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The Quiet Girl by whatarenargles
Chapter 6 : Katie the Match-Maker
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Katie had noticed the way James would stare at the way Remus and herself would act around each other doing coupling things. Even the small things like holding hands, gazing into each others eyes whilst having a non-verbal conversations which they understood to them having fun by pushing each other into walls and then getting their revenge by tickling them until they begged for mercy.

At first, James’ staring had made her a little uncomfortable. It felt as if he were invading on their privacy. However, on the chance that he wasn’t staring at them, he’d change to staring at Lily Evans in longing. Katie realised that what Remus and herself had was what James wanted with Lily. He did truly love her and would happily spend the rest of his life with her, making her happy.

The only glitch was that Lily absolutely hated James and wouldn’t listen to a word he’d say to her. It wasn’t that he was being horrible to her; he was trying his best to be the charming guy in the school. Actually, let’s change that to the most charming guy in the world.

The problem was that whenever he did talk to her, which was whenever she was in sight, he’d become nervous and turn into a complete jerk. He had got into a habit of always asking her out which she’d always decline. If you were observing him, you’d think James was very good at accepting rejection. However, knowing him as a friend, it would deeply hurt him but tried his best to hide it.

Katie had decided to help James out and try to fix him and Lily up or at least get them to be friends. She decided to do this because partly she felt bad having to watch James’ hurt whenever he was rejected but also because she did really want him to be happy as she had grown to care about him.

Katie and Remus were sat cuddled up on the sofa facing the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room. Remus was reading a book called the ‘Flesh Eating Tress of the World’ while Katie would also read along with her head on Remus’ shoulder. Remus read for too quickly so Katie ended up only reading small snippets of each page and had no idea what the book was going on about. Yet she was happy just to be spending time with her boyfriend.

The other Marauders were also a little away from them in the common room. Peter and Sirius were playing wizarding chess. It looked like a heated game as they were sat in concentration taking at least five minutes each before either of them made a move. James was sat near them, gazing sadly at Lily who was sat near the window by the girl’s dorms. It was obvious that he had just been rejected by her again.

“Hey, what do you think about me trying to see if I can match up Lily and James?” Katie asked Remus.


He snorted, “I think that’s nearly impossible, love. They’re not even friends.” He replied.

“I know, but I was thinking I’d give James advice on how to get her to be his friend and then soon they’ll be spending time together and Lily will soon start to like James once he starts to actually be Prince Charming.” She replied.

“I guess there’s no harm in trying. James will definitely be up for anything at this point.” He said.

“Yay! Oh, I’m so excited! I’ll probably need to start being Lily’s friend so I can guide her in the right direction. It would also help to get on more with the girls in my dorm instead of hanging around with you big goofs all the time.” She said, happily.

“Hey!” he replied, mock-angrily.

“Oh, shh. I didn’t mean you. I love spending time with you.” She said, lovingly.

Remus smiled at her whilst she asked James to come over to her. James snapped out of his daze and sat down next to them.

“What?” he asked.

“I want to help you get Lily to be your girlfriend. I want you to be happy.” She replied, kindly.

“Really? Please, I need your help. It’s not enough to just gaze at her all day.” He said, longingly.

“Yep. First off, you need to reign in your nerves. That way you won’t come off as a jerk all the time and say stupid things.” She advised him.

“Okay, although it’s really hard to do that. Once I see her dazzling red hair and her beautiful face and everything, I just let the first thing to come to my head come out.” He replied.

“Yeah, well don’t. Secondly, you need to stop asking her out. She probably thinks you’re just doing that to annoy her. Which I must say is working.” She said.


“But how am I going to get her to be my girlfriend if I don’t ask her out?” he asked, confused.

“You need to make her your friend at first before you do anything. You need to get her to trust you. So, what I suggest is you politely acknowledge her when you see her by saying her first name, not Evans, she’s not in PE. Then you go back to talking to us. Never say anything more unless she asks you a question. If she does, reply nicely and not with some stupid chat-up line.” She said, getting into it.

“What’s PE?” he asked, not taking in anything else.

“Physical Education. Basically it’s sports which you do in muggle schools. For example, they do sports like Quidditch but without the brooms and not in the air.” She said, forgetting that he was a pureblood.

