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The story of Teddy and I. by welshwizard394
Chapter 2 : Control. Something I've never been good at.
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Teddy looks at me, perplexed for a moment. Then he springs into action, and lifts me up. He carries me back to his cottage, talking nervously.

‘Are you okay?’, ‘Do you want to switch sides?’ ‘What hurts?’ ‘How did you fall?’ ‘it’s swelling,’ ‘I’ll heal it when we get back,’ ‘Bill is going to kill me.’ He says a million other things like this, and I just grumble unintelligibly.

The cottage door is wide open, which makes me realise he did run out after me.

He puts me to lie down on his bed, which is unmade and smells of him. It’s better than any healing could ever do.

‘What hurts?’ he asks, taking off my shoes and sock.

‘Left ankle.’ I say, cringing as I see that my ankle has ballooned three times its original size. Teddy pulls his wand out from his back pocket and kneels on the bed next to my ankle. Whilst he heals my ankle, muttering incantations and summoning ice from the kitchen to cool the swelling, I study him.

His hair Is still dark red, and his cheeks are still flushed from the cold outside. He has a pale pink stain on his lips, and I realise it’s my lipstick. I let out a small involuntary giggle. His hands massage my ankle, and I realise he’s put an anti pain charm on me so that he can heal me without hurting me. This makes me smile. His big, almost slanting eyes are still flecked with that startling gold colour. He looks up at me after ten minutes or so, and smiles uncertainly.

‘Finished.’ He says. Surely enough, when I wiggle my toes there’s no pain at all.

‘Thank you. You have healer’s hands, you know.’ I say, sitting up and crossing my legs. Teddy raises his eyebrows in mock shock and says; ‘You just complimented me? I think I might faint.’

I take this as a chance to bring up what happened not fifteen minutes ago. I smile at him and lean forward, ‘I can think of many compliments for you, Teddy.’

Teddy’s eyes widen, and I see a second of a blush before he disguises it with his metamorphagus skills. ‘Oh, yeah?’

‘Mhmm.’ I say, and kiss him again, as if it’s the most natural thing ever. Teddy replies enthusiastically, smiles against my lips and kisses me back. I pull away from him a few seconds later, shivering from the water I’m drenched in. ‘I’m wet.’ I say. Teddy’s eyes widen and he splutters a huge laugh. Then I realise what I said. My turn to blush.

‘I mean..My clothes…the rain..’ I give up my pathetic excuse of an explanation and leave his room. I turn once to see him collapse backwards into the mattress, breathing heavily again, and he runs a hand through his hair. He realises it’s red and seems panicked, so he screws up his eyes to turn it back to blue. I find my backpack and wand, and go into his bathroom. In the full size mirror I realise my white vest has gone completely see through. My red lace bra is highly visible, and if I say so myself, I have an impressive cleavage. My brown eyes look wild with excitement and my lipstick is smudged. I realise that tonight could be the night I have my way with Ted Lupin.

I contemplate leaving my shirt wet and see through, but I know Teddy’s not thick and would see through my desperate attempt at seduction. After ten seconds of the hot air charm, I’m back to normal. My hair’s a bit on the frizzy side but that can’t be helped. I wash my lipstick off and think over how I can get Teddy. He’s already kissed me, that must mean he likes me..or does it? Before I can freak myself out again, I march out of the bathroom.

Teddy’s still lying on his bed, I join him and take in the surroundings of the room. He has a few Chudley cannons posters, a poster of a naked muggle girl strategically wrapped around a giant bottle of beer, a few family pictures on a notice board and a Gryffindor tapestry flag hanging off the wall. There’s a photo of me and him, I was around fourteen, and he was celebrating his seventeenth birthday. His hair is long and brown, and in the picture I’m helping him put on the watch Harry gave him. Teddy has plain black curtains, and the walls are painted red. In the year he’s lived here, he’s changed the house into an obvious man’s home. The bed covers are black with golden snitches all over them. I remember he had these in his old bedroom in Harry’s house. He seems to have charmed them to fit a double sized quilt. A desk by the bed holds his CD player and collection; one or two old Led zeppelin albums that I bought for him, ten CD’s that I don’t recognise, about seven weird sisters albums, and three Foo fighters albums that we both adore. His wand lays on the edge of the desk, threatening to fall off, and a lamp draped in a blue scarf is glowing softly. His wardrobe and cupboards hide in the corner, but most of his clothes seem to be on a big comfy leather chair that I know he sits on whenever he plays his battered old guitar.

