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Warning: This Girl Is Not A People Person by heartofmagic
Chapter 6 : The Ice Queen Is Melting
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This chapter isn't perfect but i wanted to show you Effie and Scorpius as a couple so sorry in advance for the fillers..







FIVE – The Ice Queen Is Melting


Effie started officially seeing Scorpius - as soon as she stepped through the door  of the Astronomy Tower he had her in his arms.


“I missed you” he breathed in her ear as her arms reached up around his neck.


“I missed you too” She whispered back before his mouth was on hers. His kisses were addictive, Effie thought, as his tongue traced patterns against hers. His soft warm lips were the best feeling in the world. It was indescribable.


His arms wrapped around her waist, holding her against him. Her fingers entwined in the roots of his hair as her breathing quickened and her heart accelerated, she pulled him closer. The both stumbled, their lips not leaving one another, until Effie’s back was pressed up against the cold stone wall.


Scorpius’s hands slid from her waist to her legs and hoisted them up around his hips, so that he held her up against the wall. She wrapped her arms even tighter around his neck, holding him to her as the kiss deepened.


Suddenly Scorpius pulled his head back slightly, his lips leaving hers.


She looked up at him quizzically.


“I’ve just remembered; I was going to ask you if you wanted to make this official and be my girlfriend” He said, slightly out of breath, a pink tinge creeping into his cheeks.


Effie grinned broadly “Yes” she said, before pulling him back to kiss him once more.


It was true, for the first time ever Effie actually wanted a relationship rather than just someone to snog. Although admittedly; the snogging was great. However scary and new it was to her, she could not deny that she had feelings for Scorpius. She liked him a lot and she cared about him. He made her feel safe, and she trusted him. She didn’t have any secrets from him anymore.


“Yes?” He blinked.


She rolled her eyes “That’s what I said.”


“You mean, we’re a couple” he grinned.


“That, we are” Effie laughed “why do you look so stunned?”


“I never thought you’d say yes just like that. You’ve always made it clear to everyone you don’t do relationships, I thought I’d have to persuade you that I wasn’t just a random hook-up” He said.


She smiled softly “You’re not just a random hook-up to me. We did arrange to meet here, after all” She grinned wickedly and he rolled his eyes.


They had started off keeping it on the down low as neither of them were particularly fond of prying eyes, they’d meet each other at the Astronomy Tower or in empty classrooms in between classes and after dinner - but of course James sussed what was going on pretty quickly, being the interfering sod that he is.


“You’re in a relationship with Malfoy, aren’t you” He’d stated as they lounged in the common room by the fire.


Effie looked at him for a moment before sighing “Yes, I am.”


James thought about this “He’s not my favourite person, and he is a Slytherin, but if you’re happy then I suppose it doesn’t matter.”


Effie grinned “Thanks for your approval.”


He laughed “Well, this is the first guy that you’ve actually had a relationship with – because one time flings in broom cupboards don’t count – so you must like him a lot.”


She said nothing and smiled happily.


The morning after Effie admitted to him she and Scorpius were together she came down to breakfast to find that James was warning Scorpius if he ever hurt her then he would personally take it upon himself to disembowel him.


“James Sirius Potter!” Effie growled, marching over to him “if anybody’s going to be doing any disembowelling then it’s me – I don’t need you to protect me so sit your arse down before I hurt you.”


James quickly sat down at the Gryffindor table.


“So much for keeping it on the down low” Scorpius grinned, taking her in his arms.


“That’s James for you, has to make a scene out  of bloody everything” Effie rolled her eyes, planting a kiss on his lips and grinning, before going to sit with James at the Gryffindor table.


Needless to say the whole thing was watched intently by the rest of the school, all of whom seemed to be fascinated that the Gryffindor Effie Addler was dating the Slytherin Scorpius Malfoy. Although after the War house conflict decreased due to the fact that discrimination – particularly based on blood status – was strictly prohibited, it was rare that members of the two houses were very close friends and even rarer that they dated each other.


