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Looking through the pages by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 1 : Looking back
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Hermione was just walking around the house, her mind wandering back to all the memories they would be leaving behind. The good, such as her and Ron’s first Christmas here- that was the day he had proposed to her. They had been opening the presents when Hermione spotted a black box under the tree with no name on. She had looked to Ron and he smiled before taking it out of her hands and getting down on one knee. It had been so unexpected but she loved it and had, of course immediately accepted.

The bad, such as when Rose first mentioned Scorpious and she were dating- she could have sworn Ron almost had a heart attack, he still had a grudge against anything even remotely related to the name Malfoy but it had become less when Hugo had been placed in Slytherin and became friends with Scorpious. Friends he could just about tolerate but there was no way he was going to let his only daughter date a Malfoy. The weeks following Rose’s announcement were horrible and they only got better when Hermione had threatened to leave and take the kids with her if Ron didn’t grow up and stop acting like a spoilt child.

The downright ugly, when a group of death eaters who were out to seek revenge had come into the house- that had been terrifying and she had been so thankful Harry and Ginny were there otherwise her and Ron would have been outnumbered about 6:2. She shivered as she remembered that day; it really was her worst memory along with the memory of Malfoy manor, the scar was still etched clearly on her arm but she had learnt long ago that she shouldn’t hide the scar, it wasn’t a reminder of how weak she was, it was a reminder of how strong she was and how far she had come. She also still got nightmares, even now and she didn’t think they’d ever leave but it was always better when Ron was around to calm her down and since he had retired a year ago he was always around.

Shaking her head she headed for Rose’s room, it now lay abandoned; the faded purple paint with random square parts that stood out, marking the places where Rose had kept photos of her favorite people and memories, and soft purple curtains were the only things left in the room except for rose’s old bed, she had no use for it at the house she was sharing with Scorpious and their two kids, Adain and Ruby. A faint smile playing on her lip’s Hermione sat on the bed and pulled one of the old worn-out teddies close to her, breathing in the familiar scent. She missed having the kids about, the house seemed too quiet without Rose screaming about how she had no clothes or Hugo practicing his drums, although she didn’t mind that so much- she was just happy he had taken up a muggle hobby. That was why she and Ron were downsizing to a small cottage in the countryside, it had two bedrooms and the master bedroom had an en suite. There was a small kitchen and a cozy living room with a massive fire, exactly what her and Ron needed. Small enough that it wouldn’t feel empty without the kids about, but big enough to accommodate the grandchildren when they stayed; Hermione had plans to turn the second bedroom into a spare room for her two grandchildren.

Adain was twelve and the older of the two children and he had inherited Rose's red hair and blue eyes but he had apparently inherited Scorpious qualities that made him a Slytherin because Adain was also sorted into Slytherin. Ruby however had her father’s blonde hair and her mother's blue eyes, as well as inheriting her mother’s love of books and learning. The two kids were like chalk and cheese but despite their differences and the three year age gap they were really quite close.

“Hermione, you ready to go?” Ron’s voice carried down the empty hallway, towards Rose’s old bedroom interrupting her thoughts.

“I’ll be down in a second.” She placed the teddy back down on the pillow and made her way towards the door. As she was taking one last glance around the room something caught her eye from underneath the bed. Making her way back into the room she quickly scooped up what turned out to be large leather-bound red and gold book and hurried down the stairs.

“What’s that?” asked Ron as he watched his wife come running down the stairs, her beauty never failed to marvel him. Her long brown bushy hair hadn’t changed since the day they had met; well maybe it was a bit greyer now but she covered it well. Her matching brown eyes lit up when she laughed; making her laughter lines disappear and decreasing her age by about ten years. He knew he had a goofy grin on his face just watching her but he didn’t care. He held out his hand and she placed hers in; still a perfect fit.

“This- I don’t know, I found it under Rose’s bed as I was leaving, I haven’t opened it yet” she explained as they started walking to the car, a silver Cleo that they had had since Hugo was born. Opening the passenger side door for her, Hermione smiled and slid into the front seat, even after all these years he was still the perfect gentleman.

“You ready?” smiled Ron as he started the ignition and pulled out of the driveway.

