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Secrets of Lovers and Friends by Spaz
Chapter 2 : The First Signs
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Draco and I walked through the halls happily, hand in hand. The others had already gone down for breakfast.

"Last night was nice." I said smiling.

"Yeah, it was, but I just wish it was you" Draco said.

"Well, you could have made it warmer, it is the Room of Requirement." I stated.

Draco stopped and pressed me against the nearest wall. "Not that kind of hot, Jo." He whispered. "I meant hot between you and me. We haven't had sex in a month and I've been craving you like hell."

"Well, we'll have to fix that craving tonight, won't we?" I asked.

"I was thinking more like at break. Waiting for tonight isn't an option. It's a miracle I've even waited this long."

I smirked, loving how desperate I made him. "Then I suppose we can fix it during the break instead."

"Or what about right now?" He asked.

"And skip breakfast? I don't think so. I'm gonna need some energy, don't you think?" I laughed slightly.

"You're right, I'll need mine too. What I'm going to do to you, it's gonna take a lot of energy." He said kissing my neck softly.

"You keep talking like that, I just might have my way with you right here and now." I whispered.

"Stop tempting me." He breathed. "I want you bad enough as it is."

"Sorry, I'll stop." I said smiling.

"I don't want you to stop." Draco said.

"But you just told me to."

"That was supposed to be reverse physcology. It didn't work." He smiled slightly.

"That's cause you didn't do it right." I laughed. I gently pushed him away. "Let's go."

He kissed me again before we resumed walking. When we reached the doors of the Great Hall, there was new least favorite person, Tara.

"Hi Draco!" She said brightly.

"Hi Tara." Draco replied smiling.

"I was waiting for you. Just wanted to catch up." She said.

Catch up from when she last saw him yesterday? What could have possibly happened that she needed to catch up on?

"Not much has happened." He said. "We just had a little sleep over last night."

She looked slightly annoyed that she had been left out. "It was so much fun." I said leaning into Draco.

Tara looked at me for the first time. Her eyes on my neck. "What a beautiful necklace." She said.

"Draco got it for me." I gushed.

"Oh. How nice." She said, though she wasn't very convincing.

"Thanks." I said giving her a fake smile. I kissed Draco's cheek. "Come on, babe I'm hungry, remember, I need my energy." I whispered seductively.

Draco acted immediately. "Well, nice catching up, Tara, but we've got to go." I started pulling him away.

"Oh, bye. Tara said quietly.

We walked to the Slytherin table where everyone sat. Ron had been sitting with us for the last year and a half. I honestly forget that he's a Gryffindor. Snape even started warming up to him.

"Here come our schedules." Blaise said.

I received mine. We all always made sure to have the same classes. "Everyone have Charms first, then Transfiguration, then break, then lunch, then Potions and then Herbology?" I asked.

"Yes." They all chorused.

"Perfect." I smiled.

This is not perfect at all. What the hell is Tara doing standing outside the Charms classroom?! Pansy and I exchanged glances.

Tara smiled widely and waved vigorously at Draco as we approached. "Hi Paper Boy." She smiled.

A smile came across Draco's face. "Messenger Girl, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here for Charms of course." She said.

"But you're not a seventh year." I said hoping she just had her schedule mixed up.

"I know." She answered smugly. "But Professor Flitwick feels that sixth year Charms is too remedial for me. Professor Snape feels the same way about Potions."

"That's brilliant, you're brilliant!" Draco exclaimed. I racked my brains. Not once had Draco ever called me brillant.

"Aww, thanks." Tara smiled. I hate her, I decided. I really hate her.

"No problem." Draco said letting go of my hand and placing it on her arm, smiling.

My eyes narrowed at his hand on her. My boyfriend does not need to be touching this girl. And my hand now felt empty.

Tara was blushing at his hands on her. I cleared my throat loudly and Draco dropped his hand and everyone looked at me. "Sorry, something caught in my throat." I said.

Draco put his arm around me. "Are you okay, that sounded a little painful."

"It's fine" I smiled. "I think I got rid of it." I managed to keep my eyes from flicking towards Tara the 'it' in question.

He leaned his head down and whispered in my ear. "You'll be fine for break right?"

