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Safehouse,Horses,Music by slyth_girl_456
Chapter 9 : Surpise Guest and Fights
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"But I have to tell Mommy something innnportanntt." she said making important nice and long.
Hermione turned and look at her, "Okay sweetie what is it?"
Ronnie shook her head and pointed to the kitchen. Hermione stood up and followed Ronnie into the kitchen.
"Mommy that's the man. That's the man that was at daddy's." Ronnie said pointing at Mr. Grayson.
"Ummm Draco, Harry! Can you come in here for a second?" she shouted.
Draco was the first in followed by Harry. Harry seen Hermione's face and knew at once what was going on.
"I'll take Ronnie. Then I’ll have an order member come by." Harry whispered while picking up Ronnie.

Hermione nodded and kissed Ronnie on the forehead.

"Okay Ronnie you listen to Harry okay. He is gonna take you somewhere safe." Hermione said. "I love you sweetie."

“Mommy where are we going?” she asked.

“Don’t worry baby. Harry is gonna take you.”

Harry disappeared and Hermione walked back in the living room after making sure that her and Draco both had their wands. Draco followed very close behind. Hermione sat back down faking a smile.

"So Mr. Grayson. I've been thinking; I don't think I will put Ronnie in this safe house after all."

"Oh and why is that Miss. Granger?" he asked eyeing her wand.

"Because in the end she would be with you." she said then threw a spell at the man.

He jumped off the couch with a thud on the floor. He threw a spell back at Hermione with red sparks which Hermione ducked out of the way. Draco came in when Grayson went to throw another spell with Hermione not looking. Draco slammed into Hermione both of them hitting the floor. Draco threw a spell that miss the man and hit the picture behind him. Causing the picture to came down on Grayson head.

"Where did you come from Malfoy?" Grayson asked standing back up.

"You wish you knew." Draco said coldly throwing another spell.

Grayson blocked the spell threw a spell that hit Draco and flew him back into the stairs. Draco slid down halfway and hit the floor. Hermione ran over to his to check to see if he was breathing. After being sure and blocking spells she stood up. She threw one last spell and knocked Grayson back into the wall. He hit the floor, standing up throwing one last spell at Hermione before ropes were around him. Sending him to the ground with a thump.

Harry and Ronnie arrived at Harry’s new place, Sirius old place; he sent a note to the order.

"Okay Ronnie sit here for a second." Harry said getting ready to talk to Ronnie about how things were gonna be for a little bit.

"Mister, when do I get to see mommy again?" she asked with tears in her eyes.

"Well see Ronnie. You know that bad man you heard talking? And how he showed up to the house?" Harry asked.

Ronnie nodded sadly.

"Well me Mommy and Draco are keeping you safe from him. So Mommy wanted you to stay with me for a little while. Just until that man is gone. That way he won't hurt you."

"But what am I gonna do here? I have no toys."

"Well you know I was thinking about that. And see I have a pet here. His name is Buckbeat. The only thing is you have to be really really nice to Buckbeat. Otherwise he gets mad. You want me to show you to him?"

Ronnie nodded quickly. Harry smiled and led her upstairs to where Buckbeat was kept. Harry pulled out his wand and muttered a few spells under his breath. To be sure that if Buckbeat did get mad, Ronnie wouldn’t be hurt as an after math. After knowing for sure that the protection spells were right and enough there Harry opened the door slowly so that he didn't frighten Buckbeat. Ronnie gasped when she saw him.

"Now the only way you can walk up to Buckbeat is to bow. Make sure he bows back. You have to do this every time till he gets use to you. So let’s bow." Harry said bowing down to Buckbeat’s legs.

Ronnie followed Harry bowing down. She looked up and seen that the giant bird had bowed back. She smiled and looked at Harry with that "can I touch" look. Harry nodded. Ronnie walked over to Buckbeat and he lowered his head. Ronnie started petting his head then his leg. She walked around and around Buckbeat looking amazed. Buckbeat’s eyes followed Ronnie’s ever move around him.


"What do we do now?" Draco asked after they tied Grayson up.

"I guess we just wait for an Order member. I think I may clean up some of this mess also.” She said picking up picture frames off the ground.

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