“As I’ll ever be I suppose. Did you pack everything into the car?” He only nodded; he had heard this question about twenty times a minute ever since he had started loading the boxes into the car. This had been one of those times when he had thanked his lucky starts that he was a wizard. With the help of a few shrinking spells everything had fit neatly into a couple of boxes which in turn fit neatly into the car. You wouldn’t have known they had packed nearly the entire contents of their house into the boot and back seat of a Cleo. Hermione turned on the radio and smiled before resting her head against the head rest as soft music came flowing out of the speakers. Her hands traced the outline of what appeared to be the Hogwarts school crest- although she couldn’t be sure because the front had almost entirely faded away, except the red and gold boarder, which still shone as good as new. Gently turning the page she was relieved to find the inside pages still in-tact and readable.

“Yearbook, Rose Weasley, 2017-2024.” Hermione read out loud, glancing up at her husband. “I remember her getting this, she loved it. What was it she said?”

“A perfect way to not forget anyone, an almost magical way” smiled Ron laughing as he too remembered their daughter showing them it briefly in the car on the way home before locking it away in a safe place. “She never did show us what was inside, did she?” He grinned at his wife and she smiled back. When her daughter had first mentioned the yearbook she had been excited, and privately Hermione had wished she had received a yearbook. She fully agreed with her daughter, it was the perfect way to not forget anyone but Hermione didn't think it was almost magical. Hermione actually thought it was a very muggle thing to do but that having a muggle tradition might actually help the school. It could eliminate, or at least lessen the diversity some students showed toward muggle-borns.

“Well I suppose it wouldn’t do any harm to read just a couple of comments, would it?" Ron smiled and shook his head, his wife still liked to follow the rules. Slowly Hermione opened the cover and smiled as the first page showed a head shot of Rose, she really was beautiful! She glanced down at the words that accompanied the picture and started to read out loud, “Rose Weasley, Gryffindor prefect and head girl. Achieved nine O.W.L’s in Potions (O), Defence against the dark arts (O), Charms (E), Transfiguration (O), Care of magical creatures (O), muggle studies (O), Herbology (O), Astronomy (O) and Ancient Runes (E). She also achieved five N.E.W.T’s in Potions (N), Muggle studies (N), Ancient runes (E), Defence against the dark arts (N) and transfiguration (N). ”

“So she got her mother’s brains then.” Hermione just smiled at Ron’s comment before she turned the page and saw headshots of the other Gryffindor’s in her daughter’s year, 4 girls (not including Rose) and 4 boys. The girls she recognised; Nina Spear, Amber-Topaz Dean, Savannah Adair and Jessica Foster. They had all been over to Hermione’s to stay a few times and Rose had stayed at each of their houses in the summer with the exception of Savannah who lived in Spain but transferred to Hogwarts in her third year. The boys she wasn’t too familiar with, she recognised one or two of their names but nothing more. Rose’s yearbook said they were Danny Woodman, Shane Dash, Henry Logan and Lawrence Knots. Underneath there picture they had all left a message for Rose. Reading aloud again she started to read through all the messages they had left Rose.

“Hope you make it in the ministry and you and scorp have fun! Keep in touch, love Nina. All the best and I’ll be in touch about that holiday we were planning, Love Amber.”

“Do you think that was the holiday she went on the summer after she left Hogwarts?” Ron injected, turning the music, which was now playing an old rock song, down a little so he could hear his wife better.

“Probably, I think it was the last time she saw everyone except Nina, I don’t even know why they lost contact? They were all so close; I suppose it was just one of those things.”

“I suppose it was. We haven’t exactly stayed in touch with everyone from our year. The only lads I see are Harry and Neville and the only girl is you. I think it happens to everyone to be honest love.”

“Yeah, it’s just sad. I didn’t actually speak to the girls much but I thought you and Harry spoke to everyone in your dorm?”

“Well we did, but Seamus moved back to Ireland and Dean, well I don’t even know where he went.” Explained Ron as Hermione looked out of the window, they were just leaving the town and the houses were becoming more spaced out and there was a lot more scenery. Hermione looked back down at the yearbook and continued to read, pushing all thoughts of staying in contact with her Hogwarts peers out of her mind, at least for now anyway.

