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A Little Game Called Pretend by Dark_Angel123
Chapter 14 : Misunderstood
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Chapter 14: “Misunderstood”

Astoria could almost feel Draco glaring holes into her head, but she avoided his eyes. Instead, she focused on the occupants sitting at the table and stifled a gasp.


Who in the bloody hell invited my parents? wondered Astoria. The plan was to just tell everything to the Malfoys. She didn’t want to let her parents know about it, especially not her mother who had just started to act civil towards her. Astoria’s question was answered when her eyes landed on her older sister.


The smug look on Daphne’s face made Astoria’s blood boil. Her eyes slid to her parents and then to Astoria as if she couldn’t wait to just spill the secret. Astoria could almost hear Daphne say in her snide little voice, I’ve won, little sister.


Astoria couldn’t let her win.


As she and Draco took their seats, Lucius spoke up again. “Well, we’re all waiting to know what the special occasion is, Miss Greengrass. You seemed quite eager when you invited us,” he said, looking expectantly at the couple.


“Why don’t we all have dinner first?” Astoria suggested.


They agreed and plates full of food materialised in front of them. The smell of roasted chicken drifted to her nose and would’ve made her mouth water if Astoria had not lost her appetite completely. She looked sideways at Draco, hoping he could help her in some way but he was glaring at his food, his knuckles white from clutching his knife with such force.




How could she do this to me? Draco wondered as he simply stared at his dinner, having completely lost his appetite to eat.


He wondered what had gone wrong. Things had been going so smoothly between them, and then suddenly, it all just fell apart. Had it been planned from the beginning? Was it a ploy to further bring his reputation down? He knew Astoria wasn’t keen on his plan but he never thought she’d betray him.


I trusted her. I was just starting to lov – like her... Draco pushed his thoughts away. Now was not the time to dwell on feelings. If Astoria planned to tell his family everything, he had to stop her now.


His eyes slid towards her and found her staring at him. He couldn’t read her expression. Guilt? Triumph? Whatever it was, it didn’t matter.


I can’t trust her anymore, he thought. This has to end.


“Excuse us for a moment. I need to talk to my darling fiancée,” Draco stated as he stood up and held out a hand for Astoria to take.


Astoria looked surprised but hesitantly took his hand. He led her out of the dining hall, almost dragging her outside, clutching her hand in his so that she would have no chance to run away.


“Draco, you’re hurting me,” said Astoria, trying to pry her hand out of his.


He let go as he turned around towards her, his eyes flashing in anger. “It’s Mr Malfoy to you, Greengrass,” he spat.


He expected her to cringe or look even slightly guilty but instead, she held her head high and glared back at him.


“Fine, Malfoy. What do you want?” she asked.


“What do I want?” Draco asked incredulously. “How about you try explaining to me why the hell you invited my parents behind my back?”


“I wanted to tell them that our engagement was a farce,” Astoria answered instantly.


Draco clenched his fists. “You gave me your word that you wouldn’t,” he stated.


“That was before I realised what a lying, selfish prick you are,” she said.


I’m a lying, selfish prick?” he asked dubiously. “You were the one who was about to betray me in there!”


“But I didn’t, did I?” she retorted.


“Because you didn’t think your parents would be there too,” he snapped. It was a wild guess but he hadn’t failed to notice the surprise in her eyes when she saw her parents.


The look on Astoria’s face confirmed it. Draco widened his eyes in surprise.


“I never thought I’d see this side of you,” he murmured.


Astoria glared at him. “What? This self-preserving side?” she asked sarcastically. “I was only looking out for myself, Malfoy.”


“Oh, I didn’t know betraying someone who trusted you meant looking out for yourself.”


Trust?” Astoria asked disbelievingly. “You were planning to run off with Pansy as soon as the danger of you marrying a muggleborn had passed!” she exclaimed.


“What the hell are you talking about?”


“You can stop acting now, Malfoy,” spat Astoria. “I saw you snogging Pansy.”


For a few seconds, Draco Malfoy just stood staring dumbfounded at her.


“That’s – that’s it?” he spluttered. “That’s why you were willing to betray me in there? Do you even know why I had been snogging her?”


“Because you plan to run off with -” started Astoria.


“And who told you that?” interrupted Draco.


She didn’t answer. She simply stood glaring at him, still convinced that he was the one who had betrayed her.


“I can think with my own brains, Malfoy. You were just planning to use me as a pawn and then discard me, eventually ruining my reputation,” she told him.


Draco chuckled humourlessly. “You know what, Greengrass? You’re right,” he said, looking at her with steely grey eyes. “You’re just a pawn to me. I’m glad you finally figured it out.”


Astoria had been expecting to hear him say that, but what she did not expect were the sudden tears prickling her eyes. Draco didn’t see them for he turned his back on her and made to leave for the dining hall.


“You don’t have to pretend with me anymore. I’ll tell our families that we’re breaking up,” he muttered as he walked away.


Astoria simply watched Draco walk away with tears running down her cheeks. A sudden emptiness overtook her heart, growing with each step he took away from her. A part of her wanted to call him back, to apologise, but she held back.


What have I done? 


A/N: Extremely sorry for the late update! =( Writer's block had attacked me, plus I've had to deal with a lot of problems for the last month so writing was getting tough for me. 

Anyways, hope you're not too mad at me to leave a review! I know this chapter is way shorter than usual but I promise the next chapters are going to be longer!

Suggestions? Ideas? Anything you'd like to see in the story? =)

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