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Miracle in Diagon Alley by sophie_elle_malfoy
Chapter 5 : Lily Luna Potter
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"I am sooo sorry," Lily says for the God-knows-how-much times. "If I had thought about this for, say, as long as it takes to tidy up my closet, I would have been able to figure out that it'd be best for me to shut up about it."

"Oh, so good of you to notice it now, Lily," James says sarcastically. Albus, ever be the wise-arse, just smirks at James' comment. Lily ignores her brother.

We're in James' room. It's some kind of a tradition for us, to gather in James' room after dinner. Ginny miraculously has shrugged off the anger from her and even treated me with her delicious muffins. I would never ask for a better family.

"I'll do your laundry for the rest of the holiday to make up for it. I'll even serve your break fast, lunch and dinner."

I wave her comment. "It's okay, Lily. Harry's said it's fine and even your Mum said she forgives me. So, no harm done."

"But, still, that harpie won't scream the air out of her lungs at you. I always want a sister, and now that I could have one, I've blew it. Thanks for my big mouth."

"Now you're talking," James and Albus say at the same time. It's one of those times that both boys agree on the same thing. The both of them may look a bloody a lot like Harry, but the three of them are different to one and another.

"Lily, just chill out, okay? What's done is done. Problem is solved," I say, eager to make Lily shut up.

"I'll do whatever you want me to do. Name it, I'll do it," Lily says, as if she doesn't hear me.

What I want now is to do my Charms work and forget anything that ever happened today. But, of course, that's something Lily can't do. When Lily Luna Potter opens her mouth and starts a conversation, it will be a week long of conversation. Albus once said that he'd invent a spell that would give him any signal whenever Lily wanted to talk, so he could Silence her even before she could make out a single sound. It was not Albus' nature to joke around, but even James had to admit, it really was funny.

"How about this, Flower," James suddenly says. Flower is a nickname James gives to Lily, to which Lily hates him for. "You shut up for the whole month and I'll ask Lyra to give you one of her favourite nail polish. How about that?"

"That's a good idea, James," Albus quips in. "I will even beg Lyra to teach you how to play Quidditch, since you're lacking at it. What about that?"

Lyra finally gives her full attention at her brothers. She put a hand on her hip, flicking her long red hair, and her brown eyes throwing daggers at both boys. At this moment, she looks exacly like her mother. Rumors also said that she also looks like her granmother, Molly Weasley, whenever the three redhead ladies are angry. I bet if it was Ginny that James and Albus are looking at right now, they'd be scared shitless.

"Will you please just shut up?" Lily snaps at both boys.

"No can do," both boys mutter faintly. This only angers Lily even more.

"You two are so infuriating!" she exclaims. James and Albus only cock an eye brow in away that makes the look like twins. "This is really a rare time for me to talk to Lyra. And you have to ruin it!"

James fakes a sincere smile and says, "Don't worry, dear little Flower, I'll give you your time to talk to Lyra."

Then Albus adds, "When you're old enough to drink a Firewhiskey."

"Say, ten years from now on," James continues.

"Or maybe twenty," Albus says.

"We'll let you know when is the appropriate moment."

"Through a post card."

How both boys doesn't realise that they resemble a lot to George Weasley and the late Fred Weasley is still a mystery to everyone who know them. Even Harry often shakes his head in amazement.

"I think that's enough," I say, stifling a laugh. I turn at Lily. "Now, what do you want to talk about, actually? I know you and you won't stop bothering me until you've said what you want."

Lyra grins. "Tell me about that insanely cute Draco Malfoy."

Albus' jaw dropped and James shuddered.

"In the name of Merlin's fat arse, Lily," Albus starts.

"You're only eleven!" James finishes.

"And so what?" Lily says. "He's really good looking. His grey eyes literally glow at night, like Lyra's glow-in-the-dark nail polish." Lyra's attention is back at me.

"So, what was he like? Was he a lot more handsome than in the Prophet?"

I stop myself from rolling my eyes. "Yeah, I thought no one could ever be that flawless."

"I think I want to puke," James whines.

"He's like a God, right?" Lily says. "I bet he's barely human."

"One more word and I'll be sick," Albus says. Lily ignores them.

"You know what, I think he looks a lot like you, Lyra," Lily says pensively. I thought the pale complexion Draco inherites to me couldn't get any paler, but it does. It would be really bad if Lily finds out about it.

"You're talking rubbish, sister," Albus says, who knows about it and is willing to help me whenever I need help about facing Draco.

"Yeah, how in the world could the Draco Malfoy looks like our Lyra?" James says, backing his brother up.

"I don't know," Lily says, shrugging. "He's blonde, Lyra is blonde. He has grey eyes, Lyra also has grey eyes."

"That's bullshit," James says, shaking his head.

"Yeah, you better get your head out of the clouds, Lily. Stop reading those stupid Muggle novels," Albus says. For the third time that night, Lily ignores them and gasps at the her idea instead.

"Imagine how lucky you'd be if that was true!" Lily exclaims. "Being the daughter of Draco Malfoy. All those stupid Slytherins would be envy about it." Then her eyes widens. "Draco Malfoy was a Slytherin! And you're also a Slytherin! That's just make sense!"

"Okay, you're talking shit, Lily," James says, panic flashes in his eyes.

"I'm a Slytherin, sis," Albus reminds. "But, that doesn't make me Draco Malfoy's son, right?"

Lily then stands so suddenly. "I'm going to have a research about it!" she announces.

"About why I'm not Draco Malfoy's son?" Albus says sarcastically. It's something about Albus that I have a feeling he inherited from his grandfather; the ability to talk sarcasm anytime he can; which James is sometimes lacking of.

"I'm going to search through your mother and Draco's files!" Lily says, excited with her own idea. "Merlin, how good that'd be! My best friend is the daughter of Draco Malfoy!"

She squeles and runs of into her room, slamming the door behind her. James, Albus and I exchange looks. James finally let out a heavy breath.

"Trust me, shit will gone worse once Lily finds out about it," James says. Albus nods in agreement.

I second that, James.

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Miracle in Diagon Alley: Lily Luna Potter


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