“Adios Rose, I’ll miss you but we should stay in contact, amour de Savannah. Hope you get your job in the department of magical games and sport and hope scorp is nice to you; if he isn’t you know where I am, from Jess."

“What on earth does adios and amour de mean and I didn’t know that she wanted to work in the department of magical games and sports, I always thoughts she wanted to write books. Did you know about this?” Ron asked the tone of his voice mirrored his confused expression.

“I believe ‘Adios’ means goodbye and I think ‘amour de’ means love from, its Spanish and I knew she wanted to work in the ministry but she never said what department, I wonder why she applied to be editor of the daily prophet then?”

“Maybe she wanted to work at the ministry but also wanted to write.”

“Yeah that’s probably it. Oh well, she seemed happy enough doing that.” Ron just nodded his concentration on the road ahead; it had become a lane of twists and turns. “Rose, thanks for the help in charms and have fun doing whatever you end up doing, from Danny! Hope you get what you wanted and stay in touch, from Shane. Rose, you’re a joker and I’d watch out, I will get you back sometime, from Henry A.K.A your partner in crime.”

“Ahh, so that’s who she used to pull pranks on her brother with, Henry. I always wondered because Hugo said she had a helper but he didn’t know who.”

“Oh right, Hugo never mentioned anything to me. I guess he didn’t want to get Rose into trouble.” Ron just laughed; a huge grin became visible on his face. “Well at least someone’s amused,” remarked Hermione but she was smiling too. “I hope you are happy with Scorpious and I know you may not believe me but I do mean it. I only want what’s best for you, yours Lawrence.”

“Sounds like someone had a crush on Rose. Is this the same Lawrence that she works with at the ministry?”

“Yea, I think so. Blue eyes, black hair, yeah it’s him. I had no idea he had a crush on her.” She smiled, her eyes roaming the page, her mind allowing the pictures to bring up memories, one after the other. Memories of when Rose had first wrote home and had told them how nice all of the other Gryffindor’s were to her and in the summer when they had all came to her house, they had all been so polite, she was happy for Rose, she was especially glad she had found some nice friends though she shouldn’t have surprised. Rose had always been outgoing and sociable, it was Hugo who was the quiet one but even he had managed to find some good friends. Smiling at the memories she turned the page and saw a bright red heading.

“Gryffindor, leave your farewell messages goodbye.” She read out loud as the sky outside started to turn a deep amber, it was quite fitting really. The page had a picture of the Gryffindor logo as a watermark on the background. “Most of this page seems to be filled up with the family’s comments.” Smiled Hermione as she took in the names of some of the people she loved most in the world.

“Hardly a surprise though, It’s not as if they aren’t close and they love any excuse to get involved in each other’s business.” Hermione only nodded before continuing on with reading Rose’s yearbook out loud.

“Bonne chance cousin, don’t forget you promised to write to me every day! Love Roxanne”

“Bonne chance?” frowned Ron, he had never bothered to learn even the most basic French expressions despite the fact his sister in law was French and he had two nieces and one nephew who were half French.

“Good luck” explained Hermione before continuing on with the Gryffindor comments. “Sis, good luck doing whatever you want to do, I’m always here if you need anything, love Hugo. Hey cousin, I’m going to miss you and who’s supposed to help me with potions now! Good luck though and have fun, love Lilly.”

“They’re all the family in Gryffindor aren’t they, well the ones who would have been there when Rose left.”

“Yea that’s all the family but there’s two more comments. Hi, just want to say good luck and thanks for helping me with homework; going to miss you, Hazel. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks, you know why, so I guess thanks, Emily.” Hermione frowned at the page, her daughter had never mentioned anyone called Emily and she hadn’t mentioned helping any one either, looking over at her husband, she was shocked to see him smiling. “How come you’re smiling, do you know what she did?” Ron merely continued to smile before nodding.

“Yes, I do.” He stated before turning his attention back to the road. Hermione just stared at her Husband; sure they had been married for just under 40 years but he still knew how to get on her nerves and concealing information was one way.

“Do you plan on telling me?” she muttered, not bothering to conceal her frustration. It would have been pointless anyway; Ron could read her like a book.