Naturally they caused quite a stir and heads turned when they walked down the corridor hand in hand. Gossiping girls collaborated everything they knew about Scorpius and everything they’d guessed about Effie and bizarre rumours spread like fiend fire.


While annoying, the rumours were all false and therefore Effie could put up with them – she had never cared what people said about her before and she certainly wasn’t going to start now. She overheard some girls in her Muggle Studies class telling each other that Effie was dating both Scorpius and James and was now pregnant – though nobody knew which of them the father was. Being with Scorpius made her happy enough that she could ignore the ridiculous stories for the most part.


One evening as they sat up in the Astronomy Tower together, Scorpius brought up the topic of where Effie was going to live.


“Are you sure you don’t want to go to your aunts?” He asked, stroking her hair as she lay in his arms.


“Yes” Effie said firmly “All she sees when she looks at me is the woman who killed her brother – even before, Adia always said I was just like my mother, before I started Hogwarts she thought I’d be in Slytherin like my Mum, even though my Dad was a Ravenclaw”


Scorpius gave her hand a squeeze. She had found that she could talk about her past, her parents and Rainie, with him. He’d coax her into talking about them – about her childhood – and he’d support her and hold her when she couldn’t talk any more.


“Well then you can come to my house for the holidays” He said “I’m not letting you spend them all on your own, and besides you don’t have a house anymore; you’ve nowhere else to go”


“I don’t want to impose on your family” She shook her head.


Scorpius took her face in his hands and looked her in the eye “My parents are always out anyway. They won’t mind if you stay – and I want you to. Please, Effie?”


Effie’s face broke out into a smile “Okay”


The only cloud threatening to rain on her parade was the evil looks she received from Ramona and several other jealous Slytherin girls. It seemed that while Scorpius’s fan base was not as extensive or desperate as James’s was, they were much more malicious.
The group of girls ambushed Effie when she entered the girl’s toilets. She emerged dripping wet, soaked right through, her hair had been turned bright blue and she had grown vampire fangs.


“I suppose it makes sense” she said bitterly as she threw herself down at the Gryffindor table with James and Scorpius beside her “it was the only place they could catch me without one of you two around”


James had been torn between amusement and anger when he’d seen her. “Don’t worry” he said “you pull off the blue-haired-vampire look very well, and all they succeeded in doing when they soaked you was giving you more male attention because your shirt’s gone see through and everyone can see your bra”


Effie smacked him.


“I can fix that” Scorpius said, giving James an unimpressed look and casting a drying charm on Effie.


“I think they said the fangs were to signify how evil and cold blooded I am, and how I’ve sunk my teeth into you” Effie said wryly “and to be honest I think they just turned my hair blue because they knew it would make me look stupid”


“You don’t look stupid” Scorpius told her.


“Yeah, you look very fetching with blue hair” James said.


Effie raised an eye brow at him.


“Well I can turn it back easily, anyway” James waved his wand and her curls returned to their original dark chocolate brown “I dunno about the teeth though, you’ll have to go to Madam Price or wait for the charm to wear off”


“I’m not walking around with these all day!” Effie cried, pointing at the fangs.


She turned to Scorpius but he was looking over his shoulder at the Slytherin table “I’ve just gotta go take care of something” he said, before getting up and walking off.


Effie knew he’d spotted the girls who’d attacked her in the toilets and she felt a bit uncomfortable having him fight her battles for her. Usually nobody dared approach her because she was so cold and intimidating – if she’d not been caught unawares and disarmed coming out of a toilet cubicle then she would have hexed said girls into oblivion - now that she was in a relationship she supposed people saw her as being a bit more compassionate, especially when they saw her with Scorpius - she couldn’t keep the smile off her face when her hand was in his.
Mind you, she thought, it was his fault the girls had targeted her in the first place, so she didn’t mind too much.


“Pass us the potatoes, Dracula” James said, smirking.