‘Vic.’ Teddy says, still staring up at the ceiling. ‘We kissed.’

‘Yeah, Teddy.’ I say, laughing. He can be such a dork for a twenty year old sex god.

‘Did you like it?’ He asks, and I turn to the side, where I find him facing me.

‘Yes. Yeah, I did.’ I say uncertainly. ‘Uh, did you?’

‘Of course I did.’ He says, and then he scrunches his eyebrows in thought. ‘I didn’t think I would. I mean, I never saw you as, like, anything more than a friend.’ He sees my eyes droop. ‘No, I mean, I always thought you’re beautiful and…stuff. But I never knew you’d want to kiss me.’

‘Teddy.’ I inhale. He called me beautiful. ‘I’ve liked you for the past three years.’

‘What?’ he asks. I nod, and don’t even attempt to hide my blush. ‘Everyone always said they thought we were like a couple.’

‘I know.’ I smile as his hand reaches over to rest on my waist. ‘Can we be?’ I whisper it so quietly I think he didn’t hear.

Teddy looks into my eyes and nods, ever so slightly.

I feel like jumping up on the bed and doing a million back flips whilst screaming various things about love and sex and Teddy. But I think it probably would change his mind.

Instead, I very maturely scoot over and wrap myself into his waiting arms. Within minutes, he’s kissing me again and we’re on his bed and it’s dark and I should be home and he’s red headed. But none of this registers. He rolls over, adjusting his position so that he’s on top of me, supporting himself with his elbows.. I can feel his weight, I can feel his perfect body on mine and it’s enough to drive me crazy. I softly bite down on his lip and he gasps. One of my friends from Hogwarts said it would happen. She said a lot of things. I decide to try another. When he pulls away to catch his breath, I stop him from rolling back over and begin kissing his smooth, pale neck. He moans when I kiss where his pulse is, and gasps again when I bite down on it softly.

‘Vic..’ He says. I know he’s probably going to tell me to stop within three seconds, so I just go back to kissing his mouth to distract it. He adjusts himself a little, so that one of his arms is free. He’s still half on top if me.

As the kiss deepens, his hand goes underneath my top and rests on my belly. I feel his fingers reaching up to stroke my breasts. It’s my turn to gasp. But I’m not noble like him, there’s no chance of me telling him to stop it. So when he pulls away from me and sits on the edge of the bed, I wonder why.

‘This has gone too far.’ He says as I look up at him quizzically. I subtly adjust my vest and bra, and sit opposite him, cross legged.

‘I thought you wanted to..’ I say, plaiting a strand of my hair to try and relax myself. I feel like if he even moves I’ll actually jump at him.
‘God, I do’ he says, and then rubs a hand through his hair. Which is red. I take this to mean horny or something. He seems embarrassed when he realises he has red hair, and immediately it turns to turquoise again.

‘Then why did you stop?’ I ask cautiously, slightly afraid of the answer. His eyes flicker to my chest and back. If this was anyone else I possibly would’ve hit him. But it’s Teddy, and I’m quite pleased that after a year or two of trying my hardest to seduce him, he doesn’t look at me like that once; and now, after kissing for a bit, it’s all he seems to be doing.

‘We’ve been..together for all of three minutes. And we’re getting carried away with all this, physical stuff…’ He says, studying his hands as though they’re the most interesting thing he’s ever seen.

‘I think, Teddy, that we’ve been together for a while now. We just didn’t realise.’ I said, hoping it didn’t sound too..cringey.

Teddy looked at me and nodded, which I took as agreement. He smiled a smile I knew and loved; it showed his pearly white teeth, and was crooked and real. ‘I’ll make you a deal.’

