to herself but I just happened to hear her. I hear Dumbledore chuckle and a couple of the other portraits join him.

“What departments am I missing?” I tease her. She gives me a smile that I can see she is trying to force back, clearly still angry with me.

She dismisses me from her office and I begin to head to the Common Room. Most students have already head up to their dorm rooms, there is however a few older students still huddled by the fire. There doesn’t seem to be anyone I recognize until I spot Dom sitting down with a girl with long, blonde wavy hair. Of course that beautiful hair could only belong to Summer, I was more than happy to welcome her into Gryffindor House. However she still isn’t talking to me. I tried to have a chat with her before I was summoned to Professor McGonagall’s office. She completely ignored me, staring past me as if I was part of the all of a sudden interesting wall. I strut up to my slightly younger cousin and Summer Cohen.

“I thought you’d be put in Slytherin for sure” I sneak up behind Summer and whisper this in her ear so Dom cannot hear what I had to say. She startles before realising its her annoying friend James Potter. Dom glares at me, apparently having ears like a cat and hearing what I just said.

“Relax Dom I’m only messing with her” I snort at my cousin. This doesn’t calm her down though. She would have to be even more hot-headed than me. I squish myself in the middle of the two girls more than comfortably.

“So what were we talking about?” I break the awkward silence that seemed to have erupted as soon as I sat down.

“I’m going to bed” Dominique stands, clearly pissed off at me and begins walking up to the girl’s dormitories with her silent footsteps echoing up the ghostly path.

“Are you angry with me too?” I ask as Summer shuffles along the lounge, a little further away from me picking up a massive book that looks very uninteresting. She ignores me again. “Oh come on, what did I say that upset you? That you are beautiful? That you have pretty eyes?” I question her, she ignores me again. I shuffle a little closer to her.

“What was with the kiss before” I whisper. She doesn’t say anything, “You know, on the train” I pretend to remind her, I see a small smile appear on her face. But still ignores me.

I don’t understand how she can kiss me, and then ignore me and be a bitch. She slams the book shut, neatly lines it up next to the others on the coffee table and stands up. She leans towards me with our noses mere millimetres apart and whispers.

“What kiss?” Before I can reply she kisses me lightly on the lips again, the same as on the train. Then she puts her finger up to her lips as if asking me to keep it a secret. She gets up and walks up the girls’ dormitory before I can reply.

This girl would have to be one of the most confusing and challenging of them all. Without thinking I follow her, straight up to the girl’s dormitories only to be smacked out of my trance by the stairs launching me back down to the floor.

A couple of sixth and seventh year students give me a smug look as I bounce back off the ground and head up to my dorm. I slam the door shut behind me before seeing Fred and Alice completely naked in Fred’s bed. I shield my eyes,

“Oh seriously? First night man, where am I supposed to sleep?” I yell in annoyance as they scramble under Fred’s sheets. Logan doesn’t appear to be in the dorm room so Fred must have thought he had it to himself.

“Maybe Luke’s room has a spare bed” Fred mumbles over Alice, who is currently licking his face all over, I smirk at the thought.

I walk back out of the dorm room and seem completely deserted. No place to sleep. I begin to wonder where in Merlin’s beard Logan would be. Instead, I just decide to sleep in the deserted common room. When I realise I’m in my school robes I decide to quickly summon some pyjama pants down from my bedroom, hoping Fred or Bella won’t notice. I slip on my maroon striped pyjama bottoms and try to stretch out as comfortably as I can on the rock hard Gryffindor couch.

Quidditch tryouts are tomorrow, always a day I seem to dread as hopeful first, second and third years all sign up hoping to score a place on the team. There are rarely any decent players but there are usually one or two younger kids that stand out in my eyes. I remember trying out for my first year, I hadn’t had my first broom class yet so I was utterly nervous. However Teddy was the captain so I felt a little reassured. Not favourite of course, but the thought definitely eased me. And of course I had a natural talent; however I was, like my grandfather, a born Chaser for the team.

Gryffindor Quidditch Team

Captain: James Potter

Seeker: Lorcan Scamander

Keeper: Rose Weasley

Beaters: Dominique Weasley, Luke Wood

Chasers: James Potter, Fred Weasley, Logan Zabini


“Where did you even sleep last night?” I ask Logan as we join the rest of the Gryffindor’s for breakfast. He looks at me with a sudden surprise, as if wondering how I knew he didn’t sleep in the dorm. He is acting strange let’s just put it that way.

“What do you mean? I was in the dorm” He replies rather quickly. I push the subject aside as he reaches for a large plate of bacon. I know he is lying but decide not to push it, he is obviously panicking about something.