Effie hissed and bared her fangs at him. Several second years nearby whimpered and hurried to move up the table, away from her. She sighed, rolling her eyes, and marched off to the Hospital Wing to have them removed.


 *      *      *


Over the next few weeks Effie became closer to both Scorpius and James and as a result the two boys often ended up spending time together around her. This resulted in their competing against each other in everything. It was obvious that neither particularly liked the other and that they were putting up with each other for Effie’s sake.
James took great entertainment in winding Scorpius up by doing things like holding Effie’s hand as they walked down from the common room, putting his arm round her shoulders, kissing her on the cheek. All stuff he usually did light-heartedly anyway, only now he made sure Scorpius saw it when he did.


Effie smacked him away playfully when he took her hand as they walked away from Scorpius and up to their own Common Room after dinner.


“Stop winding him up, you prat” She laughed “you know he already finds it difficult knowing his girlfriend is best friends with a seventh-year boy whose dorm she spends time in.”


James pouted “But it’s fun!” he whined “anyway I’m just keeping him on his toes. If he’s intimidated by your devilishly handsome seventh-year friend then he’ll be sure to look after you properly.”


“If you keep trying to look after me I’m going to hit you” Effie growled.


James laughed “Fine, fine I’ll stop.”


The boy’s competitiveness was enhanced in the build-up to the Quiditch matches. They were both training at least twice a week – James, as Gryffindor Captain, spent a lot of time planning for said training sessions, though what he was planning, Effie wasn’t sure. James did not divulge tactics to someone who was ‘fraternising with the enemy’.


Her time was now split between Scorpius, James and very little studying.  She would spend hours up in the Astronomy Tower in Scorpius’s arms, butterflies in her stomach and electricity flowing through her skin at his touch. She felt so much more when she kissed Scorpius than she did with the other boys she’d snogged in various broom cupboards. He sent tingles across her skin and shivers down her spine.


She would return to the dorm late at night with her lipstick smudged , receiving disapproving eye rolls from Rose and intrigued looks from Frankie and Daryl. They knew better than to ask her the questions they were burning to know the answers to, though.


She had also discovered why Scorpius was in Slytherin – he could manipulate any situation to suit himself. Effie watched in awe as he smooth talked his way around teachers and other students, wondering how she had failed to notice this sly ability of his before. It also made her feel slightly uneasy: what if he was doing this to her and she didn’t realise it?
However, this was not a thought that remained in her mind for long.


It was soon a Hogsmeade weekend and Effie, of course, agreed to go with Scorpius. She couldn’t help but grin at how very cliché her life had become – she was going on a date with her official boyfriend, to Hogsmeade. Effie had never been on a date before in her life. Usually she went to Hogsmeade alone or with James. Today James was going with his girl of the week – a blonde Hufflepuff who giggled a lot – though by twelve o’ clock when she and Scorpius entered The Three Broomsticks for lunch Effie saw that he had ditched the girl and was sitting with his friends.


Scorpius sat opposite Effie and stared at her, smiling, across the table.


“What?” She asked, feeling his eyes on her.


“I was just thinking how happy I am, now that I have you in my life” He said simply.


Effie smiled “The feelings mutual”


“I liked you for a long time, you know” Scorpius told her “you always intrigued me, the way you just didn’t care what other people thought, but I never asked you out because I knew you’d say no”


“I said yes when you asked me” Effie pointed out.


“Yeah, but things were different by then. We’d already done the passionate kissing” He grinned “But I’d seen you hooking up with guys over the years and then not even speaking to them. They didn’t matter to you and I didn’t want it to be like that if you said yes to me” he frowned.


Effie studied his face “Does it bother you? That I’ve gotten with lots of different people?” she asked.


He smiled “I won’t deny that it doesn’t make me happy, but I don’t mind because I know why you did it” he took her hand across the table.


“I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of girls” She grinned playfully.


