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It Goes Like Clockwork by padfootandprongs25
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Chapter One - Tidal Wave

"Say something" she whispered her voice breaking the crisp silence of the beautiful August night.

It was night, the almost full moon was reflecting off the still ocean water, only a few stars glistened in the sky like fireflies dancing in the stretch of a dark blue sky.

The beach where the two of them stood was empty as one would expect it to be at eleven at night. There was barely a breeze which was good as the girl was still wearing denim shorts and a strappy white top from their day at the beach.

She was stood with her arms folded, still slightly red in the face from the argument which had just occurred, her eyes narrowed as she waited for her companion to say something. He did not - he merely stood there and stared at her, not showing any emotion as he surveyed the girl in front of him, one may guess he was shocked people who knew him would say he was just confused and maybe disappointed, however he kept neutral and watched her before:

"Want do you want me to say?" the words left his mouth with a sort of coldness to them, he paused as if waiting for the girl to interrupt him, she said nothing, "You want me to pat you on the back and tell you not to worry because at least you told the truth?" he continued, "Because honestly I don't think you are telling the truth, you're scared, scared of something that has every chance to hurt you even though deep down you know it won't"

She did not look him in the eyes, she suddenly felt extremely ashamed and the thought of even looking at him made her feel even more guilty than she already did, "You're wrong" she said loudly but not confidently, because the truth was he was not wrong - far from it really, but she had to attempt to convince him and if not that, convince herself.

"Lying to me is fine, but don't bother lying to yourself, youíre smarter than that" He told her and he turned away from her but before walking away he looked at her one last time, he smiled but not a cheerful happy smile, a cold one full of hurt that's what killed her inside. He shook his head before saying: "always the deer in the headlights aren't you?" he muttered, but she knew it was a rhetorical question. "Iíll see you around" he added.

That was the last thing he said before he turned away from her for the last time and really did walk away.

exactly three and a half weeks prior to this conversation

Happiness can be defined as being content with what you have or who you have. It can also be described as feeling elated when certain things happen, for example spending time with people you feel happy around which will then lead to a memory that whenever you think about it, it will make you feel happy.

Happiness however can also be something you can just feel, one could feel happy when everything is going right in life for once, or perhaps when a good thing happens that turns a bad week into a good week.

Some would say to be happy they would like to win a million pounds, others perhaps an expensive car would be nice to have and maybe for some the things that would make them happy would just be to have somebody to share all of their thoughts with.

For Lily Evans right now what would make her happy would be that she would not be stuck in a car driving to Devon with her sister, because though Petunia Evans may have once been her best friend it was now eight years on from that and Lily was not a nine year old girl anymore and Petunia was certainly not twelve.

Twelve year old Petunia Evans was very unlike twenty year old Petunia Evans, she had been sweet and funny, maybe with a bit of a bad temper, a bit of jealousy and slightly selfish but never mean or cruel. Not until two days before Lily's tenth birthday when her younger sister met Severus Snape - Petunia had a rivalry for the friendship of her own sister: and then a year and a day later Petunia finally let go of her 'freaky' sister and became the opposite to sweet and funny and her mean, selfish and jealous side was shown and thus bringing forward the relationship the two sisters had to this day.

"I don't see why I have to drive you" Petunia was complaining, "From Cokeworth to Devon, just because Mum doesn't want something to happen to her precious, special baby lily-kins" Petunia continued in a derogatory tone.

Lily snorted - she was barely listening to her sister rant on but occasionally she would tune back in and roll her eyes at the crap that came out of Petunia's mouth, "I don't see why you care" Lily sighed, "you're going down there anyway"

Petunia sniffed, "Well it's a good job I was, Vernon has a meeting down there so we're getting a plane from the airport near Exeter and flying to France from there" she said as if Lily honestly cared about the details, "But that's beside the point, you took a driving test and passed why couldn't you drive yourself?"

"Mum said there was no point in taking two cars" Lily replied dryly she was so sick of repeating answers to tedious questions she knew really were supposed to be rhetorical.

Lily was going down to Devon for six weeks to stay in a house with some friends from school. Well only three of them were her friends: Marlene McKinnon, Georgia Heckles and Mary MacDonald. She supposed that was a bit unfair as Remus Lupin was a very good friend of hers and he would be going, herself and Remus had bonded and gained a very close friendship over prefect duties for the past two years and Peter Pettigrew wasn't all bad when he wasn't bowing down to James Potter and Sirius Black the two boys her made her want to pull her hair out.

