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I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good by SlytherinSweetie
Chapter 1 : Summer of 78
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 Chapter One


     There were whispers through every alleyway, store, and home of the wizarding world about the impending war and the air of darkness blanketing the United Kingdom. The whispers even reached into the homes of muggleborn witches and wizards through owls sent by concerned friends, one such owl had reached the bedroom of Lily Evans.



How are you? There is talk of what is to come once we leave school. It’s scary. It’s as if my father and Uncle Harry are preparing for an oncoming war, there are always whispers and James has become uncommonly serious over the summer. Sirius has moved in with the Potters full time, his excuse was that everything finally came to a head with his family, I’m worried about him. He isn’t talking about it like he usually does; no rants about his stupid parents. I wish you would get here sooner Lil I need my best friend. See you in a few weeks.




 Don’t worry the two weeks until I get to your house will be quick. I can’t imagine James becoming serious but you’re not the only one I’ve heard these things from, Remus has been writing too. As for Sirius I’m sure he might just want to forget the fight. I’ll see you soon and we’ll talk.



       Lily had been right of course the two weeks before leaving for her best friends’ house went by at the speed of light. Lily loved going to Marlene’s at the end of the summer before the start of term. She’d been going to the McKinnon’s every summer since her second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The McKinnon’s lived on the Scottish country side in a large Manor a few 100 acres away from the Potters, who were related through the fathers. Marlene’s father Andrew was James Potter’s Father’s, Harold, younger brother.  The McKinnon Manor and grounds were spacious with Mrs. McKinnon’s gardens, an in ground pool, and a private Quidditch pitch that was often taken advantage of.

     Lily arrived on the first of August out front the McKinnon’s Manor after a wild ride on the Knight Bus. Marlene was already waiting for her on the walk way up to the Manor in some cut off jean shorts and a bikini top her long brown hair in a fishtail braid down her back.

 “Lily!” she screamed running towards her friend.

“Marlene!” Lily screamed dropping her backpack and trunk just in time to catch Marlene as she jumped on her.

“I’ve missed you so much!” Marlene screamed getting off poor Lily and picking up the girls bag.

“I’ve missed you too Marly, is anyone else here?” Lily asked giving Marlene’s outfit a questioning look.

“Oh yeah the three boys are here, they’re in the pool.” Marlene said giving Lily a cautious look.

“Fun, good thing I bought some new bathing suits a little while ago.” Lily winked making Marlene laugh.


Out back in the McKinnon’s pool three boys were sitting on the edge of the pool taking a swim break.

The three boys had been friends since their very first days at Hogwarts and now were seventeen and preparing for life outside the safe halls of Hogwarts Castle.


James Potter, who wore black wire rim glasses and had unruly black hair that had been the inspiration for some hairstyles back in their fifth year sat next to his best friend Sirius. Sirius Black who was a classic good looking boy with a bad boy air about him that was completely earned and deserved. Remus Lupin the last of the boys seemed quieter with his sandy blonder hair and small smirk. They were best friends and as of fifth year had taken to hanging out with Lily, Marlene and their two other friends Alice Prewett and Mary Macdonald.


“Well if it isn’t lovely Lily.” James joked as Lily and Marlene walked out into the pool area.

“Hey Potter, Remus, Sirius.” Lily smiled at the boys.

“Hey how come you call them by their first names?” James asked pouting like a small child.

“Because I like them.” Lily answered with a smirk and jumped in the pool with Marlene.


The teens splashed around for hours, James trying to flirt and get Lily’s attention while Sirius, Remus and Marlene tried to aide him in his adventures.  Lily tried not to let James’ advances affect her. James had been flirting and asking Lily out ever since they met and James figured out what a girlfriend was.  Lily had always figured James treated every girl this way until his group of friends and her group of friends had started hanging out. The truth was that James didn’t pay attention to any other girls. Over the years James had only gone out with three girls, all of which had lasted a short period of time. Now that this was part of Lily’s knowledge James’ advances had started to become more effective and Lily was beginning to develop feelings for him. Not that she told anyone.


“When are you going to give the poor boy a chance?” Marly asked as her and Lily got out of the pool to lie out in the sun.

“What are you on about?” Lily asked trying to look innocently.

“James, the poor boy is trying so hard to get your attention why can’t you just say yes once?” Marlene was practically begging.

“Who said I wasn’t thinking about it, and for the record he didn’t ask me out since I got here. “ Lily pointed out.

“Alright fair point, but if he does ask can you at least say yes and try to have a good time with him.” Marlene asked.

“Okay I will but you can’t go over and tell him any of this.” Lily made Marlene swear and the girls began talking about Marlene’s complicated relationship with a presently cold Sirius Black.


