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Internal Rebellion by matchmaker29
Chapter 3 : Checkered Gold
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JK Rowling is amazing and owns everything you don't recognize!

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“Checkmate.” Nick grinned as he captured my king.



“Can’t you let me win just once Nick?”

Nick smirked. “I am sorry dearest Bryn, but you just can’t outwit my strategy. It’s all up here.” He pointed to his temple.

I rolled my eyes. “You wound me Waters. Did you forget who taught you everything you know?”

Nick is Muggle-born so when we became friends that first week of Hogwarts I decided tot each him Wizard’s chess. The second time we played, he beat me. Bloke’s not top of the class for nothing.

Nick laughed. “Yes, it was a sad day when the pupil finally beat the master. I take it you’re still not over that loss?”

“Seeing as though it was first year Nicky, I think I’ve gotten over it. I’m not one to hold grudges.”

“Could have fooled me Bryn. Have you or have you not been holding a grudge against James Potter since the first week of school?” He was half right, but I wasn’t willing to admit it.

“That’s different Nick! He constantly fuels that grudge with his everyday actions!”

Nick shrugged. “I guess, but Bryn you aren’t much better you know? Look, I roomed with the bloke for 6 years and he isn’t…that bad. Sure, sometimes he can be an arse, but he has grown up a little over the years.”

“As much as I love you Nicky, I find that very hard to believe. He still uses the same taunts, the same insults, the same everything. James Potter has not changed I can assure you that!”

 “So what started the duel last night. I heard it was particularly nasty. Nancy Collins is saying that you tried to claw his eyes out with a fork.”

I rolled my eyes. “Nancy Collins is the biggest gossip that Hogwarts has ever held. And it was just like any old fight. Except for the fact that he used my family against me again.”

I turned my head because I didn’t want to see Nick’s reaction. I knew all too well that it would be one of anger, pity, and disbelief.

“Look at me Bryn.” I did. “He knows nothing about your family life and if he did I bet he would be here groveling for forgiveness. What you have to deal with at that place, with those people. I wouldn’t wish it on my enemies.”

“I know Nick, but it just….it bothers me sometimes. I know what people think of me. I know they think I’m spoiled and well…when Potter throws that shit at me it just makes me so angry. And he knows it too! That’s what makes him such an arse! He know exactly how to push my buttons and he deliberately does it! But, what angers me most, is that I let him get the better of me. Every bloody time.”

Nick pulled me into his lap. “I’m guessing he hasn’t brought the kiss up with you.” Ah how Nick knew me so well.

I glared at the wall. “No, all he’s been doing is smirking about it like the git he is.”

“Then don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that that bugs you. Just brush off the kiss and if he asks, tell him it was a lapse in judgment.”

I smiled. Nick always knew just what to do. “Thanks Nicky, you really are too smart for your own good, you know that?”

Nick just laughed and gave me a hug.

No way am I missing group hug time!” A blonde part-veela flew at Nick and I on his couch in the head’s dorm and we all fell off of it laughing.

 “Why such tardiness Domy? Don’t we always have our Wizard chess tournament at half past three on Thursdays?” Nick teased her.

“For your information Nicholas I needed to pick up some supplies from Hogsmeade! Bryn, I have a bloody excellent idea for your hair tomorrow.” She grinned.

Dear Lord.

I sighed. “Fine, but you have to get me a chocolate croissant from the kitchens then while I’m at detention tonight.”

“YOU'RE MISSING MUGGLE BOARD GAME NIGHT?” Oh Merlin. When Nick introduced board games to us, Dominique instantly fell in love with them. Thus, every Thursday night we play one.

I shrugged. “Sorry Dom, but take it up with your cousin.”

Dom sighed dramtically. “Well at least Nick still loves me enough to keep his Thursday nights free.

If only you knew Dom. If only you knew.

While there was a slight tint to his cheeks, Nick laughed. “Don’t worry Dom, I have plenty of two person games we can play without the deserter here.”

“Hey! I am no deserter!” I protested.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I meant our convict.” Nick amended and Dom laughed.

I feigned a wound. “Abuse I tell you! Abuse!” But, the rest of us kept laughing until dinner time. I really loved my friends.



 “You know the drill.” Professor Hilch said “Polish the trophies. No magic. I’ll be back to check on you in a bit.”

 And with that Professor Hilch left me alone with Potter. Nick’s words fresh in mind, I ignored Potter and started to work diligently polishing the trophies. I could tell he was surprised. Good.

“Where did you learn to clean Baker? Been watching your maids?”

Stay. Calm.

“We’ve been doing this for years Potter.” I kept my voice completely monotone as I polished the gold.

That was sure to bug him.

Potter looked at me shocked. “Right.” He mumbled.

 Mumbled. Did I finally get the great James Potter to mumble. I deserve one of these trophies!

We worked in silence for about an hour, but occasionally I would glance up at him and my gaze would fall of his lips. Shit. I really needed to work on that. So Potter was attractive. Fine. It’s okay for me to think my enemy is attractive right? Right. So…it was okay if I kept staring at his lips. Problem solved.

