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Time-Travel Mishaps! by AccioSachio
Chapter 1 : Time-Travel Headache.
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James Sirius Potter was pacing outside his famous fathers office thinking. He knew he wasn't in there as he and his mother could be heard in the kitchen talking quietly.

It was the christmas holidays of 2017 and with a week until christmas James was bored. Just the previous day his father had confiscated the most fantastic thing he had ever been given. The Marauders Map. All he had done was an innocent prank on his younger brother Albus, and he gets the map taken off of him until further notice. Even James knew his father wouldn't be letting him go back to Hogwarts with the map and just the thought made James shudder; he needed it.

So now James was contemplating the pros and cons of entering the private office without permission. He knew the consequences would not be desirable if he was caught. His father has expressed to him and his siblings, and Teddy for that matter, many times that under no circumstances were they to go in due to his many Auror related gadgets that lived inside. They apparently posed as a danger. James wasn't worried about a few gadgets but the wrath of his parents was something else.

He had to get that map. So with a sigh he went to open the door. As his hand reached the door knob there was a pop sound behind him, which James knew was one of someone apparating. He daren't turn around.

"Ja-ames," came the amused voice of Teddy Lupin his brother in many ways but legally just his dads godson from behiind him. James let out a sigh of relief. "What do you think you're doing going into daddys office?"

James turned around and was faced with Teddy Lupin hand in hand with his fiancee Victoire ( who was James' cousin) with a sarcastic smirk on his handsome face. Today, being the metamorphagus he is, he had opted for his favorite shade of turquoize for his hair. Victoire was tall,slim with pale blonde hair and beautiful as ever and she too was smiling in amusment.

"I can do what I like, it's my house," said James defiantly.

"Yes but what would daddy say if he caught you?" Teddy continued sarcastically.

James' immature retort was ceased by many footsteps pounding down the hallway with lots of laughter. His little sister Lily appeared first flushed from being out in the cold. Teddy caught Lily into a tight squeeze of a hug releasing Victoires hand. Lily was followed by James' younger brother Albus and his cousins Rose and Hugo.

"Excellent," grinned James. "You guys can help me now."

Teddy sighed but said nothing.

"Right this is how it goes. We all go in look for the map then leave. Al you be look out."

Albus gave his brother a sour look. "Why can't I come in?" he whined. James ignored him.

"Quietly guys, lets go." instructed James before pressing a finger to his lips signally quiet.

James put his hand to the door knob once more and cocked his head to the side listening out for his parents. They were still muttering quietly to eachother in the kitchen. He opened the door swiftly and as quietly as possible and beckoned his family in to the large office. Albus took his post by the door as lookout outside the room grumpily.

"Okay guys," whispered James "It's the map we are here for so have a look around and don't make it look like we were here."

Everyone younger then him began their tentative search of the office. Teddy and Victoire stood looking at him like he was an idiot.

"What's wrong with you?" hissed Teddy everyone in the room turned to listen. "Are you a wizard or not idiot?"

And without saying anything else Teddy pulled out his wand with a roll of his eyes and muttered the incantation "Accio Mauraders Map!" Typically the map flew out of the dek drawer and into Teddys waiting hand.

James looked appropriately embarassed. Of course he was an idiot for not thinking summoning it himself; admitting that to Teddy was obviously out of the question though. Teddys attempt at a sardonic comment was interrupted by Rose who was stood infront of a glass cabinet against one of the walls.

"Wow, this place is so cool," she enthused in a half whispered tone.

Teddy turned to her and smiled, "Yes but seriously don't touch anything Rosie."

James had sauntered away from everyone and over to one of the shelves attached to the wall. It held many things but the object that caught his eye the most was something that was unmistakenably a time turner.

"Guys come look at this!" hissed James. Instantly the group gathered around and James noticed that even Albus had slipped into the room. "I wonder where we should go!" he joked pretending to turn the dial.

"James, put it down we better go we have the map so lets just leave okay?" said Hugo worriedly.

Rolling his eyes, James leant to put the time turner back on the shelf. It all happened extremely quickly.

James was leaning.

Lily was moving over to talk to Teddy.

Lily knocked Rose who bumped into Albus.

Albus knocked James which caused him to grab the shelf for support, clutching the time turner as a reflex.

James watched the shelf fall off the wall and crash to the floor and felt the time turner tingle in his hand at the same time.

The room went completely silent for a split second. Then James felt a tugging feeling quite like the one that occured when you took a portkey. This happened at the same time as he heard his mother shout from the kitchen. "What was that?" though she sounded oddly distant for being in the room just next door.

The room began to spin and then everyone felt their feet lift from the floor. Victoire clutched Teddys hand, Teddy grabbed Lily and everyone closed their eyes waiting for the unknown. The sound of Harry and Ginnys footsteps became more silent with each second and the ringing in their ears bacame more prominant.

Harry ran from his kitchen abandoning his sandwich with Ginny hot on his heels. As soon as he turned the corner he noticed his office door was ajar and mentally cursed his children. Approaching the door, he expected to find the source of the crash and a group of extremely guilty looking children. However when he entered he did in fact see one of his shelves fallen on the floor but no sign of the children.

He narrowed his eyes in suspicion. Ginny entered the office just as Harry was muttering "Reparo" at the shelf and they watched it reattach to the wall. Carefully Harry scanned the shelf looking for a missing item. He paused in shock then turned to his confused wife.

"My time turner is missing."

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