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One Generation to the Next by FabionPrewett22
Chapter 20 : Bad News
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(James’s [2] point of view)


I woke up to the sound of screaming and things hitting the floor. My first thought was that we were being attacked by a band of vicious robot monkeys, but then I realized that was the dream I had been having. Then my second thought was Voldemort, but there is no way he could have gotten in so I dismissed that as well. All of this thinking in the dark wasn’t working and I decided in order to figure out what was going on I needed to actually look. I opened the hanging on my bed to find the room in complete shambles. Remus’s bed was turned to it’s side and all of his stuff was scattered around. Frank was cowering in his bed and Sirius and James were no where to be seen. I could here someone moving around in the bathroom and I figured it was Remus. After several crashes and unexplained thumps I decided to cautiously make my way to the bathroom. I soon as I got off my bed Frank started whispering to me.

“Don’t go in there. He’s gone mad!”

“Who? Remus?”

“Yeah. I don’t know what happened, but I woke up an hour ago and Remus was going through his trunks. James and Sirius were awake and standing near the door. They looked like they knew what was happening. Anyways, all of a sudden Remus grabbed his bed and flipped it over. James and Sirius ran out of the room. He kept turning over his things and then he went into the bathroom.”

“Did you hear anything weird before you woke up?”

“Well I thought I heard an owl tapping at the window, but it went away.”

“An owl. What did Remus look like during his rampage?”

“He looked upset, like he had-”

Just then Remus screamed then we heard a few more crashes. The noises stopped after that and I figured now was a good time to go check on him.

“Frank stay here.”

Walking across the room took some skill and I had to pull on the doorway to get all the way to the bathroom. Inside it was a complete mess. There was glass everywhere with shampoo and soap squished all over the walls. I found Remus sitting on the floor of the tub. His hands were bloody and had some glass stuck in them and he was covered in some gooey substances. He wasn’t moving and I thought that maybe he was sleeping, but then he let out a big sob and I realized he was just silently crying. This caught me off guard and I crouched down on the other side of the tub and put my hand on his shoulder. He turned to look at me and I almost gasped. His face was covered in tear tracks and his eyes were all red and puffy. He had a cut just above his eyebrow with some splinters of wood stuck inside.

“Remus, what happened?”

Before he could answer me Sirius came running in the room wearing nothing, but his boxer shorts and socks.

“Bloody hell Moony. He’s in here!”

“Sirius watch out! There’s glass everywhere.”

“Right, sorry.”

“Who were you calling?”

My question was answered when McGonagall came striding into the room and I could tell the state of things and Remus almost caused her to let out a few curse words.

“Mr. Black and Mr. Thomas, give me hand with Mr. Lupin.”

I stood up and helped them get Remus out of the tub. Once he was standing it was clear he had more injuries then first thought. His feet were covered in scratches and were all bloody from stepping on the glass on the floor. He started swaying and almost fell over so McGonagall told us to support him. We walked back into the room were James and Frank were working together to try to lift the bed back up. Remus is really strong. Sirius let go of Remus for a second to help them and they managed to get it up right again. He walked back over and we made our way down the stairs with McGonagall. The common room was relatively full meaning it was later in the morning then I thought. Both Lilies were down there with Alice and another seventh year. When they saw Remus they cried out and tried to run over but McGonagall stopped them. I mouthed that James was still up there and when McGonagall turned her back on them they ran up the boy’s staircase. We had some difficulty getting out of the portrait hole, but we managed.

“Hospital wing boys and hurry. He’s bleeding an awful lot.”

We awkwardly power walked our way to the hospital wing where upon entering we were swarmed by Madam Pomfrey.

“What happened? The time isn’t for a couple of weeks.”

“He got a bit of bad news Poppy and little over emotional.”

“Poor boy. Don’t worry I’ll have him fixed up by lunch time.”

“No need to rush. I think he could use the time in here. Now you two back to your dorm or at least get dressed.”

When she said that I realized that Sirius wasn’t the only one wearing nothing put boxers. At least he had socks. We left the hospital wing behind McGonagall and turned down the opposite hall she turned down.

“Sirius, what is going on? What did McGonagall mean by a bit of bad news?”

“Understatement of the centaury. It was more than a bit of bad news.”

“Merlin what happened.”

“This morning Remus’s dad was found dead in their house. The dark mark was overhead. His mom was out of town when it happened and a good thing too because she probably would have died also.”

“The dark mark? Why?”

“Remus’s dad once insulted Fenrir Greyback.”


