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Defiance by LittleBabeBlue
Chapter 6 : Thrones and Sofas and Dorm rooms, Oh My!
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    Lily woke early the next morning, eagerly anticipating her new classes. While she wasn't the smartest person she knew (that title would have to go to Remus), she did enjoy learning something new, especially magic. Looking around her dormitory she took in the sight of three half-curtained four posters beside hers, and the sleeping forms of Hanna, Alice, and Riya. Soft snores floated from the bed on her right, and she was suddenly reminded of something. 

    As Head Girl, didn't she have her own dormitories? Wasn't that (according to Dumbledore) the entire reason James was made Head Boy instead of Remus, despite not being a prefect, so they could spend more time together? Lily jumped out of bed, and pulled on her most comfortable pair of blue jeans and a silky green shirt that matched her eyes. Running a comb through her hair and brushing her teeth at the same time took great dexterity, but Lily managed. 

    She grabbed her school backpack and ran down to breakfast, intent on asking why she hadn't been shown her new dormitory. Luckily she hadn't unpacked yet, but had taken her clothes right from her trunk. Slowing down, she cast a Tempus charm and was very surprised to learn that it was only 6:10 in the morning. Normally she slept until at least seven, sometimes longer if Hanna didn't wake her up. The only time she had ever gotten a detention was sleeping into a class. With these thoughts on her mind, she didn't realize that she was already in the Great Hall and sitting down in her favorite seat. The problem was, there was already someone sitting there.

"As much as I love you sitting on me Lily, could you please move over?"

She let out a short scream of surprise, as the voice was coming from right behind her. Hopping off the person, she turned around and only relaxed when she saw a familiar head of messy hair. 

"James! Don't do that! You scared me to death!"

"Really? How do you think I felt, you just came in and sat on me. Like I was some common chair!"

"James, you are much more special than a chair. You're a throne." When James smiled proudly at that, Lily couldn't help adding to her statement. "Or a sofa. A moth eaten sofa, picked out by Professor Dumbledore in the twenties."

James shuddered. "Ugh. Please don't put that into my brain. It's going to be filled with orange butterflies on lime backgrounds all day, and I need to focus on my new classes."

"Oh yeah. Your Quidditch counts as P.E. right? So you only have to take three, that's not fair. I have to do four. What other's are you taking?"

"Er, Quidditch, Piano, and Art of Magic. I'm still trying to decide between Dueling and Wandless Magic." James was slightly taken aback by her abrupt switch from a full on pout of unfairness, to simple curiosity.

"James, you play piano?"

"I have since I was six. Apparently its a skill every Pureblood must have, that and/or singing. And my singing sounds like a strangled chicken. Trust me."

It occurred to Lily that if anyone arrived now, they would see Lily Evans and James Potter sitting very close to one another at a completely empty table talking about James' singing voice. "Well, it looks like well be together in Art of Magic. We can be partners, if you want."

"Are you sure?" This would be the first step to revealing that they loved one another. If they suddenly started going out, James would be under suspicion for slipping her Amortentia, or some other love potion, so for now they had to be content with talking to one another and partnering in class.

"By the way, what happened to the separate Head Dormitories Dumbeldore promised us? Did you see them last night?"

James shook his head and Lily made a decision. "Alright, let's go see Dumbeldore. He can give us the location and password of our dorm."

They held hands as they walked out of the hall, munching on their bananas and muffins, respectively. Approaching the stone gargoyle blocking the path, they looked at each other in dismay. They didn't know the password and both had abysmal luck guessing it. Severus was able to do it first try, every time, but it often took them twenty minutes to get the stone monster to let them pass.

"Licorice. Twizzlers. Red vines. Er... Lemon Drop. Lemon Sherbert. Chocoballs. Ice mice. Cockroach Cluster."

"Gross, James! Mars Bars. Snickers. M&M's. Um.. Three Musketeers. Baby Ruths. Jolly Ranchers. Butterfingers. Hershey's. Kisses. Er, Hershey's Kisses. Nope."

"Chocolate. Vanilla. Strawberry. Er, Pumpkin Pasty. Blueberry. Coffee. Warheads. Dragonfruit."

At that last one, the gargoyle blinked twice and grudgingly moved aside so they could pass. Lilly and James looked at each other in surprise, that was the quickest they had ever guessed it. Normally it took them twice as long, but they weren't complaining.

A quick knock on the wooden door later, they were greeted by a strained. "Come in."

Stepping through the door, they were greeted with an interesting sight. The Headmaster of Hogwarts was currently being chased around his office by a very irate phoenix, crashing into tables and delicate instruments as he did so. A fountain of delicate metal shards poured from a dented sphere nearby, creating a powdery silver layer on the floor. Headmaster Dumbledore was currently hiding under his desk, using a copy of Hogwarts: A History to fend of the insane bird. 

"I just allowed Mr. Ollivander to take another tail feather from Fawkes today." He blocked the bird's beak from stabbing out his eye. "Apparently, I forgot to inform Fawkes of my doing so, and it was rather more painful than usual, hence the loud squawking noises." He reached up and gathered the bundle of red and gold feathers under his arm, pinning Fawkes' head in place until the bird had calmed down. Dumbledore then released him and surveyed the destruction of his office. 