“Oh, sorry I didn’t realise you wanted to know.” She might have believed him if it wasn’t for the giant grin on his face and the twinkle in his eye, despite her annoyance she couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. “Well, it was in Rosie’s sixth year, and it was the girl’s second and she had been alone in the library, I don’t know what she was doing. It was late and Madame Pince was closing the library so the girl was walking up to the Gryffindor common room by herself.” Ron paused to gather his thoughts before continuing, Hermione was hanging on to his every word and he wasn’t used to it. “Rose was doing her prefect rounds when she first heard the scream, she went running towards it and there was the girl on the floor with some strange man standing over her. According to Rose the man looked menacing and he was headed straight for the girl with his wand pointed at her.”

“How come I’ve never heard about this before? Was the girl okay?” Hermione interrupter, it amazed her to think someone, especially a potentially dangerous man could get into to Hogwarts un-noticed by anyone. Then she remembered Sirius Black.

“Wait, I’m getting to that part. Now where was I, oh yeah the man was advancing towards her. Well Rose just pointed her wand at him and shouted at him, but he didn’t even acknowledge her. She shouted at him but he didn’t turn around so she shot a stunning spell at his back and it hit him but it had no effect.” Hermione was open-mouthed, she had never heard this before and it shocked her. Her daughter had been in danger and she never knew about it. “The girl was on the floor, trapped in a corner crying but she had got her wand out and was trying to say a spell but she couldn’t get it to work. Rose then listened to what the girl was trying to say before she realised she was trying to say Ridikules!”

“It was only a boggart?”

“Yeah and when Rose realised this she managed to cast the spell properly and the boggart transformed into something funny before Rose banished it. The girl had managed to stop crying at this point so Rose just helped her to her feet before accompanying her back to the common room where the girl thanked her before scurrying off to bed. To this day I still don’t think Rose knows why that was the girl’s boggart or why she got so upset.” Hermione couldn’t speak; she had no idea what her daughter had done.

“Hmm,” she left it at that before turning the page to be greeted with the heading “Ravenclaw, leave your goodbye messages” in bright blue with the ravenclaw logo as a watermark on the background.

“Ravenclaw, that’s only Lucy isn’t it? Well in terms of family anyway.” Hermione just nodded at Ron’s input if she was honest with herself, she was surprised he had remembered.

“Work hard cousin, whatever you chose to do, you can do it if you put your mind to it and work hard at it, love Lucy. Now who does that remind you of?” laughed Hermione, Lucy was truly a daddy’s girl and took after Percy in more ways than one. “There’s only two other comments. Can’t believe we’re finally getting out of here, we’re going to take over the world, love Leah. Keep your head girl; you’re going to be just fine! See you soon (hopefully) Ky.”

“Who are they?” enquired Ron, as blunt as ever.

“Friends in ravenclaw I suppose, I don’t remember her talking about them, though I do seem to recall her asking to send a letter to someone called Leah.” Hermione frowned; she though she knew a lot about her daughter’s school life but according to this year book she hardly knew anything. Ron, sensing his wife’s disappointment tried to make her feel better.

“Come on love, you should know better than anyone that they don’t tell their parents everything they get up to at school. How much did you actually tell your parents?”

“You can hardly compare it to me! Firstly, my parents are both muggles so they wouldn’t have understood half of what I told them and secondly, if you remember most of our adventures were normally dangerous and I didn’t want my parents to stop me going to Hogwarts! Now, unless you’re suggesting that Rose was fighting dark wizards while at Hogwarts then I don’t see what she had to hide.”

“Well she could have been fighting dark wizards seeing as she never told us what she was doing.” Ron knew he shouldn’t have said that, his wife worried enough, but he just couldn’t help himself and thankfully it appeared his wife didn’t want to start an argument with him because she made no indication she had even heard him as she just turned the page of the yearbook and read out loud,

“Hufflepuff, leave your goodbye messages here." It was written in bright yellow with the hufflepuff logo as a watermark on the background. "There's only one comment on this, I suppose she didn't know that many Hufflepuff."

"I suppose not." Ron muttered absentmindedly, he was concentrating on the road; this was the place he nearly always took a wrong turn somewhere.