“Well Greyback has some sort of personal vendetta against Remus’s dad and it’s no secret that Greybacks’s a death eater. I guess making Remus a werewolf wasn’t enough for him, so he made his bloody way down to the Lupin’s house and killed Mr. Lupin. No spells, since Fenrir isn’t a wizard, no he just ate out his throat.”

“Merlin, that’s bloody awful. All that was in the letter?”

“Yep. Mrs. Lupin put in every gruesome detail. She wanted Remus to know exactly what happened.”


“Remus was never overly mad at Greyback for what he did. He never wanted revenge. Mrs. Lupin however wanted his head on a stick. I guess this is her way of giving him even more reason than the fact that he killed his dad.”

“That’s disgusting.”

“Yeah and it also gives James and I even more reasons to join the order. James’s dad isn’t a member, but he does some jobs for them. We were trying to convince Remus to join too, but he wouldn’t do it. Now though, I think he will. Lily wants to join, but James is trying to convince her not to. Frank and Alice already know they’re joining and Lily is using Alice joining as means for her to join too.”

“You guys already know about the order and everything?”

“Yep. We can’t become actual members though till we’re out of school.”

“Well you all have to join. You know so the future stays the same and I can be born and stuff.”

“I’ll give that one to Lily. James is a sucker for their future family.”

We were back at the portrait hole and I realized that we still didn’t know the password.

“Uh Sirius?”

“Oh right. I heard McGonagall say it when we went to get her. Centaur.”

“Centaur? Couldn’t Lily have come up with a better password?”

“Yeah it’s a sucky password. Worthy of James.”

“What’s worthy of me?”

“The password used for getting in here.”

“Hey! You try making up the passwords every week. It gets difficult.”

“Oh hi Lily didn’t see you there hiding behind James.”

“I wasn’t hiding and why are you two wearing only your underwear?”

“Hey I’ve got socks.” Sirius held up his leg for all to see.

“I see that. Seriously why are you wearing your underwear?”

“Didn’t have time to change this morning what with all the ruckus and what not.”

“Oh yeah. How’s Remus?”

“Better. Madam Pomfrey is fixing him up as we speak.”

“I feel so bad for him. He doesn’t deserve this. No one does, not even a Malfoy.”

“Well maybe them.” Lily whacked James on the head for this comment.

“Hey where’s Hermione?”

“Oh she left with that Brandon kid after we talked to James.”

“You let her go with him! Are you mad? Now I have to go find them!”

“Ron! Leave them alone. It’s not like he’s going to feed her to the giant squid.”

“He might, you never know. Pretty girls make excellent squid food, I should know.”

“You did not try to feed someone to the giant squid.”

“Did so. I was a first year and I was mad at my cousin Victoire for taking Teddy away from me so my other cousin Fred and I dumped steak sauce on her and carried her out into the lake. It didn’t work, the squid only sucked her a little then spit her back out.”

“You were the worst little boy in the world.”

“Thank you.”

“All right enough chit chat. You two go get dressed then we’ll go see if Remus is ready for visitors. Oh and don’t worry about the dorm, Frank, the girls, and I got it all cleaned up.”


Sirius and I made our way back upstairs. My expectations for how clean the dorm was were really low. So, when I walked in I hardly recognized it. Must have been the girls who made it this clean. The beds were all neatly made and I swear the underneath of Sirius’s bed was sparkling. We stood there in the doorway awhile just gawking at the overall cleanliness of the place and finally I suggested we should probably get dressed. It took me a couple tries, but I finally found a shirt that didn’t smell super rank. I’ve only been here three days and already half my clothes are dirty. How does that even work?

“Hey, future James?”


“You know how you told us all our futures?”


“Well since we know what’s going to happen, can’t we change our futures so they’re different?”

“Well I guess technically you could, but everything that happens, good and bad, needs to happen in order for everything to work out the way it’s supposed to. Plus, when we go back Dumbledore will probably do something so you don’t remember us. Just to make sure the future doesn’t change.”

“I figured as much, but I was kinda hoping we could change some of it so we could all be together in the future because it’s pretty messed up.”

“Yeah it is, but it needs to happen in order for my Dad to do what he needs to do, so everything is better in the future future you know.”

“Yeah, I was just wondering. You ready yet?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Back in the common room James and Lily were cuddling by the fireplace. It reminded me of the time a couple years ago when I walked down stairs and saw my parents doing the exact same thing. It was almost surreal how alike they looked right now. It made me sad too knowing they only had a couple years left, but it was also nice knowing this is how they were the entire time. Sadly Sirius noticed how nice they looked and decided it was best if he jumped over the couch and landed in their laps.

“Well this is cozy. Don’t you think so?”

“Super cozy.”

