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I love you, Mum by erinn1197
Chapter 10 : Chapter 9
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Credit to the awesome lucky.stars@TDA 

“Rise and shine.” Dome chirped. “It’s Hogsmeade day.”

I groaned, pulling the pillowed over my head.

“Too early.” I moaned. “Can’t function until later.”

Dom tutted.

“You have a date today. We need to get you ready.”

I have a date with her cousin. Don’t Weasley members go all protective over everyone? Why is she so happy about this? I looked over at the clock. It was eight in the morning. We aren’t even allowed to leave school grounds until noon.

“Damn it Dom.” I moaned. “We still have four hours until we’re even allowed to leave.”

I heard her huff and cross her arms.

“Roxie.” She whined. “Help me out here.”

I refuse to play Barbie. I haven’t even worn make-up since I got pregnant with Tyler. I just stopped caring about my looks after Tyler was born.

“Get up you lazy lump.”

She gave me a shove. As if that was going to make me get up. I’m not leaving this bed until at least eleven. I’m procrastination at its finest.


“Nikkole, don’t make me zap you.” Dom warned.

Zap me with what? How can she zap…

“Ow!” I yelped, jumping out of bed. “That fucking hurt, you bitch!”

“Shocking spell.” Dom smirked, twirling her wand. “James taught it to me.”

Mental note: snap Dom’s wand then snap James’s. Then destroy Dom for waking me up early and James for teaching her that spell.

“Now we can get you ready!” She giggled.

I sent Roxie a pleading look. What did she do? She laughed. China, the loveable nerd she was, was already dressed and gone. Would no one save me from Dom?

“Let’s do something with your hair.” Dom started, forcing me down in front of her make-up desk. “What do you do with it? Run a brush through it and throw it up into a pony tail?”

Um…that’s exactly what I do. I love pony tails. They’re my friend.

“Nikkole, you have to do more with it.” She sighed.

“I’m going to the guy’s dorm.” Roxie muttered. “They’ll still be sleeping and I can catch a few more z’s.”

Lucky. I want to join. I’m pissed tired. I began to doze off as Dom ran her brush through my hair. Her soft strokes with the brush made me sleepy. She ran some type of gel through my hair before taking her wand to add little ringlets. Dom then proceeded to pull half of my hair up. She clipped it into place with a butterfly clip.

“What do you think?”

I nodded. I was too tired to actually form words. My head began to nod back and forward and my eyes closed. The next thing I know there’s a plate of breakfast next to me.

“What the…”

“Good, your awake. We don’t have much time.” Dom said, quickly tilting my chin up to do makeup.

What time was it? Dom put a layer of foundation on, some eyeliner and mascara, a dash of eye shadow, and a dab of lip gloss.

“There. Not a lot of make-up.” Dom smiled. “You’re still Nikkole.”

I turned around in my chair to watch Dom dig around in her closet. I guess my clothes won’t satisfy her taste. She tossed a pair of jeans on her bed. The jeans were followed by a pink tank top and whit zip-up hoodie.

“Come on.” Dom said. “Get dressed. “

“Meh.” I moaned.

I was still tired. I slowly changed into Dom’s clothes. She handed me some black Ugg boots and I pulled them on slowly. I walked over to the mirror. My outfit was simple and cute. I so did not need to be waken up at eight to get this look. It’s only…ten till twelve. What! I must have dozed off for a long time. I grabbed my wand, tucking it in my back pocket.

“Bye Dom.” I smiled, heading down the staircase.


I met Fred in front of the Great Hall. He was dressed in jeans, a blue hoodie, and sneakers. His wand stuck out of his back pocket. I fiddled with the locket around my neck, a nervous habit of mine. The locket was a Mother’s Day present from Tyler. Inside was a picture of Tyler and me. On the other side was the words World’s best Mum.

“Ready?” Fred asked.

I let my locket fall against my chest. I nodded. We got in an empty carriage. I went back to playing with my locket.

“So what’s inside of it?”

I stopped fiddling with my locket and looked at Fred.

“What’s inside?” He asked again. “You wear it all the time so it must have some meaning to it.”


“Can I see?”

Before I could say no, Fred already opened my locket. He looked at the picture of Tyler and me until reading the inscription.

“You’re a Mum.” He stated.

I looked down at my hands. This is not how I wanted to know. I didn’t want him to know at all. I bet I just ruined any chance I had of having any type of relationship with Fred.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” He asked.

“I did. Roxie and China found out. Alexia found out by eavesdropping on my conversation with Roxie.” I replied.

Fred closed my locket and let it fall against my chest.

“The other night, you were hiding from Alexia because she knew about your baby. Right?” Fred asked.

The carriage stopped. We got out and began to walk through the streets of Hogsmeade. Fred looked at me to continue my story.

“I was hiding in the Common Room because Alexia black mailed me.” I cried. “I told you that bit. She…she threatened to tell everyone about Tyler if I didn’t stay away from James.”

Fred put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in close. We walked a bit more.

“Why would it be so bad if Alexia told the school?” He asked. “No one would judge you.”

I sobbed a bit more. Dom would kill me for messing up her make-up.

“I didn’t want Tyler’s dad to find out he has a son from his nasty cow of a girlfriend.” I sobbed.

I wiped my eyes off with the sleeve of Dom’s jacket, not caring if I was ruining my make-up and the jacket.

“James is the father?”

I nodded, wiping tears off my cheek. Why couldn’t I keep a bloody secret?

“Come on.” Fred said, turning me back the way we just came. “Right now, you need to be inside and with a friend. Not out her with a boyfriend.”

I smiled. Fred was being understanding and just wanting to be my friend. And I was okay with that.

Tyler, Uncle Fred is the best.


Author’s note- I am so sorry it took me forever to type up this chapter. I’ve been very busy this month with vacation, band camp, and dance camp. But alas, here is chapter 9! I hope you guys like it


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I love you, Mum: Chapter 9


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