"Thanks for looking after my sister; I wish I could have been there but anyway good luck, Abigail." Hermione noticed Ron frowning, she had a hunch about why he was frowning but she kept quiet, if he wanted to ask her he would.

"Abigail? Do you think that's Emily's sister?” Ron asked he had the oddest expression on his face; it was a mixture of confusion and a bit of anger. So she was right. Hermione only nodded, she didn't know what to say because she didn't understand his expression. Turning the page she smiled as she saw the message left.

“Slytherin, please leave your goodbye messages here.” Once again the heading was a bright green with the Slytherin logo as a watermark background. “That’s it cousin, we’re off, we’re out! Good luck with the ministry and if Scorp starts being a moron just let me know. Love your favourite cousin, Al. Hey babe; we’re finished now, time to start living. Don’t let life get you down and I’ll see you shortly, love Scorpious.”

“Just those two?” questioned Ron as they drove even closer to their new house. Hermione nodded before turning over to the last page where the Hogwarts logo was the watermark background this time.

“Members of staff, please leave your goodbye messages here. You’ve been a great Gryffindor; good luck in life, professor McGonagall.”

“I didn’t think McGonagall still worked there, especially with Neville being Headmaster and all.”

“She doesn’t” Hermione started to explain, “she just comes into Hogwarts every now and again o see the students and staff and to see how everyone is. I suppose Rose found her when she came back for the end of term feast or something.” Ron just nodded before letting Hermione continue reading the last few comments. “You’ve got your mother’s love of books; good luck, Madam Pince.” At that moment Ron started to cough, but to Hermione’s well trained ears it sounded oddly like he was saying Nerd. She smartly chose to ignore him. “You’ve got your fathers looks and your mother’s brains, but you are only yourself. Good luck, Headmaster Longbottom."

"Wow, the headmaster signed her yearbook. No wonder she was so excited about it,” exclaimed Ron, "Do you think he would have signed Hugo's?"

"Maybe, you'd have to ask him to know for sure. Wasn't it his idea to have a yearbook anyway? I'm sure it was."

"It was." Hermione closed the yearbook and leaned her head against the window, it had been a long drive and she was exhausted. Ron seemed to sense that she was tired and reached out for her hand. "We'll be there in about ten minutes love, and then you can sleep." She nodded, her mind wandering back to the yearbook. It had been an interesting read and she had found out a lot of stuff about her daughter she didn't know. She would have to ask Rose about it when she next saw her. The next ten minutes of the journey were in a comfortable silence, the only sound was the radio which was emitting what sounded like an old love song.

Ron pulled the car up into the drive of their new cottage; the sky was now black but the millions of stars that littered the sky made enough light for them to be able to get into the house. Looking up into the sky Hermione located the brightest star she could find and smiled up at it before waving. Ever since her mum had died she had always found the brightest star in the sky and thought about her mum, it made her feel that little bit closer to her. She could still remember when she was a child her mum telling her she would never leave her and even if she couldn't be here in person Hermione would only need to look for the brightest star and that would be her mum watching over her.

"You coming, love?" Asked Ron as he opened the door to the passenger side of the car and held out his hand for her, which she gratefully took. All Hermione wanted to do was crawl into bed before starting in the unpacking tomorrow. Fortunately Ron seemed to have the same idea and it wasn't long before Hermione had made the bed with a duvet set and they were both changed into their sleep-wear. “I’ll be back in a minute; I just want to send the kids a talking patronus to let them know we’re here. Hermione just nodded, watching her husband walk out of the room. While he was gone Hermione made a chest of draws return to their normal size and placed the yearbook safety on top of it. It had already been lost once and she didn’t want to risk it getting lost again. Ron was back a couple of minutes later and he climbed into bed where Hermione snuggled up closer to him.
“Did the kids reply?” she questioned him, her eyes already droopy.
“Yeah, they both said they’ll be along tomorrow and asked if we needed anything. I told them that we were fine.” Hermione only nodded before falling asleep among dreams of her daughter's childhood and all the fond memories the yearbook had brought to the surface. The last thing she remembered before falling asleep was wondering where Hugo's yearbook was and how much new information she would find out about him if she found it.

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