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Addicted by HPluvergirl
Chapter 1 : Truth or Dare, Anyone?
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He is addicting. He's a friend. He is perfection. He is Ron Weasley.

"Alicia, do you really think I could tell him?" I ask.

"Yes Harry. We've already been over this. He accepts you being gay. Isn't there also a reason that he's never been with a girl? That could be the reason." She says. Alicia is my twin sister. But there's a difference. She's a metamorphmagus. It's pretty cool to.

"I know. But what if it isn't?"

"Then I guess he'll know and there will be no harm." It's November and we're fifteen. Ron got on the Gryffindor Qudditch team, as am I. We have gotten undressed and dressed in front of each other. Ron was really supportive of me being gay.

"Now, can I ask you a question?" I nod. "What do you think of George?"

"He's definitely good looking, but not my type."

"Okay, and good." Just then, Hermione, Fred, and George come into the room. Hermione and Fred are holding hands, like always. It was a shock when they started going out. George kisses Alicia's cheek, and she smiles.

Fred sits down, and Hermione sits next to him. She puts her head on his shoulder. Alicia gets up from her chair, George sits down, then she sits on his lap.

"So, you still thinking bout Ron?" George asks. I nod. I smile when he puts his hands on Alicia's leg and back.

"It's hard for me not to. But I try to stop sometimes."

"I've been trying to tell him he needs to grow a pair and tell Ron." Alicia says.

"Yea." Hermione says.

A few moments of silence go by. Ron comes after five minutes. "Harry, can I talk to you? Alone?"

My heart skips several beats. Just to hear him say my name makes me elated.

"Sure." He walks out of the common room, and I follow. Alicia gives me a reassuring smile before I leave.

We walk to the Room of Requirement. We go in, and it has some arm chairs and a sofa. Ron sits down on the sofa, and I sit on an armchair in front of him.

"Is something bothering you?" I ask.

"Not really. Well yea. I don't really know."

"What is it?"

"I can't exactly put it into words."

I hear a knocking on the door, and I get up to get it. It's Alicia, George, Hermione, and Fred.


"Damn a little unfriendly." Alicia says.

"We were wondering if you two would like to play truth or dare." George says.

"I'm up for it. How bout you Harry?" Ron says.


We all sit in a circle. Ron dared Fred to kiss Alicia.

"Ron, you better take that dare back." She says.


"If you don't I'll give you a really bad dare and smack the shit out of you."

"You smack me anyways."

"Yea but Fred, George, and Hermione will help."

"And I can write to mum." George says.

"Okay okay!"

"How about Ali dares someone?" I ask.

"Okay. Fine with me." Ron says.

"Well, I have an excellent dare for Ron."

"What is it?" Hermione asks.

"I dare Ron to kiss Harry." My jaw drops. Hermione and Fred whispers to each other. George starts laughing and Alicia smiles.

Ron shrugs and smiles slightly. We stand up and face each other. My heart stops for a minute. I get closer to him. He grabs my hips, and kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck. He licks my lips, and I part them. His tongue caresses mine. Gentle, yet firm. It's completely amazing. Exactly as I imagined it.

After what seemed like an eternity, we broke apart. Completely actually.

"Now that's what I call a tearjerking kiss." Alicia says.

"Definitely." Hermione says. I turn to look at them. I flip them off.

"You can't Harry. I'm your sister, you don't fuck girls, and Fred and George are taken."

"Haha." I say sarcastically.

"Harry, I seriously have to tell you something." Ron says.

He drags me out of the room and into an empty classroom.

"Okay Ron what the hell is going on?"

But he didn't answer my question. Well not the way I expected him to. He pushes me up against the door. He presses his lips against mine. My body melts into his. His hips are pressed against mine.

I can feel his hands going around my waist.

A/N I have to give a special thanks to an author on this website. Cara_Nicole_Luvitz is a fantastic author, and she is the reason I wrote this story. She is the whole reason I started reading and writing slash stories. Thanks Cara! Also have to thank another author, rebecca_riddle, who got me started on this site. She's a really close friend of mine. Love ya, Becca!

Anyway, hope you like this chapter. Sorry for the cliffie though. It might be a while the next chapter. So many stories, so little time. Well, now I'm babbling on. Please leave a review. But if it isn't exactly polite, I'll be fine, but please refrain from being rude.

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