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A Beginning and Therefore Change by CrimsonCharmRose
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6~ Quiddich and the Library
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I do not own any of the material or characters you recognize from the wonderful books by J. K. Rowling.


Chapter 6~ Quiddich and the Library

            Hermione had gone to the library after dinner and was curled up in her favorite chair in her personal corner of the library. No one really ventured this far back in the library unless they had to, so this was her corner. It was surrounded by book shelves and had two windows, one of which looked over the grounds and the other the Quiddich field. After she had been reading for awhile and writing down notes she took a slight break and looked out the window she was facing today. She could see people zooming around on brooms. She went and stood by the window and noticed a lot more people on the field than there should have been. She didn’t know a lot about quiddich but she knew the basics which meant that there could only have been seven people if it was practice. This must be quiddich tryouts. She noticed the green. And by the looks of it… it’s the Slytherin’s. Since no one was around her and could see her, she stood watched for a little bit. She did not like riding a broom very much, it just wasn’t her thing.
She went back to her studying and didn’t notice the time go by. She only really looked up because people were coming towards her spot. Hogwarts new librarian, Madame Harstrung, was leading a sweaty Malfoy to where Hermione was sitting. Madame Harstrung was obviously not happy at Malfoy’s appearance, but since he wasn’t dripping or extremely dirty, all she could do was look disapprovingly at him over her shoulder as she lead him through the library. As they reached Hermione Madame Harstrung looked at Hermione and apologized.
“I’m sorry miss Granger. This young man asked for some books and they’re in this area. Please let me know if he bothers you.”

Hermione nodded and sighed. Of course the books that Malfoy needed were in her little area. She thought to herself sarcastically. Damn you Malfoy. As Madame Harstrung walked away Malfoy smirked a little at her. She quickly went back to her book and hoped that he would be swift in finding what he needed and leave. What she was not expecting was to have him plop down into the other empty chair across from her. She glanced at him and saw him staring out of the window. Why is he still sitting here? Now he’s even invaded my corner in the library. But she took this time to study him. His face was a little pink and his hair was windblown. He was still in his quiddich uniform but he had untied the top of his shirt.
“Do I have something wrong with my robes?” He said.

She realized that he had been watching her as well. She cursed him mentally.

“No.” she said as she looked away.
“Ah ok, so it must be my devilishly charming looks then.”

She could hear the smirk in his voice. She refused to look up at him again and tried to go back to reading. He obviously noticed her silence because he spoke again.
“So you’re not disagreeing with that statement. I guess it’s true then.”

That was it. She couldn’t take it. Hermione turned to him,

“Why on earth would I be thinking that? Just because I decide not to answer you and I ignore you does not mean I think you’re attractive. I don’t see why I need to talk to you and you’re interrupting me in my corner. Why are you even here?”

“You’re corner? Since when is this ‘you’re corner’ Granger?” His eyes sparkled a little as he spoke.

“Well no one else comes back here or really sits in the library for very long, so I always come and sit here.” Oops, wasn’t supposed to say that. Damn now he knows.
“Oh really? So is there where you hide from Potter and that weasel?”
“I… I don’t hide from them. I just take studying more seriously. Why do you care?”
She noticed that he suddenly looked uncomfortable. Why would Malfoy be uncomfortable around me? He had already been sitting here… so why now?
He stood up and turned his back to her. He was looking through the books and when he found them he turned to leave. She was relieved that she would finally be alone but he spoke to her.

“Night Granger…”

She looked at him and his silver grey eyes bore into her own. Only after he turned and walked away did Hermione realize that she’d been holding her breath. She was so confused. Malfoy talking to her, Malfoy being nice, Malfoy saying goodnight. What did it all mean? The remainder of the time she was in the library her books lay untouched. She just sat there thinking of him and thinking of the little butterflies that had started zooming around her stomach when he had held her gaze.


Draco’s view…

He had just finished the quiddich tryouts and thought he had a decent team to work with. He knew the library was open for a little longer and decided to get a couple books for some extra awesomeness in his next essay for Charms. Maybe Flitwick would forgive him. He walked into the library and went to the desk. Madame Harstrung was a nice enough lady, but she could have an edge if you tested her, or at least that’s what he heard. She took one look at him and frowned. He knew it was because he was still a little sweaty from flying around and yelling at people.  He told her what he was looking for and as she lead him to where the books would be she gave him a little lecture. He didn’t listen. It would surprise most people, but he did in fact like books. He may not be as crazy as the know-it-all Hermione Granger and read huge books for fun, but he did do his own extra reading here and there.