Meanwhile the boys were having a similar discussion telling James to keep trying and Sirius to warm up.

“I’m perfectly warm.” Sirius denied.

“No you aren’t and the poor girl is worried.” James pointed out looking over to Marlene who was currently biting her nails.

“There’s nothing to worry about. “ Sirius said.

“She heard my mom ask her mom for help healing you when you first arrived Padfoot.” James told his best friend.

“Clearly she understands you were hurt in your final fight with your family.” Remus pointed out.

“Fine but … I don’t know I just don’t want to talk about it. Maybe I should invite her out to dinner so we can talk.” Sirius broke down.

“We know you don’t want to lose her Pads, you love the girl for crying out loud.” James said.

“You’re right, I’ll get better.” Sirius agreed and the boys went back to swimming.


That night after dinner at the McKinnon’s Lily and Marlene got ready to go out with the boys for the night. Lily wore a tight pair of dark jeans that flared at the bottom with a flowery flowing shirt that showed a little cleavage while Marlene wore a flowy skirt and a tank top.

“What are we doing tonight?” Lily asked.

“Just going out around, James said the Prewetts were having a party so we’ll probably stop by there.” Marlene said applying some heavy eyeliner to her blue eyes.


Marlene was right the Prewetts were throwing a party and it was in full swing when the group arrived.


“Lily! Marly!” Alice Prewett ran out of the house to her best friends.

“Hey looks like the party is a success already.” Lily pointed out.

“Yeah Fabian and Gideon invited a bunch of their Auror friends and Molly invited a few of Arthurs friends from the Ministry and her friends from St. Mungos.” Alice explained.

“Sounds awesome!” Lily said before entering into the Prewett home.


The party really was in full swing. There was butterbeer, firewhiskey, and muggle beer flowing in the kitchen. There was a group of people in the corner of the living room surrounded by smoke. A small band was playing Beatles hits and some mixture of new wizarding band songs in the backyard. Lily went to the kitchen and got a large firewhiskey taking a sip and walking out into the backyard to see if she could find someone to dance with. Meanwhile Marlene had followed Alice in the living room over to the group of people that now included Sirius and a few other Hogwarts students.


“Hey lily, would you like to dance?” Gideon Prewett asked taking Lily’s hand a guiding her to the makeshift dance floor.

Lily danced a few songs with Gideon, finished her firewiskey and spotting James over on the porch. She excused herself put her cup down on a railing and walked over to James who looked to be talking to Remus.

“Hello James.” Lily tried to act sexy but was sure she looked a little drunker then she was instead.

“Hello Lily, how much have you had so far?” James looked concerned.

 “One firewhiskey, would you like to help me grab another one?” Lily asked.

“And why would you need my help?” James asked with a smirk.

“Alright I’ll go by myself; maybe some older Auror in training will hit on me while I get myself a drink.” Lily coaxed him.

“Oh no way, I’ll come with you I’m fresh out anyway.” James said before chugging his nearly full firewhiskey and bringing Lily into the kitchen.


“You look awfully beautiful tonight Marlene.” Sirius said quietly taking a puff and passing it.

“Thank you Sirius. “Marlene blushed.

“I’m sorry about the past few weeks.” Sirius said seriously.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Marlene tried to be coy.

“I’ve been cold to you and you don’t deserve that, I’m sorry Marlene.” Sirius said.

“It’s alright Sirius.” Marlene took a puff.

“No its not. I don’t want to lose you or you think I don’t appreciate you being here for me.” Sirius said looking into Marlene’s ice blue eyes.

“Come with me Mister Black.” Marlene winked and led Sirius up the stairs to the second floor that held the bedrooms.


Remus, left alone on the porch, spotted a blonde girl dancing alone in the middle of the dance floor. As Remus looked at the girl with more concentration he saw that it was Doe Meadows and seventh year Ravenclaw that wasn’t all that popular or … normal.

“Hello Doe.” Remus said nervously causing the girl to stop her dancing.

“Hello Remus would you care to dance?” Doe asked as the band struck up a slow song.

“Oh, um sure.” Remus said awkwardly taking Does hand and wrapping his arm around her waist.


“Hey James look.” Lily pointed over to Remus and Doe Meadows on the dance floor.

“Finally!” James said exasperated.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Lily asked.

“Remus finally got up the nerve to ask a girl to dance; maybe he’ll eventually ask her out.” James explained.

“Maybe he’d just rather focus on his studies.” Lily tried to defend Remus.

“Well Lily he better start focusing on other things than studying or studying might be all he ever did.” James said.

“What do you mean?” Lily asked with concern in her eyes.

“Nothing, would you care to dance Lily?” James asked whisking Lily away to the dance floor.


