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Where For Art Thou Scorpeo? by hdawg
Chapter 6 : Melodrama and Manhunting
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Tracy finished her story and leant with her arms behind her head against the wall, the picture of cockiness and cool. Sophia stared up at her with a mixture of delight and anger on her face (if that’s even physically possible), and Orla had run out of the room ten seconds ago, wailing about ‘Tracy ruining her Scorpy’s innocence’, or words to that effect.

“She took it better than I expected,” Tracy sniggered and nodded towards the open door, “I was expecting some kind of verbal duel, with a mix of tears, a lot of ‘woe is me!’ and more ‘Scorpeo’ than my stomach can handle.”

“I wouldn’t rule it out just yet.” Sophia said, getting up and going after Orla. It wasn’t hard to find her, what with the trail of tears and snotty tissues along the corridor and the loud sobbing from the girls’ bathroom. And as much as the aforementioned put her off, well, this was for the greater good.

Her and Scorpius’ good.

“Orla?” Sophia said very gently, peering around the corner of the first cubicle (where the crying was at such an alarming level, the window above the loo had smashed) and finding Orla sobbing directly into the bowl

“Economising on the tissues, I see.” Sophia said cheerfully. Orla turned around and pierced her with such a look that Sophia wiped her face clean of all happiness and joy. “Come on, Orla,” she said and stood beside her, “Tracy’s finished her story now, so we can discuss finding Scorpius.”

Orla sniffed loudly and said, “I don’t want to discuss it with her. She’s ruined everything!”

“Hey hey,” she said and placed a hand on Orla’s back. It was a good sign that she didn’t throw it off. “Don’t say that. Tracy’s been a great help. We have a much better chance of finding…Scorpy,” she tried not to snigger as she said the name and only just about managed it, “with her story. Come on, let’s go back.”

“I’ll only come back if she stops talking about my Scorpeo like he’s engaged to her or something.”

Sophia bit back her retort and took a very deep breath. “Okay, I’ll ask her not to. Okay?”

Orla thought about it, nodded and shook her head over the loo to get rid of the last remnants of tears. She followed Sophia out of the bathroom, Sophia smiling and leading her along the corridor.

“If only Scorpius was as easy to find as you, we might all have met up with him already…” Sophia suddenly stopped walking and Orla turned back to look at her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she said, smiling, “I just thought…that I’d left the tap running in our bathroom. Never mind.”

Orla laughed very softly, obviously believing the lie, and walked the rest of the way into the classroom as Sophia followed slowly behind. Of course she hadn’t left the tap running in the bathroom; she was a Ravenclaw, for crying out loud (although she had just heard her fair share of crying for the day, and wished not to hear any for a long time).

No, what Sophia had just realised was that this was a competition.

She had listened to the other girls’ stories in near-silence, but had not believed one word they had said of her Scorpius. Of course he wouldn’t go for the human hosepipe, she would drown him with tears of love and affection if he’d met up with Orla tonight. And Sophia knew Scorpius better than to believe that he would fall for Tracy; opposites may attract, but Tracy was like a big whopper of a burger and Scorpius was like…celery.

Too different and not a good match. Can you imagine having a celery flavoured burger?

And when Sophia walked into the room after Orla, little did she realise that Tracy had never forgotten this little fact since they had met. The last six years of Quidditch had evidently trained her well.

“Well,” Sophia said, taking a seat on a desk and clapping her hands, “I feel that these past,” she glanced down at her watch, “two hours and forty seven minutes have been spent wisely.”

“Once you take out the parts where we ran around the school, shouted at each other and cried,” Tracy looked pointedly at Orla who seemed not to notice the jibe and carried on staring happily into space, only thinking of the moment when she was soon to be reunited with the love of her life. “Yep, time definitely spent well.”

“So when are we going to find him?” Orla suddenly turned to the girls, “Because I don’t want to leave him alone in the castle for much longer. He gets very upset if I leave him for too long.”

