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Catching James Potter by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 2 : Grown Up
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A/N: Hey Everyone! Second chapter up! Woop woop! I've gotten up to chapter nine written and they are going to be up ASAP. I am so so so sorry that this chapter is another filler. The next chapter really gets into the story! Enjoy! :)




amazing chapter image by thalia @tda!


As I searched for my quills around my room on the 31st of August, I couldn’t happen to be excited. Tomorrow I would be on my way back to Hogwarts for my sixth year. Four years had passed since that awful first meeting with James. Though, my feelings for him were as bad ever. Every time I saw him, my heart skipped a beat and I dreamed of the idea of me in James’ arms in the shade of a tree near the lake. So far, though, in the past four years I had completed one and three quarters of my five steps, to my fool-proof plan to get James Potter.

The first step I had completed sounded easier than done. Step One was;

Transforming ugly Mae Flick, into the girl where everyone stops and stares. A.K.A beautiful.

From the end of my second year I had been working so hard on changing my ugly self to the most beautiful girl to ever walk through the grounds of Hogwarts. I altered my school uniform to be short, tight and sexy, and changed my childish school shoes first to ballet flats, then to a range of different high heels. I had begun to cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin to create it smooth and clear. When I got the occasional pimple, I used Mrs. Molar’s Five Second Pimple Remover, and true to its word removed those nasty pimples in five seconds. Make up had started to make its appearance in my fourth year at Hogwarts to bring out my eyes and to cover up my pale skin. Fake tan was also used on my arms, legs, belly and chest to remove every form of whiteness. I had spent a long time improving my fashion taste and updating my wardrobe from boring to glamorous. I was now confidant in the clothes I wore and that they looked good. I had bought a book called, Hair Enchantments: Colouring, Drying and Modelling, which had helped me dye it to a sexy auburn after a massive argument with my parents. I didn’t want to push them and ask for extensions, so I only did a tiny, unnoticeable extension.

Throughout the three years of changing my appearance, nature had helped a bit. My hair had successfully grown all the way down to the top of my bum (with the help of a hair lengthen potion that I used once a week). Nature had helped with bringing out my curves that made me stand out more than I did in second year. My hips were curved and my breasts had finally grown from a AA cup to C cup. It made my uniform tight, but it looked sexy. At the end of my fourth year, was when people had noticed how different I was, but in a good way. People had begun to actually stop and stare at me when I passed them in the hall and I had had some tough looking sixth years ask me what hair potions I used. That was when I knew that I had finally completed step one.



I laughed to myself at how long it had taken for me to look how I wanted, when now it took half an hour.




I was only three quarters through step two, but I was getting a flustered, I needed things to hurry up, James was starting his seventh and final year as I began my sixth. Step Two had progressed just before I had ended my fourth year. Step Two was,




Become best friends with the 'popular' group, Dominique, Alessandria, Carolyn and Robyn.


Dominique, Alessandria, Carolyn and Robyn were the four most popular girls in my year and some of the most popular girls in school. Dominique was the leader of the pack, she was the prettiest, smartest, funniest one of them all. Dom’s hair was a soft as feathers, long, red and gorgeous. She was a Weasley, which meant freckles, but Dom suited them. She also had a huge smile. Alessandria had long flowing platinum blond hair. She was tall, toned, and fashionable. She had dated all the popular boys at school, even James Potter. She had dated him last year, but it had crumbled when he found a new, fresh girl. Carolyn had deep, black hair, which was cut at her shoulders very fashionably. Her mother was Liana Bianque, the rich fashion designer. She could afford anything. Robyn was short and stocky, Ravenclaw’s star Chaser. Her brown hair was curly and as long has her shoulder blades. She was quite pale, but it suited her well.