“Anyway, what we’ll do is you can do a trial tomorrow morning at breakfast. That way if you do anything wrong, we can tell you so you don’t do it again.” She said.

“Okay, got it.” he replied.

“Good. Right, it’s getting late. I’m going to bed.” She said then kissed Remus and said goodnight to the others before heading up to bed.


The next morning, Katie was up and ready looking forward to seeing how James trail works after giving him the advice he needed. She was waiting impatiently for the other’s to come down from their dorm. She then remembered that girls were allowed into the boy’s dorms but not the other way around.

She bounded up the stairs, opened the door and decided on the quickest way to wake them up. But before she did, she woke Remus up with a kiss not wanting to make him angry at her. He was the easiest to wake up and was happy with the way she woke him up.

She then turned round and pointed her wand at the other three and cast the spell ‘Argumenti’ which casted them into having water dropped onto themselves which made them spring up from their beds wondering what had happened, until realising it was her that did it as she and Remus were laughing.

“What you wouldn’t wake up. Don’t you want to see James make an honest woman out of Lily Evans?” she replied to their glares.

Once she had said that, the hurried around, flustered looking for their clothes and getting into the shower.

Finally, they were all ready and walked into the Great Hall and sat down at the table. Lily hadn’t come in yet, so they started piling food onto their plates.

“Just remember what I told you do to do, and you’ll be fine. To make sure you do a good job, I’ll give you a chocolate frog everything time you do something right.” She bribed him.

“I love chocolate frogs, now I really want her to hurry up and get in here.” He said, excitedly. James obviously had a craving for chocolate like Remus.

After a few minutes, Lily and her friends came into view in the Great Hall. They were slightly late and there weren’t many seats left apart from the space next to the Marauders.

“Good morning, Lily, Alice and Marlene.” James said to them, politely which even made Katie look in surprise at the way he said it so coolly. James had them gone back to starting a conversation with Sirius about Quidditch.

“Good morning..” Lily replied, completely startled at his politeness and how he was acting completely different to how he normally would act.

James then made conversation with the girls so they weren’t left out and wisely started talking about lessons as that was a topic anyone could talk about.

“So, do you think Slughorn will let us pick our own partners in class today?” he asked.

“Doubt it. He does want house unity doesn’t he? Although it would be nice if we could pick our own for once.” Alice replied.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t want to get stuck with Patrick Knightly. I swear he has a wind problem, it’s disgusting.” Katie said, and they all erupted in laughter.

As the conversation went on, Katie noticed that Lily wasn’t saying a lot but instead staring at James in awe and wonder. This was a good sign, if James kept this up he’d be friends with her in a week. Well maybe two weeks, Lily is a hard driven woman.



The bell rang for potions and they all made their way to Slughorn’s class. Once they got there, like they suspected they weren’t allowed to choose their partners and had to line up at the back wall and wait to be called upon.

Slughorn listed off the pairs as to which he thought students would work best together. Katie ended up with Peter, Sirius with Alice, Remus with Marlene and surprisingly James with Lily.

You could see James was very happy. Lily didn’t know what to think from the way he acted this morning but it looked as if she had decided to give him a chance.

Whilst Katie and Peter worked on the potion, she kept an eye on James and how Lily was reacting to him. It seemed James was really listening to her advice and was offering to get the ingredients and chop up the messy and hard parts of the potion whilst reading out the instructions so Lily wouldn’t have to look up at the board.

They had finished the potion in good time after working really well together, so whilst they wrote up what the colours of the potion were insinuating they were quietly chatting away and seemed to be getting on well.

At the end of class, Slughorn had said James and Lily’s potion was marvellous and that he’ll be making them partners from now on. Again James was ecstatic and Lily seemed quite happy with it as well, not complaining once as she usually would.

Lily and her friends split off to go to their lesson and James came over to the others.

“You were brilliant! She’s going to fall in love with you soon if you keep this up.” Katie praised him.

“Really? She’s so lovely. I thought I’d mess it up but once we got working together, I wasn’t nervous anymore and she didn’t say one snarky comment at me!” he replied happily.

“Well you passed the trail and one chocolate frog is coming your way.” She said.

“YES!” He shouted and did a little victory dance.

He really must love those chocolate frogs…, thought Katie.


Hi, I made it longer! At least I think I did. It took me ages. If they're still not long enough let me know. REVIEWS PLEASE

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