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The Greatest Days Of Our Lives by hiral05
Chapter 14 : Planning and construction
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 This chapter will be in the 3rd person because it’s important that all sides of the story are seen. I promise that it will go back to Jemini’s point of view. Also, if you want to see anyone else’s point of view, such as Sirius’ or Lily’s, even James’ then please don’t hesitate to ask in a review! Ok, now on with the story!

“and I don’t know, which way it’s ganna go..if it’s ganna be a rainy day there’s nothing we can do to make a change. We can pray for sunny weather” Please don’t stop the rain – James Morrison.

‘Pass the butter padfoot’ demanded James across the table at Sirius.

Sirius had been talking to Mya at the time, who was sitting next to him; he gave James a dirty look but passed the butter all the same.

‘Is it ok that I’m sitting here, at the table?’ asked Mya at no one in particular, everyone stayed quiet until Remus finally answered.

‘Why wouldn’t it be ok?’

‘Well, once all your other friends come down’ replied Mya, mainly looking at Lola, referring to Lily, Mimi and Jem ‘won’t they be annoyed if I’m here’

Lola laughed ‘why would they be?’ she shot a look at Sirius who just stared into his food.

‘I don’t know, I don’t think that Jem likes me very much’ admitted Mya, her shoulders hunched over. Sirius put his arm around her shoulder and said ‘I don’t think that she doesn’t like you as a person, I think this is something else’


‘So you have nothing to worry about’ said James, giving Mya an encouraging smile.

‘I’m just scared they’ll think I’m intruding’ said Mya.

James laughed ‘you’re not scared of them are you?’

‘Well, they are the Gigi’s, it’s a little intimidating’

‘Oh please’ scoffed Lola ‘don’t be intimidated of them, they’re nice people, I should know’

‘Yeah, they’re nice to you; you’re one of their best friends’

‘True’ conceded Lola.

‘Even Mimi can be quite intimidating’

‘What?’ spluttered Remus.

‘Oh, not in a bad way, and I don’t mean that Lily and Jemini are intimidating in a bad way but it’s just they’re-’

‘The Gigi’s?’ asked Sirius, raising his eyebrows.

‘You guy’s find this funny because you’re all friends and are all part of a big group but ask anyone, in any year and any house who’s not friends with the Gigi’s or the marauders and ask them if you guys are intimidating’ said Mya, sounding as if she had been wanting to get this off her chest ‘I think we all know what the answer would be’

‘You’re right’ said Remus ‘although we find it funny that anyone would find us intimidating because we don’t mean to be, I can see why people may feel that way’

James laughed ‘its so ridiculous’

‘Oh no’ said Mya and the other three looked at her ‘Jemini, Lily and Mimi are coming this way’

‘Calm down’ said James, kindly ‘it’ll be fine, you sat with them at the three broomsticks’

‘That was with other people who weren’t part of your group like Diggory and Murray’ Sirius and James narrowed their eyes at the mention of them ‘even Rachel and Katy were there, it was fine, but this-’

Sirius slipped his arm around her waist and said ‘you have nothing to worry about’

Jem and Lily didn’t seem to notice that they had an extra person at the table and plonked themselves down next to Lola who was sitting next to James.

Mimi immediately went over to Remus who was on the same side of the table as Sirius and Mya.

‘Morning’ said Lily, tiredly, heaping some bacon onto her plate.

‘Not really’ said Jem, grabbing some toast off the pile and quickly began to butter it ‘Lola was listening to her shit radio through the night, I don’t know why you listen to that radio show lols’

‘Hey!’ pouted Lola ‘it was like half an hour, stop over exaggerating and I love that show! It plays really good music’

‘Oh really, eleven til half twelve isn’t half an hour’ shot back Jem.

‘Are they really having a go at each other?’ whispered Mya, wide-eyed to Sirius.

Sirius let out a small laugh ‘no, it’s all fun and games, they always do this’

‘pass the juice mims please’ asked Jem looking up and locking eyes, not with Mimi who she expected but with Mya.

‘Oh’ said Jem ‘sorry, thought you were Mimi’. Jem then proceeded to look to the other side of Remus where Mimi was sitting and saw that Mimi was miming banging her head against the table. Jem rolled her eyes at her and saw that Lily was fighting back laughter.

‘So sorry, Mya’ said Jem, in a fake cheery voice ‘would you mind passing the pumpkin juice?’

‘No not at all’ squeaked Mya and promptly picking up the pumpkin juice but it all happened in slow motion.

Mya accidently relaxed her grip on the pumpkin juice as she passed it to Jem and it crashed down on the table.

Lily squealed ‘oh my god, my robes are all wet and, oh shit jem, some of it’s in your hair’

The rest of the table were in shock just looking on at the scene, not believing what just happened. Mya was frozen to her spot, feeling like she was about to cry.

