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Here without you by kjp
Chapter 13 : Insane mothers and worried older brothers
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amazing CI by Rica

15th December
 “Now you’re probably hungry, so I’ve made a little dinner just for the three of us at home… Charlie left ages ago to go back to studying Dragons” My mum mumbled something about Charlie that I didn’t hear, she obviously isn’t too happy about him leaving the country.

“Mum its ok I’m not hungry” I hold my hand out in protest but she clearly didn’t see me because she put the plate in front of me without saying a word and bustled back of to do the washing up, in which I might add she has been doing for the last hour and has been cleaning that single dish for about half of that time.

I chew on what was on my plate I really don’t know what it is and I don’t care to be honest, I’m to busy thinking.

Everything is such a mess. There hasn’t been any news on Harry yet and I hope that it means he’s safe (no news is good news right?) I ca already tell that mum has gone insane in the house alone. Dad has had to work twenty four seven lately just to keep the roof over our heads and even has sold off some of his muggle junk to get money in he is that desperate.

You know what’s the worse thing about it, Ron had come back home (well not to the burrow, but to Shell cottage where Bill and Fleur live) Without Harry… and I only just heard about it! If I had know I would have sent hundreds of letters flying at him, but of course I’m bloody kept in the dark as usual.

“Ginny dear, are you done?”

I look up from my plate where mum is standing hands on her hips with a worried look on her face. I don’t blame her.

Charlie is of in Romania and mum doesn’t even know if he’s ok. Bill and Fleur are off married, again she isn’t even sure if there ok. Fred and George are off running a Joke shop with some products that completely offends death eaters and could very well be killed in there sleep. Don’t even get me started on Percy, for all we know he probably is a death eater. Then there is Ron who’s off again trying to find Harry and Hermione and I very much doubt he’s had any luck, half the world has been looking for them and haven’t found him yet and no offense to Ron but he isn’t that good in directions. Mum has a bloody right to be worried don’t you think?

“Yes I am” I pass the plate up to mum who takes it gratefully and goes back to the dishes glad to have another one to clean “do you need help?”

“Oh it’s ok”

“Are you sure? I can feed the chickens”

Mums face suddenly turned dark, and sad “oh no it’s fine, I think its best if you stay in the house this Christmas”

I really don’t want to argue, I know the house is being watched and I don’t fancy getting snatched by some random death eater thank you very much.

It is extremely awkward. I think mums expecting me to argue because she’s stopped scrubbing the dishes and looking at me waiting for my next move.

I don’t know what to say. I’m terrible in situations like these; I end up just making it more awkward.

Quite suddenly mums eyes watered up and she came crashing down into my arms hugging me.

Is she trying to make this even more awkward than it is!

“Mums what’s wrong?”

“Everything. We’ve lost, the order is finished… it’s like we’ve stopped fighting and he who must not be named has beat us, it’s just a matter of time before they turn everyone into a death eater or you die. And I’m such a bad mother, I just let Ron, Harry and Hermione run off like this… they are only kids, only children they shouldn’t be running of to save the world. When Ron came back I should have gone over to Bill and Fleur’s and dragged him straight home… he would then be at least safe” She started stroking my hair and clinging onto me for dear life, I’m going to die of suffocation in a minute “And things at Hogwarts must have been horrible for you dear, I heard you got tortured… and I never want that… to happen… again” She started to hiccup but still the tears streamed down her face.

“Mum, its ok… it’s not your fault. I’m fine and if Ron and Har… was injured then I’m sure we would have heard about it” I couldn’t bring myself to say Harry’s name, I just couldn’t.

“Yes it is my fault. I never want what happened to you to ever happen again. Your were tortured, I should have been able to protect you! But I couldn’t” She screamed, she actually screamed as though even the thought of it was torturing her. She looked like a broken women.

What the hell do I say now!

“Mum, Harry will beat Vol…”

“Don’t say it! They have a Taboo, it’s not safe to say it” Mum cursed at me looking at me straight in the eye… Well how was I meant to know?

“Sorry, Harry will have beaten You-know-who before we know it, it’ll be over soon”

“No it won’t… He’s only a boy Ginny. How is a kid supposed to beat the most powerful person in the wizarding world” My mum screamed again. She was being tortured, not physically but mentally her mind was insane, she wasn’t thinking straight anymore. This war had made her go mental; all the stress that had been piling up on her had done this.

“Well you could have said that seventeen years ago mum, but it didn’t stop him from beating him then, did it?” I question her.

“That was chance, that was because of his mother died for him. His mother isn’t here now; his mother is dead, as are most of the other people that have tried to protect him. No one is here for him now; he’ll end up dyeing himself if he carries on any longer… It just can’t happen, no it can’t, and it just can’t” She went on her eyes seeing nothing and her head slowly shaking as though she was in a nightmare.

“Mum!” I scream turning away, I can’t see her like this its horrible. I need to scream, it’s killing me seeing her like this.

She fell to the floor and started sobbing into the ground. Its to much, it’s too much for me I can’t look.

I turn away but place my hand on her shoulder and sit there until the sobbing starts to calm down a bit more. But I can’t look at her, it hurts too much.

As soon as her crying had stopped and only sniffs could be heard from my mum I turned back.

Her eyes were blood shot and puffy and the wrinkles on her face could be seen more than ever. Her brown eyes shone more than ever and I just say there gently patting her slowly, what more can I do than that?

“I love you Ginny so much, I am so proud of who you have become… Never forget that”




15th December


The kettle was boiling and mum was bundled up in a pile of blankets on the sofa listening to the radio that just happened to be playing O children, one of mum’s favourite songs in the muggle world.

