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Different life by Cyra23
Chapter 12 : 4th year and a new class!!!
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Buffy smiled. She was so excited that she was back in Hogwarts and to be able to help the young students stay on the path of the light. Well here goes nothing....

"Hello students as Dumblore stated I will be your new teacher this year. I am not going to grade you so you do not have to worry about studying or passing a test." Buffy laughed. Everyone was entranced by her. They could not believe she would be there teacher she did not look old enough she looked older than 18 and younger than 21. Even with her wolf ears and tail they were still entranced.

"Well done to business then. These are my children Dillon Cyra and Mia." as their names were called their cloaks came off. "Dillon and Cyra here are twins and will be starting 4th year while my youngest Mia will be starting 3rd year. As you can see Cyra and Mia have my wolf tail and ears while Dillon does not....." Buffy continued to tell her story of how they came by the tail and ears and her story. (read first chapter of the prequel story.) "Well now that you know the story lets see what classes they will be."

Buffy motioned Dillon first who sat down on the stool and the hat was placed onto his head. It took a moment as they hat was figuring where to put Dillong seeing as how he has qualities of both parents. Finally "Slytherin!!!" the hat yelled everyone clapped and Dillon went to go sit next to Draco. Next it was Cyras' turn and as she sat all the boys were hoping she would be in their house seeing as how she was as beautiful as her mother. "Griffindor!!" yelled the hat. And Cyra smiled and sat next to Harry. Finally Mia was next and everyone waited in anticipation. "Slytherin!!!" Everyone was excited as Mia went to sit with her brother and Draco.

"Well now that that is settled I have one more thing to add. As you have probably noticed we have been calling my children by their first names not their last. The reason being is because their father and I are in a bit of an argument and so until that is resolved they and myself will only be known by our first names. Well even if I would be talking to him I would still ask you all to call me by my first name." Buffy said.

Buffy went and stood off to the side to let Dumbledore go back and make another speech. "Well I hope you all welcome this new students and make them feel welcomed. Now to get down to more business, well while i talk you may all begin eating." Dumbledore waved his hand and food went onto the table. Everyone began eating and listening to the next bit of news. "Now as you can see we have another guest in the table his name is Barty Crouch and he is here so we may represent the main school in the Triwizard Tournament!" stated Dumbledore happily.
Everyone gasped the Tournament here?!?!?!

"Calm down everyone. Now the other 2 schools participating are Beauxbatons and Durmstrang which should be here shortly. The only people able to sign up are anyone who has reached adult status 17years old." Everyone in the room started yelling "Boo!!! Rubbish!!!" "Silence!!!!" yelled Dumbledore in the only way he could yell. Buffy was smiling *Typical children* she thought. "Now then, I am going to bring out the Goblet of Fire and a line will be placed around it and to ensure no one crosses I will be using my own ward that only students over 17 can cross. Now that we have that squared away lets welcome our new students for the year only. Welcome Beauxbaton School!"

As Dumbledore stated that in walked 12 girls with a woman as huge as Hagrid in the back. They came in gliding and everytime they sighed butterflies came out. Then once they came in they stood off to the side while Madame Maxine, who tey heard was her name, went to say hello to Dumbledore. "And now Durmstrang!" Dubledore said. In came 12 boys banging staffs on the floor and doing flips and in the back came in one student next to what seemed the headmaster.

"Albus good to see you again." said the man walking next to the student everyone was talking abuot. *look its krum...krum krum.... said the students. "Igor my friend good to see you to." said Dumbledore. And Igor went to stand off to the side also not seeing Buffy. Where did Buffy go?

"Well students since all the schools are here let the Triwizard Tournament begin!" said Dumbledore and with a flash the Goblet of Fire was lit and a white line could be seen around the Goblet. You all have until august 20 to put your names on a piece of paper with the school your in to sign up. Remeber now people have died during the tournament so make sure you truly are prepared for this. And now go on to your rooms and enjoy your time at Hogwarts."  And with that the school year has officially begun with many new surprised along the way and many things going to be sad happy and every other emotion.


First day of class with Buffy

Harry Cyra Hermione Ron and all the other 4th years were headed to their first class with Buffy. They have been hearing from the older students that her class is amazing and she is a wonderful teacher. Then again half the boys were in love with her. As the 4th year classes walked into the Great Hall were her class was being held everyone was surprised the tables had been removed and the only thing was one table off to the side while the middle of the room was open.

And there was Buffy standing in the middle of the room with loose fitted pantaloons blank in color and a tight tank top red in color. Her hair was left loose around her and her emaraled eyes were sparkling. "Hello everyone and welcome to your first class with me. As you all know this class is not a real class that you do tests or I assign homework. I will assign an occasional practice homework where I teach you a spell and expect you to try and pratice until the next time we meet. I will not only be teaching you different spells not taught in class but also some wandless spells if you can master them if not I will teach the ones who can not master them sword fighting. I was taught by non other than Kaliq of the Shadow Princes and his brother." smiled Buffy.