Remus and James twirled their girls around the dance floor to melodic songs of love while Sirius and Marlene rekindled their romance in an upstairs bedroom. Midnight came and went and by morning most of the house was being used as a bed.


In the yard James woke up next to Lily with Remus and Doe a few feet away.

“Lily, Lily darling it’s time to wake up.” James prodded her awake against what he really wanted.

“No James let’s just sleep, let’s just cuddle on this soft nice ground.” Lily said rolling over.

“I would love to darling only we need to get back to the manors.” James countered.

“Alright, fine.” Lily said sitting up her hair sticking up in every direction.

“Okay I’ll wake up Remus you go find Marlene and Sirius they seem to have run away.” James said with a smile as Lily slowly got off the ground.


Lily found Sirius and Marlene both naked in a bed upstairs.

“WAKE UP!” Lily screamed startling both of them awake.

“Oh God Lily be quiet.” Marlene groaned as Sirius just rolled over.

“You had sex in the Prewetts parent’s bed.” Lily informed them and that’s all it took to get them out of the bed.

“We’re leaving for the Manors soon.” Lily informed them leaving the room.


As the group trooped back to the Manors and headed to the separate rooms they promised a pool night to recover from the night before. Lily and Marlene were cuddling down into Marlene’s bed with shorts and tank tops.

“SO you and Sirius made up I see.” Lily wiggled her eyebrows.

“Yup it was amazing, he’s always amazing.” Marlene said with a far off look.

“Okay Marley.” Lily said with a laugh.

“I saw you and James outside on the dance floor.” Marlene said after a few minutes.

“I thought you were in the throes of makeup sex?” Lily said questioningly.

“I looked out the window during a break,” Marlene smirked at Lily’s grimace,” you looked happy.”

“I was, it’s almost like our bodies were built be next to each other.” Lily said with a small smile.

“Oh bother, you’re in deep Lily Evans.” Lily giggled and Marlene laughed.


The summer weeks flew by, Doe Meadows quickly become a staple of the group and a week before start of term Mary Macdonald and Peter Pettigrew came to stay at the Manors.

“Mary Mac!” Lily and Marly yelled as Mary Macdonald ran up the walk.

“Lily, Marly, and god I’ve missed you girls!” Mary yelled giving the two girls a big hug.

“How was France?” Marly asked as they made the way to her bedroom.

“Great! I missed every one especially Fabian.” Mary said with a small sad smile.


Mary and Fabian had been dating for two years and when he graduated from Hogwarts last year they had vowed to make it work. Lily wanted to a love like theirs, a love that’s so great you would do anything to make it work. The girls quickly changed into bathing suits and headed out to the pool to find the boys with two extra companions.

Gideon and Fabian Prewett. They were tall with brown hair and blue eyes they were well built from their Auror training and had in their years at Hogwarts given the Marauder’s something to look up to in the ways of mischief. Right now they were playing chicken in the pool and all Lily could see was James falling off Gideons shoulders and hitting his head on the concrete side.

“Mary Mac!” Fabian yelled dropping Sirius in the pool and running over to smiling Mary.


The two went into the corner near a large oak tree and cuddled up for a nice long hello. Meanwhile in the pool the games of chicken continued and Lily tried to get the marauders closer to the middle of the pool.

“What are you worried about Lily?” James asked after she let out a frightened squeal when Remus successfully pushed James off peters shoulders.

“You’re going to hit your head on the concrete James.” Lily said with a small pout.

“Aw come on darling we’re being careful. “ James smiled one last time before picking peter up on his shoulders.


“Stop being so obvious.” Sirius said giving Lily a small splash.

“What are you talking about?” Lily said

“You’re being really obvious with your new found feelings for Prongs.” Sirius said.

“Why do you guys call each other those stupid names?” Lily asked not wanting to talk about her feelings concerning James.

“If I told you I’d have to kill you.” Sirius swam away.


Lily didn’t know exactly what her feelings towards James were. She knew she liked him, liked being near him, and liked when he smiled. She knew she didn’t want to see him with another girl but did she necessarily want to see him with her. Of course she did, if she didn’t want him to be with someone else it has to be with her. She wanted to date James Potter or at least give it a try.


“James!” Lily yelled as if physically struck by her own thoughts.

James fell into the water a looked at Lily with alarm.

“Come here please.” Lily motioned getting out of the pool and going over to the pool seats.

James followed Lily out of the pool and was getting a little nervous.

“Yes Lily?”

“I wanted … I wanted to ask if you would like to go out on a picnic with me?” Lily said nervously.

“Are you… are you asking me out on a date Lily Evans?” James began to smirk.

“Well … yes.” Lily said trying to look confident.

