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Ron's First Sleepover by Turtlerose555
Chapter 8 : Eight: Saved by Blaise
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St. James’ Jailhouse (Holding Room) (3:50 A.M.)

Hermione, Luna, and Dean sat in the holding room. The only advantage of being there was that they had a chance to rest and catch their breath.

"Damn...what a run..." Dean muttered, massaging his legs.

"Yeah...make that the last time I ever run in the woods again." Luna said, fanning herself with her hand.

"Remind me never to detour off in a heavily wooded area. EVER." Hermione panted as she bent over holding onto the bars of the cell.

"Make that the last time I ever let Ginny convince me into going to a carnival at night." Dean muttered.

"At least you fought off Cormac," Luna added with a small smile on her face.

"What good did that do? Because of him, we're in here, all because I decided to duck and punch him."

"Well, you fought for my honor, and that was very brave of you."

"I repeat: It got us locked up in here."

Luna scooted over next to Dean, and kissed him again. Dean caved in and kissed back. Hermione only retched.

"Hey! We don't have an extra room in here!" She called out to them.

They broke apart and gave Hermione the evil eye.

"What?" she asked them.

Soon, a cop came and opened the cell door.

"You have more friends here to join you."

Another cop came in, and behind them were a harassed Harry, a pink-eared Ginny, and a Ron who refused to look at anything but the ground. The cops closed the cell door and walked away.

"Damn Harry!" Hermione said as she looked him up and down. "What did the cops do to you?"

"I tried to resist arrest when we pulled up in here. They started pushing me around, punching me, and kicked me in the balls."

"Awwwww!" Luna said.

"At least you guys didn't go running in the woods..." Dean grumbled.

"Y'all actually ran through the woods?" Ginny questioned.

"Yes, because someone doesn't know her fucking directions!" Dean said as he glared at Hermione.

"I said I was sorry Dean! God Dammit man! How about you grow a pair!" Hermione slammed at him.

"I would, but I'm still sore from tripping over that thick tree branch!"

"Well that was your own fault!"

"It wouldn't have been if we didn't run through the fucking woods to begin with!"

"Damn you guys! Calm down!" Ginny shouted at them.

"You guys need a good hosing down!" Ron agreed.

"Dean's just lucky we're in here, or I would've kicked his ass big time!"

"Yeah, like some white, brunette chick's gonna kick my ass!"

Luna had to restrain Dean while Ron had to hold back Hermione.

"Damn! You guys have only been in here for about 20 minutes, and you're already wanting to rip each other's throats out!" Luna exclaimed.

"And this, Luna, is what jail does to you." Ron said.

"And how would you know, Ron?”

"Believe me...I know."

However, Ron had resumed looking at the ground once more.

"Ron, why won't you look at us?"

"Because I saw things..."

He began shuffling uneasily.

"Things that I thought I would never ever see in my life..."

Harry began to get restless, and Ginny began blushing. Hermione was quick to notice the behavior.

"What happened you three?" she asked.

"Just stuff..." Harry replied in a low voice.

"Yeah...stuff..." Ginny replied with a nervous giggle.

"Oh shit, I might as well tell 'em!"

"Ron, don't you dare!"

"They're bound to find out soon anyways!"

Dean, Luna, and Hermione turned to face Ron.

"What did you see, Ron?" Hermione asked.

Ron eyed Harry and Ginny from the side of his head before blurting out.


Dean looked at him with his bottom jaw nearly hitting the floor, Luna covered her mouth as her eyes opened wider when she looked over at Harry and Ginny, and Hermione fell over on the ground, holding her stomach as she laughed her heart out.

"Wait...wait..." Hermione panted. "You mean to saw...these two...actually..." And she busted out laughing some more.

"Whelp, it was gonna happen someday soon." Dean said, a grin forming on his face.

"Well, yeah, but still so unexpected!" Luna said as she smiled at the now red-in-the-face pair.

"But I really hoped you enjoyed the show, Ron." Hermione smirked at him.

"Why you say that Hermione?"

"Because that's the closest you'll ever get to having sex with anyone!"

Ron growled loudly while everyone doubled up in laughter.

"I don't think Seamus would appreciate you joking about stuff like this, ‘Mione!"

"Leave that Irish idiot out of this!"

"Funny. You sure didn't call him an Irish idiot when you had him sleep over in your room last month! In fact, I remember you calling him the God of love-making!"

Everyone laughed harder at this and tears streamed from their eyes while Hermione's whole face flushed a deep crimson red.

"I hate you Ronald Weasley!"

"Well that's what you get for bringing boys over! Why make love to someone else when you got a rock stud love machine in the other bedroom?"

"Oh, you mean Charlie?" Hermione said as she smirked evilly.

"Grrrr..." Ron groaned.

"She got you there, Mate." Harry pointed out.

"Thank you, best friend who I caught having sex with my idiotic and bitch of a sister!" Ron fired at him.