“I bet he cries,” Tracy said and added in an undertone, “with joy.”

Sophia coughed as Orla geared up to say something back and forced out a smile, “So, shall we make a list of places we should look for him?”

“But that’ll just waste valuable time!” Orla whined and Sophia saw Tracy roll her eyes, “He could be stranded now, waiting for me and all alone because we’ve been sitting here, talking things through and making lists when I could have told you everything you need to know about Scorpy because I know him best.”

“Okay then, Orla,” Sophia said, turning to face the Hufflepuff, “if you know him best, tell me where we could possibly find him.”

Orla looked taken aback and stared at Sophia. “Well,” she said after a moment and racked her brains for anything the girls had said. Of course she hadn’t been listening to them, she was too busy thinking about the moment when Scorpius had realised she had braved everything tonight to find him, and the moment they professed their undying love and fell into each other’s arms.

It was going to be beautiful.

“Well,” Orla said again and made a stab in the dark, “how about…in the Herbology classroom?”

“A list it is,” Tracy said and turned towards the blackboard. “Go on then, Professor Quirke.”

Sophia grinned and made her way up to the front of the room, writing ‘Places we may find Scorpius Malfoy’ on the blackboard.

And yet, even when smiling and laughing with…well, mainly Tracy, all she could think about was how to get rid of these two girls before they found Scorpius. Because, a Ravenclaw she may be, Sophia liked to have what was rightly hers. And she was definitely not going to share.


“Scorpius,” Rose sighed, glancing down at her watch, “it’s been twenty minutes. I don’t think they’re coming for you.”

Scorpius glanced up at her and then back up at the castle. “You never know,” he said darkly and leant back against one of the lockers, popping his twenty third lozenge into his mouth.

“Look,” Rose walked over and leant against the locker alongside him, “maybe they’ve completely given up and have gone back to their respective common rooms.”

Scorpius gave her a look of utter scepticism that Rose actually laughed. “Well we don’t know,” she said, punching him on the shoulder. “Come on, lighten up a bit. You’re making me feel like I’m the loner at a funeral who’s dancing the conga.”

Scorpius snorted, smiled, and then choked as his lozenge got stuck in his throat.


“Well, we now have our list…of sorts,” Sophia said, glancing up at the list and rolled her eyes at the little additional Orla had made at the end of ‘in my heart’. Surrounded by tiny pink love hearts. With the caption ‘OF 4 SM’ written in them.

It was enough to make her sick.

“So,” she said, trying to phrase the next part carefully and without alerting the girls as to what she was trying to do, “I was thinking we should perhaps divide up the places and then split up ourselves. It’ll mean we’ll cover the ground faster and have a higher chance of finding Scorpius.”

“No!” Orla said, standing up and walking over to Sophia, “No. You saw how badly it went last time when we each tried to look for him. We should stick together.”

Sophia glanced hopelessly over at Tracy, but she only shrugged and said, “She has a point, for once.”

Orla nodded earnestly, ignoring the back-handed compliment.

Sophia sighed, “But if we all stick together, then we’ll just take three times as long to find him.”

“Not if we jog,” Tracy suggested.

“I don’t mean to disappoint you,” Sophia tried not to roll her eyes, “but I don’t think Orla here is up for literally running around the castle to look for Scorpius, she said so herself that sports weren’t really her thing-”

“I would do anything, and I mean anything, to have my Scorpeo back,” Orla sighed whimsically and stared off into space, “I would run around the whole school one hundred times if it meant I would find him; I would disown myself from my family if it meant we could be together forever; I would sell my left kidney to have him back in my arms again…”

Tracy and Sophia stared at Orla in shock. “Well,” Tracy said cheerfully after a moment, “if that’s not reason enough to stick together and find him, I don’t know what is.”

Sophia smiled half-heartedly and followed the other two out of the room and to their first destination: the Potions cupboard.

“Why only your left kidney, out of interest, Orla?”

“Oh,” she turned to Tracy and actually smiled at her, “because I already had a kidney transplant when I was six and my sister had my right kidney.”