Jem stood as quickly brandishing her wand, muttering a spell to clean up the puddles of pumpkin juice that had formed all over the table, around every ones plates and fled out of the Great Hall with Lily at her side. Jem was touching her hair to make sure the pumpkin juice didn’t make it sticky and Lily was using her wand in order to clean her robes.

‘I cant believe I just did that’ whispered Mya.

‘Don’t worry about it’ said Remus bracingly, clearing up the pumpkin juice that Jem had missed in her hurry out of the Hall.

‘I’ve just pissed off two of the gigi’s, they hate me’

Mimi gave Remus a confused look but he just shook his head.

‘It’s ok, they don’t hate you’ said Sirius, sounding as if he was trying to convince himself.

Mya bit her lip ‘I had this one chance to show them I’m not bad, and I splatter pumpkin juice all over Jemini Lander’

James burst out laughing but quickly stifled it once Remus had shot him a look.

‘Sorry’ said James, through his laugh ‘but it’s just such a coincidence, the two people she doesn’t want to piss off and as soon as they sit down-’ James couldn’t finish his sentence because he was finding it hard to breathe through his laughing.

Sirius joined in with  James’ laughing but then stopped abruptly as Mya said ‘Well, I’m off to ancient runes, see you later’ got up from the table and left.

‘You shouldn’t have laughed’ said Remus, but couldn’t keep the smile off his face.

‘I find that girl weird’ said Mimi, giggling a little ‘sorry Sirius, but she is!’

‘right, that’s the plan done, we execute this Saturday, yes?’ said Sirius.

The marauders were in their dorm huddled around a table in the middle. The table was strewn with different pieces of papers and pictures.

‘Right, so this Saturday wormtail you go up and plant the pictures’ said Remus, verifying the plan ‘then once they dump Diggory and Murray, they fall into Sirius and James, then next Saturday we’ll go all go up to their dorm, win the bet and everything will be fine?’

‘Sounds like a fucking killer of a plan to me’ said James, fist punching the air.

‘Let’s hope the plan goes accordingly and then we can celebrate’ said Remus sensibly.

‘Oh and, prongs, padfoot’ said Peter ‘you’ll both have to break up with Mya and Katy before this Saturday and make sure that Jem and Lily know’

Sirius and James looked at each other and just laughed.

‘Done’ said Sirius.

‘Mate, you have to be kind, it’s their feelings on the line too, remember’ said Remus calmly.

‘Oh’ frowned James ‘yeah’

‘Just be nice about it, is all I’m saying’ said Remus.

‘We will’ reassured Sirius and then smiled looking at the pictures in front of him.

They had gotten these pictures made up by a genius of a boy in Ravenclaw. He can pretty much do anything, including doctoring photos.

Meanwhile in the girls dorm, Mimi was lying on her bed on her front, with her chin resting on her hands. Jem was doing some homework on the floor with Lily next to her doing some extra reading on charms. Lola was muttering to herself softly while she was putting up pictures and sorting out posters on the wall.

‘I can’t believe the bitch spilt pumpkin juice on me, I know it wasn’t an accident’ Jem suddenly exclaimed from the spot on the floor.

Lola looked over sympathetically ‘apparently she’s intimidated by us’

‘What?’ yelled Lily before proceeding to laugh and roll around on the floor.

‘It’s not a lie, they were talking about it when you guys ran out the Hall looking like you were about to kill someone’ said Mimi, backing up Lola’s argument.

‘She was just nervous to be sitting with us that she accidently relaxed her grip on the jug’ said Lola.

Jem giggled before saying ‘why would she be intimidated by us? We’re hardly intimidating I mean, just look at us’

The four girls began to giggle uncontrollably ‘she said-’ started Mimi but was overcome by another fit of giggles.

‘What did she say?’ asked Lily.

‘She said, if we asked anyone who wasn’t like, in our group, then they would agree with her and I personally find that hard to believe’ finished Mimi.

‘I find that hilarious’ said Jem, before going back to her homework.

The four girls went back to whatever they were doing before the sudden outburst.

‘Mims’ said Lily, looking up ‘what are you doing?’

Mimi was just looking at the pictures on the wall ‘nothing, just thinking’

‘Don’t you have homework to do?’ asked Jem.

‘Remus and I finished our ancient runes essays before I came up here so I’m good at the moment’

Lily and Jem went back to their reading and essays respectively until Mimi interrupted all of them.

‘So I’ve been thinking-’ she started innocently.

‘I knew you were thinking about something’ said Lola, knowingly.

‘Well, you see how my mum does all this work to do with houses? She taught me a few spells over the Christmas hols’

‘Right’ said Lily slowly, with a frown on her face.

‘Well, I wasn’t able to practise them at home, but when I got back Remus has been helping me with the technique even though I didn’t tell him what it was for’

‘Mims, I dont know where this is going’ said Lola, flicking the picture in her hand.

