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Fragile Heart by suria
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three
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Hermione woke up earlier than usual. She was lying down on her bed with her puffy eyes staring blankly at the ceiling when the dawn broke. She felt so exhausted, mentally exhausted.

Everything seemed like a dream, a nightmare to her. The guy that she trusted the most, the one that she relied on whenever she needs someone, the one that inspired her to work extra hard for the sake of having a good future family with him, the only one that she ever gave her heart to, betrayed her in a way that she never ever imagine.

“I guess that’s what cruelty of life meant,” she whispered to herself. She gets up and went to her study table, took out her History textbook and prepared her quill and parchment.

She read the book, pages by pages and she started memorizing all the facts with her hand busy writing the notes hoping to chase away all the thoughts of Ron out of her mind.

The louder she mumbled about the facts and the chronologies of the Ancient Magic World, the clearer the image of Ron in her mind. One by one, their memories appeared like crazy. Their first meeting, their funny and lovely moments, the moment when Ron kissed Lavender, the moment she cried on the staircase, the moment when he confessed to her until last night when her heart shattered into pieces.

She closed her eyes tightly, holding back the tears that seemed unstoppable. Her hands were trembling and the ink on the quill started to drop on the parchment causing a big black spot.

Hermione, I love you. His words were lingering around her mind no matter how hard she tried to forget him. Hermione gripped tightly on the quill, too tight that it broke.

Suddenly, someone opened the door and it was Ginny, still in her pajama. She ran forward, and hugged Hermione.

“Mione, I’m so sorry… I didn’t know… I just found out from Harry,” Ginny’s eyes started to became teary. She hated the fact that it was her brother that crushed her best friend.

However, her presence and her words didn’t seem to reach Hermione. She was still indulging herself in memorizing everything, louder and louder. Hot tears streamed down from her tightly-closed eyes. Ginny sobbed even louder watching her.

She shook her and stroked her hair.

“Hermione, please don’t be like this. If you feel like crying, let it out. I’m here for you. Please stop…” Ginny placed her palms on Hermione’s cheek but nothing changed. Ginny rubbed her back.

Even though she did nothing wrong, but she felt guilty for not being observing enough about her brother. She shouldn’t let him broke her heart.

After a while, Hermione shoved Ginny away, stood up and took her towel,

“I’m taking my bath now, better get prepared early for class, see you later.” She smiled weakly and left Ginny sobbing silently.


Hermione didn’t take her breakfast that day. Ron was waiting agitatedly for her on the Gryffindor’s table. His eyes were wildly looking at anyone who stepped inside the Great Hall.

Ginny rushed inside with her fuming eyes. She came to Ron and pulled him by his collar.

“HOW DARE YOU!!!” she yelled at him. Her yell drew people’s attention. Luckily, there were only a few students who were having their breakfast as it was still early.

Everyone stopped having their meal and watched them attentively including Draco at the Slytherin’s table.

“What’s with you?” Ron tried to push her but she grabbed his collar even harder.

“YOU BROKE HER HEART, RONALD!” Ginny yelled as loud as she could. She had never felt that angry to Ron before. She couldn’t imagine that the guy who would do anything to get Hermione before was the same guy that disgusted her right then.

Ron pushed her and yelled back at her.

“STOP BUTTING IN, YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT US!!!” Ron stared at Ginny before leaving The Great Hall in anger.

Draco who witnessed the fight from the Slytherin’s table was trying his best not to bother but his mind kept racing back to the day when he saw Hermione Granger scream like crazy in the Room of Requirement.

“Did they break up?” He thought to himself. If that’s the case, then it must be that Weasel’s fault. That girl didn’t even know how to cheat. Why should I care? Got nothing to do with me anyway.

He continued to eat his toast and pancake but the image of hysteria Hermione in his mind scared him.


It was potion class. Hermione who came extra early had a brief reading on their lesson that day. Even though her mind couldn’t concentrate on the reading, she kept on forcing herself to read everything.

In a while, the guy that crushed her heart will come to the class. How to face him? What should I do? How should I react? Those thoughts seemed to have no answer for her.

After 10 minutes, the class began to full with students. Ron came in with guilty expression when he saw Hermione. Hermione turned her gaze around and acted like she didn’t see him. He approached Hermione and took a seat next to her.

“How dare you sit here?” She said sternly, standing up, taking all her stuff and moved to an empty seat at the back. She didn’t even care that the one who sit next to the empty seat was Draco Malfoy. Draco was shocked to see her next to him but didn’t stop her when he saw her puffy eyes. A funny feeling struck him inside. For the first time in his life, he pities those clear, brown eyes.

The class began and apparently they have to do a pair job and the one who sit next to them will be a partner automatically.

“See what have you done? Now I have to be your partner,” Draco said naturally even though he didn’t really mind to have her as partner.

Hermione rolled her eyes.

“Shut up, Malfoy. It’s not like I want to be with you. Just do everything faster and we’ll be free from each other. Okay little ferret?” She said while setting up everything for the potion. Draco came helping her with all the items needed. (which was unexpected)

They couldn’t help but to fight along the class. They fought about almost everything, the cauldron, the ingredients, the size of the cutting and even the way of stirring.

“Can’t you read? It says here stir it clockwise, pinhead!” Hermione scolded him.

“Excuse me, Ginger! So sorry to disappoint you but it’s a basic knowledge to know that for the best result, the potion should be stirred in the opposite direction once before the actual direction to achieve an even solubility.” Draco said arrogantly. Both of them stared at each other furiously before turning their head away abruptly.

On that time, Ron came to her, trying to pull her wrist.

“Mione, listen first.” Hermione pushed him away and ignored him.


“Go away!” Hermione said without even looking at him. She was hurting inside and her eyes began to feel hot but she didn’t want to cry in front of anyone.

“Weasel, you better check on your potion. It seems ‘horrendous’. You should know better how important it is for you to have a good grade to help your parents out of poverty, right?” Draco said while his lips curved into his famous smirk.

Ron’s face turned red but he didn’t have any interest to entertain Draco. The only thing that matter that time was Hermione. He glared at Draco before leaving for his table.

Draco peeked at Hermione’s face. Her eyes glistened with tears which she tried to hide with her hair. Hesitantly, Draco took out a hankie out from his back pocket and gave it to Hermione. She took it with her trembling hand and muttered out a small ‘Thank You’.

The class dismissed and Hermione rushed out to avoid Ron. Draco trailed her step until she was out of his sight.


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