Why she was going on holiday with Potter and Black absolutely boggled her. But due to the fact Marlene had grown up with Sirius and had struck something of a friendship with him, she had invited the Marauders to stay with them in Devon for a month. Lily supposed it wasn't that strange really, as she was quite good friends with Remus herself, as was her three other friends especially Mary. Also Marlene played Quidditch with Potter and Black so knew them extremely well and the two groups ended up spending a lot of time together.

Quidditch is a sport played on brooms by witches and wizards, and Lily Evans was a Witch. This was why Petunia called her a freak because Lily was different and she loved it. She spent nine months in the year at a school in Scotland called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry studying how to perform spells using her magic wand, how to brew potions among many other things. She belonged to Gryffindor house which her friends and the four boys belonged to too.

James Potter and herself did not have a great relationship, he was very taken with her and was extremely infatuated with her of course it was a unrequited liking she had no such feelings towards him, infact she felt the exact opposite. In her opinion he was mean, arrogant, conceited and a bully but in many others opinions he was something of a legend: popular, good looking, funny, charming and athletic, does it really need to be mentioned that he was the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He was also one of the most of the popular boys in school, himself and his three friends making up the Marauders as they called themselves, Merlin knows why.

Pushing Potter out of her mind she focused on the road in front of her and how it would only be two hours until she reached the house Mary had hired out for the summer. She was excited, it would be better than spending her summer with Petunia and Vernon - Petunia's boyfriend - he was the single most boring person one could ever meet and Lily found him to be a complete arse. He had a large moustache, a lot of neck, several chins and resembled - in Lily's opinion - a large whale, she generally referred to him as Petunia's pet whale which her Mother said was mean, Lily might care if Vernon was a nice person but he really wasn't, however he was all Petunia talked about for example:

"So glad to get away from Surrey for a bit" Petunia rambled on, "Vernon's hired a beautiful yacht for us to stay on" she boasted.

Lily contemplated whether it was wise to let Vernon on a yacht as he may sink it and that might ruin her sisters 'perfect' holiday. Lily thought it not wise to voice this however.

"I wish I lived in France, don't you?" Lily said after a while, breaking the silence.

Petunia laughed, not her normal cruel and mocking one but like a genuine laugh, "Why?" she said not taking her eyes off the road.

Lily shrugged, "Such a beautiful country, beautiful people, beautiful accents and a beautiful language. France is perfect" she paused, "I'm slightly jealous, I love France, Iím sure you'll have a lovely time" she admitted.

Petunia smiled, "Thanks" she said quietly. Lily knew that Petunia knew that Lily did not exactly love Vernon but Lily knew when Lily said stuff like that it made her sister feel happier.

Lily shrugged, "I'm the same as you, happy to relax with my friends before my last year at school" she said somewhat sadly - she did not want to finish Hogwarts.

"Oh yeah, your school" Petunia muttered darkly, she sounded very distant and cold now, "Sometimes I forget you're a freak". Lily winced but did not say anything.

They spent the final hour of the journey in silence; the radio broke the uncomfortable silence between the two sisters until the journey finally came to an end.

Petunia came to a stop outside a huge house, Lily looked at her sister, unsure whether they had the right address, and noticed her gaping - she didn't blame her. The house was beautiful, right by the ocean it had a gorgeous view of the sea and the beach, it had a long driveway that stretched felt like it stretched for miles, it seemed every window on the top two floors had a balcony and double doors leading out from the room. It was something out of a storybook it was extremely beautiful.

If Lily hadn't seen Mary's shiny black Porsche - a new birthday gift from her extremely rich Father - or known how much money her Father did have, he was a high paid film producer (a muggle), Lily would've accused Petunia of being at the wrong house.

"Do you know where Vernon's hotel is from here?" Lily asked after her sister helped her unload her bags from the car and onto the driveway which was practically empty. Remus's car wasn't here yet which would be carrying him and the other three Marauders.

Petunia nodded, "We passed it, just down the road. My bags are already there, he took them with him" she said again giving more information than was needed, "See you soon then freak" she muttered, turning down the driveway her blonde head stuck in the air, she paused and turned around, "I hope you have a lovely time too" she said softly - almost reluctantly before walking away again.

Lily was about to call something after her when she heard a door open and somebody call her name.

Mary MacDonald and Marlene McKinnon stood in the doorway to the beautiful house. Mary's long brown locks dancing in the breeze and Marlene's wavy dark blonde hair shining under the sun, they both grinned. Lily beamed at them. She grabbed her suitcase and ran to greet them.

"Hola" Mary grinned kissing her on the cheek, "and welcome to Casa De Mary" she beamed as Lily hugged Marlene.