I rolled my eyes, it was so Teddy. ‘Go on then..’

‘We go to the kitchen, make some pasta, have a drink, and talk.’ He lowers his eyes again. ‘And after that, if you want to..stay over..then you can.’

I notice the tips of his ears blush as he says it. Truthfully, I wanted to rewind a few minutes and stay there. But I’m not one to refuse a deal of Teddy’s. We’re forever competing with each other.

‘Fine.’ I say, and stick out my chin in defiance. Teddy jumps off the bed, kisses the tip of my nose and stalks off in direction to the kitchen. I groan once he’s left, and then follow him.

Teddy’s already beginning with the pasta. I watch him lazily move around the kitchen, reaching for pots and ingredients for our favourite meal. He turns around and sees me sulking against the door frame, and he laughs.

‘I’m sending a patronus to Mum.’ I say, smiling at him.

‘Planning on staying, are you?’ He says, smirking. Even when he’s being deadly annoying I still can’t help but mentally undress him.

‘Yes, actually.’ I say, conjure my silver ring-tailed lemur, and say ‘Hey, mum. I’m staying in Alesha’s tonight. See you tomorrow.’ The lemur blinks his ghostly, but beautiful large eyes. ‘To Mum.’ I say, and it and soars off through the window.

I look at Teddy and he’s shaking his head in disbelief. ‘Since when have I been Alesha, then?’ He asks.

‘Well I can’t exactly tell her where I am, can I?’ I reply, walking to him and wrapping my arms around his neck.

‘Why ever not? You’re sleeping on the couch.’ He says, and I can tell by his eyes that he’s teasing me. I roll my eyes and help him make dinner.

In the time it took to make some pasta, and set the table for the meal, Teddy probably made around thirty jokes, and I was quite pleased to realise he kept his hands on me practically the whole time. The whole time was consumed by our flirtatious banter, and now and again I’d find Teddy kissing the back of my neck; when I stirred the sauce, when we waited for the food to boil. It seemed like he didn’t realise what he was doing, because when I went to kiss him back, or when I shuddered, he would stop and move from me.

‘Go sit.’ He orders me, and I obey. The two chairs around a small round table are mismatched and wobbly. Kind of like Teddy and I. I’m sitting for all of six seconds before he appears, carrying a plate of pasta in each hand, his wand in his mouth, and two glasses of butterbeer floating in mid air toward me. I grab the both out of the air, laughing, and set them on the table.

‘Le food, mon frere jaques.’ He says, trying to be French again. I can’t help but roll my eyes. He’s forever trying to speak it, probably to annoy me.

‘Teddy, do you realise what you just said?’ I ask as he sets the food in front of me.

‘No idea.’ He grins, ‘enlighten me.’

‘Well, you said, ‘’the food, my brother jack.’’ I say, in a deep voice, trying and failing to imitate Ted.

‘Oh.’ He says, chuckling. Then starts piggishly eating his pasta. Still sexy though. I tuck into mine; it’s surprisingly good for something two distracted teenagers put together in ten minutes.

We begin this kind of game. He’s trying to put me off staying. I’m trying to seduce him. It’s not serious, it’s actually embarrassingly hilarious. He starts off by slurping his pasta, covering his chin with sauce. I retort by slowly licking my lips. Teddy leans down and picks up a few pieces of pasta with his mouth, and comes back up with the bottom half of his face covered in pasta sauce. I eat my next forkful of pasta whilst groaning suggestively, until I burst out laughing. Teddy then shoves his whole face into his plate, making pig noises. This cracks me up to the point that I actually can’t breathe. He sits up, covered in sauce and pieces of pasta and onions.

‘You sure you’re staying?’ He asks, in a voice that resembles someone with a lisp and a very thick tongue.

‘If you go into the shower first, then yeah.’ I grin, and he rolls his eyes. I’m surprised when he gets up and walks to the shower.

