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The Noble House of Black by Singer Of All Songs
Chapter 2 : Welcome To My Life
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Disclaimer and Authors Note!

So... that awkward moment when you haven't updated in what a year? or more? Well now I have a friend making me write so I should be seeing this one through! Plus no more school! As per usual please leave a review like any author I love to hear your thoughts! Ands this is all based of JK Rowling's story and I am simply writing for fun!

Chapter 2 - Welcome To My Life

5 years later

Sitting on the floor packing Sirius blacks stuff into his suit case is... not my idea of fun, but as his servant what can I do, I have a debt to pay, one that can only be filled when I am dead. Luckily 'Master Black' is lying atop his king sized bed reading his weekly porno and thankfully not paying any attention to me. Part of me would love to sabotage him, poison his food make it so his quill would explode first day of classes, anything to get back at that ruddy bastard. But unfortunately that ruddy bastard was the only thing that kept his mum from letting the dark lord have his way with me. Trust me on this one the only person worse then Sirius Black is Voldemort, and even that is a close call. I stood and brushed off my skirt... If you can even call it that.

"Master Black, I have finished with your packing" I spoke timidly with my head down, I learnt long ago to do this, it kept the hexing to a minimum and generally kept me fed, you know, a little.Sirius looked up and eyed his pack. After he seemed to find no flaw with it he lifted a hand and waved me away.

I bowed out of the room, cringing behind my hair, and went down to the basement where I was kept. I sighed and sat down on the blankets left up on t he floor and propped up the second most valuable thing in my room, if you can call it that. The mirror was given to me by Sirius when he was far younger, a tool with which he could call me whenever he wished without having to raise his voice, so all in all it is another way for him to be impeccably lazy. There are two other mirrors in existence which he happily tells his mother every morning that they will go to his two closest followers at Hogwarts, so he can tell them what to do and so they can tell me what to do. Hurrah.

I looked over at my own suitcase and pile of books for the coming year. My first year at Hogwarts. It is still hard to believe i am going, honest I'm not 100% sure i am a which but the Hogwarts letter tells me I am and that i get to attend. Mistress Black had almost killed me right then and there when she saw the letter with my name on it, screaming i had hid my power and was secretly plotting to steal the families riches; like I wanted any of there stuff, it is all so dark it makes me shudder. However, Sirius stepped in the way and told his mum that this was a good thing, a way to bypass the rule Headmaster Dumbledore set in where he couldn't bring a house elf. This way he could go to Hogwarts with a servant. It convinced her and lifted my spirits, a bit. Even though serving Sirius was sure to give me a bad name at the school and pretty much make me everyones personal slave in Slytherin it meant i could learn magic and maybe find a way to break the bond that formed between Sirius and I.

I suppose i should explain all that. Magic or Muggle there is a bond that forms between two people when they save your life and take you into their home. They have power over you, you have to do whatever they say, if they wish it. Generally people who save lives do not want you to become their slave so that person goes free, but as a 7 year old Sirius thought it would be fun to have the skimpy little girl he found do what he said. From then Sirius saved me time and time again from his mothers curses healing the life threatening wounds and saving me from being shipped off to become Voldemort's whore, and I became more in debt by the year to the point where I realized that likely the first time i will ever see freedom is when I die.

The funny thing about the whole story is I have no idea where it really began. Before Sirius saved me that day i have no recollection. I have no idea why someone apperated me to that spot just as I was about to die. Sirius thought this was really funny when he was little and decided that I was like a pet so he named me Melody, feeds me when I am good and expects me to come rushing in wagging my tail at his every beck and call. Arse.

The mirror flashed and Sirius's face appeared. "Get your nice clothes on we need to pick up your uniform and wand."

I mumbled 'Yes Sir' but his face had already disappeared.


Sirius switched the settings on his magic mirror, so he could see Melody but Melody could not see him. A smirk pulled at the side of his mouth as the slight girl started to remove her shabby work clothes revealing a girl with skin pale as the moonlight. This was his favorite part about having a female servant, especially when she had no idea what he was watching. Oh yes, bringing this girl to Hogwarts was brilliant, not only would he have someone to fetch him midnight snacks and take the fall for his misbehaviors, but he would ensure she left this mirror in a spot where he could see the entirety of the Slytherin girls common room, and the girls undressing in it.


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