He grinned but rather than answer, leant across the table and kissed her deeply, his tongue running patterns across her mouth. When they broke apart Effie found that her head was spinning and she felt slightly dazed.


“Yup, you must have had your fair share of girls because you are damn good kisser, Scorpius” She grinned cheekily “the kind of good that only comes with practice”


Scorpius rolled his eyes “I’ll get us some more drinks”


After they’d had lunch they wandered around the shops, stocking up their sweets supplies in Honeydukes and then met James, Fred and their friends in the Hogsmeade Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes branch, a joke shop owned by Fred’s Dad.


Effie recognised Mr Weasley, despite not being particularly close to Fred, she’d been into the shop with James countless times.


“Oho!” he said, catching sight of Scorpius’s arm around Effie “someone else has got your girl, Jamesy-boy” he said to James, winking.


James rolled his eyes “We’re just friends, Uncle George. That’s her boyfriend” he indicated Scorpius.


“Ah yes, Freddy tells me you’ve got several girls on the go anyway, you naughty boy” Mr Weasley grinned, nudging James playfully.


They had a look around the shop – even though she’d been in both the Hogsmeade and the Diagon Alley shops before, they never ceased to amaze Effie with the brilliance of the products. She didn’t buy anything herself but James left with a bag heavily laden with merchandise.


“I’m going to get this stuff bag to the castle, see you later Effie” James waved goodbye and he and his friends walked off.


Effie and Scorpius wandered around the quaint village for a while longer, stopping to window shop occasionally. It was when they decided to make their way back that a woman squealed “Scorpy?!”


They turned to see a heavily made-up woman in an expensive looking skirt and jacket combo with very high heels and an enormous handbag that Effie suspected was made of Dragon skin.


“Scorpius, darling!” The woman rushed forward, beaming.


Scorpius smiled “Aunt Jaycee, good to see you, what are you doing in Hogsmeade?”


“Oh, I was interviewing a witch who’s the first person to..” she drifted off when she spotted Scorpius and Effie’s hands entwined and her eyes widened.


“Jaycee, this is my girlfriend, Effie Addler” Scorpius said “Effie this is my Aunt Jaycee Amirila”


“Nice to meet you” Effie smiled while the woman’s eyes bulged.


“Addler?” she frowned “I know that name... I read something..” She began but Scorpius hastily cut her off.


“Jaycee is a journalist” He said to Effie “She writes for Witch Weekly”


“How interesting” Effie forced a smile. She didn’t find it interesting she found it rather alarming. This woman clearly kept up to date with news and she had recognised Effie’s name. She must have heard about her parents.
The thought sent a sickening chill down Effie’s back.


“Yes, I was just in the village for business, you know” She smiled, flashing a set of startlingly white teeth “But how lovely that Scorpius has found a girlfriend – and so pretty as well, you best keep a hold of her, Scorpius” Jaycee gushed, beaming at them.


Scorpius smiled “Oh don’t worry, I will”


“I shall tell your mother about Effie here as I’m sure you’ve been keeping her from us all – ooh do you know what? We should have a little get to together and you can introduce her to everyone!” Jaycee said excitably.


“Sounds lovely” Scorpius replied, though his aunt seemed not to notice his voice dripping with sarcasm.


“Well, I best be off. I’ve got work to do – nice seeing you!” and with that she turned on the spot and Dissaparated.


Effie looked up at Scorpius in alarm.


“Don’t mind her; she’s a little full on – she’s my mother’s sister – but don’t worry about her recognising your name, I’m sure she’ll have forgotten by now anyway” he assured her.


Effie smiled “Okay” and they set off up to the castle.




Quite worried that Effie's character is fading a bit now that she's in a relationship because that is really not my intention. I want her to be different now she's with Scorpius but not an unrealistically drastic change so please let me now how that's going because at the moment I think she might be getting a little bit too nice?

Let me know and thanks for reading guys!!!


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Warning: This Girl Is Not A People Person: The Ice Queen Is Melting


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