"Of course. Nothing can keep me away from you." I whispered back, my eyes on Tara.

We tried to make our table look full, we really did. By 'we' I mean me Pansy, Blaise and Ron. We didn't want Tara sitting with us. But that didn't stop that stupid bitch from taking the seat across from Draco and next to Blaise.

Blaise gave us an annoyed look to which Pansy and giggled and Ron smirked.

"What?" Draco asked.

"Nothing." We all said.

"It couldn't have been nothing if you guys were laughing." Tara said. "What was so funny?"

I'm sorry, when did it become her business what was funny? "Just an inside joke." I said.

"Oh." Tara answered.

Professor Flitwick started talking and as usual I didn't listen. Draco and I were playing the game in which he attempts to put his hand in my skirt under the table and I attempted to stop him. I never won except when I was mad at him.

As we did that, Tara stared at us weirdly. Probably because I was squirming and giggling and Draco was laughing and moving his hand around. She looked under the table and came back up with a disgusted look on her face. Serves her right.

After five minutes Draco had beat me and I looked to see what the others were doing. Pansy and Ron were whispering to eachother and occasionally kissing. Blaise was actually listening to Flitwick. He's the one who explains things to us. And Tara was watching me and Draco with a scowl. I'll give her something to scowl about.

I put my lips to Draco's ear and pulled it gently, knowing I was turning him on. I released his ear and slowly kissed down his neck. "I can't wait for break." I whispered.

Draco turned his face towards me and kissed me hard, deepening the kiss immediatly. His tongue glided smoothly over mine as he caressed my thigh. I knew Tara was definitely scowling now.

"Um Ms. Fieran Mr. Malfoy can you not do that while I'm speaking." Professor Flitwick squeaked.

We broke apart. "Sorry Professor, I can't keep my hands off of him." I said. A few people laughed and someone wolf whistled. Draco smirked and gave me a quick kiss.

Tara again looked disgusted. "Something wrong Tara?" I asked.

"Nope." She said plastering a smile on her face. "Nothing at all."

We were assigned group work five minutes later. Blaise explained what we were doing but I still didn't get it. I was sent to get a box of bunnies though. We were performing some charm on them.

When I came back, Tara had a smile on her face, as did Draco. That bothered me greatly. I sat down eyeing them suspiciously. Draco kept moving his legs and grinning.

Pansy caught my attention and mouthed. "Look under the table." So I did. Draco and Tara were playing footsies. No one plays footsies with my boyfriend but me!

So I did the only rational thing, I kicked Tara hard. She winced. "Ow, who kicked me?"

I put in my most innocent voice. "Oops sorry, I was having a foot spasm."

Pansy, Blaise and Ron choked back laughs. "It's fine." Tara replied rubbing her leg. I'll tell you one thing. She didn't play footsies with my boyfriend again.

Finally break came and I was going to have Draco all to myself. On our way to the Room of Requirement, we ran into Tara which I don't think was coincidence.

"Hey what are you guys up to?" She asked.

"Some very much needed alone time." I answered.

"Oh, I was hoping I could hang out with you guys." She said in disappointment.

"Sorry Tara, but Jo and I have to take care of." Draco said.

She seemed to get the hint. "Right. Um see you later then." She walked away. We continued on our way. When we arrived, Draco threw his bag on the floor and walked up to me, unbuttoning my shirt.

"Woah." I said stepping away. "We're not even going to lead up to that with a little kissing you're just going in straight for the kill?"

"Sorry." Draco said. "But Jo, I want you bad."

"Well, take your time. You've got lots of it." I whispered kissing him. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him as he walked over to the bed. He laid me down.

"I've been waiting so long for this." He whispered as he finished unbuttoning my shirt. "I missed your body so damn much." He kissed my stomache softly.

"That's it?" I teased. "Not my personality?"

"Shut up, you know I missed everything about you. I fucking love you. You know that, right?" He asked looking me straight in the eye.

"Of course I do." I said.

"Good and don't you ever forget it." Draco said. He kissed me passionately.

Fuck what I said before, I wanted to go in straight for the kill. I quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off him.

"What happened to 'take your time'?" He asked against my lips.

"Forget I ever said it." I responded. He listened and before I knew it our clothes were scattered around the floor and we were making love for the first time in a month.

