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Slytherin Much? by NightStar
Chapter 4 : Making Amends and a New Friend
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‘Wow, someone’s in a good mood today.’ Jeremy ruffled my hair (again!) and sat beside me.

‘You’re even earlier than me today!’ he laughed.

‘Ha.Ha’ I said while hogging pancakes (Yeah, graceful, I know. I’m pro at being elegant.)

Naomi sat across and looked eager, her eyes twinkling; meaning, she knew gossip and she was bursting to tell us.

I was too busy eating my syrupy pancakes that I just gestured her to go on.

‘Ethan told me something very interesting today,’ she said and everyone looked at her, paying attention. Naomi continued, staring at her plate and saying it all in one breath ‘that-he-saw-Scarlet-and-Jeremy-snogging-yesterday.’


I froze, my mouth hanging open and eyes widened.

Jeremy dropped his goblet of pumpkin juice dramatically and began choking loudly.

Naomi looked guilty, Chase had a sour look on his face while David was grinning at us and quite a lot of guys began wolf-whistling.  I didn’t notice anything though.

My brain was numb and I found myself standing up and suddenly began running.

But where?

I didn’t know. I’d completely lost control of myself.

Jeremy’s POV

I eventually stopped choking on my juice (pretty embarrassing, I presume.)

Wow, Hogwarts was really a rumour mill. All me and Scarlet did was tickle each other, recount old memories! Okay, we did snuggle close together and hugged for a long time; but don’t all best friends do that? On second thought, don’t answer that.

But I love Scar, as a best friend, She’s funny, witty, sarcastic and beautiful. I love being with her because she understands me (and annoys me but let’s ignore that). As a shy child, I often felt alone but Scarlet’s extremely outgoing and lively.

‘Scarlet! Where are you heading to?” yelled Naomi suddenly, snapping me out of my thoughts.

Scarlet had gotten up and was now walking swiftly but she looked weird. No, not like that, she looked pretty as usual, but she looked possessed. She rounded on the corner and marched towards the Hufflepuff table.

Oh shit, shit, shit.

I clambered out of my bench and ran as fast as I could. She was going to kill Ethan.

‘Scar! Don’t!’ I yelled but she was too far away.

She was standing right behind Ethan and I ran faster but I was too late. Scarlet had already whipped her wand out and it was now piercing my git-of-a-fifth-year-prefect-stepbrother’s chin.

He looked surprised and crossed his eyes looking at Scarlet’s wand.

‘ETHAN WALTERS! YOU ARSEHOLE! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?’ yelled Scarlet ferociously (need I mention that?)

That girl has a way of words when she’s furious.

‘W-what are you t-talking about?’ asked Ethan weakly.

Mental facepalm. Seriously, he should know better than so called fooling Scarlet. He’s never faced her wrath completely before.  Well, I’m betting he isn’t going to get away easily today.


And she wonders why she was sorted into Slytherin. She should see herself like this.

Scarlet’s wand was still at my stepbrother’s chin and she was holding his collar with her other hand. Ethan looked positively terrified.

As much as I would like her to continue and unleash her inner wrath on him, people had begun staring now. I walked slowly towards then and gently lowered Scarlet’s wand.

‘Don’t Scar, you’ll get into detention.’

Her previously ablazed eyes turned gentle and did that weird melting thing when look so delicate.

Focus, Jeremy, focus.

I looked at Ethan and he was staring at Scarlet like she was demented. What a git.

I held Scarlet’s hand and walked back to the Ravenclaw table. She sent Ethan a cold glare but became her normal self again. But she still looked so fragile and one look in her eye and I knew she was going to break down.

I lead her outside instead and she sat down on a stone bench. I joined her.

‘Hey, you did a great job back there, he deserved it.’

She sniffed ‘Yeah, I’m the Incredible Hulk; green and angry and ready to smack everyone and everything,’ she chuckled slightly but it turned into a sob.

Lifting her chin, I said ‘Scar, listen. You aren’t Hulk. You aren’t all big and ugly, and being a Slytherin doesn’t mean you’re green!’

Scarlet sniffed.

‘But,’ I continued, smirking’ I’m not too sure about the angry part. You are quite ferocious.’ I said tickling her.

She immediately fell into a fit if giggles, her laughter echoing in the empty corridor.

She calmed down and said scowling, ‘God, I’m like a freaking damsel in distress right now!’ She wiped her tears away quickly but her eyes looked watery. I knew she was tring to be strong.

‘I hate crying! Why does this happen to me Jay?’ she groaned.

‘Hey, its okay. Crying isn’t bad.’

I’m turning into an agony aunt. Great.

She poked me in the ribs. Ouch, that hurt.

We stayed in silence for a while. She leaned her head on my shoulder and I could tell she was thinking hard. Her eyebrows would cross together and she’d stare at some direction intently and look distant. She looked cute.

‘Oh my god, I’m going to be late!” she sprung up after a moment.

I was, in fact, expecting that.

‘But you haven’t finished your breakfast.’ I stated

‘I don’t care, I think I hogged enough pancakes. Where’s my bag, where’s my bag?’ she looked frantic ‘I’m going to be late!’

I turned, held her shoulders and bluntly told her to shut up and wait. She sat down obediently and I got her bag from the ‘Claw table.

‘Thank you so much Jay’ she said checking her bag for her books.

‘Bye then!’ she said running away.

‘Wait!’ I tugged her arm. ‘Close your eyes.’

I thrust something in her hand and she looked questioningly.

‘Go! And open it on the way!’ I told her, smiling. ‘Have fun!’

‘See ya! And thank you!’ she yelled before bolting away.

I sighed loudly. Just another normal day with Scarlet Green.