"Hmmm." A swish of his wand later and his office was back to normal, except for a small sliver of wood underneath James' shoe that he quickly let rejoin the fireplace mantlepiece. As if nothing at all had happened, Dumbledore gestured for them to sit and help themselves to candy. While Lily declined, James reached forward and popped one into his mouth. After explaining the problem, Dumbledore chuckled good naturedley.

"I'm sorry. It must have slipped my mind. Old age, I'm afraid. I'll take you to them now. You can customize your personal rooms later today as there are no schedules, and thus, no classes. As you know, only you two are allowed in without the password, the portrait will recognize you, but you can give the password to other students. I trust you to not let in the entirety of Gryffindor House. Come Along!"

They walked down the stairs and through the halls before Dumbledore started humming a tune that Lily recognized. "Sir, you know the Wizard of Oz?" "Of course Lily, it's one of my most favorite Muggle movies, such lovely singing." He turned back around and went on humming with a bounce in his step until they reached he corner. A passing first year ran hysterically from the corridor, telling everyone she met that the Headmaster, Lily Evans, and James Potter were linking arms and singing "Lions, and tigers, and bears, Oh My!" as they walked down the hallway. No one believed her, but the Headmaster later gave her a bag of lemon drops.

Finally they reached the Heads dorm, just off of the Transfiguration classroom. Dumbledore spoke with the portrait and introduced Lily and James. "Yira, this is James and Lily, they are our heads this year from Gryffindor this year. James, Lily, this is Yira, set your password now. " They talked it over and decided that the first password would be 'Defiance'. James told the portrait and she nodded before letting them in. Instead of the common room-esque room they had been expecting, they were faced with a rather large quantity of empty white. Turning to Dumbledore questioningly. 

"For today only, this room will change itself to suit your design. For example, if Lily went to her room, there on the right, and stood in it she could make any type of furniture, flooring, wallpaper, ceiling, paint, lamps, and bookshelves appear for today only. Nothing can leave it's respective room, and you have to do the shared space together. That includes the common room, kitchenette, and bathroom. The rooms themselves can't change much past adding one closet, alcove, or bay window, but any decoration is fine. Everything, no matter where it is, will disappear at the end of term. I'll leave you to it, as I presume you have already ad breakfast? Good. Goodbye!" With that he swept out of the dormitory in a swirl of fuchsia spots.

Lily and James stood uncertainly for a minute or two, before splitting up to do their respective rooms. Going down the right hand hallway,  she stopped in her room. it was about the same size as the entire girls dormitory, and completely bare. That along with the white made it seem huge and foreign, and somewhat scary. She tested out what Dumbledore said by starting with a floor of softly polished honey colored wood. The color and texture seemed to start at her feet and blush out to all corners of the room. Encouraged by this, Lily set to work.

Three hours later, she sat on her new bed and looked around, it was perfect. The light wooden flooring contrasted nicely with her bright purple walls. The wood was matched with the three bookcases that had popped up in a corner of the room. Her bed was large and square, with satin purple sheets. Purple curtains graced the bay window with a cushioned seat, perfect for curling up on with a good book. The room gave off an atmosphere of warmth and quiet energy. A large cork board on one wall already had notices and calendars pinned up. A small white vase in the corner held three large flowers, none of them Lilies.

Coming out of her room, she saw that James had finished his room before her. 

"Oops. I'm sorry. How long have you been waiting?"

"Just a minute, I was about to come get you."

"Sorry. So what's your room like?"

"Lots of red and wood, Quidditch posters everywhere. It actually looks a lot like my other dormitory. You?"

"Lots of honey colored wood and purple. Nothing at all like my dormitory." 

"To each their own."

"So what should we do here?"

Eventually they decided that the common room would be like the Gryffindor common room, but with light colored wood instead of dark. The bathroom would take after the Prefect's bathroom (sans peeping tom ghost), complete with twenty-something taps of foam and scent.  The kitchenette was lots of light wood and gleaming chrome. James had fun destroying the first two microwaves, and mutilating the fridge until Lily sent him outside so they would actually get something done. Sitting in front of the fireplace, munching on sandwiches from the kitchen as a late lunch, they looked around and were proud of everything they had done. 

They got up from their seats and went to find their friends. Running towards the Gryffindor common room, they had enough sense to let go of each other's hands before they reached the gossiping portrait.

"Hanna! Hanna!" She caught her friends attention.

"Lily! Where were you? We looked all over and couldn't find you."

    "Yeah, mate. I had no clue where you went. Nearly said yes to a game of chess with Moony, I was so bored." Sirius winked at him and James just smiled and nodded. It took Lily a moment to figure out what they were talking about before she remembered the Map the boys had made. Of course the Marauders knew where they were.

    Remus came walking up, his fingers ink stained from his drying essay. “I heard that. Surely I’m not that bad.”

“Yes, Moony. Yes, you are.”

... oOo ...

After fending off questions about where they had been, and gathering class forms from the entire Gryffindor House, they walked slowly to the Headmasters office once again.

“You know James, this is the second time we’ve been to see the headmaster in one day.  And it’s the first day of school. Some people would consider this to be bad.”

“Nah, we know what were going for. ‘Sides, I just go for Albus’ candy.”

Lily gave a long suffering sigh and shuffled the pile of parchment in her hands. 

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