Ginny lunged out at Ron at that remark. She tackled him to the ground as she strangled him.

"I...AM...NOT...A...BITCH!" She yelled as she slapped him with each word she spat out.

Harry had to yank Ginny off of him. Ron's face was a rosy red now from where Ginny slapped him, and the spots burned like hell.

"Damn Gin!" Ron said as his eyes teared up from touching his face.

"I am NOT a Bitch, Ronald Weasley!" Ginny shouted at him.

"Whatever you say...Bitch."

This time, Harry restrained Ginny as she nearly jumped at Ron again.

"So this is what jail does to you...” Luna said thoughtfully as she looked over at Ginny.

"Yuppers, Luna." Ron nodded. "And this is why you must avoid it at every cost."

Finally, a cop came in the room, and opened up the cell door again.

"Alright, you guys are free to go."

"Seriously?" Ron looked at him disbelievingly.

"Yup. A young gentleman happened to bail you guys out."

"Well who would bail us out?" Harry asked.

The cop turned around to gesture to the doorway. Blaise walked in, holding a still-sleeping Jaymie in his arms.

"Blaise!" Dean cried out.

The gang had never been so happy to see him.

"Hey gang. I heard you guys got arrested. Figures y'all would." Blaise smirked.

The cop stood by so that the gang could leave the holding room.

"And don't get into anymore trouble!" The cop called after them.

As they left the Jailhouse, they finally breathed in the fresh air as they decided to walk home.

"FREEDOM!" Dean cried out as he fell to his knees and kissed the ground.

"Soooo we were only in there for 30 minutes..." Luna groaned as she looked at him.

"This is what Jail does to you Luna!" Dean shot back at her.

"So once again: 30 minutes."

"So ‘Mione,” Ron spoke up, "When's the next sleepover?"

Hermione turned around and punched Ron square in the eye, knocking him straight to the ground.


The Burrow (4:21 A.M.)

"So how'd you know we were in jail Blaise?" Luna asked.

The gang had settled back down in the kitchen, and Ron tended to his now newly-fresh black eye.

"Well, I had finally regained consciousness and recovered from chasing Harry on his sugar rush, and I noticed that you guys were gone, so I figured y'all had gone to that carnival. I just sat here and watched some tv, and then next thing you know, I get a call asking if I knew you guys and that y'all were in jail. What exactly happened?"

"Well, like you said, we did go to the carnival," Dean said, "Then when I was at the bumper cars with Luna, we bumped into Cormac McLaggen, and I challenged him to the water gun target game for Luna, then he tried to punch me, but I ducked and punched him, busting his jaw. He didn't seem too happy about that and called the cops on us."

"Which Ron then suggested that we run from them," Hermione said as she looked evilly at Ron. "And we broke out in a run. We split up after a while and Luna, Dean, and I ran through the woods."

"Worst. Idea. Ever." Dean muttered.

"Shut up. You're still alive aren't you? Anyways, the cops caught up with the three of us, and arrested us and stuffed us in their shitty police car and took us away."

"Meanwhile, I took off on my own." Ron said as he held a bag of ice to his eye. "Then I ran into Sirius’ old house, because after all this time, I don't think the cops would have suspected me going in there anymore. Then I stumbled in, and caught these two having sex." He pointed over at Harry and Ginny.

"Seriously?" Blaise asked as he looked over at Harry and Ginny. "Well it's about God Damn time."

"Yeah, well I was scarred for life! But the cops found out we were there, and arrested us. Then Harry tried to resist, but the cops only kicked his ass." He finished with a smirk.

"You better shut up before I give you another black eye to go with the one you already have," Harry said sternly.

"Well, as much as I enjoyed our little adventure, I must say that I am dead tired now." Dean said as he stood up to stretch and yawn.

"Yeah, me too," Ron muttered as he stifled down a yawn. The others agreed.

"Fine. Y'all can all sleepover here tonight if y'all wanna." Hermione said as she yawned herself.

They left the kitchen, and dispersed to the living room where there were already pillows and blankets for everyone. Hermione and Ron went to Ron's room. Hermione picked up Jaymie off of Ron's bed.

"I'll put him in Charlie's room. He won't mind."

Ron crawled into his own bed. He turned over to face Hermione as she walked away with Jaymie in her arms.

"Hey ‘Mione?"

"Yeah?" She turned around to face him.

"Best sleepover ever." He muttered.

She started laughing softly as she shook her head.

"Just go to sleep 5-year-old idiot." She smirked.

"Whatever. Night ‘Mione."

"Night Ron."

She turned off the lights and left the room. Ron turned over as a smile crept onto his face. He the touched his eye.


His whole face still burned like hell from the beat down he had received earlier.


A/N: Hope you enjoyed this story! Thanks for the reviews! There might be a sequel!

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Ron's First Sleepover: Eight: Saved by Blaise


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