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A Green Rose by Moaning Myrtle 7
Chapter 9 : Working With Miss Weasley
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Scorpius piled his books up and shoved them into the corner of his desk. ‘Numerology and Grammatica Advanced’ was on top of the pile, its purple cover shabby and ripped.

The seat beside Scorpius was empty, no matter how much he wished it wasn’t. He had got to Arithmancy ten minutes early, but she wasn’t there and he was forced to wait alone. Professor Vector was so shocked at his punctuality that she had to go back to the staff room and fix herself a chamomile tea.

Scorpius looked up as people began to file in, none of them with the distinctive hair he was looking for.

He knew that this desperation to see her was wrong; after all, he had a girlfriend who cared about him. Yet, there was something about her that had seized his attention. Ever since that Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson he had looked upon her with a respect he had never really felt for anyone. Not only was she incredibly powerful in her magic, the fervour with which all the spells were directed made him more engrossed in their duel. He had been in many duels, but had only sought to deflect the mediocre curses sent at him, and to send one or two counter-curses of his own to seal his victory. With Rose, he invested much more effort, returning spells with the same fervour as her.

With Tabitha… He didn’t feel the same.

‘Hi,’ Rose appeared beside him and breathlessly took her seat. She pulled out the same textbook that he had, placing an inkpot and quill on top of it.

‘Hi… how… how are you?’ Scorpius tried to smile casually, his face morphing so that it appeared he was in severe pain.

‘I’m fine- you?’

‘Not bad- I-’

‘Now, class, could I have your attention please.’ Professor Vector clapped her hands at the front as Scorpius rolled his eyes. He hated being interrupted. ‘Today you will be starting a project that will last for a few weeks. You’ll be working in pairs,’ the class started to murmur as they looked around for a partner, ‘based on the people sitting next to you.’ The class groaned. Rose smiled at Scorpius, who smiled back awkwardly. ‘You have to complete this booklet of work; it has instructions of what to do inside. You may begin.’ Professor Vector tapped her wand on the pile of books on her desk and a copy flew to each pair.

Rose opened the booklet and began filling out the first number grid.

‘That should be a 7.’ The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them, all he could do was press his lips together and wait for her to yell at him.

‘Oh yeah. Thanks.’ Rose rectified her mistake, leaving Scorpius astounded. If someone had corrected him like that they would have a stump on their neck where their head should be before they had time to blink. And he thought he knew Rose enough to expect the same reaction.

They sat in silence as she finished the grid, and Scorpius watched in amazement at the speed with which she did this. She pushed the booklet to him and he started on the grid on the next page.

‘No, wait. See, when 6 is here,’ Rose pointed to the box with the number 6, ‘you put the 2 beside it. But only if 5 and 4 are in the same column…’ Rose trailed off as she realised she was leaning over quite a bit. Rose and Scorpius’ faces were inches from each other, and Scorpius was brought back to that archway- even though he’d vowed to forget it. This time, he didn’t want to pull away, and wanted to look into her deep blue eyes uninterrupted. Tabitha didn’t have such mesmerising eyes- hers were a murky brown. If Scorpius knew what he was thinking, he probably would have stopped himself, but he couldn’t focus on anything but her. She was so beautiful.

Then Rose quickly looked back at their work, as if she knew what Scorpius was thinking, as if she knew she was thinking the same things.

She fixed the mistake he had made, and sat back to allow him to finish.

Half an hour, and five mistakes later, Scorpius handed the grid back to Rose finished.

‘You’re so much better at this than I am…’

‘No, I’m not really- it’s just I like to show off.’ Scorpius laughed, causing Rose to look at him. He had laughed at something she’d said- what was going on? They sat in silence, the laugh hanging in the air like a bad smell. Scorpius drummed his fingers on the desk. Rose searched for something, anything, to break the tension.

‘So, how’s it going with Tabitha…?’ Rose heard the sentence as if someone else had said it, hoping Scorpius wouldn’t notice how high-pitched her voice was. Rose cursed her stupid mouth. Why did it have to pick that, of all small talk?

‘Good, don’t worry; I took note of what you said in Pip’s office. I’m not going to be breaking her heart anytime soon.’

‘Good, good,’ Rose exhaled slowly; he didn’t appear to be reading too much into it.

Scorpius couldn’t believe she had asked that. She had tried to slip it in as discreetly as possible, but she couldn’t hide the hope in her voice. Had she heard it too? Scorpius implored her to change the subject.

‘How was your detention?’

‘What, with Pip?’ Rose nodded. ‘It was fine, boring though. He made me erase the doodles in some old textbooks. What did he make you do?’

‘Oh, I was lucky- he took me to Hagrid so that I could go with him into the Forest to cut down some problem trees. My mum did the same in her first year so he mainly told me about that. It was when the unicorns were killed and they went to find who killed them. I’ve already heard the story, but Hagrid seemed to be enjoying himself so I didn’t say anything. Hey, wasn’t your dad at that detention as well?’

‘Um, yeah, I think so.’ Scorpius looked down at his lap.

‘Has he never told you about it?’

‘Well, my father and I, we don’t exactly… talk often.’ Rose put her quill down slowly.

‘Oh… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked-‘

‘No, it’s fine… You didn’t know- how much of an idiot he is.’ Scorpius tried to smile, another forced smile trying to reassure someone that his relationship with Draco Malfoy hadn’t scarred him. Then the smile evaporated, his shoulders slumped, and he looked away from Rose and her pitied gaze.

Then she surprised him.

Under the table, she took his hand and squeezed it.

Scorpius looked up and smiled properly.

Her hand was still in his.


Author’s Note:

That was difficult. They actually had a proper conversation without fighting… And……… What did you think? Like it/Love it/Hate it?

May I apologise for the sickly sweet ending. I can see the sun so I thought it would be nice if they didn’t hate each other for a chapter!

Thank you for reading this- at the time of writing 2025 people have read this story. Or at least 253.125 of you have read all eight chapters. Whichever, I still think all of you are awesome, and I write this for you!

Please leave a review to tell me what you thought and what you’d like to see in the future.

:-) xxx

P.S. Hope you are enjoying summer!!

P.P.S. Sorry for the lame chapter name... ;)

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A Green Rose: Working With Miss Weasley


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