My cold shoulder technique was working and I could tell Potter was getting more and more frustrated by the minute. He wanted to provoke me, I know he did, but he deserved this.

Detention finally ended and I still hadn’t said a word to Potter. If he was going to kiss me one day and then be a complete arse to me the next, then he can handle the silent treatment. Potter was already messing with my head too much by kissing me in the first place. I needed order in my life. I needed things to make sense, and having my enemy snog me was not order or sense. I was just going to call it a lapse in judgement and forget about it. Potter and I hated each other. End of story.

The night was really warm for November and as I walked down the corridors to the Gryffindor common room, so I unbuttoned the top buttons of my shirt. Its not like anyone would see me, it was one in the morning.

Oh God, it was one in the morning! I had a potions essay I hadn’t finished yet and Dom wanted me to get up early so she could try some new charm on my hair. I groaned and pulled my hair out of its pony-tail. I would have to give it time to rest if Dom was going to destroy it in a few hours. Stupid Dom. Stupid hair. Stupid detention. Stupid Potter.

“Why the groans Baker? Thinking about shagging me.” Speak of the devil.

I whirled around momentarily forgetting my cold shoulder. “That’s disgusting Potter! As if anyone would willingly do that with you!”

Potter smirked. “Well Baker, it seemed to me that you weren’t far from it the other night…”

That bastard. Of course he would bring it up now.

My eyes flashed. “Lapse in judgement Potter. I haven’t snogged in a while, so it must have been my hormones being stupid.”

Potter chuckled his annoying chuckle that made me want to beat his brains in. “I don’t know Baker, you seemed pretty willing. I know you find me attractive.”

“I was not and I don’t! That will never happen again, nor do I want it to.” And with that I turned around and stormed to the Common Room. It was supposed to work and be dramatic.

Unfortunately, I don’t have Quidditch reflexes. Potter caught my wrist and cornered me against a wall smirking. Then he seemed to take in my appearance. The first three buttons of my shirt were unbuttoned and my hair looked like sex hair having come down from the pony tail. In essence, I looked like a whore. Awesome.

The smirk fell off Potter’s face and his eyes darkened. Suddenly Potter seemed very…nervous?

My heart was beating 100 times faster than usual and then I made a huge mistake. I looked him in the eyes. Hazel met green and suddenly I was in a deserted classroom with my legs wrapped around Potter, snogging the daylights out of him. Again I felt that undeniable electric energy between us. He grabbed my arse shoving me closer to him and nipped at my lips. It was just like it was when we fought; each of us trying to one up the other, take control. Ja-Potter started kissing my ear and then my neck and I let out a moan. I bet the git would use that against me later. I’d never felt so alive in my whole life and though I couldn’t be sure I know he felt the same way.

 Thirty minutes and a hicky on his neck later, our shirts were off and he had me on a desk. That was when I finally came to my senses. I know, I have so much willpower.

I pushed Potter off me abruptly. “Potter what the hell are we doing?!”

Potter looked down at me quite annoyed that I had stopped the fun. “Snogging.”

He tried to go back down and pick up where we left off, but I sat up and pushed him away.

“We can’t just do this! I hate you and you hate me. Last I checked, snogging wasn’t exactly enemy behaviour.”

Potter pouted like a three year old throwing a tantrum. “Come oooon Baker, a little snogging doesn’t mean anything! I snog girls I don’t like all the time!

“Yes, Potter, but the difference is that all those girls worship you. I hate your guts. See the difference?”

Potter rolled his eyes and sighed. Then I saw his eyes light up. Damn, I knew that look. He had an idea. “We could just be enemies with benefits!”

I shot him a look of exasperation. “Look,” Potter turned to me “You think I’m attractive, don’t deny it, and I think you’re attractive. It’s purely physical, no strings attached. We can see other people, do whatever we want. This changes nothing between our hatred of each other. We just…satisfy a craving once in a while.”

I let the idea sink in. As much as I hated to admit it, Potter was a bloody fantastic snogger and I really wanted to snog him again. Nothing else would have to change…

 “Fine,” I said “But, I have some ground rules. First, we tell no one. I don’t want anyone thinking we feel any differently about each. Second, if I get uncomfortable with how far we go one day, we stop. You can just get one of your slags to do whatever you want later. And third, if any feeling start emerging from this, extremely doubtful, I know, we stop immediately. Agreed?” The last was the most important. Even thought I knew the chances of Potter and falling for each other were 10 trillion to one, I didn’t want to take any chances.

Potter looked at me funny for the last one, but took my hand and shook it.

“I still hate you.” He said.

I smirked at him “Feeling’s mutual.”

And thus began our arrangement.

A mistake no doubt.

Please read and review! What do think Bryn's family is like? I plan to slowly reveal that throughout the story! What about the arrangement? I would love to hear your input!
















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Internal Rebellion: Checkered Gold


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