Everyone gasped. Except a few students who dont really pay attention in History. Buffy knew the Shadow Princes? They were in the highest favor with the Merlin and the Great Creator (god) they have been around since time began everyone fears them even Voldemort.

"Yes everyone and as a special treat Kaliq my mentor has agreed to come see everyone in a little bit just to have a few words to tell you all." Everyone started talking about it once she finished. Wow a Shadow Prince I've heard their so powerful and do not age. I heard He Who Must Not Be Named is even terrified of them. No matter how much he wants to be immortal he would not ask them.

"Well then class I would like to know if any of you have any dueling experience?" asked Buffy. "Yes Hermione."

"Well Buffy we had a dueling club last year but it was kind of a joke." said Hermione. "Well if that is the case I would still like to see how well you all do against me. But dont worry it will be simple spells like Tickling Jink or dismarming someone." said Buffy with a smile. "Who would like to go first?"

Everyone raised their hands. Buffy laughed her tinkling laughed and everyone smiled they could not help it. It was infectious. "I will take you on." said a menacing voice from the Great Hall doors. Everyone turned and their stood Karkoraff. Dillon Cyra and Mia paled. Oh no dad told us about him he is trouble! they thought. "Well Igor long time no talk" said Buffy smirking. "Hows tricks?"

Igor did not say anything except to walk up to Buffy and stated "Well little miss Princess how are you? It has been to long as you say. A lot of us have missed your presence." he said with a lustfull look in his eyes. Looking Buffy over as if undressing her. Though none of that seem to faze her she just bowed as is tradition in dueling and took her stance as did Igor. "Well then lets begin little Princess." said Igor mockingly.

And so the duel began. Both threw spells towards one another though non harming ones, more of embarrasing spells where if one would hit the other person they would be put in a costume or tickled. This is supposed to be a lesson for the students. Then while both were dueling everones eyes were riveted to the scene. That is everyone but Harry who saw a shadow by the Great Hall main doors and a wand protrude from the doorway and shoot something to Buffy. "Buffy!!!" yelled Harry. As Buffy turned the spell his her square in the stomach and a second later she was writhing on the ground in agony and blood was pooling down her pants.

"Someone get Madame Promfey!!!" yelled someone. Dillon ran to get the nurse while Mia went to get their father. Cyra and Harry ran to Buffy and Harry held her hand with tears in their eyes while Cyra had her mothers head on her lap also in tears. "Mom please dont leave me again." Cyra said inbetween sobs. Then all of a sudden a cloak was over Buffy and she was being lifted by someone. Everyone looked up and the girls gasped. Their stood the most gorgeous man they had ever seen. Tall tanned by the sun the lightest blue eyes they had ever seen and midnight wavy hair short enough to not be below his neck but long enough to run your fingers through it. They just knew it was a Shadow Prince seeing how he had come from no where.

He lifted Buffy up and looked towards everyone "Hello as you can see I am Kaliq of the Shadows I will take Buffy up to see the nurse now seeing as how she could possibly use my help. Rest of class has been canceled and I will be seeing you all later." With that he walked to the nearest shadow and disappeared. Cyra and Harry ran to the hospital wing while the rest of the 4th yr students stood there unsure of what to do. Well besides Draco since Buffy had become a sort of aunt to him. (His mother is good and so does not need another one) He ran to the hospital wing also.

When everyone arrived they could see Madame Pomfrey and the Shadow Prince standing near Buffys bed whispering about something. Draco saw Severus Harry Dillon Cyra Mia all standing around Buffys bed. She was so pale Draco was very worried and mostly woried about Severus who looked ready to fall apart seeing his wife in this condition yet his eyes showed an anger and hatred to the one who hurt Buffy. Looking into those eyes made Draco shudder. He would not like to be in the mans shoes whoever he is.

As soon as everyone was settled around Buffy Severus holding her hand with tears now in his eyes Kaliq walked forward while Madame Pomfrey went to go Floo Dumbledore and let him know the situation. Kaliq walked up to Severus and placed his hand on his shoulder. Severus stiffined but didnt turn around. "How is she Kaliq? Will she be ok?" he whispered. Kaliq sighed "Im sorry Severus though she is going to make it I do have some bad news......."

What are the bad news? Who cursed Buffy? And how does Igor know Buffy?Also Kaliq is from the book World of Hetar I kept him as he is a Shadow Prince I thought it would be interesting to see what can occur between everyone. Its nice and long for you all. Please Review i want to make sure its interesting!!!!

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Different life: 4th year and a new class!!!


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