It was harder than I thought it was, though slowly, I was breaking through each one of the members. I had cracked Dominique first. When I had begun to hang out with them, Dominique was the person I grew closest with the quickest. I knew Dom from most of my classes and she was also in Gryffindor with me. One day, I found myself sitting in Ancient Runes with Dom sliding into the spare seat next to me laughing with me about how stupid Sally Hunter had looked stumbling in a pair of heels around the Great Hall at lunch today. Dom became my best friend, my first ever best friend. I started to share secrets with Dom that I had never told anyone. We always sat next to each other for anything, meals, lessons, studying. We became inseparable. I only realised that we had become best friends when I could use anything of hers without asking to, and she could do the same for me. We swapped beds with the other two girls in our dorm so that our beds were right next to each other’s, which was next to the window, a perfect view of the lake. 

The other three girls slowly began to include me more when they realized that I was here to stay, being best friends with Dom and all. The other three girls were from Ravenclaw, meaning that I couldn’t try to befriend them in the common room, like Dom. The next girl I cracked from that group was Carolyn. The girls were talking about fashion when I suddenly blurted out “Carolyn, I love your mother’s new range!” and they all starred at me. I thought, I’m going to have to give up! I’ve stuffed up my whole plan! But Carolyn turned to me and said,




“Really? I helped design a couple! Which ones are your favourite?” and we just started talking. For my birthday in fifth year, Carolyn gave me a pack of about 4 outfits that were from her mother’s next season range. Carolyn and I became good friends.




It had been around a month after I’d made real progress, I’d been talking and spending a lot of time with Carolyn and Dom, when I realised, I’d get nowhere if I’d only made friends with half the popular girls. But I really had to break Alessandria, it was going to be hard, so, I compromised on trying to get through Robyn.




Robyn, was the so much harder than the past two girls. She was very quiet with people she didn’t know, which was a real pain in the arse, as to make the other two my friends, I’d relied on the power of words too much. I had spent weeks of trying to smash through Robyn’s barrier, and had had no success, when a simple idea came to mind. Robyn is an absolute sucker for make overs. Being short and stocky, Robyn had told the other girls that she didn’t feel as beautiful as them. Bingo. After coming up with my idea, I asked her the next day to come to my common room with me so I could give her a huge make over. Robyn was so shocked at first, her eyes popped out and went wide, and her mouth opened up. Suddenly, I thought that I had come up with the worst idea ever, when Robyn smiled and grabbed my hands saying, “Absolutely! When should I come?” I spent the rest of that afternoon with Robyn doing mani-pedi’s, tanning, hair and makeup. I must have done an ok job, as when we were finished and she looked at her new self in the mirror- her black hair now dead straight, ultra tanned and blue nails to bring out her eyes- completely thunderstruck.




“That’s me?” she asked, her shiny lips opening in wonder.




“Yeah, do you like it?” I asked biting on my French manicured nails.




“Absolutely! It’s amazing! You really understood me, not like Alessandria- she goes way too overboard on me,” she admitted, running her hands over her skin.


“Really? That’s fantastic that I did it right, I knew you’d like it Robyn,” I said smiling at her.


"Thank you so much Mae, this means a lot to me,” and then she gave me a hug. I stood there amazed for a moment, but I quickly realised that I wasn’t hugging back.


“That’s fine, well I’ll see you tomorrow?” I asked, as she broke away and grabbed her bag.

“Yeah, I'll see you at breakfast! Bye Mae!” and she left flashing me the biggest smile ever.

When I saw her the next day at breakfast she came running up to me squealing saying that already 3 boys had complemented her on her new look and her crush- Albus Potter- had asked her out to Hogsmeade next week.


“Oh, Mae, I can’t thank you enough!” she shrieked, giving me another hug.

With three of the four girls done, I knew I was on my way. But my next victim was Alessandria, and that was going to be hard. Alessandria is very selective of the girls she’s friends with, to do with her trying to on top of the social ladder. I began to start to work on Alessandria, when our O.W.L’s popped up and I just didn’t have time. I was always studying and then trying to look my best. I finished fifth year, not finished on breaking Alessandria.

I filled my trunk with my last couple of belongings and slammed it shut. Tomorrow I would continue to break through Alessandria, and then I moved past people and to the main event, James Potter.


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Catching James Potter: Grown Up


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