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Come Back With Me by Hotmammabellatrix
Chapter 4 : Brotherly Feelings
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 Sirius's P.O.V.

 I watched as my dearest cousin (notice the sarcasm) walked out with her friends. They were bastards, the whole lot of them. Still are come to think of it. 

I apologize. I haven't properly introduced myself have I. Unless you've already figured it out, if you have yay for you no one really cares, I would like to welcome you to the morbid, more than really perverted mind of me. Sirius Black. If you don't like it, it really sucks to be you, doesn't it? I never really thought it was fair. Everbody always thinks that I'm the immature one of the group. Well, I'll never be as mature as Moony, but hey, I've the maturity of a 17 year old!!! Not a 3 year old, not a 5 year old, a 17 year old!! Get it RIGHT, people!! I'm rambling aren't I? It was rhetorical, you know!

That new chick, Hermione?? Wow!! I don't know if it's just because she's new, but she is undoubtably FINE!! She may even be good for two weeks. Oh, don't give me that look!! Everbody knows that I'm not the commitment type. But for a body like her's, she might be worth a little commitment. And when she saw me earlier, puh-lease! Her eyes just about bugged out of her head! She did the same to Remus. We might even have a little competition with each other. I mean, Remus has had as many girls as I have. He just aren't as open about it as I am. I mean, he actually has the whole committed boyfriend thing going on. He was with Molly Prewett for about 3 years, before she left poor Moony for that Weasely fellow. He hasn't dated any one ever since her. Poor fellow. He'd take her back in a skinny minute, but I saw the way he looked at Hermione. He likes her. I know these things.

But, that Draco guy? I don't really trust him. Looks to much like darling Lucius. I mean, he's good looking, no denying that, but most Malfoys/Malfoy look alikes are. Not that I'm that way inclined, but look at those abs. I do believe Gryffindor may have found a new quidditch player. He would be a decent beater, if he has good hand eye coordination. 

I turned my attention to Hermione, fully healed. Her shirt and shorts still looked like they belonged in a dump. Her purple shirt's buttons were halfway undone, showing a black lace bra. Her white short shorts, were frayed at the hem, and absolutely filthy. But despite being filthy, she was hot. Her hair would be soft and silky when she washed it. It was clearly brown, but one could easily mistake it for blonde in the sunlight. Her eyes were wide and scared. She had the air of innocence that almost made you want to protect her from all the pain the world could give. And I decided there and then, that I would protect her, and not be part of her hurt. I would never date this girl. I would only hurt her. 

"Are you okay?" I asked her, she jumped about half a mile in the air.

"Yeah, I'm fine." 

Before I got to say anything else, the doors banged open.



Hey guys!!! What do you think?? I apologize for the cliff hanger, but I couldn't resist!!

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Come Back With Me: Brotherly Feelings


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