“No need for sarcasm my dear Lily. I’ll just, sniff, get up, sniff.” He slowly got up off the couch while clutching at his heart and pretending to cry.

“Padfoot you are so dramatic.”

“Thank you.” He bowed just as dramatically.

“Enough tom foolery, we must go see Remus now,” I said.

“Tom foolery? You fit in so nicely with these two,” Lily sarcastically said. What’s with her and snide remarks? Never pegged her for the type.

“Ron’s right, let’s go see Remus.”

We clambered put of the portrait hole and made our way silently to the hospital wing. I wonder if Remus’s mood got worse or better. I’d love to see what Madam Pomfrey would do if he started destroying the wing. Probably grow horns and shoot flames. Oh and sprout wings and fly around burning everything. Yep that would happen. We went inside and Madam Pomfrey warned us that Remus was still upset so we shouldn’t do anything to further upset him. Remus was the only patient in there and his curtains were still drawn around his bed. Lily pushed them aside and sat down on the edge of his bed. James at on the other side leaving Sirius and I to sit at the end of the bed. The cut on Remus’s face was all cleaned up and it had healed considerably. Pomfrey must have given him something. He looked like he received a calming draught and his eyes weren’t as red and puffy as before. He was sitting up looking at us and I realized he probably wanted one of us to speak first. Luckily Lily also picked up on it.

“Do you want to talk about it Remus?”

“Not really.”

“I think you should talk to us Moony. We’re your friends,” James said.

“All right I’ll talk. I’m going to kill him.”

“Seriously Remus talk to us.”

“No I’m being serious. The moment I graduate from Hogwarts I’m hunting him down and killing him. He wanted me to be like him, well that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

“Remus you are nothing like him! Your not a monster like he is. You’re a gentleman and a good person. You can’t do that. And, what about the order? When we join we can use it to find him and give your dad justice, but murdering him in cold blood is not the answer.”

Remus was going to respond, but James cut him off.

“Lily you can’t join the order. It’s too dangerous and I don’t want to loose you.”

“James do you honestly expect me to sit back and do nothing while things like this are happening everyday?”

“No I guess not. We’ll talk later.”

“Thank you.” Then they gazed lovingly at each other causing Sirius to gag and Remus to crack a smile for the first time since I saw him this morning.

“Remus are you really going to kill him?” I asked.

“No. I guess I was over reacting. My dad wouldn’t want me to become a monster. My mom might be disappointed though. She wants Fenrir on a plaque over our fireplace. But she won’t do anything because she’s too gentle. If you can believe that.”

We all laughed, rather nervously, and Pomfrey came back out to check over Remus’s various cuts and bruises. She said they were all healing fast, thanks to the magic salve, and he could leave whenever he felt ready, but he was to come back if the cuts reappeared or if he didn’t feel like being in public. Remus thanked her and we helped him get up. Someone had brought him a change of clothes since he was no longer in his pajamas. It was almost lunch and we were all starving, none of us having gotten breakfast, so we decided to head down to the Great Hall early. Maybe we’ll run into Lily and Brandon and I can question them about what they’ve been doing all day. Yep that sounds good. James and Sirius had to help Remus walk since his feet were still a little raw. His face turned red from having to be helped due to his self inflicted injuries. Lily smiled encouragingly at him and his face went slightly back to normal.

The Hall was already open so we just strolled right in to our spots in the middle of the table. I sat next to Lily and on the other side James and Sirius sat with Remus between them. For some weird reason they were serving tacos. I have never seen tacos at Hogwarts ever. The house elves must be feeling a little spontaneous. And Mexican. I tried looking for Lily at the table, but I couldn’t find her. I saw Brandon though and he had a black eye. What did he do to Lily?!?! I jumped out of my seat so fast I almost took the entire bench with me. Before I could storm over Lily grabbed my arm and pulled me back down.

“Ron what are you doing?”

“That blonde prat, Brandon, has a black eye and I want to know what he did to Lil-Hermione for her to do that to him. Now let go so I can nicely persuade him to tell me.”

“Calm down. Hermione’s over there at the Slytherin table with Severus and she looks fine. You can ask her what happened later. Don’t make a scene. It’ll probably make everything worse.”

“Can you stop being the voice of reason for one second and just let a guy make a fool of himself?”

“No. Now sit down and shut up.”

“Bleh. Who says I have to listen to you?”

“Do what she says Ron. Trust me,” James said.

“Fine, but I want you all to know that I am sitting down because I want to. Not because she told me to.”

“Sure, sure.”

I stuck my tongue out at her while I sat down and put some bloody random tacos on my plate. I swear if he hurt her there will be hell to pay.

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