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Black Roses Red by belly84
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5.
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 Lily’s POV

That night after the welcoming feast and Longbottom's headmaster speech James and I were about to collected the eager bunch of first years to show them to their new common room. Before we could move from our seats Professor McGonagall pulled us aside.

"Now I'm not sure if anyone has made you aware of the fact that you two will have your own common room, separate from the other Gryffindor's but you will still be permitted to spend time in the Gryffindor common room as well. After you have shown the first years where to go find the painting of the whomping willow and say the password 'Love'. This will be your home for the remainder of your time at Hogwarts so don't give the password out willy nilly, it has not been changed since Professor Dumbledore was headmaster, and I do not want to change that." Said the ageing teacher leaving after she had told them where the painting was located, just a corridor away from the normal common rooms. I knew before coming to Hogwarts that the heads shared a common room but since starting to date James that fact had simply left my mind.
"Eeh, should we push on and show the first years where to go? I don't know about you but I'm beat." Said James wrapping his arm around my shoulders, I nod and lead him over to the section of the table where the 11-year-olds were gathered.
"Hello everyone, my name is Liliana Wilson, but please call me Lily. I am the head girl, and he," I paused to point at James, "Is head boy."

"Hey guys, the names James, lovely to see you all. Congrats on being sorted into Gryffindor, the best house at Hogwarts" I smiled at this, the first years look at him like he was a god. As soon as he said his name they all began whispering about the son of Harry Potter. "Now if you would please follow us we will show you your common room for the remainder of your time at Hogwarts."

After showing the first years to their room and saying goodnight to Sam I made my way over to James who was sitting with Caleb and Freddie laughing.
"James, I'm going to head to the head's dorm if you wanted to come?" I ask. Caleb winked.
"So I see you two will be sharing a room? Use protection my friends, we don't need another James Potter running around." Laughed Caleb, I could feel my face getting hot. James just punched him playfully on the arm.
"Wait up Lily, I'll just say goodnight and then we can go yeah?" James smiled at me, "Night Mate, night Freddie. See you tomorrow morning for a run?" He asked.
"Yeah man, night, Sweet dreams Lil's." Said Freddie giving me a hug, over the years we had become close.
"Night Fred’s, I'll see you in the morning. Night Caleb." I said toughing him lightly on the shoulder.

"So Lily, are you excited to be starting school?" James asked me breaking the silence that had settled between us since leaving the common room.

"Sure, you know me; Always eager to learn." I laughed. "Can't wait to get all that homework that the teachers love giving us." Playful sarcasm laced my last sentence.

James’ POV

Shit. I was in for a hell of a year; even with this simple question her answer fascinated me. There was so much about her that I wanted to know. She giggled and, pulling away from my arm that had found its perfect place on her small waist, then let out a full laugh this time; flashing me a smile that almost distracted me from walking. She laughed again, bring a hand to her head twirled into an elegant spin pulling out her wand and casting a silent patronus. The silver doe jumped and moved closer to the now still Lily, nuzzling her side. That was some powerful magic, we were only meant to learn that spell this year and she had already masted it and to be do it without talking. This girl was really a terrific witch.
"But I tell you what James; it's wonderful to be home. I've missed the feeling of serenity that is created by the magic of hundreds of wizards that have lived in this castle." She paused and looked out a slightly frosted window, her face slipped into a look of pure happiness. "It truly is wonderful."

I walked towards her, settling my arm again on her waist. Even though there was no one about, it still felt right holding her. I studied the profile of her face while she looked out the window, the soft moon light and the pure happiness that shone through her features made her look like the most beautiful woman.

We stood in that manor for several minutes, neither of us wanting to move. Her stomach broke the silence; it grumbled reminding me that she hardly touched a thing during dinner.

"Now miss Wilson, have you ever seen the Hogwarts kitchens?" I asked her, she shook her head no.

††††††††††††††††††††††A Few days later††††††††††††††††††††††

Lily’s POV

"Lily, you and I are having a picnic lunch today." Said Sammy as I past her in the corridor, "I've barely talked to you since school has gone back because you are always so busy! Meet me at our special place, I'll get the food." She finished, not waiting for an answer. James gave me a funny look, "Special place?" He asked.

I laughed in reply, "You can't know all my secrets Potter."

"You know that you can't ditch your best friend just because you now have a new boy toy." Accused Sam. She and I had just sat down; our special place was a stream just near the whomping willow. No one knew it was here because it was hidden by the massive tree.

"You know I will never ditch you, I need you far too much!" I smiled at her. "This week has just been hectic and you can't say that I'm spending all my time with James, because to tell you the truth I've hardly spoken to him since we arrived, unless it's about Quidditch or Head Duties." I said defending myself.

"I know you've been busy, but that's what I've come to talk to you about. You and James are 'dating' you need to spend time with him. Get caught in broom closets and macking on in the halls ways! It’s weird how little you guys are around each other, people are talking!" She whispered in a hurry.

"What have people been saying?" I asked quickly panicking. James had been nothing but nice to me, if we didn't do this right then he could be in more trouble than he is now.

"Don't worry too much, no one is doubting your relationship, well maybe apart from Summer but that's only because she is jealous. People are just making rude jokes about fridget, innocent little Lily. How James must be getting sick and tired of you."

I was horrified at this; just because I was never caught snogging in the halls didn't mean that I was scared to touch the opposite sex. Over the years I had, had all but sex with a few of the older boys. No one that amazing that it was spread about the school the next day but I certainly wasn't 'fridget, innocent little Lily' That I would prove.

Moving the conversion on from just me I let Sam in on what Caleb said on the train.

"Well he is looking damn fine," she laughed. I nodded profusely to show that I felt the same way. From what Freddie said of him and our limited interactions at Quidditch I knew he was fit, a damn fine chaser and an overall nice guy. Sam could definitely do worse.


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