“But then you’d be dead if you sold your left kidney, too.” Tracy said slowly and looked quickly over at Sophia.

“No,” Orla smiled, “no, I’d just be kidney-less. It’s not deadly, don’t worry.” And then she patted Tracy on the shoulder in the most patronising fashion you can imagine.

Sophia ignored their little chat and made a quick inspection of the cupboard; Scorpius wasn’t under the shelves, on top of the shelves, wedged between the shelves, or even Transfigured to be within a container on the shelves. In short, Scorpius wasn’t there.

“Nope,” Sophia mumbled, “not here. So that’s one down and only…five more to go.”

The other two girls ignored her, too immersed were they in their conversation about why Orla would be unable to live without any organs even if it meant getting Scorpius back.

This night was going far too slowly.


Rose stood up and marched over to Scorpius. He looked up at her, his face already having aged about five years since he’d been forced to stay in here with Rose and all the tension from the three girls on a man-hunt for him.

He was a bit of a wet tissue, if you must know; and that is why, when Rose came marching over like a bull walking defiantly (but not dangerously enough to break anything) through a china shop, the look on Scorpius’ face was of complete terror.

“Look,” she said, pointing her finger at him and with one hand on her hip, “we have been stuck in here for nearly three hours now. I’m cold, I’m hungry, and I happen to notice that you have scoffed five packets of those lozenges without offering me a single one!”

Scorpius gulped and looked up at her through his fringe.

“Not only that, but I fail to see why I have to stay in here with you,” Rose continued, really getting into her stride now. “I am not one of your little followers, nor will I ever be. I have tried to teach you to stand up for yourself yet you fail to even succeed in pretending to do that, so I don’t see how you’re ever going to survive outside of this locker room!-”

Scorpius glanced helplessly around for any sign of help, but he had exhausted all of his supplies of lozenges (including his emergency packet which was only meant to be eaten in an emergency) and the lights in the castle were slowly becoming dimmer as the students were being shoved into their common rooms.

Except for one little light that appeared to be getting brighter the longer Scorpius stared at it.

“Er, Rose…” he said, flailing his arms around underneath her nose to get her to be quiet, but she was now at the peak of her speech and there was nothing he could do to shut her up.

“-even when I saw you run in here I thought I might be able to help, but obviously even I can’t help you. And-Scorpius, what the hell are you doing?”

Scorpius stopped trying to catch Rose’s attention, his arms raised in the air and doing some sort of interpretive dance routine, whilst his feet somehow managed to carry him over to the lockers and were attempting to get him to climb them.

“I- I’m not sure,” he said, glancing down warily at his feet and shaking his head. The light from outside seemed to be getting brighter and brighter, and as he walked towards Rose, tripped after being momentarily blinded by said light and feel ungracefully onto his face – mainly made up of fringe anyway – he suddenly remembered why he was trying to climb the lockers in the first place (or at least why his feet were).

“Rose! You have to help me!”

“Oh for Godric’s sake!” She rolled her eyes and threw her hands up into the air, “We’re not going through this again, are we!”

“No, I mean, yes, but no, what I’m trying to say is,” he stammered and glanced outside and to the three figures he could now see accompanying the light, “They’re here!”

“What?” Rose glared at him and shook her head, blaming his strange antics on all the lozenges he’d eaten, “Look, I’m not going to fall for some kind of trick to make me forget about being angry at-”

“But, they're here!” He repeated and pulled her to the window. It took all of his strength, and he had to sit down for ten seconds afterwards to regain some strength, but it seemed to do the trick.

Rose’s mouth dropped open and she turned back to look at Scorpius.

“We have to get you out of here.”

That was easier said than done.

A/N: Sorry for the long hiatus! I have been revising and 'examing', reviewing and writing like a boss and this has been neglected. But here is the chapter! The next one will follow soon :) let me know what you think, I love to hear your views on the characters.

edited: 20/9/12

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