Oh how I had missed this. I missed his touch and his body and the way we were so in sync and how he held me down the entire time as though I would escape. I missed everything.

"You were amazing." Draco whispered as he kissed every inch of me.

"You weren't too bad yourself." I said smiling. His chin rested on my chest and he looked up at me.

"I was fantastic and you know it."

"Fine you were fantastic." I said.

"I know." He smirked as he moved up to kiss me. "So are we coming back here tonight?" He asked grinning.

"I don't see why not." I said I smiled.

"Good cause I still have that craving." Draco said quietly drawing little circles on my stomache with his finger.

"How?" I asked. "I mean after that."

"It's never enough with you, love." He said. "I will always want more from you."

"Does that mean I'm not good enough?" I asked.

"No, it means you're too good. You can never have too much of a good thing."

I laughed slightly. "Good answer." I said.

He shrugged. "I know."

I rolled my eyes as he kissed me again. "Mmm." He said softly as he pulled away.

"I'm hungry." I whispered.

"I'm turned on." He whispered back.

"Ha ha. Very cute." I said sarcastically.

"I thought so."

"Baby." I pouted.

"Fine you win we'll go eat. I just can't say no to you, Jo." He kissed my nose and then got off of me.

After lunch was Potions which was immediately ruined because Tara was also in that class. She's like a pest that won't go away. As we stood around waiting for Snape, Pansy spoke.

"Jolina, you are glowing." She said.

"What do you mean?" I asked innocently.

"I mean we all know what you and Draco were doing during break and now you're glowing." She smirked.

"Don't know what you're talking about." Draco smirked also.

"You were giving her the best experience of her life, weren't you mate?" Ron asked laughing.

"I didn't want to mention it, but yeah." Draco said.

I elbowed him. "I meant no, no I wasn't." He said quickly.

"Oh shut up." I muttered.

"Sorry, babe, I'll make it up to you tonight." He whispered.

"Oooh, tonight!" Blaise teased.

"Screw you all." I said.

"Well you already screwed Draco why not everyone else?" Tara added in.

I laughed out of anger. "You're right, I have screwed Draco and I'm doing it again tonight. And tomorrow." I said.

Draco seemed oblivious to my anger. He kissed my cheek. "That's right babe."

I gave Tara a smug look as she glared. I don't know who this girl thinks she is trying to swoop in and crush on my boyfriend. After all I went through to get him I wasn't going to let some a little girl come and ruin everything.

"She likes him you know." Pansy said.

"Yeah I know. You'd have to be blind and deaf not to know that." I answered.

"Then what is Draco?" She asked.

I laughed. "I don't know. But I hope he keeps being that. I'd rather he remain clueless."

"Why? It's not like he'll cheat."

"I know, but at least this way he won't be tempted." I said.

"Good point." Pansy said.

"Oh wow, look at her." I gestured to Tara. She was staring at Draco as he, Ron and Blaise goofed around. "Could she be anymore obvious?"

We watched as Tara walked over to him. Ron and Blaise exchanged eye rolls. Her and Draco talked and then laughed. She put her hand on his arm and stepped closer.

I tensed up and Pansy grabbed my shoulder to keep me from atttacking. "Don't. It will only make yourself look bad."

Tara finally walked away. She gave me a smirk in the process. "Oh shit." Pansy said.

"What?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"That was it. One of the first signs." She said.

"First signs of what?" I asked confused.

"That she not only likes Draco but she's gonna try to steal him away."

"She wouldn't dare." I said.

"You saw for yourself, she's acting on her crush on him." Pansy said.

"No." I said. "She's not stealing Draco away from me."

I walked over to Draco and kissed him hard on the mouth. "Just wanted to remind you that I love you."

"I love you too, babe." He said grinning.

"Good." I kissed him again and walked away, making sure to give Tara a smirk. She gave me a dirty look and then turned away.

"If she thinks she can steal my boyfriend she's sorely mistaken." I said to Pansy. "Draco is mine."

A/N: Hi. Sorry if I took a long time to put this up. Anyways what do you think? Do you think Draco would ever cheat on Jo with Tara? Will Tara fight back? You'll see in the next chapter. Please review. Thanks for reading. :)

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