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Second Chances by Drunaforever
Chapter 2 : The Feast
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So I decided to change this from second person to first person. It's Luna's point of view. Thanks for reading!


 My friends and I hurried out of the carriage and inside the castle. The rain was getting worse, and we could hear thunder and see lightning in the distance.


We made it into the Entrance Hall before we could get too soaked, yet we were still dripping water onto the floor and shivering.


I looked around the hall. Most of the castle had been rebuilt because of the war, and this part had definitely changed.


There were lots of candles around and many torches in brackets throughout the place on the walls. They gave off a very warm feeling, so we stopped shivering soon. The floor was a dark and royal purple, smooth and flat and pretty. The walls were like stained glass windows, though minus the windows. It was many colorful tiled pieces in different shapes and sizes. There was sapphire blue, emerald green, a deep red and a lovely shade of yellowish gold. They must represent the houses. The ceiling was similar to the one in the Great Hall, reflecting the sky outside. Now it was dark and cloudy.


After staring around the magnificent hall for a few moments, we began to walk towards the Great Hall. Many other students were also gaping around at the beautiful room.


"Welcome, everyone." Professor McGonagall smiled at them as they passed her standing by the doors to the Great Hall.


The Great Hall only had been fixed up like it was previously, except the floor was marble and engraved with names. I recognized a few of them. The names were in honor of those who died in the Battle of Hogwarts.


I said good-bye to my friends and skipped towards the Ravenclaw table.


Looking around I saw an empty seat around Cho.


"Hello, Cho!" I said to her as I sat across from her.


Cho smiled at me. We had become good friends over the past two years. She wasn't as sad about Cedric's death anymore, at least she only cried about once a month.


"Hey Luna. Did you have a good summer?" She asked.


I nodded. "It was great. What about you?"


"It was pretty good. I got to spend lots of time with my parents for once."


I smiled. "That's good."


We and the rest of the hall became quiet as Headmistress McGonagall stood up from the teachers table.


She smiled warmly at us. "I welcome all of you to another wonderful year at Hogwarts. I hope all of you are warm and comfortable, and now we will begin the sorting."


This year Professor Sprout had taken up the task of sorting the students. After about ten minutes, all of the first years were sitting with their new houses and talking excitedly. Once again the chatter died away as McGonagall stood up again.


"Now, as I bet all of you are probably hungry, let the feast begin!"


As she clapped her hands together, food magically appeared on the tables. The volume of the hall rose greatly as students resume their talking as they began to fill their stomachs.


Cho and I were talking and laughing while we ate.


Suddenly, a girl probably 15 or 16 flopped down next to Cho and began piling food on her plate. I looked at Cho, then at the new girl with a questioning eyebrow.


"Oh, Luna, meet my cousin." She said.


The girl looked up at Luna and smiled. She had really dark brown hair with streaks of blonde in them, and her hair cut was uneven and messy and reached to about an inch under her ear lobe. Luna thought it was actually very pretty. Her eyes were green and orange, an interesting but nice color. She was almost as tall as Cho, and she was wearing a Ravenclaw uniform with her robes.


She extended her hand out to me and I took it. Her nails were colorful. She shook my hand very excitedly.


"Hi! I just transferred here from Ireland! I went to a magic school there, but I decided to change and my family moved to London. I'm a fifth year and I was already sorted into Ravenclaw before I came here. Nice to meet you!"


I smiled. "Nice to meet you too! My name is Luna. And your name is?"


The girl dropped her hand from our hand shake and did a face-palm. "Duh I can't believe I forgot to say my name! It's Audrey Naomi Desiree Amber Sarai Ivy Alexia Madison Heidi Prunicalia. But you can call me Audrey. Or Ivy. Or Naomi."


I probably looked both surprised and confused. "That's a lot of names! I'll just call you Audrey."


Audrey laughed. "Yeah I get that a lot. My parents couldn't decide what to name me, so they just gave me 9 names."


"What's that on your nails?" I asked her.

She automatically looked at her finger tips. "Oh, I put nail polish on them.
It's a muggle invention that can let you have different colors on your nails and it wears off after awhile. I'm quite fond of it."




I smiled and we all continued to talk and eat.


I finished my dinner, leaving some room for dessert.


As I patiently waited for the puddings. I looked around the Great Hall. As I eyed the Slytherin table, I noticed Draco sitting alone and not eating anything. He was just staring at his plate.


I frowned. He needed to eat, especially after losing so much weight.


"I'll be right back, guys." I said to Cho an Audrey as I stood up. They looked at me with raised eyebrows but only nodded.


I made my way to the Slytherin table. Some people were looking at me with curious expressions.


Once I reached Draco I sat down across from him.


He looked up; taken aback that someone had sat by him.


"Err, hi Luna." He said quietly.


"Hello!" I smiled.


"What are you doing here?" He didn't say it rudely, he was just wondering what I was doing.


"Sitting by you. Why aren't you eating? You need to have some food!"


Draco sighed. "I'm not that hungry."


"Not hungry? You look starving! Come on, eat something!"


Draco hesitated, and then gave up. He obviously wasn't going to say no to a whole feast of food. He grabbed a dish of pot roast and put some on his plate. Then he added some carrots and potatoes, and some bread.


He slowly tried the pot roast, then he looked satisfied and finished his plate in five minutes.


"Thanks, Luna. I was actually a little hungry." He said softly.


I smiled. "No problem. That's what friends are for!"


He looked up at me. "F-f-friends?" He was shocked.


I nodded earnestly. "Of course. You are my friend, Draco."


He gave me half of a smile before emptying his goblet of pumpkin juice.


The food disappeared and the dessert came. There were cakes, puddings, pies, and some new additions.


I immediately grabbed a plate and added some pudding and a piece of chocolate pie.


Draco got a serving of chocolate cake and ate it happily.


The desserts were very delicious; soon I was full and satisfied.


"I'm going to go back to my table now, Draco, for the announcements. I'll see you tomorrow! Good night!"


He gave me a nod and watched me get up and go.


"What was that about?" Cho asked the second I sat down.


"He needed to eat; I wasn't going to let him starve."


Audrey smiled at me in awe. "Wow, you are really nice." She said.


I smiled. "Thank you!"


Cho smirked. "Oh this is just part of Luna’s goodness that you've seen. Just you wait."


I smiled. I had good friends with me, and I was going to let Draco feel the happiness of friendship. No matter what.


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Second Chances: The Feast


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