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Lykis' Gift by melis1907
Chapter 2 : About Lykis
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When Jacob went to find Rose, Jack closed the compartments door.


"We should really start to talk about what happened last year."


"Silencio" I murmured. I don't want anybody to know about this.


"I think we should accept it." Dom suggested.


"I don't think we have any choices. I mean could you remove the tattoo" Said Allie. She was right. We tried everything but we couldn't do anything.


I think I should start for the beginning.  Last year when Gryffindor won the quidditch cup. (Of course we won) I, James, Allie, Dom, Jake and Fred drank a loot of firewhisky. (I don't know where Rose was but Jacob was shagging a girl.-as usual-) I mean everyone did but we were supeer drunk. And we started to run in the castle. We had the map(you know which map is it. The marauders) so that Mr. Gabby couldn't catch us. It was really funny until we found that statue.

That statue "Madam Lykis" was made by Godric Gryffindor to protect the students. He hide it because he didn't want anybody to use its magic.

When Salazar Slytherin found about that statue she thought that Lykis would protect only Gryffindor students so she got angry and cursed that statue to lose its powers.

But Gryffindor’s spell was really powerful so Lykis didn't lose all of her power, she waited someone to be her helper and protect to students.(We read that in a book I found near Lykis) Unfortunately nobody ever found that statue until us.


When we touched it (I don't know why we touched it) our wrists started to burn. It was painful. And we ran to our dorms. Nothing happened that night. But we woke up with a Lykis tattoo on our wrists. We freaked out and we decided to find Lykis again. We found it in 3 days. (No one remembered how we went there and it wasn't on the map.)

In the book it says "If you have the tattoo, there will be painful nights until you accept to be her helper."

James said that it was probably a joke and we shouldn't care. So we didn't. And at our last night in Hogwarts we couldn't sleep. It was really painful. When I closed my eyes to sleep it was like somebody stabbing me.

In the morning I told them we should be a helper. But we didn't have enough time.

I was really worried. How could I survive without sleeping until next year.

But when we were in train Allie fell asleep. I was really excited I screamed:

"Merlin's beard! She's sleeping"

Everyone was excited except Jacob and Rose.

"What about that? Are you crazy?" Rose was really confused.


I didn't know what to say. She doesn't know about the helper thing. And we shouldn't tell her.(The book says "When someone without a tattoo knows Lykis, they will get painful days")I panicked. But gladly James saved my arse actually he saved Rose's arse.


"I thought you were clever Red. Of course she is crazy. Allie couldn't sleep last night and she is really excited that she can sleep now. Mel, hide your craziness"


And everyone started to laugh. I just glared to him. Son of bitch.


We didn't talk about it until now. When our parents asked about the tattoo we just told them we were drunk. (I and Jake couldn't go out for a month. Our parents are pure evil.)





"I think this night will be painful" I said.

They all looked with fear. Allie started to cry. She couldn't stay awake that night. It was really painful for her.

"We should wait. I still think it’s a joke. Probably that Zabini moron thought about it" James said and he hugged Allie to comfort her.

"Nate wouldn't do that. You're only saying that because he is a slytherin" I snapped.

Nate Zabini was my boyfriend. He is a nice person he wouldn't do that. And he is hot. But I dumped him when he called my brother "git". (Yes I love Jack that much)

"I think someone still has a crush on hiiim" sang Dom.


" No way Melanie. You're not going to date him again. "yelled Jack.


"That's not the point. All I want to say I think we should accept to be a helper. But I'm not going to discuss with you. You don't pay attention others thoughts. I'm going to wear my uniform."

And I left. I was really angry. They are always like that.


I found a new compartment and I started to change. When I was only in my skirt and bra someone opened the door. I panicked I try to cover my boobs with my shirt but it flew in front of the door. And it was James.

"Aww sorry." He took my shirt from the floor.

I blushed.

"Can you give my shirt back."

"No I like the view"

"Save your thoughts to Jake. He would glad to hear your comments about my bra"

He stopped smiling. Haaa. What happened  James Potter? Are you afraid of my brother?

But he didn't give it. He walked to me. He leaned to my ear and whisper.

"You're saying that. But YOU would love to shag me. What would Jake say about that?"

I blushed more. I think I looked like huge tomato. Of course I would love to shag him.

"Shag you? Hahahah no way"

"We'll see." And he gave me back my shirt.


"So why did you come?" I asked when he was leaving the compartment.

He didn't say anything and left. What. A. Git.

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Lykis' Gift : About Lykis


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