They were coming up on a corner that Draco knew to be empty most of the time, however, as they approached he saw a girl sitting there. But it wasn’t just any girl. He sighed, of course it had to be her. Madame Harstrung’s voice invaded his thoughts.

“I’m sorry miss Granger. This young man asked for some books and they’re in this area. Please let me know if he bothers you.”

Aw thanks, now I know you really dislike me as well. He was irritated that she thought he would just start trouble. Hermione Granger had looked at them and nodded before going back to her book. As soon as Madame Harstrung walked away Draco took the chair across from her and sat down. He looked out the window and wondered if she’d speak…

20 mintues later…

Draco was headed back to the dungeons and was thinking about Hermione… again. She had fired up and gotten irritated with him as usual, but he could have sworn that when he looked at her that last time that something else was going on. He had felt that sensation in his stomach again and thought about it. He stopped dead. He realized what it was he was feeling, attraction. He had been fighting it and pushing that thought away for as long as he could, but he couldn’t any longer. Draco Abraxas Malfoy was in love with Hermione Granger.


Hermione woke up, thought of her schedule and then cursed Merlin and every other magical inspiration. Why did she have to wake up and have class first then in the morning with the Slytherin’s again. With Malfoy, again. But she told herself she wasn’t going to think about Malfoy, she was going to ignore him. Then she realized they were partners and would be spending more time than usual with each other. She cursed Merlin again. By the time she got down to breakfast even Harry and Ron were there. They stared at her like they’d never seen her before as she sat down with them.
“Are you ok Hermione?” Harry asked her.
“Yeah I’m fine, why?
“You’re never later than us to breakfast and you only have like fifteen minutes until we have to be at Defense Against the Dark Arts.”
She hurriedly served herself some applesauce, a piece of toast and a glass of pumpkin juice. Hermione noticed while she quickly ate that Ron was again getting a lot of attention from a group of girls. He seemed to be loving the attention and it made her want to throw up. As soon as she had a couple bites left of her toast she picked up her bag and motioned to Harry and Ginny to follow her. Harry grabbed Ron by the scruff of his robes and pulled him along.
“Oi! What was that for?” He exclaimed, straightening his robes.

Hermione smiled to herself a little. Harry had been getting a little annoyed at all the girls that would follow them sometimes. This was obviously his way at getting Ron back. They barely talked as they practically ran to class, taking a couple short cuts they knew and making it there at the same time they saw their professor walking down the opposite hallway. They all grinned at each other and took seats together. As Hermione sat down she saw Malfoy look up at her out of the corner of her eye. Why does he keep looking at me? It’s starting to get unnerving. She looked at the board at the front of the room to see what the professor had written there. Non-verbal spells. She smiled. Harry and herself had practiced this while they were away during the war. She would bet that they knew a lot more than the rest of the class, but this would still let them practice. Harry looked at her and they smiled knowingly at each other. Ron looked a little scared at the thought of more non-verbal work. She knew that Ron had not practiced as much as her and Harry. She laughed a little to herself.

The lesson passed pretty quickly and Hermione had had some fun by making heatless flames pop up on random peoples desk and quills. Harry was silently laughing so hard, at the looks on everyone faces when they noticed the flames, she thought he was going to fall out of his chair. When class was over they all talked and joked about different people’s reactions when the flame had been near them.
“And did you see Lavender’s face? She looked so scared. Ha ha ha ha”

Harry and Hermione went into another fit of giggles while Ron just scowled at them. He had spent the class working hard to accomplish what the teacher had put on the board. Hermione knew he was jealous that not only her, but Harry hadn’t needed to work on it in class today. She continued to smile but stopped so that Ron would not round on them and blow up. They made their way to Charms and she had an idea that they might be doing something similar in that class as well. She might professor Flitwick if she could try something harder.

When they arrived, she saw on the board what she had thought she would see. They were working on non-verbal spells in here as well. She heard Ron groan. The goals that they needed to accomplish were super easy for her and so she asked if there was something harder she could try. He gave her another assignment and the whole class just gaped at her. Even she was a little overwhelmed by it. This would keep her busy. Sure enough when the bell rang she had only partially figured out what she was supposed to accomplish. Flitwick was still very impressed by the progress she had made and told her that the next class she would continue with this assignment. After lunch they had double Transfiguration and she could tell that this could get interesting if McGonagall decided to do the same thing in her class. Hermione wasn’t worried about it but she knew that Ron was already in a bad mood and tonight was definitely going to be a night she disappeared.


(*Abraxas = Greek for “Mystical word”)

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