“Of course Lily, when would you like to go?” James asked.

“Tonight, I’ll make the picnic just be at Marley’s front door at seven.” Lily said before running over and pulling Marlene out of the pool.


“What is it?” Marlene asked.

“I asked James out on a picnic tonight.” Lily said starting to freak out.

“Oh my great god merlin!” Marlene yelled jumping up and down.


“What time is he coming over?” Marlene asked.

“Seven.” Lily said.

“WE need to start getting ready.” The girls rushed into the house pulling in Mary and Doe as they passed them.


“SIRIUS!” James yelled jumping into the pool.

“What Evans ask you out on a date?” Sirius said offhandedly.



“I swear on my new cleansweep.” James said.

“What time tonight?” Gideon asked.

“Seven.” James said with a smile.

“You should probably start getting ready its already five.” Fabian informed him.

James jumped out of the room and ran for Potter Manor.


James ran to his room and quickly hoped in the shower. He tried to comb his hair down but nothing seemed to work, he put on a pair of light wash jeans and a button down black dress shirt. He put on some cologne and looked at the clock, 6:30. That meant he had time to get some flowers and a pep talk from the boys.


Lily however was nowhere near ready. The McKinnon kitchen was a mess of freshly used pots and pan with one neatly wrapped and packed picnic basket. Lily had just jumped in and out of the shower cleanly shaved legs and soaking wet hair. As she blow dried her hair Marlene and Doe picked out a summer strapless dress with a flowery pattern and some white flats. She straightened her hair and applied some make up but only enough to still look natural.


Lily was ready when the knock at the door sounded at seven. Lily was so nervous she almost fell down the stairs.

“Why did I ask him out? Oh my gosh I’m going to die tonight.” Lily said.

“No you aren’t just have a great night and be yourself.” Doe said pushing her towards the door.

“Okay Mum.” Lily said opening the door.


“Hello James.” Lily said her breath catching at the cleaned up James standing in front of her.

“Hello Lily, these are for you.” James said handing Lily a bouquet a pink lilies.

“They’re beautiful James thank you.” Lily said with a smile.


They walked away towards the back yard and the large yard area that separated the two manors. The stars were shinning down on them and the air was warm. James helped Lily set up the large blanket Marlene had found for them. As they sat down Lily pulled out a bowl of spaghetti, a container of homemade pasta sauce, and a loaf of Italian bread. They had two plates and silverware with a bottle of wine that Lily had found and Marlene had oked.


“A glass James?” Lily asked holding the bottle towards him.

“Of course Lily dear.” Taking the wine and pouring two glasses instead of one and giving one to Lily.

“Did you cook this yourself?” James asked after a few bites.

“Yeah, the sauce is an old family recipe.” Lily blushed.

 “It’s amazing, you can cook for me whenever you want.” James said with a smile.

 They drank wine, ate, and talked about how amazing the summer was and their plans for after school. James was thinking of becoming an Auror like his father while Lily was set on becoming a children’s Healer at St. Mungos. Lily was surprised to hear that James had never thought of going professional in his favorite sport, Quidditch.

“I am so glad you asked me out Lily, I always thought it would have been the other way around. “James said as they were lying on the ground after they were finished eating.

“I’m glad I asked you too.” Lily said with a smile.

“Why did you?” James asked turning to look at Lily holding himself on his elbow.

“I kind of realized I didn’t want to see with any other woman and that if I didn’t want to see you with anyone else then I only wanted to see you with me.” Lily admitted quietly.

“I feel the same way about you Lily, it would break my heart to see you with someone else.” James admitted.

“James?” Lily asked.

“Yes Lily.”

“Kiss me.” She said quietly and watched his face get closer.

 The kiss was soft a sweet. James pulled Lily towards him his hand messing into her long red hair. Lily pressed her body closer to James. Lily felt like her heart was going to come out of her chest this was the most amazing kiss she’d ever experienced.  Kissing James was the greatest thing to ever happen to her. As they broke apart for air Lily smiled, and was excited to see James smiling too.

“That was amazing.” Lily said in a small whisper.

“Yes, yes it was.” James said plainly.

“I would like to do that again.” Lily smiled wider.

“I’d like to do that every day for the rest of my life.” James’ smile reached all the way to his hazel eyes.

“ I can arrange that.” Lily said giving James another small kiss.

 James and Lily stayed out in the field until well past midnight. James eventually found the energy and strength to bring Lily back to the McKinnon’s and give her a goodnight kiss before going to his own Manor.

“How was it?!” Marly and Mary asked the minute Lily walked into Marlene’s room.

“I think I love him.”

 “How was it?” Remus, Sirius, and Peter all looked to James.

“I love her.” 

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