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Cat's Don't Always Land on Their Feet by Dracos_lover
Chapter 9 : Private Lessons
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 After that day with Daniel in the broom closet I had locked myself away. It was the major news through the castle that Daniel had supposedly dumped me. Boys in my house kept giving me googly eyes and trying to “sweeten me up” in class. A few had even asked me to be their girlfriends but after the closet incident I wanted nothing to do with them. I went to breakfast extra early, skipped lunch, and went to dinner very late just to avoid them. All of my free time I spent in places where I knew no one would be. Places like the very back of the library or down by the lake. I even found a secret room on the fourth floor that I'm pretty sure nobody knows about.


I had just finished potions class and was about to head to said secret room to do my charms essay when Slughorn called me to stay back. I walked over to his desk and adjusted my heavy bag that was slung on my shoulder. “Yes professor?” I asked wanting so desperately to leave.


“Well Mrs. Debonair, it has come to my attention that you are very advanced in potions. You got an Outstanding for your O.W.L.'s correct?” He asked. I nodded at him, it was true I had done outstanding in all of my subjects though except for ancient runes, I could never get the translations quite right. “Well I realize that you have declined my dinner party offers several times but you are the top in your class. Your even doing better than Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. I wish to go to the headmaster and have you moved up to N.E.W.T. level potions class and you take your N.E.W.T. for potions this year instead.” Is he crazy, I would only have half the time to prepare!


“Sir, it is a very generous offer but I'm not sure I'm ready to take that on yet, I would only have half the time to prepare.” I explained.


“I realized this but your exams from first semester are outstanding. You won't be able to take the class because it's during your Defense Against the Dark Arts class that's why I will give you private lessons and get you ready in time. I don't think that you should be kept in sixth year potions when your so advanced. I'm sure we could work out a schedule to suet us both. Think of it this way, you'll have a lot more free time to practice and still keep up with the rest of your classwork if your not in this class.”


“Well since you insist I will oblige. But I really should be going I have lots of homework to get to.” I told him before leaving the room. I worked my way through the dungeons and was walking up the changing staircase to the fourth floor. I finally approached the tapestry that hid the entrance to my room. It had a hippogriff fighting a griffin sewed into it. I looked around to make sure that no one was around and I moved the heavy tapestry aside, opened the wooden door and climbed up the stairs. A house elf had told me about the room when I was hiding out in the kitchens one day. The room of requirement would have been a good place but Draco knew where it was and I didn't want be around anyone, even him.


My little room had one window, a telescope, an out of tune piano, a desk, a creaky couch and a cabinet that held random things like a chipped tea cup, a piece of a mirror, an empty potions bottle and many spiderwebs. I had moved the desk in front of the couch and shrunken the legs on it to fit the height of the couch. I dumped my bag out on the couch and sat next to it pulling out my homework.


I had just finished my charms essay when I looked at my watch, bugger! Dinner is over on five minutes and if I don't get to the Great Hall fast I'll go hungry all night. I quickly shoved all of my things in my bag and ran out of my secret room. As soon as I made it to the staircase I ran into something... or someone. “Watch it,” I heard the familiar face say. I looked up to see Draco and I glared at him and walked swiftly in front of him, trying to keep a quick pace down the stairs. “Cat wait, why are you ignoring me?” He yelled. I didn't want to do this, not in the entrance hall where many people were leaving dinner.


I turned around and looked him straight in the eyes, “Draco, not here, meet me in the room of requirement at nine and we'll talk.” I whispered. Then I turned on my heels and strode into the great hall. I had enough time to shovel down some bread, pumpkin juice and a butter tart. Afterward I went to my dorm to drop off my bag. When I walked into the room I got an icy glare from Pansy.


“I can't believe you Debonair, first you get Draco in trouble and now your making a scene with him in front of the whole school, what are you gonna do next, snog him in a broom closet?” She sneered. “You should seriously back off if you know whats good for you, Draky is mine!” She flipped her hair in my face and walked out followed closely by Daphne and Clara. There such clones, following her every bloody move. If she thinks that she can have whatever she wants then she's due for a wake up call. It's about time I put this hot makeover to use, I could feel myself smile dangerously.


It was a quarter to nine and I was at the room of requirement, I needed to be here first so it could look exactly how I needed it to. I thought long and hard about exactly what I needed and I heard the doors start to appear. I walked in and it was better than I had thought. There was a bed in the middle of the room draped in green and silver silk bedding. The room was lit by many small green wax candles. The walls were painted a dark gray and it was gorgeous. I took off my Hogwarts cloak that I had worn to cover my long silk, sleeveless, green dress. It had a rather high slit up the side and I had paired it with thigh high net stockings. Draco wouldn't be able to contain himself. As I walked over to the bed I noticed the green and silver flower petals all over the floor, the room had outdone itself. Perhaps too much, I didn't want to go THAT far with him.


I had positioned myself sideways on the bed with my leg forward some so it was exposed and my head propped up on my elbow. Not long after I had readied myself and made sure my hair and makeup were good as well the door opened. Draco stood in the entrance dumbfounded. “Uh.. Cat? What is all of this?” He asked. I stood up slowly and seductively and strode over to him and slowly ran my finger down the center of his chest while talking.


“This, Draco, is all for you,” I whispered. I leaned up and kissed him wrapping my arms around his neck tightly. I felt his hands slip around my waist gently and then he stopped. “What's wrong Draco? Not man enough for me?” I winked and walked back over to the bed sprawling out on it. I suddenly felt him on top of me and I smiled. His lips crashed on mine and it was like lighting. The electricity between us was something I had never known was real. It wasn't anything like kissing Daniel.


“Finally couldn't resist the Malfoy charm anymore?” He raised his eyebrow suggestively.


“How did you know?” I said sarcastically. “But seriously um.. I realized after all this was here that I might be giving you the wrong impression.” I told him as his hand was sliding up my thy. He stopped and looked up at me sadly.


“I figured something wasn't right here after what happened with Daniel. What I want to know is how you knew I would go for you.” He asked while lying down next to me.


“Well I figured I must be much better than your previous snogs like Pansy.” I laughed. “Plus I'm hot, how could you resist.” I mused.


“Don't be so full of yourself Debonair, you were invisible till this year remember?” I nodded solemnly and turned on my side to face him. “I hate to admit this and if you tell anyone I will totally deny it but your actual pleasant to be around. I have never had anyone around who didn't annoy me.” He said quietly, not meeting my eyes.


“Who knew Draco Malfoy, prince of Slytherin, had a sensitive side.” I whispered and put a gentle hand on his cheek, caressing it with my thumb. He looked into my eyes and I saw more than just the coldness and sadness that was usually there.


“I don't have a sensitive side, but I will admit that I find you quite fetching, so we can give this a try.” He said and then pulled me on top of him and we spent the night together snogging before sleep overtook us.

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