Scarlet’s POV

Potions, potions, potions.

My legs ached but I ran to the Potions classroom.

I slowed down and realized I was still holding what Jeremy had given me. I opened my right palm and grinned.

A Chocolate Frog. From his last Honeyduke’s supply.

He spoils me way too much, I thought smiling.

And then…


‘Hey! Watch it!’ snarled the boy in front of me.

‘Oh sorr-‘ I looked up and recognized the dark, messy hair, ‘Oh hello Potter.’

‘You again,’ he hissed.

This guy has no limits to his rudeness or what? What was his problem anyway?

I bent down to pick up my stuff and James stormed away angrily.

‘What a git,’ I murmured, stuffing my DADA book in my bag.

‘Sorry about that! He’s just mad,’ said a male velvety voice.

I looked up and saw none other than Sirius Black. He’s infamous for being the ‘bloodtraitor’ in my house. But wow, was he freaking gorgeous! He had long surly black hair and dark, twinkling eyes. He was taller than me and he was grinning.

‘Lily rejected him again didn’t she?’ I asked him.

‘How’d you know?’ he asked surprised, helping me with my books.

‘Just a feeling,’ I said shrugging,’ and besides, he deserves it.’

‘Oh I see, he didn’t make a very good first impression then.’ He said amusingly.

‘He’s a twat.’

‘No, he really isn’t that bad,’ he said ‘Just gets moody every time that red head says no. And that’s 334 times till date, if I’m not wrong.’

I stopped in my tracks.

‘334 times?! He asked her out 334 times?!

‘Yes,’ he answered ‘and she rejected him every single time.

‘Woah, you Gryffindors are either really daft or really determined.’

He laughed, ‘Let’s just say we’re very stubborn and fight for what we want.’

‘At this rate, Lily will probably leave Hogwarts next year.’ I said.

He laughed again. It was a throaty laugh which made me shudder for a moment.

‘I reckon I’ll be admitted to St. Mungo’s this year then!’ he said ‘The amount he rambles about that red head.’

I smiled.

We had reached the Potions classroom and I was surprised to find that we were actually early.

‘Wait!’ Sirius called after me,’ I didn’t introduce myself!’

‘I’m Sirius Black’ he said ‘And please don’t laugh at it.’ He added, frowning a bit.

‘I’m well aware,’ I smiled, who didn’t know this guy? ‘Well you aren’t the only one with a weird name, I’m Scarlet Green.’

‘Very colourful,’ he said smirking.

I grunted, very un-ladylike by the way, ‘Tell me about it.’

Bless my parents for having a crazy moment and deciding to name me Scarlet even after our surname being Green.

As I took my place, I was surprised to find James sitting still sitting at my table. He was looking at Lily and Severus at his right. Lily was laughing at something and James was a total mess. He was glaring openly at Severus and his hair was all messy like he had just got out of bed. His glasses were lopsided and he was frowning.

‘Last class, we learnt how to make a simple Sleeping Draught but this class, you’ll all be brewing a slightly complicated Draught of Peace.’ Professor Slughorn said. ‘I adivse you to be extremely careful with the instructions as I don’t want any cauldrons melting today.’

This was my chance.

‘Sir,’ I raised my hand, ‘I can’t see the board properly from here. Could I possibly switch places with Lily?’

I tried not to look at James but I knew he was staring. But I could see Lily’s green eyes widen and Severus was glaring coldly at me.

‘I don’t why not, Ms. Green.’ Answered the Professor.

I gave a fake smile, grabbed my things and walked over to Lily’s place. James’s eyes followed me, looking incredulous and Lily looked stricken. I sat down at her table and Severus gave me a look of utmost hatred.

God, I hope I didn’t come to regret this later. Severus didn’t say a word to me the entire class but I liked it that way since it helped me concentrate on the Potion.

But there was one minor disruption.


I ignored it.

‘Psst!’ called a voice from my back.

I turned back, annoyed.

Three tables away, Sirius was grinning at me. He threw a paper ball and it hit right on my nose. Damn those Quidditch skills.

He smirked and I stuck out my tongue. Mature, I know.

I turned back to my Potion and opened the scrunched up ball of parchment.

What did you do that for?, it said in a messy scribble.

I grabbed my quill and quickly wrote,

Because I wanted to get rid of him.

I scrunched it up again and threw it in Sirius’s direction. Not even a minute later, he called me again and tossed it at me.

Don’t lie, Rainbow.

Rainbow?! I looked back at him, incredulous. He winked playfully. Git. I went back to reading.

Don’t lie, Rainbow. I know you switched to make him happy. Gotta hand it off to you, you’re bloody noble.

I grunted and scribbled,

Don’t call me that again and fine, you’re right. I switched so he can sit with Lily.

I tossed it back at him and Snape sent me a disgusted look from my left. Whatever.

I added two measures of standard ingredient into my cauldron and set it to heat for 30 seconds.

The paper ball landed next to my foot. I opened it again.

You prefer ‘unicorn’? Sure, I don’t mind but I still think Rainbow suits you better.

I scowled. How annoying. I continued to read.

But honestly, you’re sitting with Snivellus now! Are you trying to commit suicide? What if you die because of his stinky smell or greasy hair?!

I tossed the ball into my bag and supressed a chuckle. Looking back, Sirius was still grinning stupidly. I smiled at him and got back to my Potion book.

11. Add 4 Valerian Sprigs to your cauldron and wait for it to turn a light shade of red.


A/N: Hope you liked the chapter! Draught of Peace is actually supposed to turn Turquiose blue btw! But red really fit there:)

Please review! What do you think of Sirius? Jeremy? and Scarlet?:)


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