She was gently nodding her head to the music as I passed her a cup of tea; I think she’s finally calmed down.

I flopped down next to her so hard I bounced, but mum didn’t even flinch.

What the hell am I meant to do now; I’m terrible in these situations!

I carefully and slowly put my head on her shoulder and she sipped her tea, I’m sure a little smile found its way to her face.

Minutes passed and was just sat there, quite comftable in the silence which usually gives me shivers and makes the whole thing awkward, but it wasn’t… it was actually quite nice, the silence and all.

After about ten minutes has ticked on my mum started to stroke my hair casually, I felt great at last, I felt at home. I never realised how much I missed it here




16th December


Eugh! I’m blind, I am going blind. Who the hell is shining that bloody light in my eye, I’m seriously going to kill them… its probably Fred and George, and sounds like something they would do.

I open my eyes only to shut them tight again. It seems I had fallen asleep on the couch next to mum yesterday and didn’t even realise.

And crap, I spilt my tea… all over me. Typical.

Mum is no where to be seen so I presume she already is awake and making breakfast, or at least I hope so, other wise she might have just gone poof and disappeared.
When my eyes actually start to function properly I notice that there is another red head in the room, two Infact… no three. All talking loudly to each other while sipping tea.

“Aright there sis” Fred said… well perhaps it was George, I don’t know and I don’t care.

“Yep I’m good”

“Hello Ginny Love, have a good time at school?” Dad came over and sat down next to me while I pushed myself up into a sitting position.

Bloody brilliant the stupid twins over there are laughing at my appearance; I bet I look extremely bad. Bed hair, check, Dark circles under eyes, check, stinky breath, check and annoying brothers laughing, check.

“Shut it you too!” I yell at them and they instantly turn silent, all though I can see a small smirk still playing on each of their faces, do they think I’m stupid “What are you two doing here anyway? Running out of sales are you” I say sarcastically rolling my eyes at them.

“No business is good… we are just here for our little sis” They smile playfully and smirk to each other which isn’t a good thing; it usually means they are up to no good.

Dad gets up and leaves the room, which at the moment is my only form of protection and goodness knows what they are up to.

Of course as soon as he leaves the twins get up and make there way over to me, bloody hell help me, and I know what they are up to. In about two seconds I’ll be screaming out in laughter… or in help.

As soon as I know it they are tickling me all over and I’m screaming… and laughing at the same time if that’s possible.

“Stop!” I kick and yell as quickly as I can. Taking fast breaths at any point possible! Eugh! I hate these boys so much because they know how to annoy me.




“Here we got you this Ginny” George handed me a small box of what ever (I do know the difference between the twin’s thank-you very much) 

“But its not even Christmas yet”
I take the box gratefully and start to open while the twins shrug at the same time and start to dig into their dinner that had been put in front of us by mum.

Inside was a whole box of defence items, such as hats, cloaks and gloves. I’ve seen them in the shop before but never dared buy them, mum would think I was up to no good and anyway they were way too expensive.

Before my nosy mum starts having a look at what it was I have to close the lid quickly.

“What’s this for?” Ok so that may have come out a bit rudely but who cares.

“For Dumbledore’s Army you dim bat” George replied whispering out of the corner of his mouth like I did.

I try to look as confused as possible because I cannot have Fred and George knowing about the DA, they’ll probably spread it everywhere.

“Don’t play dumb sister…. We know you, as soon as you got into school you probably reopened it, you just couldn’t bare to stay away from the war” Fred joked in a dramatic tone.

“And besides we still have the coin, we know when your meetings are… Me and Fred here almost came along to one of them, we tried every secret passage way into the school and found out they are all blocked. Darn Snape, he must be a….” George abruptibly stopped talking as mum came over with her own meal.

Of course mum noticed, she cast Fred and George a questioning look but said no more… she knew they weren’t going to tell her anyway and she wasn’t about to waste her breath on it… I knew that, the boys knew that and so did she.

Then Fred and George burst out laughing, mum of course sent them a warning look but went back to her meal and the twins just continued until the laughter died down.

We just sat in silence for the rest of the meal. I chewed on a raw potato for a long time I know that much.

When the plates were collected in and dad had gone out to work (once again) to do a all-nighter the twins rounded on me again.

“So how is Snape?” They asked together.

“’s alright, you barely see him.. it’s the Carrows you have to watch out for” I yawn to tired to say much, Well I was bloody woken up this morning by loud boys chatting… do you blame me?

I look up and then the twins cast each other looks that didn’t give me a good feeling.

“So mum told us not to mention this, but were going too anyway” George said making me laugh, typical boys “What happened with the whole sword thing? You just couldn’t help yourself could you” Both started laughing.

“Harry needed it, I was just trying to…”
“… help” They finished for me both turning serious now “Ginny we don’t want you to get hurt. Leave the fighting for the grown ups, your to young for all this”

“WHY! Why does everyone say that… “your too young for this and your too young for that!” its pathetic. I’m six more years older than what Ron was when he got the philosopher stone. Is it because I’m a girl! Because that’s a bloody stupid thing to go on.... I’m a lot more tougher than Ron has ever been thank-you very much” I yell anger getting the better of me and they still have bloody smiles on there faces.

“Ginny believe me, we know you’re tougher than Ron has ever been. But you’re also our only sister…. And even if your stronger than all of us put together we’ll always been worried about you”

Well that shut me up

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Here without you: Insane mothers and worried older brothers


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