I hear the shower running and try not to imagine him in there. I sit on the sofa, excited and nervous. More the latter. Another ten minutes pass until I see Teddy streak across the hall in a towel and a t-shirt. He’s in his room for a few seconds, before he returns to me wearing pyjama bottoms and a loose ‘weird sisters’ t-shirt. His hair is damp, and frankly, I thought he’d never looked sexier.

‘Uhh, you can borrow, like, pyjamas if you want. There’s some on my bed in there, I shrunk them a bit.’ He says awkwardly. I smile and kiss him once on his half open mouth, before going to his room.

On the bed there’s a pair of his pyjama bottoms. They look brand new, and I guess he doesn’t usually bother with them. They’re blue covered in silver stars. Quite funky, really. I strip off my jeans and pull on these. They’re still a few inches too long, but the waist fits okay when I tie the drawstring cord. He’s put out a pair of slippers too. They’re grey monster feet. I decide to leave them off.

I go back to the lounge, and Teddy’s sitting on the couch, changing his hair from blonde to brown to blue and to black.

‘Blue’ I say. He looks up at me and smiles. I walk over to him quite shyly. I sit by him and he wraps his arm around my shoulder.

‘We don’t have to do..things, mind, Victoire. I’m happy to just, be with you.’ His ears turn red again, and I’m reminded of earlier. How fast the day has gone…only two hours ago I was scheming of ways to get him to like me; and now we’re discussing going the whole way.

I think it through before answering him, I don’t want to make the wrong decision, and it’s my first time at this. I’ve known him my whole life, and I’ve always loved, trusted and cared for him. I don’t see why we shouldn’t. Especially now we’re together. We’re both old enough, both mature enough and we know what we’re doing.

‘No. I want to..’ I feel myself blush.

Teddy looks at me, one of them rare, unreadable expressions on his perfect face. Then he smiles, ever so slightly.

‘Ok then.’ He says, and my heart begins to beat three times its normal pace. I start to rise, but he holds me back down. ‘In a sec.’

‘Teddy, you’re killing me.’ I moan, crossing my arms across my chest.

‘Yeah?’ He asks, and rests his hand at the top of my thigh. I feel myself getting…riled up, and push it away.

‘Godric, Ted. You’re such a tease!’ I say and he begins to tickle me. Bad idea. I’m one of those people who cannot control their laughter once someone tickles them. I actually snort and dribble and cry. And that’s not a good thing when you’re trying to convince a boy to sleep with you.

We end up on the floor. Ted is on top of me, pinning my arms down and kissing my neck. I’ve never felt anything like it. I squirm out of his grip before he can kiss me anymore, because I’m dangerously close to moaning or something. He rolls over and places me on him, and I can feel his sweet breath on my face. I let my hair tickle his face and grin as his hair turns to the red that I kind of love.

‘This is your first time, isn’t it?’ He asks, and I nod. I notice his smile growing just the slightest bit.

‘It’s not yours.’ I say, and He nods. I’m just a tiny bit disappointed, but no twenty year old that looks like that stays a virgin.

‘Vic, I wish it was, you know.’ He whispers in my ear and it’s enough to drive me crazy.

‘Why?’ I ask, placing my hands on his chest.

‘Because it didn’t mean anything. My first time was utterly pointless and it didn’t mean anything to me, I just did it because I was eighteen and everyone was making me into some kind of joke. So I went to a party and found a drunken girl and did it with her. It meant nothing.’ Teddy sighs, but then smiles again. ‘This will mean something to me, Vic.’ I nod. He’s unbearable.

‘Teddy, can you please take me to your bedroom now?’ I ask and his eyes turn that gorgeous gold again. He helps me up and we kiss. We don’t break the kiss until we’re lying on his bed.

A.N: Hi again! Well I hope you liked this chapter, it’s a bit like, yeahh..But they’re teenagers, and you can’t expect any different! Some of you may have noticed that Vic’s patronus is the same as Tonks’s was, and I did that on purpose, don’t worry! Thanks for reading and if you get a minute, REVIEW! I have no life and it makes my day!

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The story of Teddy and I.: Control. Something I've never been good at.


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