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One After Another by PotterHeadSinceBirth
Chapter 2 : Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts
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A/N: Alright guys, this flashs foward to the gang's sixth year at good ol' Hogwarts. I don't own the characters, that's the awesome J.K. Rowling.


 “OI! Victorie and Teddy! Quit trying to suck each other’s tongues out!” James shouted across Platform 9 ¾, getting him many weird looks from passerby and a rather rude hand gesture from Teddy which James wholeheartedly returned. This little exchange led to my Aunt Ginny smacking the back of James’ head and my Uncle Harry doing the same to Teddy. Again, my family got weird stares from strangers.

“Kill me.” Lily said beside me and I couldn’t help but agree with her. My family was so embarrassing sometimes.

Okay, maybe it was most of the time. Mostly it’s James and Teddy. They always like to get in trouble. They think that just because they’re seventeen they can do whatever the hell they want. But let’s just say that Aunt Ginny does not approve of their bullshit.

Perhaps I should explain my family tree. Granddad Arthur and Nana Molly Weasley had seven kids; Charlie, Bill, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny. Charlie went off to Romania years ago and never writes. Bill married Fleur Delacour and had Victorie, Dominique, and Louis Weasley. All of their kids inherited their mom’s blond hair. Lucky bitches. Percy married Audrey, and they had Molly and Lucy Weasley. Unfortunately, my Uncle Fred died in the Great Hogwarts battle. I never got to meet him. George married Angelina Johnson, and they had Fred and Roxanne Weasley. Ginny married Harry Potter, and they had James, Albus, and Lily Potter. This leaves us with Ron, my father. He married Hermione Granger, and they had Rose (me) and Hugo Weasley.

Yes, I’m Rose Weasley. The offspring of two of the Golden Trio. As far as everyone’s concerned, I can do no wrong. At least everyone besides my family. They know what a conniving bitch I am sometimes. Like once when I wouldn’t talk to Al for a month because he pulled a harmless prank on me. Or when I punched James in the face when he tried to talk to me about why I wasn’t talking to Al. He had a black eye for three weeks seeing as Ginny wouldn’t get rid of it by magic because she thought it was “Funny how such a small girl could pack that mean of a punch.” This is true. I’m sixteen and a size 00, but I’m very strong.


We managed to fit the entire clan into one compartment. All the Weasley/Potter kids, Teddy Lupin (who was close enough to be family), and Scorpius Malfoy (Al’s best mate). We all sat together until the Prefect meeting that Scorpius and I had to go to. As we got up to leave, James made a remark about us “having a good time with the rule following pussies that never had any fun,” so I flipped him off.

As we were walking, some girl walked out of her compartment at the same time we were walking past. She bumped into me, which made me bump into Scorpius, which got the two of us on the floor, me on top of him. The girl just huffed about people “not watching where they’re going,” and walked away.

I started to get off Scorpius, but he grabbed me around the waist saying, “Not yet, Weasel. I’ve got you in the perfect position to TICKLE YOU!” he said, and I screamed as he started tickling me. Classic Scorpius. Always making me laugh.

Ever since Al got put in Slytherin and started bringing his new pal Scorp home during the holidays, I’ve developed almost a brotherly bond with him. We became fast friends over one thing: Batman. We both loved the muggle superhero and his TV show that was on in the 60’s (my granddad on my mother’s side gave us tape after tape to watch. Good thing my mum made us buy a television). We soon became inseparable, study buddies as we both competed for the top of our class (that position bounced back every day between me and Scorpius).

                “We-have-to-get-to-the-meeting.” I said between fits of laughter. “Fuck the meeting,” he said. “We did this last year. You’re too ticklish for me to not take advantage of this opportunity.” We would have continued our fun, if not for the girl who now stood in front of us. I recognized her as the girl who ran into us five minutes ago.

“Scorpius! What are you doing with her? And why didn’t you sit with me at the beginning of the train ride!” Vivian Burstrode, Scorpius’ bitchy girlfriend since first year yelled. “Sorry dearest” he said. “Rose would not get up from on top of me so I had to use other ways to get her off. And Albus needed to talk to me about Quidditch.” He then proceeded to give her a very ferocious and long kiss straight on the lips before she pushed him up on a wall and they were essentially having sex with clothes on. It was quite disgusting, really. I went along to the meeting, figuring I’d tell the new Head Girl that Scorpius wasn’t feeling good or some other bullshit. That’s what friends were for, right?

                As I walk in, Sophia Macmillan, the new Head Girl, greets me. “Hello Rose. Good to see you.”
“Hi.” I say back quite angrily. I was sick of Sophia’s good attitude about everything. I swear somebody could show up at her doorstep telling her that he was going to murder her and she’d smile and offer them in for tea and cookies. I mean, it’s good to have optimistic people in your life, but some people are just too bloody happy sometimes.

Scorpius walked in late, lips puffy. I could also tell that his shirt had come off during his and Vivian’s make out session, because he forgot to rebutton on of his buttons. I caught his eye, and then pretended to button my shirt. He didn’t understand what I was doing. He could be so oblivious sometimes.

“Okay,” Sophia said. “We don’t have your patrol schedules ready for you guys just yet seeing as we don’t have Quidditch schedules, but we do have your patrol partners. These will not change all year, so if you don’t get along with your partner, fix that!

She began reading off names. “Emily and Mitchell, you two will be together.” The two fifth year Ravenclaws smiled at each other. “May and Scott” continues Sophia, “You two will be patrolling together. Avery and Cameron, you two will be working together. Scorpius and Rose, you two will patrol together.” I flashed a smile at Scorpius, but I only received a grimace in reply.



We need to talk. Meet me in the Entrance Hall at midnight. Only reply if you cannot come.


The words in the letter were written very fast, I could tell by the handwriting that this was urgent. I had just gotten my pajamas on, extremely tired from the ride up and the feast. I hadn’t seen Scorpius since the Prefect meeting, and he only asked me to meet him in private if it was very important. So, I figured this was an invitation I couldn’t say no to.

I wish I had. The somber look on Scorpius’ face was the first sign that something was amiss. The second was the words that came out of his mouth. “Rose,” he said, “I had a serious conversation with Vivian on the train ride here. She told me she didn’t want us speaking as long as she’s my girlfriend.”

A/N Part Two: See that little box below you? Write what you think about the story so far in it! What about chapter length? What about the POV in which the story has been told. Next chapter will be told by Scorpius. I leave for camp on August 5th, so I'll try to have chapter three up before then! Hugs!

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One After Another: Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts


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