I reach for a plate of toast before realising it was snatched straight out of my hands before it could reach my mouth. I look around for the suspect who stole the last slice of toast and see that above me stands Summer Cohen, munching on my toast. I shake my head in frustration at her as she sits down next to me and gives me a quick peck on the cheek when no one is looking and her leg may as well be wrapped around mine at the closeness of her. I look at her and realise her face is just as close as her leg is; she doesn’t seem to notice this and very nonchalantly reaches for more toast. I look around to see if anyone saw and no one seemed to have noticed.

“So Summer” I hear Logan mutter with a mouthful of food, nearly spitting orange juice all over me, “You play Quidditch?”

“I’ve never tried it before. But it seems to be all the rage around here” She replies, Logan raises his eyebrows at her, thinking the same as me. She doesn’t like Quidditch?

“So you don’t like Quidditch?” I ask, dumbfounded throwing my knife and fork quite forcefully against the Gryffindor table.

“Well it’s not that I don’t like it. I’ve just never understood how it works” She talks to me normally for the first time, her perfect teeth scraping off some scrambled egg from her fork.

“Well that’s that” I say partly to myself, standing up. Thankfully there are no lessons until tomorrow so I get to show Summer everything I know about Quidditch.

She surprisingly allows me and Logan to lead her out to the Quidditch Pitch. I leave them halfway down the pitch to go and collect three broomsticks for us to practise on, there are a couple people out here this morning so I hope she doesn’t crash into anyone. I grab the simplest broomstick to control I could find, it doesn’t go very fast at all but still, she won’t fall off. I place the broom on the ground at her feet and she gives me a sour look, I laugh.

“Now, stick your arm out like this” I pull her arm out so that it hovers above the broomstick, “And say up” The Comet 360 flies straight up into my hand, holding hers almost knocking her straight over again. I let it flow back down to the ground again. “Now you try” I said, standing back a little. She gives me an uncertain look.

“Up” She says. Nothing happens. Not even the slightest movement of the broomstick below. She gives Logan an annoyed glance. “Up” She repeats. The broom moves on the ground, but still doesn’t fly into her hands. She tries three more times before she gives up, bends down and lifts it into her hands. “There” She smirks.

 Me and Logan crack up laughing together as she gives us another sour look. This just makes us laugh harder. And Before I can realise it, she has mounted the broom backwards and started shooting straight upwards. The broom may not be as fast as my Firebolt 3000, but it is still decent. I can hear her scream as Logan and I both kick off the ground and zoom up each side of her. She has stopped, at least 50 feet off the ground and is clinging on for dear life. I can hear Logan shouting instructions at her,

“Don’t move! Just slowly, very slowly push down on the broomstick!” I hear him shout over the loud wind at her. And there it is. She does exactly what Logan says, but starts plummeting down to the ground, so fast that she slips from her broom. Logan shouts in victory when he thinks he catches her, but it was the broom. I dive down, seeing her only too clearly and catch her about 10 feet above the ground, she sits on my lap, clinging for me for her life, so she thinks.

“Relax, just relax Summer your making my broom lose control” By the time we land softly on the ground she has her eyes shut tightly, and still isn’t letting go of me. Some students had gathered around to see before Logan shoos them off. I can see that Logan is trying to hide his laughter when he coughs. She still hasn’t let go of me.

“It’s ok. Quidditch just isn’t for you, right?” I say, trying to reassure her. She all of a sudden realises she is still holding onto me for her life, she jumps off me.

“Clearly” She lets out a shaky laugh which makes Logan crack it. He falls to the ground in laughter, tears rolling from his eyes. She laughs with him, but I didn’t think it was funny. She could have easily gotten hurt and died just then. And she thinks this is funny?

“Let me see you guys fly” She demands, she actually demands as the laughter dies out. Logan mounts his broom and pushes off the ground as if waiting for me to join him.

“What, too scared James?” He mocks me. Summer smiles up at Logan who winks at her. I give them a weird look, as if asking if he fancies her. Any man would. But I will win her over, one day.

“Logan you git. We can’t have a proper game with just two of us” I reply, but anyway push off the ground and join him.

We are using a charmed soccer ball instead of a quaffle since they are all booked out. “Be prepared to get your arse kicked” I smirk as Summer throws the ball up in between us. It’s true, anyone in Hogwarts would know I’m a better Chaser than Logan, I’m one of the best Hogwarts has had. I easily steal the soccer ball from the air and have it shot through the nearest post within the first three seconds.


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