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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 15 : The Christmas Eve Ball
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 The Christmas Eve Ball

Mum let me sleep in the next morning, until noon. Blippie the house elf woke me up, and told me that I should shower because the ball started at seven and guests would be arriving at 6:30. I let my gaze roam over the walls in my room. Pure white, with a white carpet to match, and sheer curtains. It felt like winter in here, but cozy with the roaring fireplace just steps from my bed.

I rose from my bed, letting the long nightgown trail behind me as I walked towards my bathroom. There were golden swirls on the walls of this room, silver tiled floor but heated beneath my feet so as not to cause a chill. I ran the bath water and chose a jasmine bath set for today.

I just relaxed in the hot water for a long time, thinking. Thinking about nothing in particular, and then thinking about the Granger’s. I wondered how they were spending their Christmas this year.

After some time passed I rose from the bath and put on a silk bath robe, over my white lace lingerie set.

“Blippie.” I called summoning the house elf from her duties.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Please prepare me for the ball. I want my hair and make up done. And please arrange for a light meal to be brought.”

Blippie nodded, disappeared and two seconds later reappeared with a plate full of berries, and apple, and some bread and cheese, and a glass of pumpkin juice, and a thermos full of coffee.

“Thank you. Blippie.”

“It is my pleasure Ms. Serena. Please sit back” she placed the tray in my lap. So I wouldn’t reach far to the point of leaning while she did my hair.  “How would you like your hair done?”

“I would like you to do my hair as you see fit Blippie, it is a calling of yours I have noticed and I will not put a dent in your creativity.”

“Mistress, you honor me with your high favors. Thank you.”

I smiled my reply. Blippie began to brush my hair; detangling the tangles and making it fall back into its straight, silky smooth tendrils. Then she began to separate chunks of my hair into clips, and began rolling the strands of my hair onto a hot roller that had heat to it. Once my entire head was covered in the rollers she charmed them so that they began to heat.

“Mistress it will take half an hour for the rolls to work. Would you like me to start make up?”

“Yes, that would be fine. I’m wearing white, so lighter tones would be best but I leave actually colors up to you.”

Blippie took a foundation sponge and poured the liquid onto it, and then moved it all around my face, so that not an inch of skin from my hairline all the way to under my chin, was left bare. She charmed it to dry instantly, then covered my entire face in a pale shimmer powder to add a shimmer to my skin.

The blush was next a pale rose color that blended with the powder to add just a twinge of color. She lined the under of my eyes in a white liner then added a very pale blue to it to add some contrast.

Blippie dusted my eyelids with a silver shadow, then adding a pale blue to the bottom of my eyelids, then ran a glitter roller over it so that it too would shimmer. The mascara she choose was blue so that when the light caught the eyelashes they would sparkle. She took a pale pink lipstick to my lips and added a clear gloss over it.

That was it the finishing touches. She unrolled the curlers from my hair and let my hair cascade down to my waiste with silky smooth curls.

“That is it Ms.Serena. Beautiful and looking every right the Zabbini Princess.”

“Thank you Blippie you are wonderful.”

“Your mother wishes to see you.” She said and disappeared once again. I walked into my close and put on my gown, and the silver stilettos to match. I choose the diamond set as my jewelry for the ball, put it on and added the snake arm cling to my bicep. Then I walked down the hall to the master bedroom where my mother inevitably was waiting for me.


Now six o’clock, the front hall of our manor became evident with the sound of popping, witches and wizards aparating. I stood above the staircase unseen to the quests below. I knew that Draco was downstairs waiting to escort me and it was all I could do to keep from pacing in anticipation.

It wasn’t long before the popping ceased and the Announcer we had hired for the ball began announcing.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, The Zabbini family welcomes you all to their 20th annual Christmas eve ball. Here come Mr. and Mrs. Zabbini now.”

Daddy offered Mum his arm and she accepted it and they walked down the grand staircase together bright smiles on their faces.

“Now to announce the enterence of the eldest Zabbini twin,” Blaise smirked at me when the announcer said this and I scowled back, “Mr. Blaise Zabbini, escorting tonight Ms. Genevera Weasley.” I pictured Ginny’s face at the use of her real name and grinned. I bet she just loved that.

“And of course announcing Ms. Serena Ceres Zabbini, the Zabbini family princess, escorted tonight by none other than Mr. Draco Malfoy.” As my cue was called I smiled and stepped down the stairs, and took Draco’s offered arms. The room quited and all below gasped and whispered about how pretty I looked.

At dinner shortly after, Draco and I sat by each other facing a buissness associate of my father’s and his wife.

“Ah serena, how are studies going at school this term?” The fat man asked me and rubbed his tummy.

Swallowing my disgust and any sarcastic comment, and replied.

“My studies are very well as always Mr. Davies. Thank you for asking.” I said and smiled.

“And you had always been at Hogwarts?” Realizing the trapped he had set for me I opened my mouth to reply when my Father broke in.

“Our Serena, was kidnapped at birth by a woman who was barren and put under a glamour from her wizard husband. She was raised by the family in London and naturally attended Hogwarts, under the glamour. Nobody knew who she was , and still do not, assuming that the witch they had all known decided not to return to school.” Father snapped at the man and then rang that dinner was over.


Dancing began on the floor. I danced first with Draco, as he spun me round and around on the floor.  Then Blaise cut in and I smiled and danced with my ‘big’ brother. Theodore Nott a Mutual friend of ours asked me dance later and I accepted, but Draco growled behind me.  I turned and scowled at him, before walking onto the floor with Theo. Soon Midnight arrived and we wished all our guests a merry Christmas, and a very good evening, before we all departed for bed ourselves.

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The dark side of love: The Christmas Eve Ball


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