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Harry Potter; The 8th book; the Aftermath. by patronusflight14
Chapter 1 : The War is Over
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Avada Kedavra!


Just as the sun was rising, Voldemort fell backwards, dead, killed by his own rebounding curse. After a shivering moment of silence, it sunk in that Tom Riddle was really dead. The entire Great Hall burst into cheers. Everyone thundered towards Harry, hugging him, grabbing, trying to touch some part of The Boy Who Lived, the reason it was over at last.

It was a new day, and Harry was the center of the mingled outpourings of jubilation and mourning, of celebration and grief.

Luna helped distract the crowd, while Harry, Ron and Hermione stole away under the cloak. In the headmaster’s study, Harry explained to them what had happened. After repairing his wand with the elder wand, the trio set out to return the famous wand to Dumbledore’s tomb.

Within a month or so, Hogwarts was almost back to normal. The damage had been magically repaired, and Minerva McGonagall was appointed headmistress. The country was coming back to normal as well, Kingsley Shacklebolt had become Minister of Magic, Death Eaters were fleeing or being captured and all the innocent people in Azkaban had been released. Muggle-borns and Purebloods were given equal respect.

A mass funeral was to be held for all those who had died in the war. Harry and his friends were to make a speech, and most of Britain’s wizards were to be present.

That night, Harry slept soundly for the first time in months. He had his beloved Ginny back, and his speech, which he had been dreading, had also turned out well. He had expected many to hate him, as it was his fault that many of their family members were no more, yet he was thanked by everyone whom he met.

The Daily Prophet began to print the truth again, and Harry was surprised to see Rita Skeeter’s name in the Editor’s list. The Quibbler was also a favorite of many, although Luna generally wrote for it now; Mr. Lovegood was still in St. Mungo’s recovering. Much to his satisfaction, there was always a page or two about Crumple Horned Snorckacks or Gurdyroots or Plimpies.

Potterwatch was regularly broadcasted and many young witches and wizards enjoyed being a part of it.

During this month, mostly everyone lived in the Hogwarts dormitories, students, parents, teachers and all. Teddy, Remus and Tonk’s son, stayed with his grandmother Andromeda and spent a lot of time with Arthur and Molly Weasley, and of course, his godfather Harry.

Once the restoration was complete, people gradually began to move back to their own houses. Ron and Hermione went to Australia and reversed the memory charms Hermione had placed on her parents, and then brought them back to their home in Britain. Harry and Ginny, on Mr. and Mrs. Weasely’s requests, reluctantly bought back the Dursleys and resettled them into Number Four – Privet Drive.

The Burrow and Grimmauld Place were reinstated, they spent a few weeks redecorating both houses, and with George’s income from the joke shop, they replaced all of the old furniture in the Burrow

Angelina Johnson helped out at the joke store, and slowly, George began to move on after Fred’s death. Dean Thomas began to write for the Quibbler along with Luna, and the articles about Wrackspurts, Nargles and other creatures considerably reduced. Neville went on to train for teaching Herbology at Hogwarts. The healers at St. Mungo’s had found a cure, and Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom were almost back to normal again. Lavender Brown, who had been bitten by Fenrir Greyback, had recovered and was training to become a healer at St. Mungo’s

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny all began Auror training at the ministry’s university.

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Harry Potter; The 8th book; the Aftermath.: The War is Over


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