‘Listen, so you all know what my mum does, right?’ Mimi asked, looking at the other three girls.

‘Roughly’ said Jem ‘wizarding interior designer?’

‘Yeah, but she changes the size and stuff, it’s brilliant and she taught me all these spells and I was thinking we could interior design our dorm’

She looked around expectantly.

‘That would be great mims, but I dont think we can’ said Lily.

Mimi’s face fell ‘why not?’

‘I dont think it’s possible, I think every dorm is the same, it wouldnt be fair’

‘Well how would anyone know, apart from us?’ asked Lola.

‘I dont know’ admitted Lily ‘but Dumbledore knows everything’

‘Well, we could try and if it doesn’t work then fair do’s but if it does work then we get a better dorm and living facilities for the better part of a year’ said Mimi jumping off her bed.

Lola jumped onto her bed and began looking through her book of spells ‘I think it’s a brilliant idea’

‘I like it’ I said thoughtfully ‘it would be nice to get a bigger dorm and better things in it, dont you think?’

‘Yes, well I wouldnt mind, but how would we change it back for the next people who come up? And then we’d have to do it all again for our next dorm!’

‘Oh come on Lils’ pleaded Mimi.

Lily looked at her and mimi said ‘Oh alright, we’ll let the 5th years have this dorm as a kind of momento if we dont get caught, think about it, we’ll be legends, everyone who goes through this dorm will know we did it’

Lily nodded ‘we have to leave it for them, it wont be fair otherwise’

‘We will, I promise’ said Mimi, holding up three fingers ‘scout’s honour’

‘Fine, what are we going to do?’ said Lily.

‘Well, while I was sitting on the bed, I was thinking about it and I’ve got it all mapped out’ said Mimi, walking round the dorm.

‘So tell us’ said Jem, smiling, still on the floor, writing the last sentence of her essay.

‘Right’ she said standing at the door looking in at the dorm ‘The bathroom is staying where it is’ The bathroom was on the left adjacent wall to the door, in the closest corner.

‘We cant change that’ said Lily, laughing.

‘Which is why it’s staying where it is’ said Mimi, then continued ‘So in that corner,’ she was pointing to the far corner of the bathroom door wall ‘we can have a desk, so Jem doesn’t do her homework on the floor because she doesn’t want to bump into Black in the common room’

Jem looked up outraged ‘I do not’

Lola laughed ‘ok, jem’ she said sarcastically.

‘Anyway’ pushed on Mimi, ‘because it’ll be bigger, we can fit in some bean bags, y’know the muggle things, and some comfy chairs for Lily to read charms in so she doesn’t have to be with jem on the floor’

Lily laughed ‘I like the sound of a reading chair area’

‘Then, my mum said we can like enlarge the windows, so we can have a nicer and better view of the grounds’

‘That sounds lovely’ said Lily, musingly.

‘Then, our beds will be more spread out, we can have the wardrobe expanded over here’ she said pointing at the wardrobe on the same wall as the dorm door.

‘Then what? We cant have anything else, can we?’

‘That’s where you’re wrong, Lols’ said Mimi with a smirk ‘what about a dressing table on that wall?’ she said pointing to the right adjacent wall to the dorm door.

Jem gasped ‘Brilliant’

‘I know!’ exclaimed Mimi, jumping up and down, clapping her hands.

‘Do you know how to get a dresser and bean bags and all this stuff?’ asked Lily, waving her hands about.

‘Of course’ said Mimi smoothly ‘my mum was so excited about this idea she kind of shrunk them down and put them in my trunk, so all we have to do is enlarge them!’

‘Your mum is amazing’ breathed Lily.

‘Tell me about it’ said Mimi, beaming ‘I’m so excited, it’s ridiculous’

‘Me too, now that I think about it, I won’t want to leave the dorm’ said Lola.

‘Me either, I’ll spend all my time up here’

‘We should do it as soon as possible’ said Lily, smiling.

‘Well, it won’t take long, as I said, Remus has been helping me so I’m getting good and so all I really have to do is do the spells but before that we have to map it out, so nothing goes wrong’

Lola suddenly screeched ‘There’s going to be more wall space, I have to do more drawings and take more pictures!’

We all laughed.

‘So how quickly can we do this?’ Jem asked Mimi.

‘How about we start now?’ she replied.

‘Great and we can have a proper window sill on the window so we can put our nail polishes on there instead of lined up on the floor’ said Jem, pointing at the long line of nail polishes.

Mimi clapped her hands ‘Brilliant!’

The girls looked at each other, excited at the prospects of having a bigger and better dorm.

‘Let’s start’ said Mimi, going over to her trunk.

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The Greatest Days Of Our Lives: Planning and construction


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