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It Was Supposed to Be... by Sairahi
Chapter 46 : The End
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 Chapter  45; the end

            Hermione looked at her hands. They still looked the same after all these years; slightly more bruised than what they had been, but in essences still the same. Hermione shook her hands from her keyboard not believing it was over; she had written down her story. Writing Harry’s story was easy; this however was an unknown challenge. How do you write without pride when all she wanted to tell her story. Not to make anyone look down on her or Ron, but let the world in on what happened to the war hero’s with the supposed’s hanging over they head; how life still can eat you alive and spit you out a new person even if you are famous and think you have it all figured out, but in the end only to become a better version of yourself to give to the world.


            A smile displayed itself proudly as each of Hermione’s fingers hit the keys to her last sentence of her story. Her life felt like it so far had four chapters in it; pre and post war, then her life with Draco raising two wonderful children; who became bright stars of their own. Her eyes fell on to the picture that hung on the wall that told its own story; Her and Draco’s babies sitting on a blanket next to Ron and Sari’s twin boys with Harry and Ginny’s little ones playing in the back ground.  Hermione looked ahead to the future of growing old with the person she loved with all of her being and was happy with her choices; and, how fate turned out to be right in the end.


                                                                                                                                                                  Hermione stretched out her tired and stiff limbs from the arthritis that set in years ago with a slight sigh. She then got up to look in the mirror; in her mind’s eye she still was twenty something with something still to prove, but what looked back her was a familiar sight; each line that made its home of her face was well earned over time; every laugh line was accounted for with happy memories. Hermione let her mind drifted for a moment to the day Draco and she said their “I do’s” on the island of Capri with all their friends watching; then to the births of her their children; and then on to their graduations from Hogworts. She couldn’t help to think how lucky she was to find love in her life not once, but countless times now that she looked back. She had the love of two of the most wonderful men; and, had only known the love and loyalty from true friends.


           The sound of the door being opened behind her made Hermione turn to look; her was daughter peeking her head into the office. Hermione smiled in reply, losing a moment herself in her daughter eyes; the same endless blues eyes she shared with her father. She was the exact balance of the two them; getting only their best features; Draco’s fairness and her intellect.


“Mum; they’re ready for” came in a sweet song like voice


            Hermione smiled and dusted herself off. Then left arm in arm. Hermione walked along the corridors of the Malfoy manner; all of which now had held happy memoires in every corner; they walked past the library where she and Draco would read aloud together at night when they first got married. Then past another room where her babies learned to walk in and countless others where she could remember Ginny and Sari; spinning local gossip into legend. She could hear the echoes of laughter from the past bouncing of the walls. The late night card games Draco would throw or the summer BBQs where someone always drank too much and passed in a random guest room to be awaken by the little one who found it funny to see the confusion draped on their faces in the morning. But, when she hit the last step of the grand staircase her breathe got stuck in her chest, Hermione looked at her family with a sense of Zen. Everything was just as it was supposed to be.


            Hermione’s eyes scanned the room to see Justice and his son who was almost a head taller than he was keeping an eye on the guests that were pouring into the main hall. Ginny was fussing over her three grandsons with Harry standing next to her with a warm smile on his face. Ron was leaning into Harry sharing some secrete that they only knew or care about; with an arm around Sari while their set of red haired twins talked a mile a minute to Draco’s  and her son.


           The moment they all saw Hermione coming, everyone in the room silenced and started to clap. The noise was deafening. Hermione hated the attention; but, she knew would be disappointing everyone else in the room if she didn’t let them give her moment. In the moment of the roaring crowd Hermione thought back to all those years ago when she was lost little girl and now how righteous love won in the end. She could see the insecure girl she had been and women she became after her life had really started. How Ron gave her a good foundation to build love upon and how the universe had a plan of its own. Back then if someone would have asked her what it would take to make her truly happy she would have looked at them with a blank stare; now she knew differently. Now, she knew all that she had ever wanted was happy family.  Especially, after reliving the start of her and Draco’s life together while writing her own story, it made her appreciate all of what she had and went have been through. It could have all gone horribly wrong, but in the end it all was just as it was supposed to be.


             Each one person in the room had been somehow touch by her life and wanted to show how thankful they were. From the little group of house elves that stood in the corner of the room who want to thank her for all of her ‘spew’ work and a group of single mother of muggle born witches and wizards who now had help from the ministry to pay medical bills or go after wayward fathers.  Hermione could barely believe that they were all there for just her. She had never set out to gain the respect of the wizarding community, but in the end received more support than she could have thought was possible.  The smiled widened on her face at the thought of being the first muggle born to receive this honor; but, it was the look in Draco’s eyes looking up at her that made the moment divine. In his eyes she could see all her strengths and faults reflected back at her. His love gave her what she needed to become the person she was today.  With that and a deep breathe Hermione took one last look at the people who made her what she was and thanked each one of them in her head and heart.  


                 Then Hermione turned to see her husband of thirty plus years smiling back at her  while she stepped up to the podium to receive her lifetime achievement award from the International Magic Society with the world and her family watching. All the events that had happened to make this day possible flashed through her head while she took the final steps; a feeling of excitement began to buzz inside of her. Hermione was closing the door on one chapter and thought of starting the next fueled her. Then with one last look in Draco’s direction she took a deep breathe, and started the next and final chapter with all the people she loved in the world supporting her. Hermione knew now to trust fate, because in the end all the proof was looking back at her from the faces of the people she loved most in the world; there was nothing that could have been said to change Hermione’s mind. In the end the supposed’s won out, because in the end everything was just as it was supposed to be. Hermione had everything she had ever wanted; true love, good friends and a happy family. In the end if she had a chance to go back and do it all again; she wouldn’t change a thing.


The end.



A/N:   So, that's it. Sorry its a short chapter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking this long winded journey with me. It's been fun. I have learned so much in the year  that it has taken me to write this fic. When life got hard this became my escape. I am sorry for the POV changes and the grammar mistakes. In time they will be fixed. It was an experience that I will never forget. I really want each one of you that has read my fic to know how thankful I am that fellow 'potter-heads' took this ride with me. Thank you for your support, thank you for the love that has been sent, and thank you for the time you gave up from your busy lives to read my fic. Hopefully, I didn't go too far out of the HP box. In the end I know the last chapter could have been better, but all good things must come to an end. So, I thought it was better to have a finite ending, than a detailed explanation of what happened next. I had real trouble with ending this fic. It had so manys way it could have gone. Tragic with Sari' dying and Ron's living out his life with the karma of cheating. But, I guess I am just a sap; couldn't do it. I want a happy ending, so in turn I made it a happy ending for them. Hermione and Draco have both been through a lot. It was thier turn for happiness. I hope you enjoyed the ride. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.




BTW: let me know what you think by dropping me a line.







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