"I can't believe you rented this place for Six weeks" Lily sighed happily as she pulled her suitcase inside and Marlene closed the door.

Mary shrugged and grinned, "There's nine bedrooms so we've all got one each, each have a balcony and most have a sea view but considering we're the first here we can grab the ones we want. Come on we'll show you the one we thought you'd like" she smiled.

The room really was beautiful with pale green and white striped wallpaper and a sea view it looked too good to be true, a large double bed that made you want to act like a child again and bounce up and down on it. The room was quite simple after that it had a desk, a wardrobe and a sofa with a television on the wall. Mary explained all the rooms were similar and Lily's room was next to Marlene's and probably one of the boys.

"Yeah they haven't arrived yet, they're late" Mary said dryly as the three of them sat in the kitchen drinking lemonade.

It was extremely hot and even though Lily was in denim shorts and a strappy top she felt like she could boil. Mary was slightly more practical, she was wearing a summer dress and Marlene was fashioning the same style as herself.

"I still cannot believe you invited the Marauders" Lily muttered.

Mary smiled, "You look positively thrilled to spend six weeks with James Potter" she teased.

Lily rolled her eyes, "Ecstatic"

"Be nice" Mary teased, and Lily poked her tongue out at her, "At least try to be civil and polite" she smiled, Lily paused before reluctantly nodding.

"They're only like that because they're boys" Marlene pointed out.

"And immature" Lily quipped.

"Remus isn't" Mary added, flicking through a copy of Witch Style? Idly.

"Touchť" Lily said, sipping the rest of her lemonade.

"How did you get here?" Marlene asked staring out of the window.

Lily frowned, "By car Mar, um you saw me in the driveway"

Marlene looked up, coming out of her daze, "Of course, oops" she grinned; Lily rolled her eyes and smiled good naturedly at her dizzy friend, "When does Georgia get here?" Marlene asked changing the subject.

"Next week, she's gone to Ireland to visit her cousin who's a healer for a week... her mother thought it would be a good ideaÖ give her an insight of what it'll be like when Gee trains to be one" Mary explained. Lily nodded.

Georgia was the only one out of her friends who wanted to train to be a healer; Mary wanted to work for the daily prophet whereas both Marlene and Lily wanted to join the Auror programme. She knew it was the same for the Marauders, James and Sirius were keen to join the Auror programme, Remus was for some reason undecided - which confused Lily as he was always so prepared - and Peter was hoping to work in magical law enforcement, according to Potter who had told her this one evening when she had been alone in the library and he had disrupted her studying.

"Suppose it makes sense" Marlene shrugged, "Anyway, Lily, when did you get your driverís license? I know Mare got hers a few days ago, but you" she frowned.

"Easter holidays, Dad taught me when I came back for Petunia's wedding" she explained, Marlene nodded, she opened her mouth to say something but Lily could guess, "Remus got his at Christmas" she said dryly, Marlene nodded and smiled smugly at her before downing the rest of her lemonade.

About half an hour later Mary excused herself to her bedroom as she wanted to finish off a potions essay they had been given over summer before everyone else turned up. Marlene needed to go into town to buy a surfboard due to the fact every summer her cousin who was married to a muggle would teach her how to surf, but Marlene now wanted her own board. Lily declined the offer of joining her so she could look around the house.

After she had looked around she went back out to the driveway to park her car in the right place. As she pulled it up behind Mary's she heard a noise from behind her. She looked into her rear-view mirror, pulling up the driveway was a blue ford. It came to a halt and the doors swung open at the same time, even though she only had her widow open the voices carried:

"On the way back Prongs, you're sitting in the back" she heard one of them snap, "Bloody uncomfortable" he swore, he muttered something else that Lily did not hear.

"Shut your cake hole Padfoot, I got us here didn't I?" another one said heatedly, "Maybe you should drive next time"

The first boy sighed, "Moony, Moony. Me driving would be like Wormtail playing Quidditch and Prongs asking out Evans" he said and Lily glared even though she knew they couldn't see her, "A failure" he added, chortling slightly at his own joke.

"Do you ever shut up?" the boy named Prongs snapped, they continued to argue playfully until the boy named Moony interrupted:

"Come on, letís go and take a look at this house" he said, pulling the two arguing boys towards the house.

Lily groaned and leant back in her seat. The Marauders had arrived.

A/N: hello, this is my fic for puygmee puff gals summer romance challenge, it is a marauder fic if you hadn't worked that out already;) its a songfic because later on i will be using song quotes and the chapters are named after songs, this one is owl city - tidal wave just because i thought the name fitted in with devon(the beach) not any other reason. I hope you enjoy it:D!.

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